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Posted: 25/10/2016 at 18:45
Jooligan - There is so much experience on this board and we've probably made every marathoning mistake possible! IMO, it you really want to run a good marathon then prioritise it and forget racing for 2/3 weeks before. Two races the weekend after a marathon that went wrong due to a virus does not sound very clever and will certainly not help you recover for a second attempt.

SL - I've worked out that each bpm is about 2.5 secs for me so Padams' prediction looks bang on.

TT - Hyperspeed 6's for me. They are very light (150g in my size) but just enough cushioning in the heel to cope with a marathon. They are quite narrow so might be worth trying a pair first.

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Posted: 24/10/2016 at 18:43
A generally cracking day at Abingdon.

Performance of the day has to be Dr Dave and hopefully he'll be along with a report soon

Al_P - As mentioned elsewhere, another perfectly executed race and a great platform to build on.

GBRM - Enjoy the feeling - the first one is great!

Piscator/LS21 - Cracking runs

Dan A - Seems like a job well done - what's the target race?

Jooligan - I think most of the advice you've already had is good although I will take a slightly different angle. I think three weeks CAN be ok between marathons for some people depending on how smashed up you are physically and mentally. The real issue for me is that you would have been losing fitness while tapering and losing still more whilst recovering so it will probably be 4/5 weeks since you last trained properly by the time you get to the next race. It might be worth chalking this one up to experience and rebuilding? Only you will really know what's best and good luck whatever you decide

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Posted: 22/10/2016 at 16:18
Ooh, I forgot.
In some long range planning, I can foresee a sub 2:30 train forming for VMLM - Al_P, PhilPub, hopefully me....

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Posted: 22/10/2016 at 15:48
Good luck to all at Abo tomorrow.

SL - I'd love to be 'comfortable' at 2:35 - good luck! Also, what does SPO stand for?

I've agreed (along with a friend) to pace another friend to a sub 75 HM at Eton Dorney on 19th Nov to get a champs place at London so have been training towards that. Myself and the other pace tried 6m at that pace today (a bit quick at 5:39/mile) and found it challenging to keep the effort even in a reasonable breeze.
If anyone wants to tag along then feel free but the entry is a bit steep at ??30+.

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Posted: 13/10/2016 at 23:01
TT - I saw that and actually feel for the guy. I know it's technically breaking the rules but it seems harsh to me.

CW - Just fantastic. I'm so so happy for you.

Jools - Read the report and it sounds like you left everything on the course in less than ideal circumstances. I know you'll recover well and come back stronger.

ES - Cracking run - if frustrating so get so close to a 2:4x but that does not devalue the run at all.

Wardi - Nicely done

SL - Your sessions have been massive. I've forgotten what's next for you?

I had no plan after Jersey but did 4/5 off road runs last week including an unplanned XC for my club as they were one short for the team. It was 5.5m of hilly and twisty XC so was very happy with a 5:57/mile avg so close after the marathon. Only good enough for 34th (over 4 mins behind the winner) in a quality field.
Done a few runs this week including a little double today and will see what takes my fancy tomorrow!

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Posted: 04/10/2016 at 11:46
TT - Demons exorcised and marathon mojo rediscovered. I'm not committing to anything yet but I'm starting to believe that sub 2:30 is possible without it taking over my life. Still have an entry to Pisa (entered in Feb I think!) which is just before Xmas so will recover properly and then decide what to do.

CW/Wardi - I didn't realised Yorkshire was this weekend either so good luck to you both.

Jooligan - Welcome. That sounds like a very hard and complicated session - nice. I would say that if your training has been consistent between Brighton and now that sub 3 should be on for Abingdon. I've done both before and my only word of caution would be to not expect too much support at Abingdon - Brighton's atmosphere was incredible but Abingdon is much more a 'runners' marathon with some small pockets of noise but a very nice track finish!

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Posted: 03/10/2016 at 19:25
LS21 - That is an impressive report in many ways. Very well done!

Jools/ES - Hope this final taper week isn't too horrid and you both smash it on Sunday.

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Posted: 03/10/2016 at 14:10
One thing I forgot to mention is that during the second half there is about 4/5 miles on dirt tracks - it's pretty solid and hardly any mud but it is certainly not a 'road' marathon as billed.
Didn't bother me at all (in fact the softer landings were nice) but I knew about it beforehand and can see how some people could be a bit miffed as it's not mentioned anywhere on the race website.
Everything feels pretty good today and have done a decent amount of walking to keep it all loose.

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Posted: 02/10/2016 at 20:45
Oh, and happy birthday Wardi ????

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Posted: 02/10/2016 at 20:42
Ok, so I'm in bed listening to the Ryder Cup and am ready for the report.

No dramas on the flight over, checked into my hotel and picked up my number. Tootled into town for a customary night-before pizza then back to the hotel early to rest.
Up at 0600 followed by flapjack, 2 x banana and some coffee - felt ok but not great.
Got to the start at 0830 (0900 start) and did the usual pre race necessities. There were 5 x sub 2:20 runners (3 x Kenyan, 1 x Russian and 1 x USA) and then two UK guys with slightly better PBs than me.
Set off at a sensible pace and was quickly presented (less than half a mile in) with a big decision - the two UK guys were 50m ahead but there was nobody close behind. I decided to catch them up and take it from there. Caught them at about 1.5 miles and one of them disappered up the road, never to be seen again! The Bournemouth guy and I had a bit of a chat and settled in. Previously I've run the first half of marathons to a HR limit of 160 but my resting HR has been much higher recently (36 vs 43) so wasn't really sure where to peg the limit and ultimately went more by feel.
The course climbs gently from 2-3 and then steeper from 3-5. I stayed with the B'mouth guy until four miles but let him go as the effort level climbed and my HR spiked to 171.
I ran 4-7 solomand settled into to a more sensible rhythm. Went through 5 miles in 30:30 (2:39 pace) and felt ok. At 7 miles I heard someone catching me and was very pleased! Slowed a touch to let him catch me then tucked in behind. He was from Jersey and got loads of support around the course which was cool. We stayed together and went through 10 miles in 60:40, meaning 30:10 for the second five.
I didn't feel great but we were clicking off sub 6 miles. Got to halfway in 1:18:40 and thought about whether to carry out my normal acceleration or just stay tucked in. Felt good enough to go for it and knocked out a couple of 5:50s. There was no 15 mile marker so didn't get a time but looking at Strava it was around 29:30 for the five miles.
Around 15 I got sight of the B'mouth guy and concentrated on reeling him in. A very fast downhill 18th mile (5:37) got me on his tail and I tucked in again. I knew there was a climb from 19-21 so wanted some company for that. It turned out to be more of a gentle climb so I went past at 20m (29:30 again for the 5) and concentrated on the final push.
22nd mile was a big downhill and went really hard for a 5:36 which turned out to be a mistake!! Hit the seafront at 23 and started to wobble. Last three were 6:06, 6:06 and 6:16 so not a total collapse but painful nonetheless. Crossed the line in 2:37:28 and felt tired but not in any real trouble apart from sore hamstrings - held on to the barrier for a second and started hyperventilating - never had it before and not being in control of my breathing was horrible. Only lasted 30 secs and then I wobbled off to the relief of the lovely St Johns Ambulance people.
Pretty course but tough. Well organised and lots of lovely people.
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