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Posted: 02/01/2015 at 12:33


Happy new year to everyone on here Hope you're all well.

Into my 5th week of decent training now and starting to feel fit again. Did a good midweek fell training run up Bowfell in the lakes on Tuesday as was over with family for a few nights. Also a 14m last weekend. 

Im enjoying the balance between running my standard runs slower around 7.50-8mm then go really hard on the hard days (hill reps etc) Feels like it's working quite well. I know Jools and TR run the bulk of their runs slower.

Good luck to you marathoners who will be starting their programmes about now, best of luck with your pb targets.

Off out for an easy 7/8 this afternoon, bloody windy up here!

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Posted: 17/12/2014 at 08:46

Sounds like things might be easing CW, good news.

ON7 - sounds like you may have some answers on your niggle and how to manage it. 

ThR - BM is a fast course isn't it, I guess the only thing people have told me is it can be very windy. I've only done it once which was this year.

Padams - sorry to hear about your dog mate.

Wardi - nice double and post run feed

I'm settling into a bit of a routine now, not that high mileage but mileage which suits me currently. Plenty of easy paced stuff around 7.50-8 pace then trying to hit the weekly club session, a hill reps session on my own and a spin bike hill session to build power and speed (keeping the fells in mind). Weekly mileage is going to be around 40-50 with a gym session here and there, that's plenty for what I'm doing.

Heading to London on Friday for Xmas so probably going to do a couple of park runs down there to get the fitness up a bit.


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Posted: 07/12/2014 at 20:39


Cw - as per TR, rest it properly. Don't overly medicalise it by trawling through the web, wondering what it might/might not'll heal given the right environment provided. If proper rest doesn't do it, go see someone. Hope it clears though 

I did 14 slow miles today, 48m for the week.

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Posted: 05/12/2014 at 14:11

Afternoon peeps, thought I'd stick my head in here again....

Been a very busy time being on hospital placement recently for my course so very little time to scratch my arse or much else! Only managed a couple runs a week, 3 at best but been rehabbing the shoulder anyway and I never really run much on placement injury or no injury. Just too much to do and too knackered! Just one more placement in April and graduate in June, 4 year study journey to Physio qualification almost done!


Congrats to all the marathon folks this autumn. I did read up on what was going on but there's simply too much to try and remember.  Jools smashing her pb,  Selbs running a 2.46 and all his knee problems, Lev and Phil at Berlin and all the folks at Abingdon. Well done to you all seemed like one of the most successful marathon seasons on here. Impressive stuff.

Shoulder is good, almost full range back, gradually introducing some strength/stability work. Not much running in 7 weeks meant for a tough old xc last weekend but I only planned a social outing anyway really. This week has been decent with a hill reps session, a 10m at just over 7mm last night and some regular easy running. I think another 2-3 weeks of regular running and I won't be far off where I was. Ive sorted myself a schedule to give some routine over next few months, standard type but regular hill reps for the fells and I'll supplement road miles (probs 45-50 a week max) with bike hills/rower in gym for power.

Main races I'm looking at in new year to get myself ready for main fell season in April:

Northern xc champs in jan, National xc champs & Inov8 High cup Nic fell race in Feb, Northumberland half end of March plus a few league xc fixtures.

Hope everyone is doing well and avoiding the treatment table!

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Posted: 16/10/2014 at 18:39


Good luck to all those running at Abingdon at the weekend, I hope you all nail your pbs! Looking forward to seeing those results.

Banksy - I'm well out of marathon practice but I think it's a risky strategy trying to get away without long runs

Jools - seems like you've got a good pacing tactic for Frankfurt.

Thirsk Runner - solid reps

Dr Dave - yeah I guessed you'd have out a few back in. A and E doc said it went back in which might relate to what I've written below although still early days.

CW - that's a good MLR

Marigold - those 30 milers over the burbecks sound bloody hard

Positive Physio assessment yesterday with shoulder specialist who works with the consultant - good range or movement and the strength is pretty good suggesting I haven't badly damaged the rotator cuff. She was pretty pleased given this only happened on sat. It's a bit stuff/sore but managing it well generally so it's showing good rehab potential even if it's early days. Physio appt for rehab Monday.

As far as placement, still need clearance from Oc health but having spoken to tutors we're aiming at next week off, then a week of observation/light duties for a week then 4 normal weeks. It's looking a little more positive and ironically it means I can chill in London a bit more this weekend knowing I'm not on placement monday.

Race time and position confirmation from sat, 33rd in 2.37.32 so 5 mins quicker than last year. Winning time way down on last year and looking at the results a few dropped chunks of time compared to last year. Considering the fall probably cost me a minute or so too, I'm pretty pleased with that all things considered and nicely brings to a close first full year of fell racing.

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Posted: 13/10/2014 at 14:46

Lev - New York sounds ace

Padams - great xc effort

Dan/TT - sorry to hear about your ankles

SL - great news

Thanks for the comments, feeling a bit low about things now. Not because of the rehab aspect but the potential impact on the course. I have to get clearance for the upcoming placement from occupational health otherwise I won't be able to do it (meant to start next week although I might be able to condense it to 4 weeks from 6 and still do enough required hours to pass it). Failing that I can apparently do an emergency 4 week placement in June and still graduate with everyone in July if all else fails.

Hoping for a positive review from consultant on wed and then hope to get an occu health appt. Hopefully it'll settle down enough for them to give me clearance. What will be will be, kind of out of my hands

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Posted: 12/10/2014 at 21:47

Either way the way I fell unfortunately meant I couldn't break the fall and the shoulder took the full impact. Got up and knew I'd bugger the shoulder, couldn't move the arm and I could feel the humerus was right round the front. Mark then caught up with me, asked if I was ok and then shepherded me down the last section and we jogged together through the campsite, along the road and to the finish. It was good teammate spirit from him but he was also pretty goosed from the race and from the fall. Lots of encouraging words from other runners when I got back and some good banter too, haha 

Not quite sure of exact time, I didn't time it, I think I took about 5-6 mins off which I was initially a bit disappointed about but talking to runners at the finish it seems a lot struggled yesterday and loads went over. Just seems the conditions were very tough and when I found out our placings I felt that was a solid showing coming in in 33rd/34th. We finished with and ahead of some hardened fell runners.

It brings to to an end my first full year of fell running even though I've run on the fells on my own before that and in all those big, tough races I've managed to stay on my feet and avoid serious injury so far so I can't really complain. Ironically I'm very good on the technical rocky descents but will just have to focus on areas where there's a chance of switching off, it's all a learning process. I've learnt masses in this year but you run these races knowing there's a risk and it doesn't put me off. The support form runners on the course to each other is something special really, great commeradery. It was still a great day out there despite the fall and I'll look forward to a new season again next April. 

I might add I don't want to come across all macho running on with a dislocated shoulder, it wasn't actually miles to the finish and I took it easy to be fair. It's definitely an acquired interest though, lol as you certainly have to put your body and mind through he ringer in these races. 

Bring on 2015 where I'll look to build on this year.

.........Latest news on shoulder is consultant doesn't think it's too serious but it's very very stiff and it'll be a ball ache for a few weeks. Seeing a shoulder specialist on Wednesday and will start rehab but as I don't play any contact sports (apart from hurling myself on the deck,,lol) it shouldn't pose too many issues on the future. Consultant thinks I may be able to get back to running on stable surfaces in 2-3 weeks, will take a while to heal fully and certainly no fell racing for a bit though  Haha

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Posted: 12/10/2014 at 21:39

ON 7 and CW - top GER time for different reasons 

Race Jase - glad you got what your campaign deserved, seriously impressive time!

For those interested, a report from yesterday..........

So I'd seen the forecast which didn't look great but also not too bad at the same time. Wind was forecast down, great but low cloud forecast which can make things interesting on a route like langdale (and most fell races to be fair). Became evident on route through the lakes that it was going to be very mixed with some valleys in sun, others thick with cloud and rain.

Assembled at the start near the front this time compared to last year where I held back. The route heads along a bridleway for about 3/4m before the first climb and I decided if go off harder to avoid the rush. It worked well and was in about 10th (had no intention of staying in 10th mind, lol) but I think I overcooked things a tiny bit as I was hanging on up the first climb which never feels great in any fell race. Dug in on the second section of the climb and in all both parts of the climb took about 20-25 mins of properly on the limit stuff...tough going, pretty grim actually, haha We were enveloped in mist at the top and some decided on taking a compass bearing to the second check point. Suddenly mist clears and we're off running on the "flat". My Clubmate caught me up and to be honest I was struggling in the boggy section, just totally saps your energy. It's long arduous and mentally ruins you. I watched Mark go off ahead with a group and just tried to limit my losses.

Hit some firmer paths and a long grind up to 3rd checkpoint at Esk hause and the climbing legs returned and I caught Mark and the group up. Following 3rd checkpoint there's a horrendous trodd under Esk pike which has mud, holes, lethal rocks, basically a nightmare but I was getting into a bit of a groove now. We finally moved onto the final ascent from Ore Gap across to Bow fell summit, runners emerging from all over in the mist. Off Bow fell summit me and Mark took a left and I led us off bow fell and we seemed to make up about 10 places on other runners, top going.

We followed a couple of local lads under crinkle crags on a really tricky section to navigate but then realised we both knew where we were going too. We were joined out of nowhere by another 6-8 runners and we all climbed up the last crinkle to the 5th checkpoint. There's then a long, long descent down to the final climb but I was starting to struggle now and watched the group pull away including my Clubmate. Decided to hang on and not force it too much and save myself for the final climb. It worked and I caught a Mark at the base of the climb and started to move past him up the final climb which is a real slog coming at the end of the race. I wasn't really that fussed about beating him, I was just trying to push it without going completely into the red. 

The mist had cleared the final summit of Pike O Blisco and the final summit checkpoint and we latched onto a group for the descent. This is technical and difficult on tired legs and easy to go the wrong way so I was glad to see a few ahead to have ppints of contact. I led me and Mark down then let him come past as he's a naturally better descender. He was about 20 seconds ahead of me and nearing the final steep section he took a nasty fall. I checked he was ok and carried on after he said he was cut but ok. Made it down with two other runners to the final checkpoint and turned left to prepare for the last downhill section preceded by a flat but rocky path.

There were two runners ahead and I couldn't see the finish in the valley. I don't really know what happened but I think moved from one path onto another I just didn't see a rock and full on tripped. Probably a case of being tired/switching off slightly

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Posted: 12/10/2014 at 15:17

Sounds like top stuff from Marders and RJ. Hope the GER guys did well.

PP - that looks awesome, well done to your Mrs n her win too

Selbs - that's great running there


Langdale horseshoe fell race for me yesterday....eventful. I'll put a report up later for those interested to read although i appreciate this is more a road running forum really. In short, came 34th, not sure how many started but just over 500 registered to race. Not a massive pb time wise but took 5-6 mins off maybe but big jump in finishing position from 83rd last year. Felt tougher that last year, much more technical, rocks lethally slippery in parts and low cloud to make navigation challenging but very little wind. Lots of runners said they found it harder this year, it is a very testing route though, tricky terrain.

Lots of runners took falls this year whereas very little last year. I didn't escape......a fall on final descent and a dislocated left shoulder. Was able to jogg in last little bit to finish with clubmate. Had it popped back in at Carlisle A &E with morphine/gas. Early indications are it's not "too" bad. Still a great day out despite the fall and in a year of fell running this was my first proper fall so I've done ok so far, shit happens. Will pop report up later for those interested as I said.

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Posted: 06/10/2014 at 18:51

LR1976 - my 2pence having done some outpatient Physio work on placement. Rest for a few days to let things settle but no harm in doing very light exercise such as walking and light cycling on an exercise bike. Light exercise has been shown to help reduce pain by accessing bodies own pain diminishing system and is now often used to treat lower back issues. There's actually very little evidence to suggest that working the "core" (if it exists) definitely helps the lower back. People can have success from it but more so because it's just another form of exercise, not because someone suffers from "weaknesses". That's what I've been told anyway and shown the evidence. 

You can always do some light back stretches too (arching back, concaved, sinking back onto heels - on all fours) and knee roll outs (lying on back, knees bent and let your knees fall out slowly to the side -10 each way or whatever) and pulling knees up to chest lying on back. When you do feel like you can run again go easy and don't overdo it mileage wise. If you don't feel you're getting anywhere it might be worth getting a physios opinion. They certainly might be able to offer acupuncture or light mobilisations to the back to help settle things but that dirty word rest is usually the best thing. Hope you get sorted anyway

(Disclaimer: I'm not qualified yet but these are methods/info I've been shown and told about on placement). 


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