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Posted: Today at 12:47

Oooo.  I'm liking the sound of the Fenix.  Birthday soon ...........

Best tyres?

Posted: Today at 09:47

A magpie.  I'm attracted to a bit of bling 

Best tyres?

Posted: Today at 09:31

I have a Blow Joe track pump but even jumping with my full weight on it, I can just about get the tyre to 100.

Best tyres?

Posted: Today at 09:10

Thanks everyone.  Think I'll go for Conti 25mm as they have 39% off these at Evan's which is just across from my office, and hope that I have the clearance.  Pressure wise I can just about get 100 in, Don't have the brute force to get anymore air into the tyre.

Best tyres?

Posted: Today at 08:58

Thank you Side Burn.

Best tyres?

Posted: Today at 08:44

Oh one more, totally stupid question - do they come as a set of 2 tyres, or individual?

Best tyres?

Posted: Today at 08:42

Thanks Cougie.

Best tyres?

Posted: Today at 08:37

Conti GP4000s seem to have good reviews.  Anyone any experience, and what size would be most suitable - 20, 23, 25 or 28C.  I am thinking of somewhere in the middle, but does it make that much of a difference if I went for 23 or 25?

The 2016 LG PSOF Kit Order Thread

Posted: Yesterday at 11:04

Thank you FF

The 2016 LG PSOF Kit Order Thread

Posted: Yesterday at 10:21

Can I please have a full zipped pro cycling jersey Kit Fairy?. Not sure of size - either women's Medium or man's small size.  I'm very new to all this, not even sure I'm a fully fledged Pirate until I've completed my first Iron distance (this year), so can you please also let me know how you would like to receive payment.

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