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Posted: 24/06/2015 at 14:49

Selbs - very sorry to read about that

CW - hope your Borrowdale training is going well, I might be over to watch and do some training, will let you know. Not fit enough currently for a long race.

Dan/SL - good luck in your race, sounds ace. I need to go back to Chmonix sometime. 

Thought id stick my head in for a quick hello. Finally finished my physiotherapy degree recently and currently enjoying NOT studying or thinking about physio stuff, lol Degree classification confirmed on Friday but knowing my marks already I've got a 1st. 4 years study including a year of Open UnI and some proper graft.....tough old course that one. Just need to find a job next! Once I've done my outpatients rotation I'll no doubt be able to provide some useful tips on here.

Just starting to get back into some running and getting the fitness up again now I've got some time with the course finished. Heading to lakes with Dad for 4 nights Sunday so I'll do a little training on hills then. Just an easy summer for me though. Aiming at some autumn fell races then it's cross country and back to road racing. Think a half pub attempt for next spring might be on cards.

Hope everyone is well,



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Posted: 16/05/2015 at 07:45


Steve - Seems like you've had some good advice already but I'll give you a semi-physio angle seeing as I'm 3 weeks away from qualifying. It certainly doesn't affect everyone but one of the issues with road running on mostly flat surfaces is that the same muscles get worked continuously without much variation. I'm not necessarily big into gait analysis but in running the glutes only really kick in on on inclines meaning the hamstrings take on the bulk of workload. This means the glutes can become inactive which can also have implications for gait due to fatigue over months of high volume training. This can lead to other muscle groups becoming overworked/overstressed which then (sometimes) lead to niggles or longer term issues. Again some people can get away without issues but I think this relates to some of my previous injuries. 

Getting assessed by a physio would certainly give you some insight into the problem but you may just need a period of rest/recovery to let things settle and importantly some different types of training. Cycling is good strength training which switches on the glutes and swimming is obviously a great all rounder while some basic strength training (with exercises from a physio) might help too. In short: get some physio advice, allow a period of proper recovery, switch things up with different types of exercise for a bit and then you may find you come back much stronger. 

Matt3 - 3 peaks is probably my spring 2016 target to build endurance for a proper go at Ennerdale, Wasdale, Borrowdale next year. How did you find 3 peaks? Mate of mine said be bonked badly at Inglebrough, lol Good luck for Edinburgh.

CW - not sure I'm doing Borrowdale this year though I will see how I feel end of this month when entries open. I haven't trained that much recently at all due to a niggle and being so busy with uni so my endurance is nowhere. Leaning towards a few good blocks of training in the lakes over summer and building for the autumn fell races in September/October - Grisedale (10m) Three Shires (12.5m) and Langdale again. Probs do Skiddaw and Kentmere in July and just have a summer of getting back into good shape without having anything huge to train for mileage wise. If I did Borrowdale I wouldn't race it, just use it as a training run/enjoy the day but I'll let you know if I enter.

2 weeks left of community stroke placement then one presentation in uni then I'm done . Real eye opener working with the patients and families of people affected by stroke. Full on life changer overnight for both. Makes you realise that we can take for granted basic aspects of living like walking and speech 

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Posted: 25/04/2015 at 11:15


PP - do you have to wear that awkward lookign back pack thing with the flag in still? Good luck pacing, must be pretty bonkers pacing at an event as big as that and for a time which is considered such as barrier for many still. Doy up end up running with other sub 3 pacers from the other starts?

Padams - cheers, qualifying will be my greatest personal achievement to date I'd say. But he's I'm sick to death of writing essays, lol

Looking forward to Kimetto v Kipsang face off tomorrow

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Posted: 24/04/2015 at 07:16


Just a quick message to everyone on here to say good luck to everyone on here on Sunday! Hope you all nail your targets! Looking forward to catching the elite races on TV and hearing how everyone gets on on here.

I'm pootling about up here but with a dissertation to finish and being on final placement kind of have my hands full elsewhere. Course finishes 1st June....when I'll be a fully qualified physio...........

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Posted: 15/03/2015 at 10:55

Congrats mate I'd just had a look at results too! Enjoy the beers!

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Posted: 14/03/2015 at 12:05

Good luck to Dan and Wardi in Barcelona! Hope it goes brilliantly

Hope you recover RS and anyone else injured or unwell.

On shoes - the Boston boosts are the best shoe ive worn on the roads. I've got a pair of the first edition Adios boosts too and while I've only worn them a couple of times here pretty much ideal for me. Given I run about 2-3 road races a year thesedays they'll probably do for the next 10 years, lol

Only run a few times since nationals, part allowing calf to settle and then picked up a bug. Not a bad time for me to rest really though, loads of study on and first main races still some weeks away.

Ironically even though I've run very little im down to 11'8 which is getting light for me, purely down to sorting diet out.

Hope everyone's marsthon training is going well 

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Posted: 26/02/2015 at 11:52


Muss - you'll get some good advice from folk on here, stick around.

TT - that looks like a good plan

Bains - sounds like you're managing things the right way....patiently

PP - thought you'd appreciate the colour of these below Picked them up reduced price for shorter fell and more runnable lakes races.

Calf still a bit iffy but nowt serious. Using x trainer later and maybe a jogg tomorrow but saturdays xc fixture probably too soon being realistic. Rather save myself for final fixture in two weeks where I'll be 100%.


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Posted: 22/02/2015 at 16:35

Steve6 - well run mate, surely bodes well at this stage that time

Toro - top running today too

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Posted: 22/02/2015 at 15:10


Dan - massive mileage, clearly in awesome shape.

TR - solid miles and all round training

PP thats very good positioning from you there, bodes well surely! Jools and CL, good running too, tough old conditions eh.

CC2 - ouch, really rough luck there

Wardi - nice pacing

Bit of a struggle for me at the Nationals( didn't we all I guess in that mud!). Those conditions usually suit me more but I never really got going, felt fairly flat and lacking a bit of power and drive. Still I came in in a fairly respectable 516th place and it was good training with a number on. Hope to find a bit more zip for next weekends league XC fixture. Calf is pretty buggered today too, needs a couple days rest.

Great day out/ event and that mass start is something else! Lol A good showing from my club Heaton too. Local lad Nick Swinburn of Morpete came 3rd, top effort.

Caught up with old Heathside teammates in the pub after and met Jim Bob which was fun. Right old laugh.

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Posted: 20/02/2015 at 15:31


Dachs/Al P - top training as ever

PP - your face in that food challenge, lol Good luck tomorrow too, will look out for you!

ES - good MLR there

SJ - good reps within that run

ON7 - tough luck mate hope you get things sorted. Don't be too disheartened though, it might not be anything too serious, probably just a period of rest (that dirty word) and graduated return. The impression I get from a couple of the Physio outpatients I've done is that you can strengthen certain muscles/address weaknesses. However in the case of high Impact training (runners who do high mileage) it's often a case of (not always) simple overloading principles rather than finding some kind of chronic issue/imbalance/gait issue etc. Try not too be too despondent though, it may clear up relatively easily

Wardi - hope you get sorted too

Train down to London in an hour or so. Chill with folks then nationals tomorrow and catch up with old friends. A good day out and a hard training with a number on for me.

Good luck to anyone else on here running at the nationals tomorrow!


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