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TUC-led 'Britain Needs a Pay rise' march

Posted: Today at 19:17

Public sector unions have done a good deal for years. Lets face it, those final salary pension schemes are dynamite.

Just think, 18 months after retiring, the scheme will have paid out to the member as much money as the member had paid into the scheme in their entire working life. 

How long is the average retirement?

I guess you get what you pay for

Earphones in races

Posted: Today at 18:51

Who makes rules, who follows rules? does it matter?

Our society has always assumed that those with the best exam results must automatically be the best leaders, no connection, which is why your boss is an irresponsible idiot telling you what to do.

The crap about ipods is simply an extension of the saying about sport. That is, sport doesn't build character, it reveals character.

The wearers of ipods in races where the rules forbid aren't being edgy or original. They are revealing their rule bending/breaking mentality.

Never mind. One day their children will look upon the hypocrites of parents they have and think, 'who the hell are you to tell me to follow the rules?' you don't.


Running without music

Posted: Today at 18:21

You're almost a wise man GC. Stupid people know nothing and are unaware of it. Wise men are aware when they know nothing. 

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: Today at 14:27

Road courses allow for the shortest possible route. If that includes hurdling across the corner of a garden hemmed in by walls so be it.

Cabbage Patch isn't what it used to be since the course is now directed off road and down a couple of miles of muck, shit and stairs.

The old course was on the main road and stayed there.

Earphones in races

Posted: Today at 14:10
Andrew Thomas 34 wrote (see)



I like to get things off my chest in this fashion also. Join the 'voice of reason' club .

Did my first 10k, errr now what? Bit lost.

Posted: Today at 14:07
Nose Nowt wrote (see)

First thing...  going from couch to 10K, with your physique, is an impressive feat in 7 weeks. Well done!

Second thing...  I doubt that your body is really ready to do much more at the moment...  your heart and lungs have obviously adapted to some degree, but your legs have been taking a lot of repetitive high stresses... and it takes a lot more time for your bones and tendons to adapt.  With the amount of progress you've made, they've probably been accumulating microdamage faster than it's been repairing itself. So having a little dip in your training  for a week or so is actually a very good thing.

After that, assuming you're running 3 days a week, I'd  have a month where you do a Sunday 10K on your own...  at a slow place... perhaps starting out around 70+ minutes...  but  speeding up by 1.5 to 2 mins per week.

On the other days, a 3 mile slow run   and another day where you do a 4 mile run where you run at a steady pace but throw in a "fast mile" somewhere in the middle.  Maybe extend  the length of your "fast mile" by a quarter of a mile each week (so your 5th run would be 5 miles with 2 fast miles).  Not that 'fast' might be 10 min per mile pace.  Maybe have a swim or a bike ride on one of the other days.

Once you've got that next 4 or 5 weeks out of the way, have another recovery week and reassess where you're up to.  Good luck.


One knows more than 99.99% about this game, with this knowledge.

A plea from Confused, Norwich

Posted: Today at 09:33

Not sure where this obsession with fueling has come from, its almost irrelevant.

Historically, running (racing) a marathon meant that under the rules you weren't allowed food or, in the case of fluid, no drinks for the first ten miles. The training to learn to burn fat has evolved from that. Now days, there's no need to train for that.

What you do have to do, is train to run for several hours in one go. One over distance run once every six weeks will be more beneficially than a load of miles made up of short runs.

That's all a marathon is. One very long run.

Earphones in races

Posted: Yesterday at 21:20


Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: Yesterday at 21:17

Good run Phil. 80% WAVA always handy.

I've tried wearing full blown trainers for a race but hopeless. Too heavy. Can't shift the things. Full racers only for the road now. Five or six ounces.

Could have worn flats on Saturday around the Scrubs. Spikes ok but probably didn't need the 15mm, or the branch or the litter they collected en route.

Definitely not in any race form, so for reasons of common sense and survival adopted a level of discomfort and maintained it. Noted the finish time of SC and vaguely remembered being deep in the thicket on the northern perimeter.

I'll draw a veil over my actual finish time. Suffice to say, at 15:22 I was a very long way from the finish.

All things Christmas (sorry, but I'm feeling festive)

Posted: Yesterday at 18:43

Hillingdon AC holds a 3.2 mile race on Christmas morning.

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