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Posted: 16/04/2015 at 22:47

KD - Just thought I'd add my voice to the cautionary crowd. I can understand a few at MP to build confidence but 10 seems a lot when you won't see the fitness gains before race day.

Never thought that I would be missing taper madness but I do; feels weird to not be fervently checking the weather and re-reading the race day magazine.

 Am running pain free in small doses which is encouraging. Have entered a little local marathon in October (Dartmoor Vale) that I'm going to tentatively work towards, with Bristol HM in the build up 

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Posted: 05/04/2015 at 15:39
CC2 - 6.25 pain free. Excellent news

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Posted: 30/03/2015 at 16:54
Some impressive and mental (Al_P!) long runs going on here.
Well done Muss and ES for the wins

Thanks for all the encouragement and sympathy.

As suggested by Lev, I've entered the murky world of cross training in an attempt to not go mad and/or turn into a boozy mess. There's a gym at work with cross trainers etc. so today I did 3x10mins at a heart rate somewhere around LT. Whilst I was working a bit, it didn't feel as hard as proper LT running. HR was definitely in the right area - any suggestions as to why this might be? Would I be better off doing it on a bike? I am very much a novice when it comes to this stuff. I'd like to maintain as much aerobic fitness as possible whilst not running.

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Posted: 28/03/2015 at 19:26
TR - A bit too crestfallen to plan (although beer is helping!) properly but there is a small local marathon that my Mum could come and watch in late October. I could potentially win it and I know that would make her very happy.
At the moment I'm just a bit worried that my usually reliable fizz didn't get the problem nailed in one. Going to see her again when she's free and hopefully get back to pain free running ASAP as I feel similar to CC2!

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Posted: 28/03/2015 at 15:46

Like Lev, I decided that four weeks out is decision time and planned 2 knee tests today - one short and sharp and one long and slow. Did three quickish miles this morning and knee felt ok-ish. Went out for a planned 13 at an easy pace and it was quite painful by 3 miles so binned it, along with my London entry. It's been four weeks since first sign of trouble with 2 weeks of no running at all while I was also ill.

It's time to accept the situation, recover properly and move on.

Good luck to everyone at VLM - I shall be watching on the telly and stalking on the t'internet

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Posted: 25/03/2015 at 20:08
Quick update from the bench. Saw physio on Monday and I had mega tight adductor/lateral quad with shedloads of knots and things stuck together. She got rid of all them (some rubbing and some poking with needles) and the legs felt great. Unfortunately she said that as those muscle were effectively 'stuck' down, they were dragging the knee out of place and there was inflammation around the inside of the knee cap and this is what was hurting. It still hurts but she seemed confident it will go away soon. I've run three days in a row (max 8m) with some MP miles and it hurts so plan to have two days off now and eat a load of anti-inflammatories to hopefully settle it all down.

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Posted: 15/03/2015 at 16:08
Dan A - top work

Muss - For me, three weeks post-marathon is too close for good racing. Others recover much quicker!

I'm feeling pretty much 100% today so thought I'd give me troublesome knee a little run out. It's been two week since my last proper run and yet I can still feel that something is wrong, even when walking. The run made it no worse or no better - not painful, just felt a bit tight and 'wrong'. Going to stick to short, easy runs and get off to the fizz next week, provided I don't contract Ebola or something!

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Posted: 13/03/2015 at 21:05
ON7 - wise knee words, I'm sure

Good luck to the Barca crowd. Fingers crossed for good conditions.

Quick update - we moved on Monday and I was just about over the lurgy. Unfortunately the lurgy was just a prelude to a horrid chest infection that kept me in bed and unable to eat for nearly two days. Signed off work for a week and on antibiotics that don't allow me to expose my skin to sunlight! It will end up being a total of 2.5 weeks off running, provided the knee is ok. Definite target readjustment required but just interested in getting back on the road. The only way is up

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Posted: 07/03/2015 at 14:27

TJB - Bad news, hope things improve mate.

Went out for an experimental run this morning and it was not a success. Coughing and spluttering after 6/7 mins; I was returning too early so cut the loop short and headed home. After 10 mins I got a sharp pain on the inside of my left knee - I had the same pain when walking on the first of my 6 non-running days. A little bit worrying that all the rest hasn't solved it Contacted the fizz and now consider myself double-benched, certainly until Tues when the house move should be done.

For anyone attempting a diagnosis, I can do single leg squats with no pain, there's no swelling, can't find a sore sport and the pain isn't on landing, it's as I bend the leg. I thought it might be adductor tightness but rolled that (and everywhere else) with no issues. Pain isn't easy to pinpoint  but feels like it's on the outside of the kneecap itself. I think I could run through it, but seems sensible to rest and get it looked, especially given that I'm still not 100% recovered from lurgy.

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Posted: 06/03/2015 at 19:14
Lots of confusing talk about tyres! (no idea about cycling)

Lurgy seems to finally be loosening its grip so will try running tomorrow - possibly pacing a friend for sub-20 at a Parkrun. Really looking forward to some fresh air and movement.
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