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Thursday 23rd June 2016.

Posted: 23/06/2016 at 16:18

Nice one Emz, great report.

5k upright today Its nice to be running again after a 10 day break

Going away for the weekend, so will be off line for the next few days, as camping with friends, could be interesting looking after the hand.

Regards & Take care

Wednesday 22nd June 2016

Posted: 22/06/2016 at 20:46

Wow Emzap, speedy

Pass regards on to Clink Ale.

Enjoy ELO Ollie

1st run today, after a brain wave from a friend, (fear of falling over and doing damage to hand)... boxing wraps seem to be the answer....

4m with 5 x .29m round the new local cricket pitch boundry... works well so did the wrap on the left hand...

Take care

Tuesday 21st June 2016

Posted: 21/06/2016 at 14:31


Banadages are all off, nice stitched finger and palm (those on FB can see the pic)

Another week off work (as not allowed to drive yet)

5k walk done and dusted

Take care

Monday 20th June 2016

Posted: 20/06/2016 at 17:22

Evening all,

Dustin, sounds like it was a raving success yesterday, I have heard nothing but praise, well done B&MHAC. Would hve like to do the half myself.

Ale good to hear about the success of the op, not so good about the infection.

Im off to see the doc tomorrow too, to have all the bandages removed.... wound cleaned etc...

Another 5k walk done

Take care


Sunday 19th June 2016

Posted: 19/06/2016 at 17:16

Happy Birthday Pammie

Well done Emz, sounds great

Ale hope you feel better soon and appoint get well. (mine is on Tuesday for the follow up.

more wallowing here, trying to do a 5k walk every day...

Marshalled at Parkrun yesterday where MRS RFJ did her 100th

Friday 17th June 2016

Posted: 17/06/2016 at 17:28

Afternoon all,

What - bored (even with the football), did go out for a 5k walk though.

Coping OK with hand but going a bit stir crazy...., been working on a training plan and looking at races to enter / already entered... this looks like

04/09 Andover Trail Half (new event, opting for the half not the full)18/09 Kent Coyote Marather (Reverse Running again)
09/10 Either Solent or Henley Half (Sub 90 crack)
23/10 Water Aid Half (Bisham Abbey)
12/11 Dirt Half

Take care

Wednesday 15th June 2016

Posted: 15/06/2016 at 20:09

hi all,

operation all done, hand is a bit of a mess at present, the cut was from the lower part of the palm to the top knuckle of my ring finger.... so about 5 inchs long...

no proper running for a while - cant afford to fall over....

Take care

Sunday 12th June 2016

Posted: 12/06/2016 at 12:50

LMH - you are not meant to fall and trip, thats my job. Very well done and great report

Ollie, OH, Els and Emzap, great running too.

No parkrun yesterday as was at Mens Prayer Breakfast with Church.

However missed Church today to opt to runn with some firneds on a nice hill 10.6m route, followed by Cake and Milkshake, what can be better

Take care

Friday 10th June 2016

Posted: 10/06/2016 at 21:23

Well done Wabo

WP good news, hope they work for you

Dustin - yes some of the paths have me made prper paths now down there and would make it awkward to do the hants champs now, we crossed some of the paths, but was all on the grass.

LMH - wont be allowed to drive for at least a week, and not meant to run whilst stitches are in... that will all get confirmed on weds

5k last night and easy tradmill running tonight.

Flights just booked for Pafos half next March (Mrs RFJ will do the 10k)

Take care

Wednesday 8th June 2016

Posted: 08/06/2016 at 22:19

Dibs, thats sounds a cruel and hard rota, but good trg on the run

Ollie, nice 16, I am no streaker, value my rest too much (yesterday was one such day)

RR10 Race 5 tonight at Flemming Park, 4.15m... undulatiing trail course (on an old golf course) stuck to it well and came home 55th, so happy with that 28:56.

1 week to Op day.....

Take care

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