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Sub 3.30 Tim: #asics262

Posted: 27/02/2015 at 11:52

Thanks everyone for your good wishes! 

Nice session Tim, gently reminding your body about how to run fast again! It sounds as if you are hitting the paces quite comfortably thanks to maintaining your fitness throughout the injury period. See you tomorrow bright and early! Sarah is going to see you pre-run, for a quick once-over 

Sub 3.30 Tim: #asics262

Posted: 26/02/2015 at 12:52

Hi all

I'd say sub-4 definitely achievable Iain with those times...


So glad that Tim's back on the road. I know what you mean Tim about how you appreciate every step when you first come back from injury - it's like the honeymoon period all over again! Unfortunately I'm still under the black cloud of injury and suspect I may have forgotten how to run altogether ( But I can still live vicariously through all your achievements!! Keep those PBs coming, all!

First Timer Tony: #asics262

Posted: 22/02/2015 at 20:23

So Tony's 'reward' for a great run at Brighton Half today is a revision of pace guidelines and an adjusted few weeks of training.

Here's what week 10 now looks like, along with the new pace guidelines. A sub-4 finish is definitely in Tony's grasp now. 

Slow/recovery 9.30-10.25
Easy 8.30-9.30
Steady 7.55-8.30 (current half marathon pace 7.55)
Brisk 7.30-7.45 (current 10k pace 7.29)
Fast 7.05-7.20 (short rep speedwork will be faster than this, with guidelines given) (current projected 5km pace 7.12)
Long run pace range 8.30 to 9.50



Week Ten (43M) w/c 23 Feb TRAINING DAY
Mon 5M of 2 x 2.5 miles slow or 5 slow continuous
Tue Rest
Wed 8M of 1M jog plus strides then 5 x 1M winders (first one approx. 10k pace then each one faster than the last, 2 min jog between each.) NOTE: Each one only a couple of secs quicker is fine – not masses otherwise you’ll end up sprinting by last one! 1M jog
Thu 5M of 2 x 2.5 miles slow or 5 slow continuous plus 3 x 60m strides
Fri 5M steady to include 10 x 30 seconds fast uphill with walk/jog recovery 
Sun Rest or cross-train

First Timer Tony: #asics262

Posted: 22/02/2015 at 14:17

This is great Tony. A modest NS was just what we were after and you were never that far off your average mile pace, so although you sped up a little towards the end it wasn't because you'd held back too much in the earlier stages. I think you've got it just right. A modest NS at Paris would be brilliant too - it's a little harder to achieve in a marathon perhaps, but I'd still aim for it, because it prevents you going off too fast.

I'll have a quick look at week 10 and let you know if any adjustments. Interesting about the weight loss thing...(or lack thereof ) but I do agree with Ruth that you have to be using the same scale to get an accurate measure of progress - and clothes are probably a better guide...

Well done again! Have a well-earned lazy afternoon!

Sub 4.30 Andrea: #asics262

Posted: 20/02/2015 at 08:32

Hi Andrea

I am really glad that you have another race coming up before Paris and that you'll get a chance to meet Victor before it. He will really help you find a more positive mindset during races and hopefully not beat yourself up afterwards too. I think if you finish a race knowing you did all you could, you feel good, regardless of the result. And if you didn't do all you could, you need to identify where you fell down (did you let negative thoughts get the better of you? Did you catastrophise? (sorry that may be spelled wrong!) ie. did you hit a tough patch and assume that it would never end and would probably just get worse?). I'm still hearing that klaxon and hope you can give yourself a little bit of credit for achieving a PB, and adding it to your confidence store for Paris.

First Timer Tony: #asics262

Posted: 18/02/2015 at 10:05

Hi Tony

I think your strategy for Brighton sounds good - I think you're definitely capable of that time goal and setting off a little slower and then seeing how you feel for last few miles is very wise and good practice for marathon strategy too. Not looking for a huge negative split - it's really just about not going off at a mad dash!

Will also be a good opportunity to try the jelly baby/gel strategy. Personally, I think doing the whole marathon with JBs would be tricky - you'd have to carry so many and they get a bit sticky as they warm up. But this is a good testing ground. It's absolutely beautiful here in East Sussex today - hope it's like this on Sunday too 

First Timer Tony: #asics262

Posted: 15/02/2015 at 19:16

Hi Tony

Well done on your longest run ever (again!). Straying from the pace guidelines as ever but pleased to hear you felt strong at the end and didn't experience that 'empty tank' feeling - so I think you have vindicated yourself 

Looking forward to seeing how things go at Brighton - but it's only the mid-term goal so no pressure. It's a measure of progress not the end of the line so don't go mental and try to keep up with the pocket rocket.

No changes to this week's training - all as is. And I haven't increased the 800s (volume wise) because of the race on Sunday. Have a good week.


Week Nine (34M) w/c 16 Feb
Mon 5M of 2 x 2.5 miles slow or 5 slow continuous
Tue 6M of 1M jog, then 2 x 100M strides. Then 6 x 800 (3.20-3.30 per rep) with 3-min jog recoveries, then 1M jog 
Wed Rest
Thu 5M of 4M steady, 1 M brisk
Fri Rest
Sat 3M easy plus 3 x 100m strides

First Timer Tony: #asics262

Posted: 13/02/2015 at 18:39

Hi Tony

Another great week of training - think we can forgive the omitted 1 mile from today!

Re. your question about Sunday's long run. Let's try a bit of a progression run and I'd also like to increase to 19 miles since you have already done a 17.5 and a 17:
So first eight at 9.40, then six at 9.20, four at 9.05, 1 at 9 (or a tad below but NOT faster than easy pace range)

Glad you liked the 3 x 2 mile brisk sesh this week. I will schedule a similar one again soon as it's great for building speed endurance. Hope the DOMS has gone now.

Sub 3.30 Tim: #asics262

Posted: 13/02/2015 at 18:19

Tim is certainly one happy bunny for being able to get his trainers back on - and I've started to reintroduce more running over the week ahead. Caveat is he's LISTENING and RESPONDING to his body's signals, whether that is that it's too much - or too little. Just be sure you're listening to your body, though, and not your mind masquerading as your body!!

Tim has treadmill access while away, and also sounds like there are some runnable outdoor routes. So here's what I've sketched out:

 Warm-up walk/jog/mobilisations for 10 mins. Then 1 mile easy, 3 mins slow (walk or slow jog) 1 mile easy, 3 mins slow, 1 mile easy. 
Sun 4 miles slow

Week Nine (47M) w/c 16 Feb 

Mon Rest/cross train either with swim or bike session – choose from cutdown session (12, 10, 8, 6 at brisk/threshold with 2 mins easy pedal between the 12 and 10 and the 10 and 8, then 1 min between 8 and 6. 5 mins easy to finish. OR Warm-up then 10 X (2 mins brisk, straight into 1 min fast, then 1 min easy) So, 40 mins total. Cooldown.

Tue 3 miles easy. Finish with 3x 60 m strides (take it EASY! Not a sprint. Testing out reaction to faster running)

Wed Rest/cross train either with swim or bike session – other one not done on Mon.

Thu 3 miles easy, 1 mile steady. 2 x 60 m strides

Fri Rest (travel day)
Sat Long bike if possible 2 hours.
Sun 60 mins easy (add walk breaks if needed) (road or firm trail)

Sub 4.30 Andrea: #asics262

Posted: 13/02/2015 at 17:43

Hi Andrea

Another great week of training in the bag and hope you are all set for Sunday and the Bramley 10. That's if you can drag yourself to the start line after the carb loading  Good to see how it 'sits' with you a good few weeks out from Paris.

I think you are in shape to run under 1.31 on Sunday, conditions willing. But your strategy of starting out conservatively is a wise one. GOOD LUCK!!


I just want to make a few comments about hydration. While hydration is important, it has been somewhat overstated and the science has definitely backtracked in recent years and the performance detriment from being slightly dehydrated is not great. For example, Gebresalassie was actually 9 per cent dehydrated when he set the marathon world record and it didn't exactly slow him down! The current advice is not to drink on a schedule but to simply drink on thirst - it isn't correct that thirst is a poor indicator of dehydration (though this was once believed to be the case and is still frequently wheeled out). It is in fact a good indicator - the only issue is that you might not be 'listening to your body' very well if you are in the middle of a hard race and fatigued. So yes, everyone will perform better if they don't become significantly dehydrated. But what that actually means in terms of how much to drink, or how often is unqiue to you. There's no one size fits all advice. 

That said, I'd say that for someone like Tony, doing 16 or 17 miles with no fluid, that is not a great idea. Even if can just drink a little here and there...

Hope that helps. Totally agree T4Thomas, btw, about not needing to carry water in the marathon. Would only carry fluid if it was a unique sports drink that is the only one you can stomach or something...

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