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My #asics262 journey to Paris: Sub-3:30 Malcolm

Posted: 25/07/2014 at 07:52
Mr P the marathon on Sunday could be worth a watch! I'm so pissed off with myself - I recorded all but one CWG show yesterday, yet managed to miss the men's tri! Had a sneaky final hour of the women's at work though!

sarah a you did so well on the coast! Hope you get that rest in before TR.

I'm off work today so it's a 17 mile progression run followed by tui na and a relaxing afternoon before last minute prep and heading for Glasgow in the morning -yipeeeee!

Bag full of 2012 kit is already packed.

Have an awesome TR24 if I don't see you all before you go

My #asics262 journey to Paris: Sub-3:30 Malcolm

Posted: 23/07/2014 at 06:59
Hi Malcs I have a 7 steady coming up this morning after a 2 x 2 threshold ints miles yesterday to total 7.5ish. As right quads still had the strange ache, I did yesterday's session on the Alter G, hence was able to hit 7:30 pace for the first 2, & 7:00 for the second set.

Quads were not ecstatic during, but seem much improved as a result.

I'm starting to plan for the CWG trip, and it looks like I'd be wise to get my long run in on Friday before I go.

My #asics262 journey to Paris: Sub-3:30 Malcolm

Posted: 20/07/2014 at 18:08
Nice running by the Puffy family - very cool.

Hi Minni - sorry you've had such a string of misfortunes - you'll be back, hopefully soon, & hope you saw Sarah.

Harlow was hard work, well not the way I did it, there are two particularly tough miles - to 6, and to 9, and these were tougher than usual shall we say.

I decided to follow my scheduled run in the spirit of planned catered sociable training event, to start at 9:30 milling and take 10 seconds off per mile, which I managed [apart from being just a bit too fast each mile, despite starting far enough back that there was congestion on the narrower trails], but mile 6 should have been @ 8;40, was 4 secs out there, and the final mile I drifted to 8:22 somehow, managed a sprint finish on the track though @ 7:02 pace.

So all this gave me around 87:57 and this is why I do races, to keep it real in all terrains and in a variety of elevations with a few other people I'd otherwise miss.

There was a near brawl with a disgruntled [at having to wait] driver who reversed deliberately [and very fast] into runners at the start apparently, otherwise all very friendly and they had orange quarters in buckets of ice at the end.


My #asics262 journey to Paris: Sub-3:30 Malcolm

Posted: 19/07/2014 at 19:10
sarah a The Northumberland is at 10:30 just checking!?

I think it's OK to mix it up a bit, but not to race every time you have a cutback week or there would be less opportunity for recovery, it's a balance thing I reckon.

I'm doing the Harlow 10 tomorrow but as a progression run finishing at 5K pace, but starting easy.

My sister made a few classic errors in the build up to York. She was down staying with me last week for a conference & confessed something I'd not been consulted on, & that was a panic 2 weeks out that she'd had a chest infection and missed the longest run, sooooo she did 18 in the morning, and 7 the same evening. Er...

Mainly it was a case of not going very far, lots of 5 milers and the famed 7 once a week.

Tui Na is Chinese massage, the type they do in hospitals that is, not the High St version which can often be An Mo, and which I had years ago when i was doing my massage course, & didn't go back as it was just like a full body sports massage, nothing exceptional.

Yrok is the centre of the Tui Na universe [at the College of Acupuncture], & one of their best practices in Sheffield too where she lives.

I go to Errol, the York master teacher, as he comes down to London at weekends.

Errol is on YouTube but you need to experience it. Yowsers.

Well done on the relay, what a shame they stop at just one prize so often, it's not fair!

It's such a swelter here too, hope you get a bit of a breeze tomorrow along the coast.

My #asics262 journey to Paris: Sub-3:30 Malcolm

Posted: 19/07/2014 at 08:36
Enjoyed the Cyclebeat yesterday, it got louder & louder though.

Tui Na was a killer as my strange latest phenomenon afflicting upper right leg was relentlessly attacked despite much screaming from me.

I actually feared that he had inflamed my ITB massively yet all is good this morning!

The scan was very interesting indeed - my toes both sides do zero, so my movement [walking & running] scans, for both feet comes up the same as a diabetic amputee version she showed me.

I'm wondering if my efforts to adopt chi running might have led to this.

I also remember noting that Paula said she could never get back to record pace because she can't toe off as powerful on the foot she had the trouble with. At the time I thought *toe off?!, maybe I should be doing that*, & sort of tried to a few times!

The other main thing was that my left foot only touches at the front and does a wierd twisty thing, there's no heel, midfoot or rolling through going on, & it points in the direction of the right foot.

Not sure what to make of all this. I do have neuroma in both feet!

The podiatrist was very excited, showed her colleagues, & stuck some bits of compressed felt under my orthotic that side, & arranged to see me after the CWG.

I'm sitting here amazed as the storm continues, glad I only have to make it as far as the collection office today. Park Run could be interesting!

Hope you're all having a good weekend so far.

My #asics262 journey to Paris: Sub-3:30 Malcolm

Posted: 18/07/2014 at 05:36
Malcs although I have not yet turned to criminal activity to support my athletics habit, I have lied to get time off!

I'm off for an *abnormal pressure* scan today for the neuroma - well it was offered and I do believe in information gathering - so was up before 5 to a dramatic storm.

Thankfully it has stopped now as I have Cyclebeat for the first time in ages.

Sarah I told my baby sister about your pacing at York, and she's all excited now for sub 4, she's going to follow my schedule and everything so should be capable of getting it after 2 x misjudged untrained efforts including York last year [4:20ish after 1:53 halfway] on 3 x bootcamp/week.

We may run together, not sure yet as it's a long way off.

My #asics262 journey to Paris: Sub-3:30 Malcolm

Posted: 16/07/2014 at 07:53
Yes sarah a, starting with the marathon, but will come home Thursday and watch the last few days at home [have taken both Fridays off work also].

I didn't go to Birmingham this time, but usually make it to most domestic meets, starting with the Sheffield indoors [a nice break halfway through VMLM training that one]

Well done on your prize!

My legs are a bit shot today so am swapping sessions with Friday and will do 2 hours on the bike shortly.

My #asics262 journey to Paris: Sub-3:30 Malcolm

Posted: 15/07/2014 at 08:08
Morning all! Long time no post from me, have been swamped, but just two days to go and school is out!

I wasn't hurt in the prang, it was odd though as I felt very tired for over a week afterwards, at least some of that being the late night.

I had a ParkRun season's best 24:33 quite easily I must say, although have had a mystery niggle going on that sometimes feels like localised DOMs in right quads, then goes to back edge of ITB, then hamstring gets involved.

Managed 15 in total on Sunday [12.85 around the Olympic Park, then to and from the Intercounties along the canal]

The R8 roller thing seems to help - had a few strokes of that yesterday morning.

Malcs I'm overjoyed for you and your constant soarings beyond expectations despite obstacles, that's an amazing run!

Excited for you all with TR coming up so soon, not lest because it means I'm off to Glasgow!!!!!!

My #asics262 journey to Paris: Sub-3:30 Malcolm

Posted: 09/07/2014 at 09:38
I got in from work last night, turned on the tele & my eye was immediately led to the top of the screen where it said 5 - 0!!

What a week it has been with the Tour, tennis, diamond league, & a bit of footie alongside valiant efforts to keep training going.

I was impressed that I managed 5 x mile reps at 6:53 yesterday [OK so this was on the AlterG @ 80%!], after an initially tough 14ish on Sunday. I'd been in a mini RTC on Tuesday night at work and got home very late, have felt seriously tired ever since is my excuse.

Awesome training and performance going on here is a continued inspiration of course.

Off out now for an easy 6 before work. More intervals tomorrow!

My #asics262 journey to Paris: Sub-3:30 Malcolm

Posted: 30/06/2014 at 19:29
Well done Sarah A!

Nice bit of Aqua Jogging for me this morning, all sorts of moves including the discovery of a new stunt, 75 minutes - really shakes the ankles out does this, and the dark avenger who disapproves of my existence actually apologised for taking me out.

Yes, I'm in marathon training, following the same schedule loosely as the last 2 times out, but will be tweaking as I go, especially as there are so few build up races for October marathons, no 20s in sight, so will do a good few progression runs on my own most likely.
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