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Painful shins

Posted: Today at 12:29

I'm having the same experience of sticking to it better than before. I've run in the past, but not paid attention to what I was eating, and I didn't loses any weight. This time I've lost weight and my running is getting faster as a result, which in turn makes it easier to stick at the running. I've also watched the food, but not really exercised and that just makes the food so hard to stick to, because without the exercise I get bored eating within my calorie alowance all the time, whereas with some running I get to have ice cream, wine and cheese!

Painful shins

Posted: Today at 11:21

There's something called Shin Splints. Never had it, so I don't know anything about it but if you google it or search on this site, you'll get loads of stuff which will hopefully be helpful. I expect it's worth trying to leave it an extra day between runs and see if it makes a difference, or slow down your runs. 

If you're trying to lose weight, it has to be mainly from controlling food intake. Exercise helps, but only helps, it's controlling the food that's most important. You can (well I certainly can!) always eat enough to eat back the calories you've run off, but if you're watching what you eat, the running can allow you some extra treats. I've lost 2 stone this year using My Fitness Pal, which is an app where you enter what you've eaten and work out calorie content. It's pretty tedious, although it gets easier as you use it more because you have the stuff you regularly eat entered in it, and you also get to know what sort of portions you can get away with. I also use Endomondo to track my runs, and this links into My Fitness Pal and enters the calories I've run off, so I can then have some ice cream or whatever on those days (I do try not to eat all of the calories it says I've burnt off). 

Runnig with a group can be really helpful in terms of motivation and also pacing yourself. Running so you can talk to someone stops you going too fast. I've never managed to get to a regular group, but I have started going to Parkrun which is similar. 

Talkback: Do you need to drink during a one-hour run?

Posted: 26/08/2016 at 20:10

I'm a newbie, but I always take water. It's nothing to do with hydration. My mouth gets dry and I find that uncomfortable. I have a 250ml bottle, so it's virtually nothing in terms of weight to carry, and sometimes I only take a couple of sips, but I really wouldn't want to run without it. 

How accurately are Parkruns measured?

Posted: 20/08/2016 at 21:50

No, rules are stay to the left, overtake on the right. So the faster runners are running on the inside. No one veering over the road.





How accurately are Parkruns measured?

Posted: 24/07/2016 at 21:20

Is a garmin more accurate than a phone then? Sorry if that's a stupid newbie question, but they're all using the same satellites surely?  I am tempted to get one, but thinking of leaving it till Christmas pressie time (mainly so I can get the hubby one, whereas if I get one now, he'll get himself one now!). 

Our parkrun is 4 loops, 2 big and 2 small, but all clockwise, so the "keep to the left" mantra does mean slower runners (like myself!) will run farther than the faster runners. I don't expect there's 300m in it though, which is what mine and hubby's phones fairly consistent measure the course as (5.3km). 

Obese begginner running?

Posted: 18/07/2016 at 21:39

Don't rely on running to lose weight. It can help, but diet is the main part. Losing weight will make running easier. 

As as others have said, start slowly. Try a couch to 5k app, but don't feel you have to progress as quickly as it suggests - some go over 6 or 8 weeks. I did one that was over 10 weeks, but I repeated multiple weeks so that it took much longer. When I originally did this, it was 3 years ago and then I got out of the habit for 2 years and have only recently taken up running again. 3 years ago I was running, but not paying much attention to my diet, so I wasn't losing weight. This year I've lost 1.5 stone and I am getting better times already than I was after much longer running 3 years ago. 

Evening run

Posted: 18/06/2016 at 20:19

The only way I can run in the evening is to do it straight after work and before I get home. I take running gear to work and change before I leave, drive to where the kids are in after school club, run, then collect the kids. If I go home, or in particular if I sit down on the sofa, then all is lost. I also run in the evening when the kids are in a karate class. I have to be there anyway and it's pretty dull sitting watching. It's an hour long, so that gives me time for a run followed by a shower in the sports centre where karate is happening.  

How accurately are Parkruns measured?

Posted: 14/06/2016 at 20:29

Thanks for that link 2-wheels - it makes me realise I'm not obsessive at all!

How accurately are Parkruns measured?

Posted: 14/06/2016 at 20:24

It's the margin of error on the device that I'm thinking of though. I'm trying to run 3 times a week, one of which is Parkrun. The other 2 runs I run 5k as measured by my phone and I believe it but then do I compare that time with what my phone measures as 5k of the Parkrun or do I compare it to the whole Parkrun. I know, it doesn't really matter...

Dizziness and near 'blackouts'... Newbie!

Posted: 12/06/2016 at 13:05

I agree with others, that with those symptoms, you HAVE to go see your GP. 

However, if the GP is happy you're okay, then it probably is just a question of slowing down even more on the runs or running for shorter periods.

I know you say you can walk almost as fast, but running is a different action and is more tiring than walking even at the same pace. If you can't carry out a conversation whilst running (even a breathless, slightly incoherent one counts) and you are exhausted afterwards, then you are clearly working harder than you think

You say you are a little overweight. As someone who is more than a little overweight, don't underestimate the effect that can have on your ability to run. However overweight you are, imagine that weight on your back in a rucksack (this is what I am currently repeatedly telling myself and every little bit off is going to help!).

And if it is just overweight/ lack of fitness, then the good news is it will get better. Just stick at it. 

But please see your GP and get it confirmed that that is all it is. 

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