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How confident/outgoing are you in a social setting?

Posted: Yesterday at 18:23

I've met one or two in real life. It was, surreal.

Is it ever right to attack someone

Posted: Yesterday at 18:22
Faithsdaddy wrote (see)

What is this thread really about?  What's the story behind it?


Dunno. It just provides an outlet for warriors. 

Is it ever right to attack someone

Posted: Yesterday at 18:04

In reply to the thread title.

It's well known that attack is the best form of defense. However to attack successfully, one must have the element of surprise, which is a problem if your enemy is aware of it.

The only solution then is to attack your enemies before they are even aware they are enemies.

Now who would do that around here?

The immigration hot potato

Posted: Yesterday at 17:59

Sn, is probably right on Britain taking things by force.

When I read about our history and how we behaved (past few hundred years) towards other nationalities, a part of me thinks that if we're getting a 'kicking' from them now. Its no more than we deserve.


How confident/outgoing are you in a social setting?

Posted: Yesterday at 17:46

I can strike up a conversation with almost anyone if they are receptive enough. The only problems I get are from cynical types who view any offer of pleasantries as a ruse of some sort.

As for social groups. I have absolutely no need. I want nothing from them.

The immigration hot potato

Posted: Yesterday at 17:26

Foreign cultures see the UK as the biggest opportunity they will ever see in their lifetime. Free health and education for a start and a chance to post home sums of money, those left at home could only dream about.

Race has sod all to with the problem. Competition is the problem. Those of us who were born here have grown up without having to worry too much about our options.

Overnight we find we now have to compete with newcomers on the same terms. 



There one minute gone the next

Posted: Yesterday at 16:04

I discovered this 'thread removal' just as I posted a reply to Phil Pub. I understand there was a reference to Salmon laws and 'where's RicF.

By coincidence I'd just returned from an out and back 12 mile run, to inspect a river with a view to fishing it. I didn't. It was the colour of s..t and smelt as much. However, that was probably due to the nearby sewage works.


There one minute gone the next

Posted: Yesterday at 13:06

Was it my imagination or did someone just whip 'f.ing taxi drivers' from under my nose?


Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: 26/11/2014 at 20:33

Two weeks back to back sick. Dean, you must weigh what I do by now. No laughing matter mind. Do you think your resistance is a bit low? you appear to get more than your fair share of these afflictions.

75 minutes of easy running around the woods and playing fields for me today. Too lazy to press any pedals at all, I just worked my way along the route without due effort. A gloried warm up, if you like. I did.

Xmas party

Posted: 26/11/2014 at 16:18

BDSM club.

Had to Google that to see what it meant. Crikey!



 party time.



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