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Friday 27th November 2015

Posted: Today at 23:15

hello Blisters

quick pop in for me too

5.4m in the wind and rain tonight

been busy

Take care

Wednesday 25th November 2015

Posted: 25/11/2015 at 21:54

greetings all

sorry been busy the last few days in Coventry with work

Mon was a 4m run on the treadmill

Yesterday - Rest day

Today - 4.29m in the rain

Lyrics, maybe

Take care

Sunday 22nd November 2015

Posted: 22/11/2015 at 17:33

Lovely Pics Don

A bit of a frost this morning, but it was all gone by the time I had finished my first run (8.26m in 1:07:45) 2nd run this fatrenoon was a 4.25m short progressive run.

So 12.51m for the day happy with that

Take care

Saturday 21st November 2015

Posted: 21/11/2015 at 22:24

Ale, yes he started two weeks ago, he is in a much better place mentally now which is good, just got to get him running again now...

Saturday 21st November 2015

Posted: 21/11/2015 at 20:01

Ale - do you not have a 2nd course.... (we can if need be transfer to a 3 lapper round the the grass to cut out the icy bits if needed.... still a good hours running...

Trying to thaw out after being at Staduim MK for the footbal at was Jnrs birthday, lousey game but was a draw....

7th at Andover Parkrun in a very windy and muddy 21:17

Take care

Wednesday 18th November 2015

Posted: 18/11/2015 at 18:05

50 mile weeks are jaw dropping for me ta present... im blessed to get over 40 miles.... but then I am not in Mara trg....

Kentish glasd to hear little one is doing well... PS4.... thats good!!! (for him)

What - 5 x 200m hills and 2 x 5 mins threshold... 5.6m in total

Why - Just mixing it up

Last Hard - that session was hard

Last Rest - Monday

Take care

Monday 16th November 2015

Posted: 16/11/2015 at 22:43

OL - confused but nearly there I think

OH - Hope your Dad has a comfortable night, thinking of you all.

Dustin - you had a good team out yesterday (3rd v50 as well in JB) legs were fine even with the parkrun, I actually find it harder if I do s low parkrun the day before (unless its before a mara) so doubt that affected me too much, was more the weather than anything else.

Rest as down in Plymouth Working, will try and get out in the morning for 30 mins or so...

Take care

Sunday 15th November 2015

Posted: 15/11/2015 at 17:03

WJH - yes indeed and you really kept me going, and yes have been much faster in days gone by, but I am where I am, and if that helped you today then I am glad to be of service.... and it was nice to be able to push on, but then you were pushing every time I came alongside you, so great effort there, well done and well done to your brother.

Sunday 15th November 2015

Posted: 15/11/2015 at 16:09

Im back and totally wind battered.....

Race Report for Gosport Half, this was my target race to get back under sub 90 for the first time in two years.... FAILED, lets just put that out there.... BUT and a BIG BUT.... I am chuffed to bits.....

This was no failure at all, just didnt get my target on the day, not many would have with 40 mph gusts of wind... on a two lap course out and back on a sea front with a south westerly cross wind... cold it wasn't, windy yes, was starange as was a diagonal wind so whilst not fully in our faces the first 3.25 is coming accors you from the front with the second 3.25m or so coming across your back...., so others than the first mile where ther was plenty of protection the rest was a battle...... I didnt even hit target pace on any mile (was aiming to run 6:45s - 6:50's).

The first 3 miles I was running with two club mates and they were running well and both I know I can beat and beat regurally, but both are fast starters, so was not fased, along with several other clubmates who went out the blocks fast..... left 2 lasses from club at 3m and pushed on (6:51 / 7:04 / 7:14) and headed for the turn with a good run back again catching 3 other club mates and meeting up with another fetchie..... you can see the sublte difference in splits too (6:51 / 7:01 / 7:00) by this time I knew that a sub 90 was well out of reach (well knew that in the first 3 miles actually) but a seasons best was still on the cards, if I could keep the pace and beat my Solent half from 7 weeks ago...., the turn and back into the wind, and leave fetchie friend but gain a clubmate who will not let me pass.... but apologies and says he wants to use me as a pacer but stay in front of me... thats fine by me as he is dragging me on too.... 6:55 / 7:13 / 7:22 / plus the odd mile with half and half at the top turn 7:18... so the final parkrun push as I call it 3.1m.... legs are working harder, so is the mind and body for little rewards, stick with club mate all the way, 6:59 / 7:16 / 6:55.... so to the final stretch.. still with club mate, and think OK this will be a long go for home as garmin is measuring long today and already worked out that it will be about .25m to the finish.... so I open it as clubmate is boxed in, but he breaks free and storms ahead again, but he only has 150m in his legs before he wobbles.... so I decide to see if there is anything at all in the tank..... a few fumes are enough as I hit the hammer down and clock sub 6 for the last .22m...... for a finish of 1:33:25..... 3 mins 25 over target, but was a seasons best and in those conditions I will take that as many friends were slower than Solent....

Now totally spent and knackered and battered....

Take care

Saturday 14 November 2015

Posted: 14/11/2015 at 20:34

OH, I hope note or Gosport and Lee on Solent will be flooded along with most the Isle of Wight over the water.....

I can confirm Gobi is well (well he was last week at his birthday bash....)

WP - I have just been turfing out my emails and the last few weer all from you back in 2008 regarding diet plans? (I have kept one for the template).... time flies....

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