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Rat Race coast to coast Scotland - 2 weeks away! HELP!!

Posted: 28/08/2013 at 14:39

That sounds better, thanks. The results page isn't the easiest thing in the world to work out or maybe its just me being a bit stupid. That is a much more understandable pace given the terrain. Fingers crossed its not cold and windy as the youtube vids I have seem make it look like it is pretty open to the elements with little or no shelter much of the way.

Rat Race coast to coast Scotland - 2 weeks away! HELP!!

Posted: 28/08/2013 at 13:50

How tough and hilly is the day 1 cycle? I saw the times from last year were not as quick as I expected as the route profile only suggests 2 steady climbs up to 200 metres, then 400 metres. The best times covered it in 3 hours 30 minutes which is around 14 mph. I am guessing it is much tougher than this suggests?

In terms of kit, I reckon each day has different requirements. On day 1 I plan on putting no water in my camelback and using 2 bottles on my CX bike. I don't need fluid after a 7 mile run. Food I plan on lots of gels, energy bars, wine gums etc. Day 2 is much tougher by the sounds of it so its a full camelback and as much energy and carbs as possible en route. The 15 mile fell run sounds terrible. I have Salomon Speedcross trainers that I use for fell runs but am concerned they may not be sturdy enough as the route looks very rocky.

Not long to go now, I really can't wait!!

Rat Race Scotland Coast to Coast

Posted: 20/08/2013 at 13:43

Hi, again. Cheers for the advice so far, I bought a cheap CX bike so fingers crossed it does the job.

Next question now! How hilly/undulating is the bike ride on day 1? Looking at the route profile it doesn't appear to be too bad but I saw the guy who won the racer category was only averaging about 15mph. That doesn't sound particularly fast for elite competitors so I think it sounds like its much hillier than the profile suggests, or that the wind plays a big part.

Rat Race Scotland Coast to Coast

Posted: 26/07/2013 at 15:22

I have heard it is going to be in glorious sunshine this year without a drop of rain all weekend. Wind behind the whole way.

Rat Race Scotland Coast to Coast

Posted: 26/07/2013 at 14:11

Thanks guys. The bike I have in mind is a second hand one from Gumtree. Not very light but sturdy, has good reviews and should have far less rolling resistance on the road sections and be quicker on the canal path and fire road bits. As you say, I was worried about using my full sus MTB with slicks as it was just going to be too slow and I would have struggled to keep up with lesser riders who have the right sort of kit. I need as much of a head start for the giant fell run as possible!

My plan is to get road tyres for day 1, then swap onto something with a bit of tread for day 2. Hopefully my MTB skills will mean that the rougher stuff isn't too much of a problem despite the lack of suspension (I usually ride flatter bits and uphills with it all locked out anyway).

Thanks for all of the advice. I do need to practice running with my bag. I am a sucker for Strava though so haven't wanted to slow my times down. I know, very stupid, but its horribly addictive and I am very competitive.

Rat Race Scotland Coast to Coast

Posted: 26/07/2013 at 09:06


I have found a cheap cyclocross bike on gumtree that I am pretty sure I can resell for a similar price so I am thinking of doing that. Thanks for the advice on the trainers. I do a fell runs over here but my trainers are very lightweight Salomon ones that sound like they aren't up to the job. Oh well, more new kit to buy lol.

Thanks for all of the advice. Any more hints and tips are greatly appreciated!

Rat Race Scotland Coast to Coast

Posted: 25/07/2013 at 12:53


Sorry to ask a question that has been covered elsewhere but I am hoping for some further advice on the Rat Race Coast to Coast Challenge on 14/15 September. I know there is lots of discussion on bike choices and I am yet to decide how to approach this. I am a keen mountain biker and do 2/3 rides a week up some pretty challenging hills so am a reasonably competent rider.

My choices are:

1) Full suss MTB (which I already own and use regularly) with slick tyres
2) Buy cyclocross bike for event only and look to resell following the race. I live on the Isle of Man and there is no scope for cyclocross riding over here. Looking at eBay and gumtree it looks like cyclocross bikes hold their value pretty well.
3) Buy a cheap and cheerful road bike that I don't mind taking over some rough stuff. Surely the worst that will happen is a buckled wheel and maybe a pinch flat. I understand most of the cycling section is on the road with day 2 having a 10 mile section of rougher stuff (although it doesn't look any where near as rough as what I am used to on my MTB on the local trails). I would imagine the time made up on the road section would be more than I would lose by running/pushing through this bit.

I think the the day 2 running section is going to be incredibly tough so I want to give myself the best possible start on the cycling sections. I hope to be pretty strong here but need to make sure I have the right kit under me.


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