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Sub 3.30 Tim: #asics262

Posted: 27/07/2015 at 20:05
Wow Malcs what a killer park run PB! That is one annihilation. And the TR24 on top is at the other end of the scale - you must be fully trained up and ready for all eventualities. Or mashed.

Well done Angela & Sarah, amazing performance there, would love to know how you played it, whether by ear or via a structured plan...

I'm going to be up in York the weekend that includes 15 August - remember hobbling round parkrun with you two when I had my neural issues.

Nice win SK!

I did the back to the stadium 10K Sunday week ago, only came 11th for age [out of 206], found it hard to push. It was bunged and needless to say I had picked up a hamstring tweak from Speedflex so was a tad compromised, hilly course though, they found em all, and sent us round the cycle circuit too - what a blast to finish on the track.

Have just spent a further 3 days in said stadium, can't stay away whatever the weather, so had to run my 17 miler yesterday early, this after friend sof my brother tried to come for dinner Saturday night.

When I say tried, one of them fell over in my road and dislocated his finger, so they all went to A&E, finally pitching up at 10:30pm aaargh

Getting excited for York now, must avoid freak accidents, particularly at camp, which starts next week for 3 weeks of fun, we have BMX 2 days a week this time, yey!

Sub 3.30 Tim: #asics262

Posted: 14/07/2015 at 14:42
You guessed it right Malcs, & I got there in the end, still clubless, but it's not the sort of thing you leave overnight eh?

Had a fab run in the park on trails this morning, 7.23 at 9:26 pace which is actually spot on, got easier as I went.

Sub 3.30 Tim: #asics262

Posted: 13/07/2015 at 21:05
True Malcs.

I called VMLM today & they accepted me on the spot for peace of mind and had a chat with cool dud on the phone - only problem now being I can't get my entry confirmed on the system which wasn't liing my choice of club, indeed would only proceed if I chose *no club*, then gave me a message about needing to enable cookies which made no sense [to me at least].

Sub 3.30 Tim: #asics262

Posted: 12/07/2015 at 14:54
Sense you are so right - I hadn't had time to fully research my predicament, but have read up this morning, and yes, there's not a lot of point in going to GP as the main risks are pneumonia or lung collapse.

It is essential to breathe deeply at least once an hour.

The pain gets worse overnight so it is comic trying to get up in the morning.

I did run 15.33 but average over 11 mins/mile earlier, and it wasn't that easy, so will structure my week accordingly and give it a couple of days off. Everything I looked at screamed no sport, but it's not like I'm boxing or playing rugby.

I do have hayfever - there's that struggle to suppress, usually works!

My hernia was only discovered during surgery, had been told by GP, scan man, then surgeon that I had enlarged lymoh nodes, and as they had been like that since July was warned to be prepared for a sinister diagnosis.

When I came round from anaesthetic I was handed a sheet of paper which stated *femoral hernia repair, no surgical follow-up*, and yes this type is rare, kind of the girl equivalent of the inguinal hernia some say.

Quite a few athletes I know have had them. but they aren't easily recognised mainstream, being deep and not overly symptomatic. Mine was merely achey until they started poking it and trying to aspirate etc.

I noticed it immediately because it was literally not there one day and like an implant the next.

Well done on your 5Ks Martin.

Mr P the strengthening exercises I'd been doing since January really made a huge difference to the lower back pain I'd been living with, and brought considerable core stability too, can't do them at the moment sadly, well not all of them, and the Chest Press at the Olympic Park was a struggle earlier so best leave that alone too.

My GP told me he wasn't referring me for physio following surgery due to lack of resources, and has suggested more than once that I accept the inevitable decline that comes to people our age and take it easy.

Sub 3.30 Tim: #asics262

Posted: 11/07/2015 at 20:07
Do let me know if anyone has any experience of bruised / broken ribs.

So where were we? Many congratulations Angela on your Round the Island victory, loved the gripping report we have come to expect, but somehow misread that you had beaten Paula!

Malcs was going to ask if you'd heard from VMLM GFA, but you have, and so has my brother,, so please don't tell me I have mucked my entry up.

They did actually move the goalposts on FV runners last year to give out less GFA entries. The criteria had been very generous before, FV55 was 4h15 for example, and they reined in acorss the board such that it's sub 4, I guess to reflect higher representation and keep some places for the ballot [they also sell more golden etc bonds than ever before]

What did you want to know about the 4 x 100m victory? You could be right.

Super - I did do the Richmond Park Half, and that was a boost as I was so strong. I was fed up doing all my runs on my own, there are so many buildup events for Spring so I'm more used to that approach is part of it....aimed to do 10:00 miles but on the day elected to race the final of the 4 laps, and hit average pace 09:45, with a storming contest taking up most of the lap, in which I prevailed hehheh.

The photos also show balance & a rare level of runneryness, no contortions or collapsing, so quite encouraging.

Ankle is all good! There is always a new thing for us to deal with eh?

Freemers - that is one stylish trophy, I do enjoy the deliberate grotesque, and exchange gifts on this basis with at east one sibling. at least I think that's what's going on.

Good running Mr P despite our achilles and mystery issue.

Cool to see you all again, I'm not exactly confident about the Newham 10K next week...on subject of which my 10K pb is faster than 2 x my 5K PB, am sure I've said this before.

Was up at the trials in Birmingham last weekend extending the groupie career, and supporting some of the athletes I work with - had a fab time, but didn't exactly need the gym.

Did manage 14 out & back along the Worcester canal on Sunday, plus a fast treadie 5K, indeed wasnt too bad last weekend, have worsened this week - my brother left half an hour after me as he's faster & expected to catch me, but didn't because he ran into & with Paula! on her own with no Crammie this year.

Off to dose myself up. More soon.

Sub 3.30 Tim: #asics262

Posted: 11/07/2015 at 19:46
Hi guys - another freak accident for me, more of which anon...meanwhile I just read through and was about to ask if you two - Sense & Mr P that is - don't have hernias!?

Not that I wish to alarm you.

Especially as since my surgery at new year my core strength is way beyond what it ever was before, so of anything there has been a nett gain.

Well, until I helped an MSC student with his project a couple of weeks ago - was tested for lower back strength on one of those slanty jobbies you hang off the end of, and acually was shocking him at how long I was there for given age etc, until yes reader I jumped off backwards and misjudged the trajectory of those padded [not padded enough] rollery bits, and clanged my ribs really hard.

I don't know if they are bruised or what exactly because I haven't had time to investigate [we were in a major comp at work which actually ends tomorrow]...but ibuprofen & paras weren't touching it, so taped myself up using half a roll of that stuff I buy at Expos and take on trips but never use.

So have had to adjust training a little, did the fast stuff on Alter G,and HIT sessions on the bike.

On Weds night after the tube stopped running, it took me 2hours52 to get home from SW6 to E3 at gone 8pm, so on Thursday it was a no brainer that I'd run in [1:49 despite hordes and total anarchy], and actually walking home took 2hours32, so still better than busing it, but oucherama ensued as you'd expect after 20 miles on feet.

So didn't do parkrun today, saving myself for 13 tomorrow off road.

Had a Tui NA treatment on Friday, and have a cupping device home with me, but the interventions of last night led to a 2:15 am wake up to fully a[[reciate the intense agonies caused, so might even go for an X ray Monday.

Sub 3.30 Tim: #asics262

Posted: 21/06/2015 at 06:28
Well done baldrunnerman & Fairyclogs too!

Total awesomeness by you two.

Five Year Plan - help please

Posted: 20/06/2015 at 14:17
It is actually not bad once it settles down, goes off like a siren over the 1st mile though!

Five Year Plan - help please

Posted: 18/06/2015 at 20:31
Right, hope it all comes out promising so you can get conquering.

I don't think my transmitter is clip on, it seems to be built into the hard part of the belt [which is approx half the entire thing]...

Sub 3.30 Tim: #asics262

Posted: 18/06/2015 at 20:29
Yowsers Super - freak accidents R Us! I'm so glad it wasn't worse, and to see that every cell remembers!

I have been at the short stuff - a couple of track meets [came 4th in a 5,000m and won a bronze in the 4 x 100m relay - don't dare ask!]...then this Sunday I ran the Concorde 5, and was quite pleased to finish just 38 secs behind Paula Fudge, was actually trying to beat a colleague, could have hurried up a bit I reckon to take on a CWG champ & former world record holder, but had no idea I was that far up!

As it was they gave me the FV55s prize so we ended up in an email exchange. I'm such a groupie.

Upcoming races so far with many more to come I hope =

28 June - maybe the Richmond Park half - I hesitate because the tube isn't going to Richmond that day which makes for a hit & miss combo of multiple trains & buses.

19 July - Newham 10K [the Olympic stadium run, see groupie above!]

6 Sept - Hackney Marshes half or Harlow 10, whichever translates best to a 20

11 Oct - York marathon, unfinished business department.

Feeling so much better since the freak ankle bone chip in gale incident [again a tree was involved] back in May, and my RHR went below 50 for the first time since the New Year surgery on Sunday, so am definitely feeling like I am *back* & with nothing too drastic going on at this moment, just the usual sore knee & achey foot.


Glad to see so many adventures lined up.
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