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Posted: 10/06/2014 at 00:22

I really think you're losing thread participants over this.  It's just too irritating trying to find bookmarked threads. I find it hard to believe that such a major website as RW cannot resolve this issue but if you can't then perhaps you should just do a system restore back to the old version. 


Great North Run 2014

Posted: 09/06/2014 at 23:45

13 weeks to go and training starts now.  2nd race of the season yesterday.  A rather warm and undulating Chiltern Chase 10K.  Fantastic route. Lovely scenery.

Great North Run 2014

Posted: 27/05/2014 at 22:06

Stephen - Thanks.  It's great to break my duck.

Bearsted - Well done to daughter. It was a great day on Sunday.


Colin - I stay at one of several B&Bs/ Guest houses on and around Osborne Road.  Easy to walk to the start from there.  Always a bit of a nightmare getting back into Newcastle afterwards but I prefer the easy bit at the start. There's also some of the Travelodge type places at the other end of the city.  Bit of an uphill saunter to the start from those.  Newcastle Uni has accommodation very near the start and they make that available (including pasta dinner the night before I believe).  All worth a look.  You'll also find people cancel their bookings much nearer the time when some decide not to run for whatever reason. Just keep checking the websites regularly.


Great North Run 2014

Posted: 27/05/2014 at 01:22

This must be a record year - 517th message on the thread and it's May!  We are usually at over 5,000 by now I would think.

Training started in ernest.  First 10K of the season yesterday in London. Fantastic!

I love running the streets of London 

Can't believe I'm at the top of the page with a March post, and now it's nearly the end of May



Great North Run 2014

Posted: 09/03/2014 at 01:24

6 months to go folks - Can't wait

Great North Run 2014

Posted: 11/01/2014 at 23:11

Dear RW - Please take the little Santa hats away now

Great North Run 2014

Posted: 11/01/2014 at 23:10

On the subject of entry fees - I've just seen the Oxford Fun Run which is 5K round University parks and they're asking £25 .  A fiver per Kilometre!

Great North Run 2014

Posted: 07/01/2014 at 00:52

Spongecake -  I think losing your mono sounds just as good as losing your mojo.  I certainly haven't been out for a single run in months    (can someone tell RW that Christmas is over!)

Great North Run 2014

Posted: 04/01/2014 at 23:20

As Vixx says - the demand is there, and they play on that.   Mind you, the demand is also there for VLM and that is so much less.

Great North Run 2014

Posted: 01/01/2014 at 23:55

How we used to fight to be the first to post in the new year . . . . . . .


Happy New Year every run  


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