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Sub 4.30 Andrea: #asics262

Posted: Yesterday at 17:33

Hi Sally, yes sorry about that:

Week Nine (38M) w/c16 Feb
Mon 4M easy
Tue 6M to include 1M jog, then 4 x 4 mins of continuous hills (as week 2). Rest 1 minute between sets.) 1M jog – make sure you run up and down multiple times in each bout – so don’t just run up for 1 minute – hill should take 30-45 secs to go up. Down will be quicker.
Wed Rest
Thu CLUB 5KM plus warm-up and cooldown. Do strides in warm-up!
Fri 3M slow plus strides
Sat Rest
Sun 20M slow – nutrition practice run!

Sub 4.30 Andrea: #asics262

Posted: Yesterday at 13:22

Hi all

A great day at Battersea Park - with a well-executed track session. Andrea's Yasso 800s were well within pace goal

I've made a slight adjustment to the pace guidelines, going forward, and also made some changes to the programme itself. So I'm reposting the next 4 weeks so you can see what's in store. There's a 10M race in week 8, and then we'll re-assess at or before the next training day in week 10. Hope everyone's training is going well. 

Revised training pace guidelines

Slow/recovery           10.25-11.10 Should feel as if you could do this all day. Effortless!
Easy                            9.30-10.25  Should feel comfortable. Can chat quite easily.
Steady                                    9.05-9.30 (Current half marathon pace 9.21) Still comfortable but slightly more breathless and less chatty!
Brisk                           8.50-9.05 (Current 10k pace 8.51) Challenging but controlled effort. Can get short phrases out. Breathing should be hard but controlled, not ragged
Fast                            8.20-8.50 min mile (current 5km pace 8.25) depending on length of effort. Tough. No talking! (Some speedwork will be faster than this and pace guidelines given in programme)

Long run goal paces            9.45-11 min mile


Week Six (32m) w/c 26 Jan
Mon Rest 
Tue 5M of 1M jog, then 4 x 60m strides, then 2x (5x200m aiming for 50-53 seconds with 200m jog recoveries). 1M jog 
Wed 4M slow 
Thu 1M jog, then 2M brisk (try 8.55-9), then 1M jog 
Fri Rest or cross-train
Sat 3M easy plus 3 x 100m strides
Sun 16M progression run. 6M 10.40ish, 6M 10.25ish 4M 10.10ish. (Depending how week 5 LSR goes, we can reduce distance or speeds on this. Good to try one out though!)

Week Seven (35M) w/c 2 Feb
Mon Rest 
Tue 7M of 1M jog, then 2 x 60M strides, then 4 x 1M fast (8.35-8.45), with 400m (3-min) jog recoveries, then 1M jog 

Wed 3M slow 
Thu 4M of 1M jog, then hill pyramid, running briskly up, jog/walk back down: 30 secs, 45 secs, 60 secs, 90 secs, 60, 45, 30 mins up hill, jog back. Then 1M jog at end of session. 
Fri Rest or cross-train 
Sat 3M easy 3 x 100m strides

Sun 18M slow


Week Eight (29M) w/c 9 Feb
Mon Rest or cross-train
Tue 5M of 1M jog, then 6 x 400m (aim for 1.47 to 1.55 per rep – or could do 2-min efforts on the road aiming to cover quarter of a mile per rep) with 200m (2 min) jog recoveries, then 1M jog 
Wed 7M slow 
Thu Rest
Fri 5M of 1M jog, 2M steady, 1M brisk, 1M jog
Sat Rest 
Sun Bramley 10M race plus warm-up/cooldown. Put around 3-4 mins race pace into warm-up after jog.


Week Nine (38M) w/c16 Feb

First Timer Tony: #asics262

Posted: Yesterday at 12:52

Ha ha, Fairyclogs. Well observed!! I thought he deserved an extra mile for being such a good pupil

A great day at Battersea Park - sunshine and no rain and a very well-executed track session. Chasing Amy definitely brought out Tony's competitive streak!

All seems to be going very well so as you know, I've revised Tony's pace guidelines. I've also made a few changes to the plan for next 4 weeks (including a bit of juggling to fit in Brighton Half), so I thought I'd repost it here for ease of reference.


Week Six (38M) w/c 26 Jan
Mon 5M easy 
Tue 7M of 1M jog then 4 x 1 M fast (7.35-740) with 2.30 jog between each. 1M jog

Wed Rest
Thu 4M steady to include 8 x 30 seconds fast uphill with walk/jog recovery. Finish with 3 x 100m strides
Fri 3M slow recovery run
Sat 4M steady or parkrun 
Sun 15M Progression run: 6M 9.50ish, 6M 9.35, 4M 9.05-9.10 (can transition gradually between each speed, does not need to be sudden spurt of pace). DEPENDING ON HOW WEEK 5 LONG RUN GOES, MAY ADJUST THIS, AND WEEK 7 LSR)


Week Seven (40M) w/c 2 Feb
Mon Rest
Tue 5M of 1M jog, then 3 x 100m strides, 6 x 400m (1.36-1.42 per rep with 2-min jog recoveries, then 1M jog
Wed 5M of 2 x 2.5 miles easy or continuous easy
Thu 5M - 1M jog, then 3M at half marathon pace (try 8.10ish), then 1M jog 
Fri 5M of 2 x 2.5 miles easy or REST if tired.
Sat 4M to include 1M jog, then 3 x 4 mins of continuous hills (find a stretch of not-too-steep hill that takes 30-45 secs to run up and run up AND down at brisk effort level without stopping for each 3-min duration. Rest 1 minute between sets.)
Sun 16M slow (would like to be off-road)


Week Eight (41M) w/c 9 Feb
Mon Rest 
Tue 8M of 1M jog, then 3 x 2M brisk (7.50-8.10 range), with 400m (3-min) jog recoveries, then 1M jog 
Wed 5M of 2 x 2.5 miles slow or 5 continuous slow
Thu 5M easy plus 3 x 100m strides
Fri 5M steady to include 10 x 30 seconds fast uphill with walk/jog recovery 
Sat Rest
Sun 18M easy


Week Nine (34M) w/c 16 Feb
Mon 5M of 2 x 2.5 miles slow or 5 slow continuous
Tue 6M of 1M jog, then 2 x 100M strides. Then 6 x 800 (3.20-3.30 per rep) with 3-min jog recoveries, then 1M jog 
Wed Rest
Thu 5M of 4M steady, 1 M brisk
Fri Rest
Sat 3M easy plus 3 x 100m strides

We will review again when we get to here, prior to the next training day. As I think I already said, please don't feel, if you're following Tony's plan, that you need also to upgrade your paces to match his on each session - the paces are specifically based on his recent performances. If you feel each descriptor (eg. brisk) matches the pace you were running already, don't upgrade. Have a great week all.

Sub 3.30 Tim: #asics262

Posted: Yesterday at 11:59

Hi everyone - it was indeed a great day yesterday at Battersea Park, and really good to see Tim and put our heads together to work out how best to proceed. The training so far has definitely boosted Tim's confidence and belief in his ability to run quicker - and the key is to maintain that belief alongside maintaining CV fitness, addressing weaknesses identified by Sarah. I'm lucky that Tim is a good allrounder, with gym access and lots of fitness 'tools' to play with. I've put a cross-training week together with plenty of variety to keep putting 'ticks' in boxes across the range of intensities from very hard to easy. Here's what it looks like:


Week Six w/c 26Jan
Mon Swim/gym

Tue BIKE CROSS TRAINING Warm-up then 4 x 7 mins at effort level similar to brisk in running. (ie at edge of comfort zone, working hard but controlled breathing.) 1 min very easy pedal between sets. Cooldown. If feel volume is not sufficient, add another rep.

Wed Swim/gym

Thu BIKE CROSS TRAINING Warm-up then 10 x (2mins brisk, straight into 1 min fast, then 1 min easy) Cooldown.

Fri Try 20 mins on cross trainer at steady pace. (If no discomfort, can increase to 30)

Sat Rest

Sun Long road bike ride or indoor cycle 90-120 mins

So, the Tabata intervals to try in the pool (deep end!) work like this: After a warm-up, 20 seconds running in the water using arms as well. Try to get a reasonable knee lift and hip extension and high cadence but don't expect it to be as high as it would on land with the greater density of water). 10 seconds easy tread water (or hang on side of pool/lane rope). Repeat 8 times. No need to do this every swim if you're swimming frequently. I try to do it twice a week. It's quite a killer!

Sub 4.30 Andrea: #asics262

Posted: 23/01/2015 at 18:08

So pleased the physio is pleased with your progress Andrea. Great stuff. We'll talk about cadence, and a few form things, tomorrow. 

First Timer Tony: #asics262

Posted: 21/01/2015 at 12:02

Hi Tony, good job! Next time you have this session, only run part of the way up the hill (see in session notes it says a hill that takes 30-45 seconds to run up) so that you're running up and down more times within each 3-minute bout. 

First Timer Tony: #asics262

Posted: 21/01/2015 at 10:38

Correction: under 'Fast' 5km pace should say 7.15, not 7.40 Apologies!

First Timer Tony: #asics262

Posted: 21/01/2015 at 10:33

Hi all

Tony's excellent performance at the 10k on Sunday has meant a pace review, and here are the new paces. Please note these are specific to Tony's current level so it doesn't mean everyone has to upshift, if you're following Tony's programme...

I've also adjusted a couple of week 5 sessions, to give Tony a chance to try the new paces out and have upped the long run. See below pace guidelines:


Slow/recovery 9.40-10.25
Easy 8.40-9.40
Steady 8.10-8.40
Brisk 7.30-7.50 (current 10k pace 7.29)
Fast 7.10-7.30 (short rep speedwork will be faster than this, with guidelines given) (current 5km pace 7.40)
Long run pace range 8.40 to 10.00

Week Five (35M) w/c 19 Jan 

Mon 5M of 2 x 2.5 miles easy

Tue Rest

Wed 5M to include 1M jog, then 3 x 3 mins of continuous hills (find a stretch of not-too-steep hill that takes 30-45 secs to run up and run up AND down at brisk effort level without stopping for each 3-min duration. Rest 1 minute between sets.) 1M jog 

Thu 5M of 1M jog, 2M steady 1M brisk, 1 M jog 

Fri Rest 

Sat Training Day - to consist of miles at various paces from MP to 10k pace

Sun 15M: 3M slow, 12M easy

First Timer Tony: #asics262

Posted: 16/01/2015 at 19:35

Ooh sorry! Don't know why that's reposted. It was bad enough the first time

Glad you had a good run. I prefer that the runs are not 2 x 2.5 mile commute runs but still would be careful about the 'hard-easy' ratio of training runs. I'd rather you did 2 quality sessions a week well than try to make every run harder...

GOOD LUCK Sunday! I'm away for the weekend from tomorrow morning, but perhaps you three (or one of you) can text me results. Especially if they're good

First Timer Tony: #asics262

Posted: 16/01/2015 at 19:32

Hi Ant

To be brutally honest, my main goal is to get you to the start line - and finish line of the marathon in one piece. Sub-4 is a bonus in my opinion for a first-timer. Yes, I want you to do as well as you are capable of but also I don't want to risk injury, which fells a huge percentage of first-timers who overtrain and under-recover.

In terms of changes, I think it's the sort of steady/brisk paces that are key to work on to get your ability to run at a decent pace for prolonged period up, rather than pure speed, which you don't seem to have too much of a problem with - or endurance, which you're happy to trot away with. We can review things after Sunday - you've had an easy week this week with reduced mileage so that you can put a good effort in come race day

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