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Sub 3.30 Tim: #asics262

Posted: Yesterday at 17:48
Malcs - I ended up with orthoses for my post tib issues, so the equivalent of quite a built up support shoe, and they actually took the pressure off the tendon remarkably well. At the expense of the outer knee / ITB.

I have found that shoes generally exacerbate one or the other in my case.

Did the aqua jog - an hour steady in the pool, takes me a scant 5 mins to do a complete lap from around 5' to the deep end and back in a double lane.

This was very fun. On my walk to and from the pool I couldn't help noticing that my left anterior tib is very tender though.

Sub 4 Amy: #asics262

Posted: Yesterday at 17:27
This weekend will be ineteresting Amy - how will you carry everything?

I had to smile at Ruth's *200 - 300ml* for an 18 miler - I had my Camelbak yesterday, put a litre of water in it and ran out with a couple of miles to go, and it was a cold day.

Sub 4 Amy: #asics262

Posted: Yesterday at 09:38
Didn't know about raspberry ripple......

Sub 3.30 Tim: #asics262

Posted: Yesterday at 09:34
Christian - good luck, hope you get some answers.

Slowkoala - I just checked and Finchley falls as a progression 20 for me - I love that it's 4 laps which makes it easy to plan.

Super - I have been putting off my aqua jog debut of 2015 due to woud and freezingness, but no longer, you and Sam have inspired me & today is the day.

Legs are fine from yesterday which is an improvement on last week too.

Sub 3.30 Tim: #asics262

Posted: 25/01/2015 at 17:58
Mr P I get what you're saying, especially about the footfall.

Totally excellent report Super, and I think you can enjoy the incoming week with that range of activities. I do so feel for you with the injury, but hopefully it won't recur now you know how it was caused.

I have terrible trouble persuading my left side glutes to get with the show, and have never found an exercise that really works because no matter what the glutes on the right kick in instead, even lying on my side in typical pilates style moves.

I did find something that works when trying to activate quads after a neural issue last year. You sit in a chair with feet on the floor and push both into the ground and as if you were trying to push feet away from body simultaneously.

Ho hum.

After a disappointing PR yesterday [2 mins down on *usual* @ 27:02], I was nonetheless able to remind myself that I was 7 mins down 2 weeks ago, so this is progress.

Today I went for a very slow exploration of the Olympic Park which I know know in every detail thanks to time off work. Theer was a duathlon going on at the velodrome outside bit, so I went in and asked if you were allowed to run on the road track at other times.

Well no because it would be too dangerous. So why don't you open it to runners only once a week? That's a great idea we will look at that she said. Would be fab as those lovely little rolling hills are just what's required I feel.

Anyway I managed 15.4 miles, so that makes a colossal leap to 42.5 for the week, double last week's tally and lucky to get away with it even if 2 x session were on the Alter G.

I will need to discover proportionality at some stage.

It was a great week though.

Sub 4 Amy: #asics262

Posted: 25/01/2015 at 17:24
Very well done Amy on your speedy 800s yesterday, and exellent long run today. Just looking at your schedule wears me out!

I haven't worked out how to make text bold on here yet from any device.

Speaking of in race fuelling, I was out today and delighted to report that I managed 15.4, however was really glad I'd taken a Torq [vegan!] gel along as I felt crashy @ the 2 hour mark. It made a huge difference, more than I recall in training ever for non caffeinated input.

Hope you're feeling loads better tomorrow Snafflepants.

Sub 3.30 Tim: #asics262

Posted: 25/01/2015 at 08:43
Can't wait to hear more Super.

Mr P would love to hear moer about the back theory. 14 x 8:30 miles in strong winds isn't easy.

Off out shortly for a relaxed unstructured slow one. Am meeting a friend at the Orbit at 10:30 for further bimblings, so will have a good mooch around first.

Sub 3.30 Tim: #asics262

Posted: 24/01/2015 at 12:24
Super - hope the training day is fun and informative as to the injury, whether muscle or maybe tendon.

Will message you about Tui Na.

Ruth - it's brilliant you'll be putting together something for sidelined athletes, we are all affected at different times, at least once a year for me, so this is something that's needed and should go in the mag too.

Was disappointed to run 27:02 at ParkRun this morning despite it being hilly, with 190 starters on a narrow path, and I arrived late and was chatting at the very back when the gun went.

So a slow first mile, picked up and got past a lot of people , had a fast finishing mile [around 7:40 pace], so have reframed it to note that it's almost 7 minutes better than 2 weeks ago!

Mr P enjoy, I know I'm back because my knee hurts!

Sub 4 Amy: #asics262

Posted: 23/01/2015 at 17:37
Go Steve Marathon Coach! My Yassos are a bit of a conundrum because I'm all about endurance I reckon, but they come out at 3:40 or within a couple of seconds either side every year I do them, wheeras my marathon PB is only 3:54, and was only 3:57 when I first did the Yassos.

I do not average 40 miles/week though, only in the peak weeks of training, otherwise have a few 30-40, some below 30 even.

BRB - your upcoming weekend sounds amazing! I would love the IM tattoo but not enough, not nearly enough. The anti-gravity effectively lifts you up to allow you to run @ reduced body weight. I usually do 80%, but have messed around and 20% is like moonwalking. It allows me to add volume with impunity, to come back from injury, or just to take an active rest.

Well done for getting those sessions in.

Snafflepants - great preparation for Equinox.

Amy - my tui na guy advised me to start pinching my scar today, which is kind of the opposite of reiki! I also have an adductor exercise to do not and one for teh psoas, but not many muscles cross that low down thankfully - could have been a lot worse.

Sub 3.30 Tim: #asics262

Posted: 23/01/2015 at 17:18
Marrows - if those are your actual legs things are looking good. I can't get boots because my calves are big, but they were always like this as I walk on my toes, nothing to do with training as is often misconstrued.

Chickadee - reduced fat or calories tends to mean synthetic and chemical additives galore, none of which are foods, many of which remain undeclared. The diet *foods* industry has made a fortune with the conspiracy on fat, which is required and indeed necessary for fat burning.

Would love to have seen those racoons - I had a lead for my rabbit but never used it, would have been asking for trouble in so many ways.

Angela - the thinking behind the BCAAs before training [I also have creatine before & after sessions], is that loss of muscle mass is one of the two major enemy elements of ageing [the other being loss of ROM].

Would be interested in your views on this. There's supposedly a physiological cliff at 55 but I'm still improving, probably because I started so late and at the back.

Super - I'm gutted for you with your calf. I'd be in the sauna and the spa pool but that's individual I know. Anything to relax the area and get the message out that all will be fine. After a killer tui na of course.

Oh Slowkoala I meant to say that I cannot WAIT to get to 20 miles.

Will be doing 2 h 15 offroad relaxed on Sunday, so around 13 I'm guessing.
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