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Mileage build after reducing miles

Posted: 07/02/2016 at 15:02
Looking for advice as I'm not sure how to build up. Pre-injury - was running three times a week and swimming and spinning the other days. My longest run on a Sunday was 17 miles. Four weeks ago I started with Achilles tendinitis and so rather than resting until it cleared I rested all week then ran again on the Sunday (my long run day). The following morning it was apparent I had made the niggle worse so I rested again ( usually do two further runs in the week then a long run on Sunday). I then ran in the Sunday again but I reduced the miles to 10 to see if this would help. The following morning I felt stiffness again. So I continued the following pattern and rested all week again. Third Sunday came along and I did 6 miles. The following morning still stiffness. So.... I rested all week again. It's now the fourth Sunday (today) and I was due to go out to run as the stiffness first thing is now disappearing and no tenderness on pinching the heel now but I have come down with a cold and really don't have the energy to go out. So I'm going to attempt a run tomorrow instead. My questions are: Have I lost all of my running fitness? What miles shall I attempt on my first run? Hope you can help.

Achilles - no pain only on pinching and first thing in mornjng

Posted: 31/01/2016 at 13:09
Since Physio I have done a spin class and a swim.

Went for a 6 mile run this morning and ok whilst running but still tender on pinching. I also didn't enjoy the run. Maybe I should just totally back off running until this is totally cleared up. Last three weeks now I've done one long run and rested all week. Just soul destroying isn't it.

As usual with Achilles will see how I am with first few steps tomorrow morning. Will wear foot splint tonight also. I'm away from this weekend and not brought splint with me past two nights.

How is everybody else getting along?

Achilles - no pain only on pinching and first thing in mornjng

Posted: 28/01/2016 at 21:10
Been to physio. Had acupuncture and massage. Was told to keep stretching and icing and rolling for next few days then try a small run. If OK after the run and especially the morning after then to start building up again.

Achilles - no pain only on pinching and first thing in mornjng

Posted: 28/01/2016 at 07:13
Hi trex. So your looking for a more balanced sole from top to heel - I actually go for these type of trainers also. I wear adidas Adios boost.

I ended up buying a proper foot splint to wear at night. It's quite uncomfortable but I'm persevering. It does feel like it's relieving heel pain first thing.

I have Physio this afternoon. Will report in.

Achilles - no pain only on pinching and first thing in mornjng

Posted: 25/01/2016 at 13:09

Thanks all for your thoughts, experience and advice.

TREX - I made a splint with kinsielogy tape but i'm thinking of using a cereal box to keep the foot in a 45 degree angle without allowing the foot to bend in its natural position whilst sleeping.  The tape was ok but it felt sore (had it taped to my big toe to my calf in order to keep the foot straight).

I push off with my toes when swimming - just been for a swim and pushed off gently with my other foot.  I didn't run all last week as I did the week prior leading up to my 17miles....and yesterday I did 10 and in hindsight I should have just done a few miles or none as my heel is more tender.  lessons learnt!! 

Still doing the heel dips and stretching.

Achilles - no pain only on pinching and first thing in mornjng

Posted: 24/01/2016 at 08:56

Physio told me to rest a further week to ice and stretch the gastric and soleus.

Going to see her again next week. I have been doing the eccentric heel dips.

I think I have actually made things worse by pushing off too hard when swimming which I've ramped up due to not running.

Made myself a makeshift night splint which I wore last night. So hopefully that has helped too.

Achilles - no pain only on pinching and first thing in mornjng

Posted: 16/01/2016 at 19:54
Hi To keep this to the point: Have been running regularly and my last run was last Sunday (6 days ago) and did my usual 17 miles. No pain after or during or no indication of anything building. Next morning and subsequent mornings my heel has been stiff in the mornings and tender on pinching. Is starting to feel less stiff but still tender. No pain during spinning swimming or walking. Will be a week tomorrow since I ran. Ok to run my usual long run? Answers gratefully received.

Pain back of knee and at side

Posted: 12/08/2015 at 14:06

ps..was diagnosed as ITB

Pain back of knee and at side

Posted: 12/08/2015 at 14:04

Thought i'd send in an update.

8 weeks on and 7 of those no running (just swimming and cycling).

Had physio (acupuncture, massage, strengthening exercise guidance)

Have been strengthening glutes with exercises given for all of the 8 weeks daily.

Started a walk/run program and my knee is feeling tight around the quad just above the knee and just doesn't feel right.

Tearing out now - feel disappointed.

Back to physio tomorrow.

For the past 7 weeks have had no problems/discomfort with walking.

Just wanted to vent my frustrations.

Pain back of knee and at side

Posted: 15/07/2015 at 21:57
Hi Ameet

Thanks so much for your very informative response.

I have already started the exercises as you have suggested and I noticed in my left side on the first exercise that there was some discomfort which to me says there is something obviously not right in that area. (Left side is the issue). I didn't feel the same with the right side.

So I will continue and once again thank you.

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