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Dukeries Ultra - 26 May 2012

Posted: 29/05/2012 at 10:35

Sorry dont think that link worked. Try this -



Dukeries Ultra - 26 May 2012

Posted: 29/05/2012 at 10:01

What a great event this was, I really enjoyed it - Thanks to everyone involved.

Navigation by Garmin was inch perfect all the way

I've edited together a bit of footage I took on the day and put it up on Youtube:





Greater Manchester Marathon

Posted: 01/04/2012 at 08:09
leedeetee wrote (see

So, this morning, like last week, and the week before, I ran the furthest I've ran. 18 miles in 3:15.

Only thing is, for the first time ever I've got two massive blisters. Both on my right foot, one on the arch of my foot, the other on the side of the ball of my foot. What's the best way to deal with these little buggers?

Unchartered terriotry for me.


John Vonhof is the guru of all things related to footcare. You can get a lot of information from his website ( or better still, buy his book of the same name.

I now tape problem areas on my feet before long races using kinesio-tex tape. I did the off road Excalibur marathon yesterday which entailed miles of climbs and foot pounding rocky descents and got away with just a small blister on my freakishly long second toes

I'm looking forward to Manchester now although running on the road after doing most of my training and 4 maras this year all on trails is going to be a challenge.

Claire House Excalibur Marathon

Posted: 31/03/2012 at 22:47
TR40 - really sorry to hear that.

Clwydian - the GPX that you kindly sent worked a treat. When there was he odd variation it was always obvious. Indeed I never had to look at the map

I thought that was a good hard course and very enjoyable. My 5.48 was pretty modest but it was 3rd Mara in 8 days and it sure felt like it.

With a few tweaks the race has the potential to become a real classic. I don't think people would object to paying more either, as it is a charity fund raiser. The soup was welcome at the pub but you would have struggled if you werent carrying everything you need food wise. Luckily I treat these type of events like a bit of a rolling picnic and pack accordingly.

Any results knocking around yet?

Claire House Excalibur Marathon

Posted: 23/03/2012 at 15:47

Hope everyone has a good weekend. I'm starting my taper with a marathon tomorrow and another on Sunday at the Gin Pit Double Trouble. It's a bit like doing your revision on the bus omn the morning of the exam...

Claire House Excalibur Marathon

Posted: 16/03/2012 at 12:09
Clwydian wrote (see)

Just a quick note about route finding.

On my last two training runs I've managed to miss the path junction for the summit of Moel Arthur: despite having found it with map in hand and making a mental note that it was tricky.

This time I retraced my steps to work out how to avoid doing it again.

The junction comes just after the a stile at the top of the grassy climb up Moel Arthur. The path on the other side rapidly becomes singletrack. Make sure you take the right fork in the track straight away. I think I keep missing it because the gorse has been cut back in that area and the path is right on the edge of the cut section.

Hi Clwydian

Thanks for your route updates - I have just pm'ed you but it looked like it bounced back Can you pls send me the gpx of the course? Many thanks!

Snowdonia Marathon 2009

Posted: 22/10/2009 at 14:32

After nursing a cold all week Mrs. Repoman and I have decide that we will be on the start line on Saturday after all hoping to just get round in one piece. I havent really done anything since Double Iron UK in August and Mrs. R since Anglesey Mara in Sept. I'm hoping that luck and a winning smile will be adequate to get us round

Any comments on the disparity between times on a fast mara course Cf. Snowdonia. My PB is 3.36 on a flat course in Blackpool this year: untrained, older, fatter and iller I'm thinking I will be happy to scrape under 4 hours?

That Double, somewhere near Birmingham 2009

Posted: 04/08/2009 at 23:59

I've just come over from the TT darkside to say a big thank you to all the Pirates who helped make DIUK such a brilliant weekend. Your cheers, support and assorted snacks were very welcome and Mrs. Repoman enjoyed the craic in the heated Pirate tent (evidently fully equipped with a vomiting man)

And apologies for asking for an enema but that was what I really needed at the time. Thankfully the Pirate vet declined....

Thanks again you guys and congratulations to all the Pirates who finished, and indeed, to those who started too.

The Longest Day 2006

Posted: 16/08/2006 at 13:57
Alright chucks! Hows it going?

Well, first of all big congratulations to al the TLD finishers - Mark you are a star, well done. Great report too.

I'm now 6 months into my new job and living in Glossop and I thought well...I really should get back into doing something. Just been on hols for a while to Cesenatico in Italy which is where we went last year before TLD 05. A great place and I even did some biking and swimming. In fact I did more biking and swimming in 2 weeks than I had done in the preceding 6 months.

Entered for Cardiff Martahon on October 15th which should be entertaining as the longest run I've done all year is 12 miles. Or was that I've done 12 miles in total all year, I cant remember.

Mrs. Repo has agreed that we can combine a family holiday with an IM race next year but it looks like all the official IM races are full (apart from Lanza....) and I was therefore thinking of Almere which is where I popped my Iron cherry in '94. I remember it as a great expereince and one that you can combine with getting mashed off your box on bubonic chronic in Amssterdam on the way home.

So whats the plans for 07 folks? And is there an Almere thread? Couldnt find one...

BTW I've also joined Manchseter Tri Club and going to run training for the first time tonight....

The Longest Day 2006

Posted: 11/04/2006 at 12:20
Hi M1 - well done on that PB.
NP mind that bikin line when you're shaving.

Longest run of the year on Sunday...wait for it.....7 miles! Glossop is so 'kin hilly though, yeuch!

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