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Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: Yesterday at 22:02

Possibly. On one 10 mile TT I was holding 28/29mph for all but about half a mile somewhere in the middle where I completely blew up. A section of 17/18mph did my finish time the power of no good at all.

As for bike skill. I watched one guy take a high speed bend without getting off the aero's. No way would I have done that.

The bike I was on had a steel frame built in 1978. Weighed 10.6 kg and was so flexible the rear blocks would hit the rims under full loading.


Panarama - Allan Wells - Drugs

Posted: Yesterday at 21:33

That's right, I'd rather not know, but that doesn't mean I'm not prepared to do something about what 'happens today', because you can only change things in the present.

With cycling after festina the deal became 'We know it happens, just don't get caught' so it went on. That's because they didn't want to spoil the show as the public saw it. Subsequently it made things even worse.

Seems the IAAF has been caught out in a similar way. I guess they hoped the current way of drug testing was enough to deflect from their previous carelessness in dealing with contentious issues. Issues which they hoped would never see the light of day.

I don't need to know the 'names'. I'd gain nothing from the information. Can't use it. 

However, the people in charge of this mess know the names. And the people in charge are the one's who are directly affected. Basically they are stuffed.


Panarama - Allan Wells - Drugs

Posted: Yesterday at 18:35

It will make some people's day if names come out. Only they will know why.

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: Yesterday at 17:51

Ah, little is it known that plenty of those really fast TT's on dual carriageways are achieved by slip streaming the passing cars.

I once had a nice tow from a skip lorry at speeds of over 30mph. Didn't even have to pedal as the trailing vortex held me in place. Eventually I decided I had some training to do and dropped away. Back to 19mph! 

Panarama - Allan Wells - Drugs

Posted: Yesterday at 15:31

The press's purpose is to sell papers. Beyond that they don't give an 'f'.

Personally, I'd rather some things remain in the past. The thrill was worth the suppression of the 'truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth'.

Move on.

However, using the knowledge gleaned from those misty past events, create a set of rules that absolutely hammers anyone who takes the piss today.

I mean. Tell me what is to be gained from trashing someone who operated over 30 years ago?

Repeated calf strain: max distance ~1 mile

Posted: Yesterday at 15:26

The distance run is relative. One mile is excessive if you don't run at all. 

When I'm on an injury rehab phase I start by jogging about the house. 

Panarama - Allan Wells - Drugs

Posted: Yesterday at 15:18

If Chambers doesn't qualify as a household name then I guess your sum knowledge of the history of athletics was gleaned from the front page of the 'Sun'.

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: Yesterday at 15:11

Has anyone else seen that footage of Bradley Wiggins overtaking a guy in a time trial from the perspective of the victim?

Panarama - Allan Wells - Drugs

Posted: Yesterday at 11:45

Depends on the household if a name is a household name.

Personally, I think the 'name' belongs to a sprinter. And from the words used, they are also skint!

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: Yesterday at 11:37

I did a TT near Amersham in 63:01 about 10 years back. Great fun! 

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