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Sub 4 Amy: #asics262

Posted: Today at 20:58
Iain - aweSOME both in the 10K & there & back - you nailed it!

BRB - sounds like my run yesterday [identical average pace!], although I didn't have hills other than during parkrun, and it sounds like your weather was a lot more challenging, so yes you did your best in the conditions and have it in the bag.

Sub 3.30 Tim: #asics262

Posted: Today at 20:51
Great runs girls, with special mention to Angela for a lovely PB.

I went to the Aquatics Centre for an AJ - knew the competition pool was in use for a schools event, but the website said the training pool was 2m deep - except that it was only 1.2, capable of having the floor lowered to achieve 2m I was informed, but this never happens for the public.

Managed a hybrid session of some weirdness and went home in squally winds & driving rain. Seemed to sort the legs out well though. Did quite a few glute manoeuvres from the RIF REV boys and loads of cooking this pm, also booked diamond league / annivresary games tickets for July.

Super I had an attack of negative rehashing when the VMLM mag hit the hall floor. Good to laugh and relegate history to the that was then bin.

Sub 3.30 Tim: #asics262

Posted: Today at 09:43
Malcs & Fairyclogs - sorry but I couldn't get there in time today, hence the adjustment, however would love to have seen if I could have pulled out a better 20, even if conditions are less conducive than in previous years.

Have a great one, love that course.

Malcs I thought of something else to mention to you as a non mushroom affictionado and indeed having described these as slippery - WELL I was watching Sunday Brunch & someone mentioned that what you don't do is shake the pan as they cook.

So I tried this - heat the [coconut is slurpacious] oil, throw then rearrange or carefully place mush, turn once or maybe twice, they turned out gorgeous and totally non slip.

Have a fab Sunday everyone - I might be off to teh Aquatics centre again, feeling somewhat mashed.

Sub 4 Amy: #asics262

Posted: Today at 09:26
Coach Steve aaaargh on the calf issue, you are so wise to spare yourself the half as absolutely nothing is conducive today.

Will you take a complete week?

I'm going for an easy week into the long one on Saturday, just one sharp session, the rest bimbles and bike and aqua jog.

Hope everyone has a great Sunday and not too arduous.

Sub 4 Amy: #asics262

Posted: Yesterday at 18:51
Quite so BRB! Good work today, events can't happen without people beng willing to take on the less glamorous roles. I like to see what's going on.

Tomorrow is not looking too delightful, but at this rate we will be invincible on the day.

Sub 4 Amy: #asics262

Posted: Yesterday at 15:44
ktkt well done to you!!

Phew what a relief, and a timely reminder that 4 days rest with maybe a bit of stretching and taping can be introduced to the plan at any time to excellent effect!

Sub 3.30 Tim: #asics262

Posted: Yesterday at 14:39
Tim what a stonking PB! The one and only time I forgot my Garmin I had a massive 10 mile PB at Cabbage Patch, got to 7 miles and could tell from my basic dial watch it was under the hour, asked a bloke alongside me if the marker was right!

Proceeded to freak so clearly should have left both watches at home.

It was windy out there this morning, just a tiny bit of drizzle, mostly deep greyness. Like Chicksta I left home @ 6, managed 16.18 to park run [should have been 17], average pace was 10:28 whereas had hoped for 9:55, then parkrun @ 9:05 pace [last 3 were to be 8:55 so not too bad and felt strong here, started at the back but worked through to beat 50 people], jogged home or a total of 20.49 in 3:30, so about 15 mins down overall for the distance.

It was all quite hard work, brek was too close to the off, felt sluggish and had to remind myself that's my second set of double 20+ runs 6 days apart and am still in one piece ish.

Nice one Martin.

Sub 4 Amy: #asics262

Posted: Yesterday at 14:19
HI Amy glad you are enjoying Lincoln and still running strong as the fartlek proves.

I'm still alternating 2 x pairs of identical shoes, the newer is getting there, I've not decided which will do the honours.

Got going at 6 this morning after getting up at 4:30, had a solid breakfast of oats, PP, berries etc rather than the shake as I wanted it left ready last night,

Felt somewhat leaden for the first 10 miles, and only got 16.2 in before park run, at which I started at the back and only managed 28:07, then jogged home for a total of 20.49 in 3:30, which is about 15 mins longer than planned, not too awful but I am being realistic.

Of course I don't know what part experience will play on the day heh heh.

Sub 3.30 Tim: #asics262

Posted: 27/03/2015 at 19:38
Hi all

Angela I like the logo and feel for you with the asthma right now, my PF is around 250 in the mornings.

Chicksta I only had a 45 min recovery run yesterday so waited and waited, popped out in brilliant sunshine around 4, only got lightly drizzled on in passing.

Super it doesn't get much steadier than that! Loving the rest splits, socks are cool also, shame to have to put shoes on top.

I decided it would make sense to finsh a long run with a park run, and I always do my final long one on the Saturday 3 weeks out, next week, that one will be very slow & did 25.5 last year, sooooo it looks like I will be taking full advantage of pre clocks and leaving home at around 5:45 or 6 latest tomorrow to get 17 orso in before park run.

Can't be late for actual parkrun so pace will determine distance.

Freemers you sound so wise, calm and composed in the face of pacing strategies. Hope it's not too awful out there.

Slowkoala I can fully understand and appreciate the need to germ dodge even with nearest and dearest.

Isabel you too are wise and I love that you're throwing crutches away already.

Sub 4 Amy: #asics262

Posted: 27/03/2015 at 18:43
Evening all, I had an easy day today, just a Speedflex session and a few hip hikes, went to Tui Na and was triple teamed so was more than slightly relaxed by the end of it, however calf and achilles were feeling a little delicate by then, plus I had loads to do, so have skipped the physio routine today.

Isabel I'm so glad you will be building to Zaragoza from here & that you're down to one crutch already.

BRB I love internal competition - we have a road race series that takes your X best placings from a series, I've had podium finishes & have even won it! Two of the races are right after VLM, so people drop out. I walked the Concorde 5 one year!

ktkt will be doing my long run tomorrow also. Had the mad idea of finishing with parkrun, so will need to leave by 6 to get the other 17 miles in I reckon! Makes sense to take advantage before the clocks go forward.
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