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Posted: Yesterday at 13:11

Good one CW, Borrowdale in doubt for me now unfortunately. A lot of the club (usual lift options) going over before sat, a couple injured and my mate who I was meant go be going with is going on holiday on Sunday so now thinks he's a bit pushed for time getting family ready to go away. Will see what turns up next few days lift wise.....

TT - I asked Dan about it a while back, from memory he said it was pretty quick.

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Posted: 27/07/2014 at 12:01

LD - fair enough, lol Oh by the way I'm reading a good article at the moment called "the myth of core stability". Educator on last placement gave it to me, I'll send you a link to it, it's a good read.

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Posted: 27/07/2014 at 10:49

It's an amazing achievement by Marigold to get to this point whatever the time he runs today.....I can see why people are annoyed by Farah not running in the CWG but not sure I get the complete character assassination, fair enough though. Although different I never really got the constant sniping at Radcliffe from the media but it seems a common trait in this country to knock top athletes. Christ if you compare athletics to football ffs, lol

PP - that's a full on run in those conditions

AL P - 31m @ 7.07

SL - you're slowing in your old age

CW - sounds like you're in excellent shape for Borrowdale. Not sure I'd have the dedication to do all those car park steps but fair play it will serve you well next saturday! I was looking at Borrowdale results, there's a couple lads who've run 3.29 who I finish in and around in the 10m fell race but being realistic I'm probably looking at 3.30-3.45ish (or more as proved at Wasdale!) Just fancy a decent run out, get to know the route then have something to aim at next year. I'd rather go off easier than have a death march again, lol. I think you could run under 3.30, maybe 3.25ish which would be just outside top 20. To be honest the events themselves (views, vibe) are class anyway, the times/placing aren't the b all/end all really. 

Fair old training from a few others I've probably missed too.

Just a nice 6m for me this morning down to the Tyne. Had a nice trip to the lakes with the old man last weekend. We climbed crinkle crags on the Sunday, hot but summits in mist. Monday I did a solid 2.45 run over 4 peaks, great views (Esk pike, Bowfell, crinkle crags and pike O'blisco) Was good to have more bite in the legs and be able to climb better which hopefully just reminds the legs what's coming again next Saturday, haha. Just some regular, short runs to keep the legs light for next sat. Looking forward to some road races coming up, 10m end of august, then a half in September.

Another pb for Marigold, lol Quality.........

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Posted: 18/07/2014 at 12:10

Padams - sorry to hear that, glad you're alright

CRAB - I enjoyed reading your report that TR posted. I lived on Maui for 3 months years ago, I remember how bloody hot and windy it was, always amazed at the efforts of an ironman anywhere let alone out there. Well done on qualification.

Selbs - what is that status of your knee, interested from a Physio standpoint. Hopefully you'll be able to get back into a mara programme alright though.

FairPlay to those doing tempo efforts in a hot gym I find I have to have some music in the gym to get into a decent groove. I've got a load of dj sets on my phone, find it helps massively with a bike hill sessions with the beat.....something fairly dark too.

Managed a 30 min shuffle yesterday, quads weren't right yet but I was able to "run". Today a lot better but ran to gym and then 2 x 20 min bike hills on spin bike then home, so a solid hour altogether. Probably a 5/6 tomorrow then lakes with old man Sunday. Think we're doing a walk over crinkle crags Sunday then I'll do a fell training run Monday.....and drink lots of Wainright.

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Posted: 17/07/2014 at 09:59

Padams - my legs are returning to normal. I was able to walk down stairs fine yesterday despite discomfort and a swim yesterday helped a lot. Probs able to do a short run today.

Padams/CW - before I did Langdale horseshoe last October which is an AL lakes fell race, and fair old 13m bruiser I'd been injured for ages and only did about 2 weeks of regular running going into it. What definitely helped was lots of seated bike hill sessions. Apart from actually power walking up the really steep stuff itself I've found that as the next best thing to replicate the same feeling on the quads/aerobic system. It must have helped because I got round well inside the top 100 of 400. I've tried steps but there aren't any long enough round here and as I find the bike helps I tend to throw in bike sessions with standard hill rep sessions. I'd say lots of lunges and squats would toughen up the legs for the downhill too.

AL P - good session there. Quite looking forward to get in a block of road training after Borrowdale.

TT - hayfever is a bastard, although weirdly my symptoms seem to come very early in the season around March time, whatever those seeds are that cause it. I just continue taking a spray through the summer just in case.

What do people think about the effects of carbo loading and not doing much running going into a race in relation to getting heavy, tired legs? The only other thing I did differently before Wasdale and it reminded of possible mistakes before marathons was carbo-loading but with very low exercise volume. I was taking on a fair bit of fluid including carbo loading power and a lot of carbs generally but in that last week I only did a couple of light runs. Probably means absolutely nowt for a low level recreational athlete like me,,lol But I think there's something in changing too much before an event.......I.e fuel consumption and exercise levels. 

Nice swim yesterday, only 30 mins but that's enough for me. Easy run today I think. 

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Posted: 14/07/2014 at 22:48


CW - you'll be fine, I'm sure you'll do really well. Just go out and enjoy it and enjoy the event. I'd like to think that was an exceptionally hard day, I've already done some tough fell races and blasted round them ok. I don't have any expectations for Borrowdale, go off sensibly and hopefully have a more enjoyable day this time. I was round my fell club mates today watching the tour and he was telling me about when he blew up in the langdale horseshoe years ago, lol He's done fell seasons every year since 2007 and says when he first runs a route, he goes in without any expectations at all. It's only after 2-3 times when you know the route for navigation and effort gauge that he starts to aim at times/placing. Next year I'll start racing the fells properly. You can meet all the NFR lot on the day, have a beer after with us, there'll be a fair few if us there. I'm staying langdale next Sunday, Monday so a moderate training run up over Bowfell/crinkle crags region assuming I'm recovered. 

AL P - a) and b) although I did a bit of c) on the final descent itself when I was really buggered, haha

Padams - agreed it's got worse today :-/  Full on DOMS, legs in bits

DrDave - what's the Abo target? And thanks

A swim tomorrow I think

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Posted: 14/07/2014 at 11:46

Padams - cracking effort

AL P - good time all things considered

Dachs - that's a fast park run time

Dan - yeah that's a good take on things, spot on. Even though I've walked on the fells for years in the lakes and done a little bit of running on them in my own time, this is my first full season of fell running, so it's still early days. I've already learnt loads, navigation stuff, routes, improved climbing ability and yeah my descending is getting better just through racing and training runs. In a perverse way I kind of enjoyed the level of suffering on sat purely out of respect for the race, ha. It was just a bit demoralising to feel so much more tired at such an early stage in the race. But I've had several top 20 finishes in medium length races this spring so I'm heading in the right direction. I just like the vibe of the races and the scenery so in a sense it's always a win win situation. Pass on my regards to your Mrs, 2nd year is bloody hard, blimey! Does she want to do the sports Physio side of things then? Enjoy Commonwealth games.

Stairs are interesting today 

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Posted: 14/07/2014 at 08:11

.....I didn't want to take a fall and do my ankle in. Finally made it down and trotted down the last track into the finishing tunnel to come in in 5.25 and 46th. Looking at results about 93 finished and a load of people called it a day after Pillar.

A mixed day really, I was way outside what I'm possibly "capable" of running time wise. Ben Abdelnoor had said off my 10m medium fell race results fimissing top 20 I'm probably able to run close to 4.30, but that was big estimate. I thought realistically I could probably aim at 4.45 for my first effort. For whatever reason or for a combination of reason I just never felt great at al. Had no zip, no climbing ability, no recovery, felt very flat.......I haven't actually suffered like that since London marathon in 2007. I've been extremely tired recently on physio placement but who knows. Thought I'd gone off sensibly pace wise too. More valuable experience though.

Thing is i think you sometimes find out more about yourself when things unravel. It just isn't particularly pleasant unravelling in the toughest Lake District fell race, haha. However amazing meeting Joss Naylor fell running legend handing out drinks and the weather held off for some amazing views across the fells. Great to be part of an amazing race and great spirit on route with other runners and I was proud to tough it out and finish. The first proper bad day I've had on the fells physically but im sure there'll be others, lol A true monster of a race and punishing route, it lived up to it's expectations.

Legs and feet utterly trashed today...........recovery in process. Need some good proper rest and then look forward to go again at Borrowdale In 3 weeks. See if I can find my climbing legs, haha!

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Posted: 14/07/2014 at 08:00

Just had a scan back.....

AL P - good luck with race series

Jools - happy belated birthday

Selbs - well run at captain Morgan race.

PP - well done on the 16.32

Dan - 40m Christ 

CC2 - hope the injury clears up. Internet diagnosis can be fatal, it'll pull up all sorts of disorders, most of which are entirely unrelated. Try not to stress it, it sounds simple and obvious but proper rest and a "graduated" return to exercise is the key. That's actually the main thing I learnt in outpatients placement the last month In terms of acute injury rehab. You can't speed up the body's recovery process, just provide the right environment to allow healing.

CW - the niggle has cleared up then, what with the car park reps.

Wardi - hope the Achilles clears up. I was told by educator on placement in treating a couple of people with Achilles issues to prescribe - ankle plantar/dorsi flexion (up/down) using a resistance band (yellow to begin with, green fine too) and do as many reps as feels comfortable once a day but every 3 days. 

So finally finished 2nd year physio degree (just one to go now) after completing a month in outpatients. "Celebrated" it by running the Wasdale horseshoe yesterday, haha

A truly brutal day on the fells on Saturday where things really didn't go to plan time wise/placing but it was still a memorable day. Got to the start area at Brackenclose nice and early with the old man, got registered and waited for the gathering at the start. Must have been about 120 or so turned up.

Off we went up the first climb which is a long one and after jogging up the very gentle early slope went into a very controlled walk with other lads around me. No lactic build up, breathing fine. Then a long run across the top of the ridge, again all controlled.Descent  back into the valley is absurdly steep and I may have gone a little bit quick but again felt ok. You then run across the valley to start the next climb. It actually felt really humid and the sun had come out with forecasts which had predicted a rain front to move in early. 

The climb up the next peak Seatallan is horrific, very long, lots of long grass and bog and it was here I started getting some "warning shots". Was with a group of lads walking up but legs were starting to feel very heavy. The run from Seatallan to Pillar is very up and down, boggy, grassy and by now I was starting to feel off. Just no real recovery powers, no drive, all felt very, very hard. Made my way up the ridge to Pillar summit, amazing views as the mist cleared and in the distance Great Gable and the Sca Fell range. I pretty much realised coming off Pillar that it was going to be a long day and that grinding it out was going to be the order of the day. 

The climb up the back of Great gable pretty much finished me off, questioned my existence. Started to feel a bit light headed and a bit sick on the last bit of the climb despite having drunk loads of water and eaten a fair bit. Amazing views on the summit took away the suffering a bit but the descent of gable on tired legs was taking its toll.

From the bottom of Great Gable it's a long drag up to the 5th check point and then a right turn for the ridge up to Sca Fell pike. By now it was purely turning into finishing the race as ambitions of time/placing had gone out the window. Never been so glad to see the summit of Sca Fell pike come into view. Caught up with a lad from Keswick running club on the final ascent who admitted his feet were cut to ribbons and was suffering badly. Had to really concentrate on the final descent off sca fell pike and in fact walk at times because I'd blown and my legs were losing control. It's extremely steep and

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Posted: 05/07/2014 at 13:09

Jools - sorry to read about that

SL - it was a tough one with Marigold then?

TR - good luck, hope it goes well!

Lev - well run!

Been easing back this week with a kind of taper. Did 7 x 1.30 min hill reps with the club on Tuesday and felt pretty strong which was a good sign. Just a few easy runs here and there and then last "session" today - ran to gym, then 10 mins row followed by 30 mins seated bike hills then home. Good leg workout. Just an easy 8-10 tomorrow then a couple easy runs next week. Foolishly started looking at weather forecasts for next weekend.


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