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Posted: 08/04/2014 at 22:16

You can't knock Farah for his double gold achievements and the fact he did one of them in London with that pressure was even more impressive IMO. I don't get the comparison between 5k/10k Olympic and world doubles against the marsthon, they're different events and challenges completely. He deserves credit for what he's done so far and as HR he hasn't done the marathon yet.

Sure he's not the greatest distance runner of all time but he's damn good, comes across well and so what about the endorsements, they all do it ffs. I can't see him winning on Sunday and he may well blow up badly but he's great for British athletics and we as British often have a knack of feeling uncomfortable celebrating an athlete/personality whereas it's the norm in other countries. 

Apparently Haile is pacing at aged 41 or whatever, im sure I read that. Will be an interesting race to watch.

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Posted: 08/04/2014 at 19:27

Agreed, I just can't see him beating Kipsang et al. Looking forward to watching this battle resting my legs after running over this on sat. Club championship race, should be loads of us there From the fell club. Hoping the weather holds



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Posted: 08/04/2014 at 18:01

Good old luck to everyone on here doing London on Sunday, hope you all get what your training deserves! I'm looking forward to watching the elite race on tv in the lakes

How do people think Farah will get on on Sunday? I think he'll run a low 2.06 or high 2.05 for 3rd - 5th Not really an accurate prediction, ha Be amazed if he won it, would be immense!

Steve6 - cracking Brighton run mate!

Just finishing my hospital placement this week, watched open heart surgery today, impressive stuff! Coledale fell race on Saturday, Anniversary Waltz a week later.

Good luck again for Sunday. 

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Posted: 01/04/2014 at 09:00

TT - tough luck mate

Jimbob - that's also a real shame to read, I guess that's the issue with the marathon. You train for months for 1 day and anything can happen in the build up. Hope you recover, Heathside!

Healing vibes to anyone else suffering injury wise or with illness at the moment.

Dan/Jools - that's interesting reading about downhill running. I'm certainly getting better going downhill but still need more practice and like Dan says practice is the key. I'm actually not bad on rocky, technical paths where there's lots of balance involved and sure footing needed looking ahead but I'm not that quick when it's a full out downhill "let yourself go" focussing more on speed. I can stay with some good standard fell runners going up on the steep climbs which suit me best but get done on most descents. I'm getting there though!  Dan - that comment about the personal trainer made me laugh, I met some absurd characters when I was a trainer. As you say constantly looking at themselves in the mirror, right tops, ridiculously inappropriate training methods and sometimes clearly lacking in safety! Some good trainers out there though, usually the ones who focus more on the health benefits. 

LONDON MARATHON - Looking forward to watching the marathon on tv next weekend to see how Mo gets on. There's some cracking training on here going on, should be a whole host of pbs! Fingers crossed it's not hot!

I'm on a bit resting period, been knackered from placement on cardiothoracic intensive care (it's pretty intense!) and my right foot has been a bit iffy. I've also raced a lot recently so easing back has worked well. Just a few easy runs and some swimming. Might run a 10k Sunday if I'm good to go but then two fell races consecutive weekends coming up and a week in the lakes so going to do some training in the Hellvellyn area where the cottage is.




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Posted: 18/03/2014 at 18:44

AL P - are you over your various knocks now then?

CW - you would have to contact Borrowdale race organiser beforehand for a chance to run, usually need two A cat medium races to get in. If you sent him a link of your solo BG that might just swing it though, lol (still v impressed at that)

HR - she's defo not rough, lol What's the interview in aid of, sorry missed that.

Some of you must be getting a bit weary with all this high mileage, I guess it's the final push. Pretty impressive mileage people are knocking out on here, bonkers really. Tip my hat Good luck with the final push to you all!

That London expo experience is indeed highly amusing, lol As Steve says, the absurd marketing of gadgets and gimmicks that goes on. Still I've never got "wound up" going down there, in and out job and it's good for the likes of Dan on here. Id like to run London again one day, maybe just once, never really cracked it there, not even sure I could even handle a big city marathon now. Looking at Abingdon next year for a return to the distance once I've qualified as a Physio.

I ran a half on Sunday locally up here. Good challenging route I would say was undulating, definitely not easy but I enjoyed the challenge. Awful bloody wind though which made things really hard. Leaning into the wind from 5-8 miles and generally getting buffeted throughout the race, becomes a mental challenge. Also very hard when you get isolated. Winner Yared Hagos who won Watford in 1.06.30 dropped 2.5 mins to finish in 1.09. I came 13th in 1.20.43. Not super fast but given the conditions I was happy with that. I think I'm in about 1.19 shape, not far off pb shape too, definitely feeling fitter now.

Got a 10k on the 6th but starting to focus on the fell season. Back to back races on 12th and 19th of April of 9 & 11 miles respectively and planning on entering Hellvellyn and the Dodds in May which is 14.5 miles to the top of Hellvelyn and back. Tough race.

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Posted: 09/03/2014 at 13:13

Dan - that's shit mate, tough luck, not much more to say.

Bufo - that's why I like the fells, it's tough on the legs but not in the way the pounding on the roads is. Much more variation of muscle use too So you actually pick up less niggles (Ofcourse there's a good risk of turning an ankle descending in rocky terrain).

HR - you must be in good shape your training has been impressive.

LukeStur - solid marsthon training time there.

Seems like there's a few racing today, hope everyone has done well!

Park run yesterday for me here, last min decision so jogged over at 8.40. Hadn't done it for a while so thought I'd give it a bash. Was pretty windy out so found it tough but 17.43 and 4th place. Had noticed a familiar face at the start but I was just waking up still and couldn't think who it was........checked the results after and none other than bloody Padams from here,,lol Sorry I didn't get to say hello mate, I kind of recognised you but didn't think it was you at the same time, being so for north!

Brough Law fell race this morning, short category of only 5 miles but a very steep start then rolling hills and a super steep descent to finish. Got the first hill completely wrong, was 4th up the top but too much lactate build up and struggled to get into a groove after that, legs shagged, haha Managed to hold on for 5th place out of 120 so a decent showing. Great little race and lovely countryside up that way.


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Posted: 05/03/2014 at 16:51

Dan - what CW says basically. A tight piriformis will put pressure on the sciatic nerve as it contracts when tight or overworked. In some people the sciatic nerve actually goes through the piriformis, most people it goes under). You might find once you release it a bit the pain eases but stretching the hamstrings/quads out properly will help too. Working abductors and strengthening the glutes should take strain away from it over time to prevent it reoccurring. 

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Posted: 03/03/2014 at 21:24

HR - like you I want to run a fast half and I'm aiming at the autumn for it. Will be focussing on those hideous park runs making other things over the spring and summer to get a bit faster. The other focus will be some longer endurance stuff for the big fell races in the lakes but they won't need marathon training, just a few long runs here and there. I think I could get down to a 77 in the half with the right training.  

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Posted: 03/03/2014 at 18:22

TR - thats decent to bag a 20 again after illnes

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Posted: 03/03/2014 at 18:07

For the people who ran at Reading, that final stretch to the stadium feels windy even in good conditions so god knows what it was like yesterday!

CW - 8'9, I feel fat now, haha

Steve6 - well run at Tunbridge mate, hope you're well. Are you doing London again?

HR - amazing run considering how you were feeling!

Padams - that's a quality result

AW - proper mileage from you, must be on for a big pb in London.

LukeStur - amazing pb, congrats, thats a great achievement

Bufo - immense time at Reading

DrDave - fast park running

Jimbob - I used to find mixing up those fast sunday runs with Heathside with my own slow 20s was a good mix. I didn't like doing those runs every week.

TT - good pacing job, that must be rewarding

10 miles for me yesterday after xc but i half rolled my ankle after 2 miles so it was pretty sore towards the end of the run so I cut things short. Post fell race the ankle has been a bit weak but ironic that I got through xc on sat. Turns out I was 48th fastest on sat down from 63rd at the last fixture so it shows progression.

Easy week for me with just easy running for a few days then giving park run a bash sat and a local 5/6m fell race on sunday.


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