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My Last Run

Posted: 30/03/2015 at 11:52

I had planned to do 19 miles Saturday.  Up nice and early, but that was swiftly binned when I realised at 2 miles in, that my legs were trashed from endurance spin 36 hours before.  Almost called the OH to pick me up at 6 miles as my left quad was really painful.  Somehow managed to slog another 11 miles out, so at least I only cut the planned 19 miles to 17.  Was quite happy with it in the end, although was seriously unhappy at the time.  I will not be doing spinning 48 hours before a long run again. Quad is still sore today, but getting better.  Will have to be careful as don't want to pick up an injury.

Cotswold 113 14th June 2015

Posted: 05/11/2014 at 13:56

Oooo.  Thanks Schmunks.  Never clicked you before.  Date is in the calendar.

Cotswold 113 14th June 2015

Posted: 05/11/2014 at 09:10

Does anyone know if they are doing the Classic in August?  I really want to do this middle distance event, but I'm diong Windsor Olympic on 14th June.  I know in the past they've run the 113 in June and the Classic in August.  Might don my brave pants and do 226 next year.

Bad performance

Posted: 30/10/2014 at 16:01

Thank you.  Will kick myself up the butt and get back on track.  The psychological demons are hard to get rid of though.  Find it really hard to believe in myself and push myself hard.  Oh well.  Got all winter to train and get a grip (ha ha).

Bad performance

Posted: 30/10/2014 at 11:11

Thanks guys.  Taking on all your advice.  I know we can't put in good performances all the time.  I should have run more, talked less - simples.  Think I'll put this race into a box until next year, when I WILL make sure I better my times. I'm an upbeat person though, rarely miserable, and can't seem to shake this dark mood.  Feel really stale.

I will maintain a base level of fitness over the winter months Seren, although have a couple of long distance running events to train for.  Will start to hit the bike and swim hard come April, although will still pool swim over the winter months and cycle when the weather isn't too foul.

Re: my run training.  I will do 2 interval sessions during the week (speed work one session and a hill rep session the next, not back to back though).  I'll keep to roughly 10 miles  for the longer runs at the weekend until around mid-December, then start to slowly increase for the 20 mile event in mid-January and for London marathon.  I am sensible about increasing my distances over many weeks.  I don't want another injury or to burn out.

I am also going to make a point of running LOTS and LOTS of hills and make sure I do more trail runs.  So much tougher.  Will still do some long runs pavement bashing, but not as many.

Bad performance

Posted: 30/10/2014 at 09:53

Good idea re: park runs.  I've never done one as I favour the longer distances.  Will give them a try and see if I ever improve on my 5km times.  Not this weekend though - legs need a rest.  Will aim to do this once a month.  Thanks Millsy.  Let's hope I can slowly get back to my old fitness levels, maybe even beyond. 

Bad performance

Posted: 30/10/2014 at 08:36

Yep.  It's all down to me Millsy, just can't stop being annoyed with myself.

Motivation has been dwindling and I can't seem to push myself to improve or get back to where I used to be.  I had been running 8:45 m/m pace, and now seem to be hovering around 9:10-9:30 m/m pace.  Only one that can do anything about this is me though and I know I have to put in the training to see results.  Just seem to be struggling.

Legs are still tired as it was a stupidly hilly trail marathon, but hoping they might be feeling back to normal next week.  I've got a 20 mile event in January (trails), London marathon, and a couple of triathlons in June.  I will also want to train for a couple of Half Iron distances around July/August time.  Had a shoulder injury so haven't been able to do any decent swim training.  Have only just been allowed to do 500m gentle in the pool, from when I picked up the injury at end of June.

Not sure if that's too many events to concentrate on, but figured the January and April long distance run events will maintain a good base, and can start concentrating hard on triathlon around April time when the lakes open.

Bad performance

Posted: 30/10/2014 at 08:02

I did a tough marathon at the weekend.  I wanted to improve on my time from the previous year.  Thought I had done the training and the conditions were perfect (last year was horrendous - muddy, non-stop rain, puddles like lakes etc).  Race day and I end up running with another person within about 2 miles.  They keep me company for the next 3 miles, where I then end up running with another couple of competitors for the next 18 miles.  All we did was chat, chat, chat.  It was a tough marathon so the distraction was welcome and we were all helping each other at various stages.  I like to run alone most of the time and my times are much better.  I know if I were on my own I would have run part way up some of the hills, interspersed with walking breaks when the legs were screaming.  I crossed the finish line 13 minutes slower than last year and the conditions were so good.  I am so annoyed with myself, as I know it was all down to me chatting away, and not getting on with finishing the race.  Trouble is, it's completely screwing my mind now and can't stop dwelling on it.

I've had a couple of injuries this year which I'm still recovering from and want to train well over winter to maintain a good endurance base, ready for triathlon season.  I'm really struggling with motivation and just can't seem to push myself any more.

What can you tell me that will help me get through this bad patch and dark mood. 

Dog Biting

Posted: 27/10/2014 at 11:45

I did a trail marathon yesterday.  Beautiful day so lots of dog walkers out.  We were warned that one of the by ways that our route took in was open to all traffic and to watch out for trail and quad bikes.  Woman had a lively staffie off the lead and how it didn't get run over by the trail bikes I have no idea.  She kept calling him, but he had his paws in his ears not listening.  The staffie then decided he'd try and take a few runners out too.  I love dogs but if you cannot keep them under control, put them on a lead.  And if they have a tendancy to like the taste of runners/general public/other dogs, muzzle them for everyones peace of mind.

Trionium Greensand Marathon

Posted: 27/10/2014 at 09:57

Well done John.  I did a worse time than last year in those horrendous conditions.  Think I talked to much to my running buddies.  I'll be back next year and will talk less, run more.  Tough, tough marathon.  Hoping I've stopped cramping as much.  Great organisation (thanks Dr Rob) and marshalls were superb.  Always there to greet you with a smile and send you on your way again, even though I could have done with a cab!  Thanks again Dr Rob.

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