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Sub 4.30 Andrea: #asics262

Posted: 19/04/2015 at 21:22

Glad to see via Twitter that you finally got that Guinness Andrea  Well worth the wait, huh? Great to work with you on the project this year - and look forward to seeing you nab that sub 4.30 next year (if not before?). Definitely worth working on the shorter distances too - which you seem to have a good aptitude for and they'll stand you in good stead for your next mara.

Good luck for London (and hope Manchester went to plan) for all you who've yet to run your spring races...

First Timer Tony: #asics262

Posted: 19/04/2015 at 21:19

Phew, sorry it's taken me so long to get round to reading the post-race report but well  worth the wait! So pleased you're seeing this as the springboard to the next stage of your running career while at the same time, remembering that it's all about enjoyment and fun and not getting too serious. That said - a SPEED session so soon after a marathon does suggest that you maybe had a bit more to give - hamstrings allowing...


It's been great working with you Tony and following the progress of other first-timers. I'll be looking out for results of the Manchester and London runners...

Sub 3.30 Tim: #asics262

Posted: 19/04/2015 at 21:13

Goodness I think it's taken me longer to read Tim's post-race report and all the ensuing comments than it took for TIm to run the actual marathon! Of course, that's all history now, what with the new 18-something PB at 5km  Moving on to bigger and better things already - and quite right too!

Massive congrats also to Malcs GingerMagic and Martin on great times.

As ever, it's been great to be part of the Asics 262 Project - there's always so much to learn as well as to teach and lots of fun to be had on the way. Thanks everyone!

Sub 4.30 Andrea: #asics262

Posted: 16/04/2015 at 19:16
Have just spent my home commute reading your race report Andrea - it's a great account of the trip! And lovely to see everyone else's comments and congrats too. I will put up a post when I'm on computer as signal patchy on train xx

Sub 3.30 Tim: #asics262

Posted: 06/04/2015 at 20:04

Thanks Reiki... re. your race dilemma - being the queen of caution (!) I'd say plan to go for the more sure 4.15. With the level of experience you have, you could decide to switch once you know what sort of day you're having, or even at that famed halfway mark at 20 miles .

Sub 4.30 Andrea: #asics262

Posted: 06/04/2015 at 19:54

Hi Andrea

I see your final 'long' run - 9 miles at MP - turned into a bit of a progression-fest! I suspect you needed to do that to blow away some doubts and nerves, so my verdict is 'so be it!' It won't cause a problem for your race.

I also note that you say you're still undecided about your race strategy. I would suggest that you decide one way or the other before the day. I think toeing the line with an 'I could do A, but maybe I'll do B.. or C' attitude will not help you focus and remember how hard it is to do those calculations with a fuddled brain on the run. Much easier to know in advance what your plan is, even if you do end up modifying it towards the end.

For thread followers, the starting point of mine and Andrea's discussion re. pace strategy for Paris was that she really enjoyed the 5-pace progression that I used in her final long run - the 17 miler. She wondered if we could do the same thing at Paris:

eg.  10.15 for 5 miles 10.10 for 5 miles 10.05 for 5 miles 10.00 for 5 miles 9.55 for 6.2 miles = 4.24.07   But that's quite a lot to think about. Especially if the mile markers are actually km markers .    I outlined one of my favourite strategies - the '2 x 10 miles and a 10k' strategy: For Andrea, this could be 10 at 10.15, 10 at 10.10 and 10k at 10.05 = 4.26.49.   At present, Andrea is thinking about a compromise between the two, breaking the second 10 miles into 2 lots of 5 miles, with the 2nd 5 slightly faster.    For me, the overarching goal is for Andrea to finish in under 4 hours 30 minutes. Even if she has the potential to go quicker (and the stats suggest she does), the foot niggle and training interruptions lead me to be cautious. And this way, if she gets to the last miles of that final 10k and still has energy to burn, she can up the pace accordingly and finish with a flourish...    

First Timer Tony: #asics262

Posted: 06/04/2015 at 19:32

hi Tony

Yes you're absolutely right - I would never advise trying to catch up on 'lost' miles at this late stage of the game. Great that you've got Tuesday's run done and if you fit in the 5 miles slow tomorrow, great. But in this part of the taper, rest always wins over cramming! The rest and nice weather is probably doing you a world of good (providing you can avoid the culinary delights that might weigh you down!!)


For everyone's interest, I thought I'd share below what I discussed with Tony regarding his pace. This followed on from his Twitter post when I mentioned planning race strategies that he was thinking of going out at 8.55 and then seeing what was left for the finish....


Your '8.55 and whatever's left in the tank' approach could work fine. But mindful of your tendency to go off too fast, I wondered if a planned slower start might be good.

  8.55 all the way - which you did the 20 milers in = 3.53.37. If you did 8.55 up to the last 5k and then sped up to 8.50 you'd do 3.52.43. If you did it and sped up to 8.30, as is your trademark sprint finish, you'd come in at 3.51.56!   9.00 all the way = 3.55.48 An average pace of 8.45 would be needed to run under 3.50, which I think you're more than capable of, but it's about weighing up the importance of finishing/finishing under 4/finishing in a specific, optimal time.   If you did the slow start it could look like this: 10k at 9 min pace  10m at 8.55 pace 10m at 8.50 = 3.53.26. If you added in your faster final miles, this would be a bit quicker....   Whatever you decide, the heartening news is that your threshold pace (calculated from recent races) is well over a minute slower than any of these paces (approx a minute slower than the sub 3.50 8.45 pace) so it should feel comfortable.   The secret is knowing that the fact that a pace feels comfortable is not a reason to speed up. What feels comfortable at mile 5, 10 15 or even 20 needs to be sustainable to the end, by which time it will feel 'less' comfortable!

Sub 3.30 Tim: #asics262

Posted: 06/04/2015 at 19:23

Hi everyone. Hope you've had a great Easter break...had to laugh at your comment about the Daily Express weather prediction Tim, I saw that too and was envisaging myself at Good Friday's Sportive in SPF 20 and shorts, not a rain jacket and overshoes! But 75 miles completed and an equivalent amount of  chocolate eaten to refuel 

It's been interesting chatting to Tim, Andrea and Tony this week about pacing strategy - trying to factor in psychological characteristics, past tendencies in training/racing and current potential to get the best possible result. I always use race calculator predictions  as a starting point and then think about what might affect the accuracy of that prediction.

For example, while Tim's recent 5k suggests a lot faster than 3.30 (sub 3.15, since you ask ) we know that his shorter-distance races have always predicted faster marathons than his longer-distance ones. Eg. last year, his fastest predicted time came from his 5k and 10k, his slowest from a 20-mile race. So we need to consider that he leans towards speed more than endurance and modify accordingly. There's obviously a bit of 'educated' guessing involved! But I do feel that we've got the right approach, based on Tim's journey so far.

I can hardly wait for the real journey to begin!

Sub 4.30 Andrea: #asics262

Posted: 31/03/2015 at 10:02

Good advice CDUB72. I think a good way of thinking of it is to run the first mile at the pace you believe you can run the last mile. No faster!

Sub 3.30 Tim: #asics262

Posted: 30/03/2015 at 22:23

And she's back from the almost-dead  As Tim may have said, I've been on a detox break in Austria for a week, which nearly finished me off! Very very strict and a bit, well, joyless, really. Very ltd wifi. Not much fun when you don't have the energy to do any physical activity for a week - but unsurprising given 700 calories a day and a pint of Epsom salts every morning!

Have been keeping in touch with Tim by text/email so didn't have to catch up on training per se but still very entertaining to read the parkrun and other run reports - and hear of Tim's new radio fame and celeb shoulder-brushing over the airwaves.

So the next step Tim is for us to talk about a race plan. When shall we do that? Let me know a good time...

BTW great racing Angela - congrats on the PB!

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