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Posted: 31/10/2006 at 09:57

Cashed - Bequeathed
LooneyGirl (Lloyds)

Cashed - Not Bequeathed
Wobbly-Bits or WB hubby (HSBC)
TBSIARF (Nationwide)
NeilC (Intelligent Finance)
Soph (Lloyds TSB) YES
Boffin (HSBC)
Xerxes (N/wide)
PhilPub (RBS)
Little Lizard
Running Like Daddy (Barclays)

Not cashed - Bequeathed
Shaker Ollie (RBS)

Not cashed - Not Bequeathed
SVT (Halifax)
Hoose (Hafilax)
RichK (Haxilaf)
Mandie (Nat West)
Sweetie (HSBC)
A Princess (HSBC)


Posted: 31/10/2006 at 09:30
I'm a barclays customer and a cheque for £30 has been cashed this morning. A quick glance at the cheque stubs shows that this is indeed the cheque I wrote with my application back in august. I didn't bequeath. This is my fifth consecutive application and I was rejected in the previous 4. I had a change of address in the middle of it too so it looks like their admin does work well. Good luck everyone !

Cardiff Marathon/half marathon 2006

Posted: 15/10/2006 at 19:53
Sorry for intruding on this thread but having done the half today but i agree so much with the comments on here.

1. Start was chaos, I ended up starting in a side street and a spectator was beating me for the first 200 yards or so, such was the crush

2. Congestion was really bad all the way. Couldn't they stagger the start or something. All power to those who walk round or run/walk, it's a completely valid way to do a half or marathon but please don't do it 5 or 6 abreast on narrow roads & paths.

3. I saw a sign for toilets in the park but they were right across the other side of a football pitch. I was on for a PB and I think I'd have rather wet myself than give up 5 minutes trekking over.

4. Stadium finish was briliant and made my day but it was a bit disorganised again. When I was walking back along St Mary Street (?) to the car, I saw the marathon leader coming in to finish and he didn't have a clue where he was meant to go and there seemed to be no marshalling of the 2.15ish half marathoners to keep them to the side to give this guy a clear run to the finish. I can't imagine what it must have been like for him in the stadium. Its a good job he wasn't being challenged for the lead.

All in all, I enjoyed the race and will probably do it again, just for the staduim finish and flat fast course but I've done many better organised events

Dublin Marathon 2006

Posted: 27/04/2006 at 08:40
Sorry to crash the party but i've just ticked ther 'disable email' box to stop getting an email every time there's a new post on this. it looks like I have to submit a message to make this happen so...

Dublin Marathon 2006

Posted: 24/04/2006 at 12:21
thanks very much for the info.

Dublin Marathon 2006

Posted: 24/04/2006 at 12:14
may i ask a question (and apologies if this has been answered countless times before) Why is the Dublin Marathon on a Monday ? Is it a bank holiday in Ireland. And does the event get oversubscribed. I ran FLM ion 2003 and finally feel the urge to do another long one

2005 Entry

Posted: 25/04/2004 at 20:33
I've got 2 failed ballot entries under my belt and I've just moved house. Does anyone know who, from the london marathon company, I contact and how I contact them so I can keep my records with them going and get my ballot place in 4 years time...

Well done to everyone who ran it. I ran on a gold bond last year and I was so jealous watching it last sunday.

What Does it Take to Stop You?

Posted: 16/01/2004 at 08:05
Went to the gym last night to do 10K on the treadmill due to the rain & gales. After 4K, I binned it and did the last 6k on the road, getting soaked to the skin but still enjoying it much more than the sheer tedium that is treadmill running.

Running to Work

Posted: 06/01/2004 at 09:05
I want to run 6 miles a day, 3 or 4 days per week this year with a 10 - 12 mile run at the weekend. If I run from home to the train station (2 miles) and then get off 2 stops early and run the rest of the way to work (4 miles) is that as good as, better than or worse than a 6 mile continuous run ? I would be on the train for about 20 minutes between the runs.

My current level of fitness allows me to run 5 or 6 miles reasonably comfortably so the two seperate runs on their own would not stretch me.

Fleet Peter Driver Memorial 10K

Posted: 16/09/2003 at 08:08

Try It's the running club which organises the race.

Last year was a good race and I'm already booked on for this year. I belive it's popular though so I'd get in quite quick.
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