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Posted: 26/02/2015 at 11:52


Muss - you'll get some good advice from folk on here, stick around.

TT - that looks like a good plan

Bains - sounds like you're managing things the right way....patiently

PP - thought you'd appreciate the colour of these below Picked them up reduced price for shorter fell and more runnable lakes races.

Calf still a bit iffy but nowt serious. Using x trainer later and maybe a jogg tomorrow but saturdays xc fixture probably too soon being realistic. Rather save myself for final fixture in two weeks where I'll be 100%.


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Posted: 22/02/2015 at 16:35

Steve6 - well run mate, surely bodes well at this stage that time

Toro - top running today too

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Posted: 22/02/2015 at 15:10


Dan - massive mileage, clearly in awesome shape.

TR - solid miles and all round training

PP thats very good positioning from you there, bodes well surely! Jools and CL, good running too, tough old conditions eh.

CC2 - ouch, really rough luck there

Wardi - nice pacing

Bit of a struggle for me at the Nationals( didn't we all I guess in that mud!). Those conditions usually suit me more but I never really got going, felt fairly flat and lacking a bit of power and drive. Still I came in in a fairly respectable 516th place and it was good training with a number on. Hope to find a bit more zip for next weekends league XC fixture. Calf is pretty buggered today too, needs a couple days rest.

Great day out/ event and that mass start is something else! Lol A good showing from my club Heaton too. Local lad Nick Swinburn of Morpete came 3rd, top effort.

Caught up with old Heathside teammates in the pub after and met Jim Bob which was fun. Right old laugh.

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Posted: 20/02/2015 at 15:31


Dachs/Al P - top training as ever

PP - your face in that food challenge, lol Good luck tomorrow too, will look out for you!

ES - good MLR there

SJ - good reps within that run

ON7 - tough luck mate hope you get things sorted. Don't be too disheartened though, it might not be anything too serious, probably just a period of rest (that dirty word) and graduated return. The impression I get from a couple of the Physio outpatients I've done is that you can strengthen certain muscles/address weaknesses. However in the case of high Impact training (runners who do high mileage) it's often a case of (not always) simple overloading principles rather than finding some kind of chronic issue/imbalance/gait issue etc. Try not too be too despondent though, it may clear up relatively easily

Wardi - hope you get sorted too

Train down to London in an hour or so. Chill with folks then nationals tomorrow and catch up with old friends. A good day out and a hard training with a number on for me.

Good luck to anyone else on here running at the nationals tomorrow!


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Posted: 19/02/2015 at 12:45
Bains - I hurt my ankle badly on the stairs at uni a couple years ago. Re-training the ankle is a lot about proprioceptive training. I did (and still do now as trainging specifically for fells)lots of single leg balance work. You can start just using floor then a pillow, then trying eyes closed. Then eventually use a wobble cushion where you can change the difficulty depending how much air is in it. I do 1 min plus on both left and right feet. My balance is far better these days and ive noticed a difference descending the fells, even if its just confidence. Improved leg strength cant hurt either.

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Posted: 17/02/2015 at 21:17

Dan - Yep doing dissertation now and final placement in April. It feels exciting but also pretty daunting at the same time. Having taken the plunge to do it it does feel strange to be coming to an end of 4 years study as I did an open uni course for a year too before it. A good odd though, start of a new chapter and all that.

Selbs/Dan - I'm in decent shape but you both are probably miles ahead fitness wise in reality. I'm just doing a little bit here and there around study which suits me if I'm honest. One thing I've definitely enjoyed is taking the TR route and slowing down a lot of my running. It feels more relaxed/therapeutic. I'm lacking a bit of endurance but as I'm not aiming for anything particularly long right now I'm not too fussed. I'll keep ticking over with the easy stuff, do the last couple xc races and then prpbs do a couple of fell races in each of April and May. Probably aim to start doing some longer stuff from mid end of April or early May but just go with the flow. Feel like the balance is right at the moment and physio course takes precedent for next few months anyway.

KD - don't burn yourself out!

CC2 - ah right, got you, apologies  

Looking forward to Nationals on sat. Great going back to run in my old stomping ground with Heaton but will be nice seeing old friends from Heathside too. 

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Posted: 16/02/2015 at 11:31


Top running from SL and AL P.

Ryan Mcleod won Newcastle park run on sat in 14.53, lol He was doing his strides past me as I jogged over the moor to the start. His strides were faster than my flat out sprint I reckon, haha

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Posted: 16/02/2015 at 08:02

CW/ES/Padams - solid long runs

PP - going well then. In PB shape for Bath?

RS (feeling like I'm commending myself, haha) - great effort at Bramley 

Dan - are you doing Barcelona again? Look in good Nic.

KD - 1 mile hill reps sound ace!

Jools - well run at Bramlet too

Selbs - bloody hell! Sorry to see that photo.

CC2 - who do you run for up here? (If anyone).

A 1 second park run pb for me on sat in 17.30 shows I'm getting back to a good level of fitness now. Feel like I can eat into that over the next few months. 12m yesterday.

Bags of study on so not that high mileage recently but lots of 5-7s at an easy pace with the odd effort. I'm down for the Nationals this weekend then have a league XC fixture end of month so should be in good shape by end of feb. Weight is down to 11'10 which is helping. Have a testing road half and short local fell race next month.

On track to be in good form for the lakeland fells mid April.

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Posted: 01/02/2015 at 15:50

CW - solid run

Padams - great effort, a good indicator on a tough course. Yes the handicap system with three packs seemed odd to me at first coming from the standard scratch race system of the MET league. But it works pretty well and all the teams seem happy with it. There's bacially 3 divisions within the league (about 30 + teams) with a promotion/relegation system as in a football league. The idea behind the handicap system is to give the slower runners more of a chance of counting I guess. The likes of Morpeth can field 10 plus runners with 10k times of 31-32 mins so it just evens things out a bit. You're not cofined to a pack either and can move up depending on where you finish in the race. I actually quite like it now ive done it a couple seasons but it does seem odd to those who don't run in it.

Just a 5 mile trott out for me watching the world go by

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Posted: 01/02/2015 at 10:18


TR - do you do your 20s at 8mm? Good to bag one even if the legs are ruined.

Decent run out at the XC for me yesterday to finish 11th but I was running from the slow pack so expected to have a fairly high finish. You also have to bare in mind that quite a few fast runners got promoted to the medium pack (which starts 2.5mins after slow) in the last fixture. Still 11th is 11th and it shows progress.

Just an easy recovery run for me today I think as I've felt pretty tired all week. 

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