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Nike Lunarglide+ 4

Posted: 27 July 2013
Overall: I made this my shoe of choice after looking to replace the asics Ds trainer 17 when couldn't get on with the new incarnation.The flywire in the upper gave me a snug fit and meant I didn't miss the ankle lock from the asics but found them so comfortable,the lunarlon midsole really works,was worried that the dynamic support was blurb and wouldn't support my mild to mid over pronation but have had no issues after using them for upwards of 100 miles at approx 6-7 at a time.
I have not had so much as a blister from these shoes and can use any sock whereas before I was spending out on thoros experia socks to minimise blisters.I am not expecting these to last much beyond 350 miles as the outsole has portions of the soft cushioning,this is not much of an issue for me as will happily replace them after this distance as the comfort far outweighs this for me but my asics ds trainers are still going strong with little sign of real wear at plus 300 miles. If you need shoes to really last take this into consideration.
I am also aware of neutral runners using these shoes without issues but obviously my experience is based on a mild/mid overpronating gait.
I am a male in late 30's and weigh a tad under 14 stone that runs 3-4 times a week on mainly road/tarmac averaging around 25-30 miles a week