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Parkrun Hertford

Posted: 06/07/2014 at 12:56

Great thank Robert. I'll keep you posted. I'm thinking we need a group of 6-8 to make it sustainable/reliable week to week. Wonder if Ware Joggers would be interested.

Parkrun Hertford

Posted: 02/07/2014 at 13:46

Thanks, yes, they gave me all the paperwork you mention which I've read (lots of it).

They didn't say anyone else has enquired from the area. I presume they would have put me in touch if so?

It seems like a considerable undertaking (fundraising alone) so I thought I might try to get a small committed group of other volunteers together. Happy to take the lead but it might be more fun/sustainable with a group.


Parkrun Hertford

Posted: 02/07/2014 at 13:13

Hi, I've just discovered my nearest park run is Waltham Abbey.  Saturday 9am is hard enough without travelling that far methinks.

I've done some research into setting up a new park run in Hertford. I just wondered has anyone tried to do this before (I'm presuming Hartham/River Lea path is the best route venue)? Is anyone interested in any of the following:

a) having a parkrun in Hertford (a non-competitive, timed, officially measured 5k run on Saturdays @9am, bit social, bit fun, bit good for you)

b) helping me marshall/set up every week/other week/once a month?

c) helping me get £3k sponsorship to set it up?

Let me know!


Royal Windsor Half Marathon Trail Run

Posted: 30/05/2014 at 21:10

Did anyone else get an email from F3 about delayed results? Like that's their only problem right now. No mention of the fact that ALL the results for the HM are 4 minutes TOO long. 

Or any of the following failures:

1) The course was 13.38 miles LONG. How can they get this SO wrong?

2) 8 toilets for 1200 runners. Ermm. Have you ever read a race review F3? 

3) Stupid stupid wave start based on utter RANDOMNESS not set finish time. Lots of bottlenecks on a narrow path. Twisted my ankle to overtake. Grrrr.

4) Lack of water ready at stations and long queue for little teeny taps at end.

5) Queue at end straight after finish for medal. Cramp anyone?

6) No goodies, just a bag. Chunky medal not making me feel any better.

7) 'Race car park' was £5. Public car parks were all MUCH nearer and cheaper. Feel ripped off anyone?

8) Roads not properly marshalled. If you don't close the roads you have to stop the traffic! Don't try and stop runners at mile 12 of a half marathon. 

We all deserve a refund. I have asked F3 for a refund 12 times. They are ignoring my calls, Tweets and emails. Do I have to resort to Facebook? It's all over Twitter. They are ignoring that.

Anyone else getting really really mad here?

Contradictory information is so confusing - Help!!!

Posted: 01/05/2014 at 13:11

Agree with all my lovely fellow commenters above. Discover as you go, try stuff, see what works for you. Enjoy. Share.

Have to say one thing I recently found (still trying new stuff after 5 years running), ice baths DO work - even if you're not Paula Radcliffe level! here's me:

Jog to warm up, do run, stop, pat back, stretch, water, chocolate milk, warm bath, wash, empty to 2 inches, fill with cold until quads completely covered. Sit for as long as you can (me, max so far, 10 mins). Get out. Dry. Dress. Eat protein. Pat back. Rest.

This little routine means I now hardly ever get DOMS and even after evil intervals I'm ready to go next day/day after for a tempo or LSR.


Best of luck with Edinburgh. x


Interval Training

Posted: 01/04/2014 at 10:29

Well I'm doing intervals once a week for my HM training (Windsor in May). I have mixed feelings about intervals: they are MEAN and they are NO fun but I can see my speed picking up overall.

I'm only doing them now because I'm already trained for the distance, having done a HM last week. I did not train for distance and speed all at once. (Hurty). With my second HM I am aiming to get under 2hrs (from a pesky 2hrs 2mins). Been running seriously about 5 years, aged 40, want to be running when I'm 70, NEVER doing a marathon...)

Every third week I do hill repeats instead of intervals (yey). I also do a tempo run (4-6 miles), a long run (8-12 miles) and a little recovery run (gossiping with a friend) each week, so I've taken all the advice and I think it's pretty balanced. Apart from the cross-training. Can't be arsed with cross-training (lazy bad girl).

I would advise that you listen to your body.  I think experience tells you the difference between "tired because I'm getting fitter" and "tired because I'm wearing my body down too much".

I do find the intervals tire me out for my longer runs but I need to slow them down anyway. So I'll keep going for now. If anything's going to give me injuries though it's the intervals. I tried them in last year's training, found that they wiped me out too much, so I dropped them. Feel better this year, but again, intervals are taking me to the edge of my energy. And I will drop em like hot cakes if I feel it's going too far. 

I think there's a halfway house though, (which I might go for if intervals and me don't get on again) - perhaps you could just carry on with your normal runs and add a small speed element to one or two of them. A minute's sprint at the end of a long run. A couple of 5-min blocks of extra effort here and there (fartlekky fun). Hills are also a form of speed work don't forget - your legs won't know the difference.

No matter how fit you are before you start running, it's fitness-for-running you need to build. I have been AMAZED at how my body keeps adapting. Every year I feel better and better and stronger and stronger - and I'm the other side of 40! Running has taught me so many life lessons and taking the 'long view' in life is one of the most important.

Sorry gone all preachy. I'm off for a donut.



Best running shoes for womens stability?

Posted: 29/01/2013 at 13:30

Nothing wrong with staying with your favourite shoe Naomi. I've had pair after pair of Asics 2170s for 3 years and I'm sticking with 'em. Really surprised that your new pair of Omnis was so different though. That must be really disconcerting and I'm not surprised you're wondering where to go from here. Have you tried returning them and getting another Omni 8? - you could have had a dodgy pair that fell of the production line? it happens.

However long-term, the gait analysis IS the way to go. Though combine it with your own instincts. My local running store offers it but like yours only stocks a few brands (luckliy Asics is one of them). If I were you I would give myself a massive day out to your nearest big running store. (I could spend all day in mine). Someone will watch you on the treadmill and show you the video so you can see what's happening. You will then try on dozens of possibly suitable pairs, have a little trot in each and choose your favourite. 

You might be surprised too - I (and my gait analysis guy) was shocked to see that I do NOT overpronate despite having the flattest feet in the human world. I could go for neutral shoes but the stability of the Asics 2170s seems to suit me and they're not doing me any harm. Last time I went for slightly different Asics Gel DS, as they are a lighter version of the 2170s for speed/races. These give slightly less support and my calves have had to strengthen a bit but all good now. I alternate between running in the DSs and the 2170s and just update them when they're knackered (when I get a random surprise new niggle somewhere I know it's new trainers time). I am tempted by some of the pretty Adidas ones and Nikes look cool but if it ain't broke... I tried out some Brooks just out of interest as a friend loves them but after 2 miles I cried all the way home...  When you know, you just know.





Whats the most embarrassing song you listen to while running .....

Posted: 26/01/2013 at 16:50
I know, it sticks like glue. Try tempo running to it.
Three times you can bite me... Lyricsl genius. The chorus is the best bit tho: Gummy gummy gummy gummy....

Whats the most embarrassing song you listen to while running .....

Posted: 25/01/2013 at 13:19

Good point. Before now it was a private weird thing. Now it's a public weird thing. Confessional these forums...

So how you gonna do your long sunday run in the snow all you marathon runners?

Posted: 24/01/2013 at 23:12
"Zitty head"!? ... an image I'd rather not have in my mind....
Tried a snowy run today tho gone slushy here, it was fine once I let go of my target pace and turned it into a fartlek run. Speed up on the clear bits recover on the icy bits. Extra aches tonight tho, it must change your gait, tenses you up I suppose. No falls thank the lord. 5 weeks til HM - trying not to lose touch with the training plan but refuse to go deadmill... but it is a great experience to be out there in the snow.
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