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Asics Asics Gel-Lyte 33 2

Posted: 21 September 2013
Overall: They won't be everyone's cup of tea but I like them.

Run Strong: Add Muscle, Refine Technique, Increase Efficiency by Kevin Beck (Editor)

Posted: 15 October 2006
Overall: OK so I have only read the first three chapters so far, but already feel that I've learned a lot. This is a book that doesn't pull punches and provides solid advice on all aspects of improving running performance. It is primarily aimed at runners with some experience who want tips on improving technique and sound advice on how to structure their training, increase flexibility and core strength, etc. It is written in a no-nonsense, fact based style with each chapter written by a specialist author. This does not compromise readability, however, and each chapter (that I have read so far) is a well composed lesson on a particular aspect of running. Advice is given with authority but without dogma, and the reader is left with the feeling that the authors really want to help them improve.