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P&D spring marathon 2017

Posted: 04/01/2017 at 12:44
Nice one Tom!

14M done for me too this morning at 7:20-25. The bad news is development of a sore Achilles. Arse.

P&D spring marathon 2017

Posted: 03/01/2017 at 19:51
So sorry to hear this, spoon. Fingers crossed there's no breakage.

Boy am I finding the 70-85mpw tough going! 10M tonight with 5 at LT (6.12, 6.17, 6.12, 6.13, 6.18). Legs feeling tired and achilles a little sore. Overall ran in 1:08:00. Dreading the 14M tomorrow. I'm contemplating whether to do these MLR's before work (5am start!!) as it does eat into your evening if you're in full time employment doesn't it?

The learning curve continues. I think I'll have a break from P&D next week other than the LT session on Tuesday as I have the Half Marathon the following Sunday.

Joe Blogs - It's the Midlands County Champs Im in, which I believe is in Leamington Spa. Hoping my new spikes arrive in time !

Muddy - Thanks for the feedback. I've never gone by heart rate to be honest but I can see the benefits.

Have a good evening all.

P&D spring marathon 2017

Posted: 02/01/2017 at 21:20
Cheers Muddy. My focus has primarily been on P&D so I'll be going into BM on the back of plenty of endurance, but not a great deal of speedwork. I'm schduled to do 15M on the Wednesday which may be too close to HM on the Sunday? So I'm considering dropping the two MLR's that week and do my own thing. Does this sound reasonable, experienced P&D'ers ?!

Clothing ? I think moving south has softened me. Hat, gloves with shorts and base layer shorts underneath. Ashamed.

Beautiful, clear day for running today. 6M recovery around Worcester riverside and racecourse. 10M with 5 @ LT tomorrow and a gruelling 14M on Wednesday night! After that I'm going to take it easy until County Champs XC on Sat.

Welcome expat!

P&D spring marathon 2017

Posted: 01/01/2017 at 16:51

Afternoon all, some incredible running goin here!

Muddy - That's a brilliant 10K time, congratulations!

Sorequads/Millsy/Macca - Cheers for the advice. Great workout out, Sorequads.

Managed 17M this morning with 8M at MP. Wet, miserable and a bleeding nipple. First time I've done this and boy did it hurt. In fairness I chose a fairly lumpy route. Did 4.5M between 7:15-30 and then 8M @ around about 6:30's, with the quickest mile at 6:22. Last 4.5M was ran at 7-7.10's. Overall pace of 6:53/mi. Pleasing, and feeling a little less guilty after the missus and I demolished 3/4 of a cheesecake to serve 7 last night....

If I'm planning on a sub 2.45, that works out at 6.17 splits. Just wondering if I'm being a little ambitious and whether 2.50 may be a more sensible option? Granted, my race pace is significantly quicker than training pace. Still, the marathon is a fairly unknown beast to me.

68.6M week completed, one of my highest weekly mileage weeks ever. Challenging, but enjoying the schedule. 

XC County Champs next Sat then HM the following weekend; what do folk normally do in terms of compromising the P&D schedule to allow a taper to race? My thoughts were just to drop the Friday MLR. 

Happy new year guys. 

P&D spring marathon 2017

Posted: 31/12/2016 at 10:35
Great running Ramjet!

John - Can't imagine running in that heat and humidity, great effort with the LT run in particular, and that's some serious mileage for the year. Congratulations. Surely that sub 3 must come knocking on the door, I'm sure the conditions you live in must play a factor!

Recovery 5M for me this morning after 11M at 7:10mm last night. Absolutely dreading tomorrow, as it will be my first LR (17 with 8 at MP). Having missed out on a long run it's going to be a challenge. Running 6:20's on my own, on tired legs is going to be hard work and I'm not sure I'll stick to that pace to be honest. The missus has bought champagne, prosecco and beer which may also have an impact! How do folks manage their MP miles? I was planning to run 9 and then progress to MP for the last 8 miles.

Good to hear you're back and well, Muddy. See you at Brass Monkey? Looking forward to it, but it's been all endurance building rather than speed work for me since Sneyd 10. Hoping I've not lost 'the edge'

2 278 miles for me this year. Happy with that as I haven't ran a marathon. Onwards and upwards for 2017!

Happy new year all, hope 2017 treats everyone well.

P&D spring marathon 2017

Posted: 28/12/2016 at 20:11
Evening all,

Some inspirational running going on over the festive season. Running a marathon on Christmas Day gets my vote though!

As for me, well, 7 days of drinking and being utterly spoiled by the folks back up north....these hips don't lie. Fortunately I have managed to stick to the schedule with the exception of LR on Xmas Day and a Recovery run. After a 5.30am drive to London Heathrow and 330 mile round trip back to Worcester I managed to squeeze in a 13M MLR at about 7:05. Now officially pooped and suffering the holiday blues; back to reality tomorrow. Detox needed!

P&D spring marathon 2017

Posted: 21/12/2016 at 12:34
Ramjet - Sometimes there are perks to running in the countryside !!! Great running mate.

Managed 12M this morning as I'm off work now. Felt weary after LT last night. To be honest I'm dreading the MLR's on Wednesdays and Fridays - how do others fit those long week night runs in? Before or after work?

Heading up north today, and as Tom said, the forecast does not look good!

P&D spring marathon 2017

Posted: 20/12/2016 at 22:39

Evening all,

Definitely over-cooked it last week, and legs feeling a bit depleted. Not the best way to start Week 1 P&D. Knee a little sore; fortunately the missus is in the medical profession and gave me a full knee examination. Bit swollen/fluid build up but I think its just from increasing too quickly - 18M on Sunday when I'd not ran over 13M for a long while was a bit daft.

Managed 9M with 4 at LT tonight from miles 2.5-6.5. Horrible! Hitting LT at around about 6:10's, overall average 6:48/mi. All done for Xmas now, so planning 12M in the morning then its a week up north and limited running/maximum eating! The plan will have to be put on hold.

Great running folks - Reg, sorry to hear about the stress fracture. 

P&D spring marathon 2017

Posted: 18/12/2016 at 15:44

Tom - Getting up at 5am on Christmas Day and getting a run in is taking dedication to the next level! Hope you get the wife pass card. Also, excellent effort on the 17M this morning and that's a seriously good pace. Looking good - is it London you're doing? Aim?

Spoon - Glad you're enjoying the Worcester runs. Its funny you say everyone is friendlier, I find that people are a bit more reserved having moved down from Yorkshire! Good for running though here...once you're out of the city you pretty much have country lanes to yourself. Great runs Spoon and Macca. 

Jooligan - Fantastic effort doing a Parkrun and XC on the bounce!

Millsy - Congrats on the parkrun PB!!


As for me, I managed an exceptionally hungover 8.5 yesterday at 6:58/mi average. Today, I planned a 15 miler as a bit of a confidence builder before starting Week 1 tomorrow. Ended up getting a little over adventurous (lost) and running 18 miles at average 7:14/mi. Very much needed after a day of indulging yesterday (the biggest portion of fish and chips I've seen in my life). Bit of a knee niggle after the 18 miler today but its considerably the furthest I've ran for a long time. 

Hardly going into the P&D 70-85 fresh, but raring to go! With my GF's sister coming over from the states this week, and Chrismas looming it'll be a case of sneaking out when I can. 






P&D spring marathon 2017

Posted: 17/12/2016 at 12:06
Morning all,

Cheers Tom/ML - Shall look into some 20 mile races today. Will be doing a steady 8 today, to go with the pints tally at last nights pub crawl. Messy and hazy recollections.

P&D starts Monday for London. How are people fitting in LSR on Sunday (Christmas Day?!!)
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