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Posted: Yesterday at 11:06

Lev/PP - awesome runs at Berlin, enjoyed reading that report. On the orange theme I've bought some Adios Boosts in orange as I've been so impressed with the Boston boosts, £71 locally with my discount, decent.

Dave Sawyer/Toro - cracking pbs both of you too

Selbs - solid long run back there even if it felt tough

Dachs - 14m with those 1k efforts sounds grim, lol

bains - nice track session

Keith D - tough luck at Tonbridge. I live in Newcastle so do fell races in Northumberland and Lake District but looking to do a few in N Yorks.

TT - 22 @ 6.30. It's reading stuff like this on here that makes me feel exceptionally slow, lol

SL - good luck with your ultrsound

I did Redcar half on Sunday and finished in 1.21.59. I'd worked out that despite getting back to normal running last few weeks, since the end of July so roughly last 7 weeks my average road mileage (supplemented by gym work) has been limited to about 20-25 miles a week which is nowt with one speed session in that time in the form of a park run and 1 run of 10m or more.Therefore I knew it was never going to be anything spectacular, haha I'm conditioned to run up and over Lakeland fells at the moment but not hold a sustained pace on the road. 

Anyway I quite enjoyed it, solid workout and ideal for fitness. Felt very average from 4-7m but picked things up at 8 and pushed it fairly hard from 10 to finish. Flat and conditions good but dull as dishwater route, out and backs along coast which I found hard to concentrate on. Legs actually felt pretty good and recovered v quickly so was able to do hill session with club last night albeit with a slower group. Maybe I didn't try hard enough! If I can hit about 1.20 shape by turn of the year with xc/park runs/general faster sessions I'm going to aim at a 1.17 at Wilmslow in March.

Fitness is coming on well though, just one more hard bike hills session, a park run and a trott round a local fell race route this weekend to set me up for langdale horseshoe fell race in lakes Next weekend which is a tough race but awesome route.


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Posted: 24/09/2014 at 21:33

CW  - good wording, lol

bains - twice? Lol No it was just once, I tripped on a divet of grass or something, not sure. I was struggling on the flat and downhill sections after park run and was pretty done in at the end so was probably dragging my feet a bit. Daft to fall over so near the finish, but hey I wasn't too fussed, laugh it off. Solid 12m by the way.

Steve - high mate, cheers. I'm woefully out of shape on the road but general fitness is decent so will still give it a good bash. It's only a training run really but it'll be good to do that sustained effort, very different to the ups/downs of the fells. It's in sunny Redcar with views of the industrial skyline of Boro in the distance, how picturesque, lol Hope your half goes ok, I guess if you realise the niggle won't hold up to full gas effort you can use it as a general tempo run. Then you can get things sorted between now and Xmas before the marsthon campaign from Jan (I'm assuming you're doing one).

Selbs - good to see you running regularly again. There's a few on here who've defied serious, long term injury.

Scott - I did Tokyo in 2007, great experience.

PP - I haven't worn the adios boosts and I've only done one proper run in those Boston's and a short one to the gym and back today. I really like the feel of them and the shoe doesn't feel too cumbersome or raised up in the heel area. It's not light enough to race in IMO but definitely a good shoe for long runs and good, solid efforts. When you push it a bit they feel firmer and you feel like you can get good momentum. Maybe I'm talking bollocks, lol but yeah I'm impressed by them, they'll do me nicely.

Couple of gym visits for me today. A legs workout in the morning (step ups, squats, balance work etc) and jogged back to gym this evening too to do 30 mins on x trainer. Spin bike hills session tomorrow then couple easy days before Sunday. 

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Posted: 24/09/2014 at 10:02

A quick pop in....back at Uni, final year so had a lot on and had a heel niggle for a while.

Had a bit of a read back, well done to the relay folks and good luck to anyone running Berlin mara (PP, Lev?) Also from memory, well done to Jools for a half pb (clearly on for another mara pb), ON7 for his podium place and Jimbob for his half effort, AL P's effort. Loads of others training well for upcoming halfs too (CW) and the usuals such as PAdams and TR for their usual high quality training. Apologies to those I've missed, haven't been on here for a while so there's masses I've missed!

A heel niggle picked up on the fells end of July limited running recently but rest and x training in gym with loads of bike hills, rowing and conditioning (leg weights etc) sorted it. Got back to 5-6m runs here and there with x training and now back to normal training with an 11m last night in those new Boost Boston's (great shoe by the way).

Did first park run since April on sat, didn't go mad but it still felt hard, lol and ran 18.07. Was doing a 7m fell race locally in the afternoon as part of Thropton country village show so was conscious of not going too mad. Came 3rd in the fell race, was 2nd but tripped just outside the final field and finishing funnel (full commando roll) and got overtaken by fell clubmate. NFR had a 1,2,3 so got £20 and some beer and had a laugh about my fall. Not a super high standard of runners but there was still 80 runners and 3rd is 3rd. Can't complain having done park run in the morning too. Great route, a river crossing, fields, a long drag of a road, steep climb to summit, rocky descent, tracks through forest, road back through tent at finish. Ideal distance for a challenge but not to blow the legs out completely. Climbing legs felt good from all the bike work and conditioning.

Redcar half marathon Sunday, using it as a training run (1.21-1.23ish maybe?) as haven't done nearly enough miles or speed work for a pb edfort or anything. Just trying to get my fitness up a bit more as prep for Langdale horseshoe fell race mid October which is main target race.


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Posted: 10/08/2014 at 10:40

On swimming my technique probably has flawes in it left, right and centre but I actually find bi-lateral breathing the most comfortable for the neck.

DrDave - happy belated birthday!

Jools - solid 14m other day and 10k. What are you aiming at in Frankfurt?

DanA - amazing picture, that was actually my favourite spot on the trek me and my Stepdad did. Truly mind blowing views! That's some serious distances you were running too.

PP - tough training from you. And yes these flat races are a different kettle of fish   haha. Actually trying to run fast/hard felt very different and very hard. Totally different kind if hurt too, but it was (uncomfortably) fun!

TR - enjoy your fishing/surfing, where are you going for this?

Lev - what Jools said, have a rest for a few days or some easy running, sound a bit blown out

CW - wild camp sounds ace. On grip/wet rock I don't think any shoe is going to be perfect. I think it's more to do with confidence and practice descending but as I've said before I think the mudclaw studs have better grip than 212s in general though the shoes are slightly heavier.

Just some steady running since my 10k. Did 7m yesterday and can feel a bit more road fitness coming back. Slightly annoyingly today I had to cut short my run at 5m as my calf had really tightened up and despite some stretching, brief massage and trying to run it off it just got worse. No point ploughing on risking injury and I'll just swim this afternoon instead as an addition. Probably x-train for a few days and pick the running up again midweek in London which might also help shift a minor heel niggle on the other foot.

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Posted: 07/08/2014 at 07:51

SL - hope the fuller thing turns out to be a one off (obviously)

PP - good miles the other day

CW - enjoy the rest of your stay 

bainspj - what was the Physio for?

TR - that sounds bloody hard that 30 secs on/off. I'll give it a go sometime though.

10k for me yesterday. Did an easy run tues and felt fine so thought I'd give it a go. 37.01. First 10k since 2012, first road race since March. 2 lap course, made the mistake of going out too quick and quickly felt very uncomfortable. The "fell" legs were always going to get a bit of a shock given zero speed work over the past few months. Enjoyed it though even if I felt very out of practice. Decent training with a number on, fitness will benefit. 



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Posted: 05/08/2014 at 21:50

TR - what's the 30sec reps session? The scales tell me I need to lose a few pounds  too, lol although increased mileage should take care if that. The diet isn't bad.

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Posted: 05/08/2014 at 08:13

TR - I ran 1.18.56 in Nottingham in Sept 2012. I've only ran one half sinice then which was this March locally. Ran 1.20.43 but its a challenging course and the wind on the day was off the scale so I was probably in sub 80 shape. Id come off a cross country season though so I'd raced a fair bit. The half in sept is pancake flat but on the coast so it really depend how the wind blows (literally). I think my endurance is decent and the legs are strong from the fells but due to Uni commitments I haven't run that high mileage and definitely need some quicker sessions. I'll need to up both to if I'm to pb but I've got a 10m race end of this month which should be a decent indicator of fitness.

TT - enjoy your holiday

AL P - good luck for your over distance run

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Posted: 04/08/2014 at 08:51

DrD - likewise all the best

PP - nice one, great effort! That's a great placing on unfamiliar territory. Liked the report too. It's a very different type of "running" too isn't it. Going up is like an extended version of weird intervals, run when you can, trott uphill when you can combined with power walking hands on knees. Hope the trip as a whole was fun too!

Padams - hope you manage to get back to it soon after your accident.

TR - well done on your 10m race! Is the September 1/2 IM your main A race after London? I've got a half to Im at end of September and my A fell race target, middle October. The aim is a pb in the half and a sub 2.30 or even sub 2.25 at langdale horseshoe. 

Better again, easy run today I think. Might give a 10k a go on wed if I'm up to it and may be back in lakes at weekend training around Hellvellyn area as a mate needs a long run for a berghaus trail race in a few weeks. 

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Posted: 03/08/2014 at 11:45

CW - great effort in really testing conditions! Was the cloud right down on all the summits? I'd imagine it was. Great little review of the race. In relation to a few things you've mentioned and from what I've found in my fell races so far I'd say this (The Bus would probs agree/add to this)The difference between racing a route the first time and second time is like night and day - you have a better idea of which racing line to take, and better able to judge effort in terms of easing back on climbs early on. Apart from being too athletes the lads who do well know the routes like the back of their hand that they judge their efforts perfectly and can just convent rate on racing the route than thinking of where they're going.

Effort wise what I've found is just how hard it is on the legs, lower back, arms and just how on the limit you're aerobic system is during most of the race be it power walking hands on knees or then jogging trying to recover after a climb! The ,long races also do take a lot of fuel, it's easy to bonk on a climb late in a race (or early, see Wasdale, haha) The descending is practice as Dan has mentioned. I'm getting much better and more confident but with that comes the knowledge of descents too.

As far as footwear goes, in the conditions you ran in with wet rock I don't think anything is going to be perfect shoe wise. Personally speaking I find the grip (as well as the shoe) better on the 265s than the 212s. There's more rubber studs and they're a bit flatter and having raced in both types of shoes i feel far more secure in 265s. That said what you ran in was about as bad as it gets by the sounds of things.

What an athlete Ricky Lightoot is, extraordinary ability on that kind of terrain. Anyway well done again mate and enjoy the rest of your holiday 

3.5 mile jogg (just faster than a walk). Feel much better, no way could I have knocked out a fell race yesterday though.

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Posted: 02/08/2014 at 09:43


Lev - you're training/analysis is up there with CW.

The Bus - fair point 3 peaks terrain/Marigold. Have you done Langdale horseshoe? Top race

Good luck to the folk with baby related developments DrDave/bainspj

Cheers for comments re missing race, bit better today but in no way strong enough for a fell race in torrid conditions. No biggy, got some road races on the horizon and Grisedale and Langdale horseshoe fell races in sept/oct. Theres even a 10k locally midweek coming up if I feel up to it. Looking forward to see how CW gets on at Borrowdale today.


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