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Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: Today at 08:51

Bloody drivers, bloody cyclists. Just people doing questionable stuff.

Glad you're not too badly damaged Andrew.

Speaking as a coward I tend to be defensive on a bike. Unfair contest, bike v car.

Good result there Simon. I've done the race a few times but generally felt the race had 'done me'. When it's windy and cold, there's no real escape on that course.

Legs and hip seized up after taking a week's break, why!

Posted: Yesterday at 15:26

Training loads and rest is a set of peaks and troughs.

One side effect of resting for a week is to go to the bottom of a trough. It's the subsequent runs which bring you back to the peak.

Imagine a training cycle like someone doing the long jump. That's a pause, an acceleration and then a sudden big effort, then stop. A training cycle is the same.

You tried a sudden big effort from a position of stop.

If you had run a couple of short runs first over the course of a few days you would have been primed for the bigger effort.

That's how 'peaking' works. You have to climb back up the mountain first before you get there.

Panarama - Allan Wells - Drugs

Posted: Yesterday at 15:18

As 'Dirty Harry' said,

"Opinions are like arseholes. Everyone has one".


"Innocent people! innocent of what?"


Things you want to say but can't

Posted: Yesterday at 15:06

I could tell you the vegetarian story of a guy called Larry Wheatland (his real name).

Who one day decided to become a total non animal products man. Just so happened he was also on an outing where choice of food was unlikely.

The upshot was, when food did become available (on a freezing day in winter) it was in the form of a massive sausage and bacon fry up.

His companions were merciless in their drooling as Larry took the starvation option.

Principles my friend. Principles.

Panarama - Allan Wells - Drugs

Posted: 27/11/2015 at 22:41


Coe was able to ditch Nike. So I'd say that is a no.


Things you want to say but can't

Posted: 27/11/2015 at 22:29

Yes, I know that this is supposed to be a family gathering, and yes, a restaurant meal is a great idea.

But the reason I'm not splitting the bill evenly isn't because I'm not entering into the spirit of the occasion, it's simply that I'm aware that you're a greedy selfish c**t who's happy to pig out at other people's expense.


Posted: 27/11/2015 at 22:03



couldnt even match my worst time on my run today

Posted: 27/11/2015 at 20:36

Sorry, I don't get it.

Panarama - Allan Wells - Drugs

Posted: 27/11/2015 at 20:35

The cynics are out in force I see.

Doping & corruption report a 'dark day' for athletics

Posted: 27/11/2015 at 14:36

The truth is VDOT52, on one level I'm on Coe's side and on another I haven't a clue about what he's saying half of the time. I simply cannot understand the words being used in the order they are delivered.

In fact, when things get really confusing I visualise this scene from 'Pulp Fiction' where the hit men are discussing the level of firepower as regards their targets.


 'Man, we should have f..ing shotguns'!

Sort it out.


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