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RW Forum SIx – 3.30 – 4.00

Posted: Yesterday at 22:54

Carter you'll run your own race on the day ... Carl's advice is very sound but if on the day 7:30 feels good then I can understand how it will be tempting to go for it at that pace. Being honest I think if I felt I had it in me on the day I would give it a bloody good go!

Mrs RW away to Spin class at 6pm leaving me with the kids - so forced to do a treadmill session. Ran a 40min session with 4 x 5mins @ 7.04 pace with 2min30sec recoveries @ 9.14 pace. This was almost 30secs a mile faster than my last similar interval session and was tough - 4th interval took a bit of mental deep digging to get it done. All I could think of was that this was Nell's MP and I was struggling to last 5mins - phew!

RW Forum SIx – 3.30 – 4.00

Posted: 24/03/2015 at 23:11

Ali - after your shin woes recently I'm sure you are delighted to get that 20 miler under your belt... Well done. Why not go for the A & B goal strategy?.. Carter, you too. The A goal being what you think you are capable of if all clicks on the day after a nice taper and B goal being a time you will stillbe pleased with. Start at your A goal pace and if you are not feeing it after several miles then readjust to B goal pace.

Carter no race booked - still to slow! Mountain HM in June hopefully - Mourne Way.

PS - yes I was delighted with my B goal achieved ... Sub3:40 and a PB by 5 mins. I was more pleased with how I ran it in that I felt strong most of the race - only having to battle the 'I wanna walk' demons from mile 24 on. The previous 2 marathons were hellish for the final 6-8 miles! Based on your HM PBs you theoretically should cruise a 3:45 marathon!

Had planned a fast 4 miles tempo this evening but legs still feeling a bit tired from Sundays efforts so ran a steady 6 miles instead @ 8:21 pace avg. All miles are good miles regardless of pace and all that!

RW Forum SIx – 3.30 – 4.00

Posted: 23/03/2015 at 19:07

Carter that's a fair old lick round the GG route - based on that sub 3:30 is looking v comfortable for you I reckon. Golf - yes... A 14 hole comp and I had a rubbish 25 Pts. 6 pars, 4 bogeys & a double. Unfortunately though 3 OBs due to my bad course management produced 3 holes with no score/dings which wrecked the card. That's golf!

yes Will - you are correct that's the longest I've run in about 12mths so just happy to get the distance up again.

Carl - still blown away by that HM time yesterday - really bodes well for Richmond and sub 3:30.... However as we all know, a lot depends on how we feel on the day. I ran my 1:36 HM PB during training for Dublin 2013 and was sure I could go sub 3:30 on the day. After 8 miles with the 3:30 pacers I knew it wasn't going to happen and readjusted to a sub 3:40 'B' goal .... Eventually running a 3:39. I had a few niggles in the week prior and just wasn't feeling it on the day. My advice  for what it's worth - if you feel good on the day push for that A goal of sub 3:30 and don't wait for Chicago. You are getting into a good place right now - use it.

RW Forum SIx – 3.30 – 4.00

Posted: 22/03/2015 at 22:42

Some amazing running!

great pace Sean for 20mls - bodes v well indeed for sub 3:30 at Manc.

Carl - fantastic running! What a great time - v well deserved. Congrats!

Will - congrats also, great PB and v well paced. Double that time and add 10 - 20mins is the popular predictor for marathon. Sub 3:40 should be well within your grasp based on this!

This has been a busy week workwise for me so missed my thurs/fri run... However got out this morning and also ran HM distance. Not so speedy as the rest of you but happy to bimble round @ 9.05 pace avg (6mls of trail in the middle). Glorious morning for running - Spring has Sprung!

RW Forum SIx – 3.30 – 4.00

Posted: 17/03/2015 at 20:21

A lovely little day off today:

18 holes of Golf this morning - 37pts ...Carter no black stuff unfortunately.. the highlight of the round was a six iron approach shot to 8 feet to set up an eagle putt (par 5) ... shaved the hole and had a tap in birdie.

Home for a spot of lunch then a lovely sunny run (even bared the legs) - ran a steady 6.5mls on another hilly route... 8:18 pace avg and felt nice and controlled.

Then took the kids & dogs to the park and kicked football for an hour.

COYG - get in Giroud ... just need another 2

should do this more often!

RW Forum SIx – 3.30 – 4.00

Posted: 16/03/2015 at 22:39

Nell - great PB ... amazing time. Hats off to you sir 

 Will ... Run your heart out for a HM PB... I have run a PB in 2 out of 3 pre marathon HM's - if u have implemented speed training into your marathon training it's a pretty good recipe for a fast HM!

 Washwood - good run at Silverstone.. Based on that you should be pacing yourself for sub 3:40 I reckon

Ali - brave run ... well done - fairly encouraging on the shin split front then?

Carter - very solid long run churned out there.. All looking very good for you.

Intervals on the treddie last friday evening & 12 miler at 9:15 pace yesterday morning.

Off tomorrow for St Patricks day so golf comp at the club in the morning and then a run in the afternoon with any luck ... Gotta love bank hols 


RW Forum SIx – 3.30 – 4.00

Posted: 10/03/2015 at 22:04

great match at Old Trafford last night and delighted to see the result went our way. Draw went in our favour too for a change!

Welcome Dave - all good advice already proffered... I have run 3 marathons and similar to Carter found race day easier than the long training runs. I think it's a combination of training having peaked then tapered so you start less tired than you would on your weekly long runs, adrenaline, crowd support etc etc. I guess you just have to trust the training!

Tempo Tuesday for me ... managed to break 8mml avg pace on my hilly 4 mile route for the first time with 7:56 avg pace : 

8:37, 8.01; 7:46; 7:21

First mile involves a lot of climbing so felt like a reasonably hard but even effort... turned the wick up a little on the last half mile as usual. 'Horse smells the hay' syndrome!


RW Forum SIx – 3.30 – 4.00

Posted: 08/03/2015 at 18:09

Nell - that's what I'm worried about - £££££s  !!!

10.2 miles on a new route for me this morning - hills hills and more hills as is per the norm round here!! Weather was still a bit windy, cooler than yesterday but sunny & dry. Felt my most comfortable Sunday run to date and felt nice and strong towards the end upping the pace to 8:00 mmls for last 2 mls. Avg for the run was 8:50 pace so another small step in the right direction.

RW Forum SIx – 3.30 – 4.00

Posted: 07/03/2015 at 21:17

busy thread!

Ali - not what you wanted to hear  ..... Stick with the spin etc and as others have said this will keep your engine in fine fettle whilst taking the impact off the shins. You might be surprised how quickly they heal up in the interim. These things are sent to try us!

Will - impressive 20 miler , well done sir

I've had an incredibly busy week workwise but have managed to keep on track with my limited '3 runs per week return to running plan'! Ran 5.2 miles on Thursday which takes in a couple of miles of the toughest section of my local HM route. Managed 8:09 avg so was really almost tempo run for where I'm at currently.

Fri evening was a family outing to see my eldest (the 17 yr old) in her play 'The Great Gatsby' at Belfast Waterfront Hall. Carter - this is what my angst is about: she doesn't want to go to UNI in preference to pursue a career in Drama & Acting. I admire her for following her dreams but can't get across to her what a tough business this is to succeed in! Play was really excellent mind you!

Extremely windy today at the golf Course- 20 Pts for 9 hole comp Carter

10 or so miles planned for the morning.


RW Forum SIx – 3.30 – 4.00

Posted: 04/03/2015 at 22:11

PS - amazing pic! All the exploring/new routes must add a new dimension to your training I guess?! Mind you the views at 5:45am wouldn't be great in the dark!

Stonking mile there Will - I've never run just a mile flat out ... That said there is an annual timed mile event on a local track here .... It's open to all abilities but I have never had the nerve to rock up!

Carter - going thru similar with my 17yr old daughter... I feel your pain! Golf - yes, similar to all weather running, I am an all weather golfer - if the course is open on a Sat anoon then I will be on it! Played last Sat in 60mph winds & sideways rain and scored 18pts for the 9 holes... quite pleased with this given the conditions... Lots of half swing punch shots under the wind with a 7 iron instead of the usual wedge approaches into the greens... Worked well. Should have had more but the club slipped in my hands on the 8th tee producing a wild shot into the trees.. No score on that hole as result.

Will & Carter if I'm honest intervals are the only session I don't mind the treadmill for. I find it easy to measure pace, time & distance AND more to the point I find the time passes much more quickly doing intervals than running a constant even paced or progressive session. 

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