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Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: Today at 18:58

Well done Ss, you are now considered to be a decent club runner in the most traditional sense.

Cheers Bus. I was 3rd V50 by some margin. 

Election 2015

Posted: Today at 17:03

I'm slightly ignorant on the intricacies of the banking; but I hazard from his posts that Dustin has the answer to this one. Is this assumption close?

The banks were once separated into retail banks (high street) and investment banks (casino).

The investment banks played to a set of rules which they still do, but once had only £millions to play with.

The retail banks had our money and played to another set of rules but were slow and safe. But they had £billions to play with.

The investment banks somehow persuaded 'powers that be' to let them get their hands on the retail money (look at how successful we are) and continued to play the same game but now they had masses more money with which to reward themselves with. Hence the eye watering bonuses.

The trouble is, their antics affect all of us, not just a few investors in the original set up.



Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: Today at 15:46

Well good luck with everything Scott.

I've read just about every single post on this thread. Troubles, I reckon you've had more than your fair share, time you got a break (good one).

One last thing about racing 10k's. When you start, try to run the first 400m at what appears to be three quarter pace. It won't be. It will be level pace for the entire race and way faster (due to adrenaline) than you think.

It will seem slow since the front runners (unless its you) will blast from the gun at full pace. It takes the biggest nerve to let these guys apparently take 30 or 40m out of you in the first 400m. 

All you can do is look at the ground, count your steps and imagine your normal cadence. 

I used to practise this on the track. Invariably I'd run the first 100m in 17/18 seconds when it was meant to be 21/22 seconds. 

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: Today at 15:29

Time also slows down the old codgers taking the finish times.

Because they know this as a fact, they start their watches before the starter says 'go' and only stop them when someone else reminds them to.

To counter this anomaly, at last years Southern Road Relay, I started my own watch when the incoming runner was no closer than 20 metres away and only stopped the watch after the handover, a short walk and sit down.       They added 5 seconds.  So not good enough.

However, at Battersea Park last week they surpassed themselves by adding a full 30 seconds to a 30:00 (by my watch) 5 mile race.

I guess the mix of threes and zero's got them confused. No wonder 'chip' timing came into being.

Election 2015

Posted: Today at 06:31

Well not in the UK, maybe about top 15%. In the entire world however, according to some survey, I just about scrape in. That's what I meant. But we are talking assets here, not primary earnings.



Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: Yesterday at 20:47

Easy, just play the mind game as the miles count down. It's only a 3 miler, only a two, only a one mile rep, an 800m, now its just one minute full out.

Anyway, it's only accumulating lactic acid that'll slow you down, that's why its a good idea not to race from the gun or even try to for the first ten minutes.

After 10 minutes, the fast starters 'come back' quite quickly. I guess the lactate has hit optimum levels by then.

I once ran a sub 34 10k in even pace and turned a 30 second deficit after 2 miles into the same winning margin by the finish. I didn't catch sight of the leaders until 4 miles and caught them a mile later.

Mind you, the guy I beat, ran the same course a week later and went a minute faster.

Good luck.

Btw, on grass this morning I ran a session of 1 minute fast alternating with 30 seconds slow jog. I averaged 6:34 for 5 miles doing that. It's getting easier.

Next race for me is the Alton 10 mile.

Election 2015

Posted: Yesterday at 19:21

Dustin, I had a mortgage on an overseas property when I was paying around 6%. I was fortunate in that I had a B of E tracker on it.

I bought that once I'd paid off the mortgage of the maisonette I still live in. That took ten years, so no debt to pay on my primary residence.

I short slightly sold the property at the peak of its then market and banked the cash paying 8% just as the B of E started wiping out it's base rate.

So it was cash gearing if you like. The money borrowed ended up costing 0.79% and at one point it was paying me 8.8%. Even after the double tax agreement I was getting 7% net. So my mortgage paid (still does) me.

I'd have to have been a mug to repay that debt. 

Thanks to mother dropping down dead I was able to buy back into the market. The tenant is happy enough and wants another two years at least. I've informed the letting agents not to increase the rent as long as he remains. As far as I'm concerned, as long as he doesn't destroy the place, its ok.

My view on Buy to Let though is that the tenant should have a % stake in of the increase of the value of the property, in which; after all, they are the one's paying, for the biggest one sided exploitive investment ever devised. 

However, it seems I'm one of the worlds top 1% which is funny considering the most I ever earned in a year from employment was £22,300. (2003).

In the mean time, the Defined Contribution pension fund which I took out in 1988, now ramps up 10 times the rate at which I pay in. I was supposed to be a mug then when I paid in.

I guess that makes me a capitalist pig.

But better that than a victim of capitalism.

In mitigation, the only thing I wanted was security and time to do bugger all.


Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: Yesterday at 14:16

Scott, I've just read your prediction/hope for a 10k race, .

Hells teeth. I read the session of 1000 m's you've just done.

I ran a 33:42 10k in a heatwave following my best ever session of 1000's. That was 5 off in 3:06 with a full 6 minutes recovery (first two minutes on my face).

I reckon that even if you started at 'tempo' effort, the first mile will be a sub 5:12.

All the rest sub 5:18. (79 second, 400m pace)




Election 2015

Posted: Yesterday at 14:00


It amazes me how some people think they can talk away a enormous problem we could be storing up for the future.  The economy is recovering now, its exactly the time we should be paying back the debt (let alone balancing the books), what happens when we're in debt to our eyeballs and we hit another global crisis?

What happens is the banks decide they have enough Chinese with enough spare money at hand, so ramp up the interest rates to bankrupt a few million Brits, who then have to hand back their borrowed houses to be sold to said Chinese, who might let the former occupants rent from them.

National debt might affect the country. Personal debt will affect you. Get rid.

Election 2015

Posted: 23/04/2015 at 20:31

The subject of global water shortages; which could possibly end in war, involves mainly the way major river systems cross national boundaries.

If one of these systems enters a country which has grand designs on that water; say for large scale irrigation or hydro electric projects, then it sees no reason not to just use it.

Then what happens is that a greatly reduced amount of water flows into the next country down the line. Possibly at some point the river may simply not arrive at at.

Its all been taken by the country next door.

As for dignity, it has a price but is it down to money? or down to the circumstances involved in getting that money?

Always a risk with some forms of employment that the employer might just be on some sort of power trip. They actually derive pleasure from their employees forced subservience.

Try maintaining dignity in the face of one of those wankers.


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