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Posted: 07/12/2009 at 16:21

>a Met League race that I've promised to run

....sounds like a 3 line whip for the GCR vs VPH relegation battle

JI - smashing run!

Sh*t - I've posted from MrsC's account, I'm in trubble. Coro

Training help for new mum

Posted: 12/10/2009 at 21:15

Congratulations on your baby! I did FLM a couple of years ago when my son was 8 months, so probably a similar timescale to you - ran/ walked for about 4 weeks from a month after the birth, then gradually built up frequency / duration of runs so I was ready to start a 14 week training programme around Christmas. 

The best advice I can give you is to post on this this thread -  Mums' running club . Lots of lovely ladies who are all running with young children and have loads of experience and advice to share.

Good luck!

Mums Running Club

Posted: 23/04/2009 at 11:28

Hello - just popping in to say a huge 'GOOD LUCK' to all the marathoners this weekend - I can't believe it's a year since I did FLM!

Hope you all have a great run whether it's in London or elsewhere - I'm hoping to be spectating around mile 25 in London as mrbob is running so I'll watch out for running mums.

sb x

Mums Running Club

Posted: 09/12/2008 at 23:13
Carovet - got your mail and will send you a liner to use as a pattern! It's nothing special but may help to keep M a bit dryer.  Do you boost the nappies at all?

Mums Running Club

Posted: 08/12/2008 at 21:03

Carovet - only skimmed through but I saw you were having problems with MEOS - I use shaped fleece liners I made myself which pretty much cover the inside of the nappy - sort of an hourglass shape but bigger at the back than in front.  I could send you one to use as a pattern if you wanted to make some (I just used standard fleece material from John Lewis).


Mums Running Club

Posted: 01/12/2008 at 23:05

RE: daytime naps - Eddie never used to sleep in his cot in the day when he was very little - he wouldn't settle at all and just used to nap on the go in his pram mainly.  Now he's much happier to go for his daytime sleep ( he normally has one a day) in his cot if we're at home - I can put him down awake if he's tired and he'll snuggle down, chat to his toys for a bit and doze off.  I think he started doing this around 8 months - sort of around the time he was sleeping for a decent amount at night and eating 3 full meals.  It's worth keeping trying if it's something you'd like to happen as their preferences do change (and keep changing!) over time.

TB - hope JP feels better soon

JT - hope you get a proper diagnosis for your knee this week so you can start getting it better - must be so frustrating

Mums Running Club

Posted: 01/12/2008 at 20:39
Sequin - sorry, forgot to say hope Freddie recovers quickly - sounds grim.  Poor Freddie and poor you!

Mums Running Club

Posted: 01/12/2008 at 19:39

JG - it's fine to try them with lumpy food and finger food from 6 months - I did it with Eddie and had no problems - we bypassed baby rice and purees completely.  I think the important thing is if they're sitting up unaided they won't choke on lumpy food - they might gag as they get used to the texture, but it's not actual choking.  Have a look at some BLW websites for more info.

Nessie - I ran at 4 weeks post-section and had no problems - I was very confident that I knew how my body was healing though as it was my 3rd section.  My advice is have a go at run-walking when you're ready, don't overdo it and if there's any tenderness around your scar then ease back - but you should be pretty well healed at 5 months, I should think.

Mums Running Club

Posted: 30/11/2008 at 21:05

lol JT - x-post - I hadn't seen your post before I started writing mine! Yes I am lurking today

(PS have just been told off by my nearly teenage daughter being too old d to say lol!)

Mums Running Club

Posted: 30/11/2008 at 20:49

Lizzy - I'm sure it's not what you want to hear but the feeding sounds normal to me - babies can vary so much.  All mine have been quite voracious feeders early on - feeding every 2 hours and cluster feeding in the evening till around 4 months.  It's important to make sure you're getting enough rest and eating enough to keep up your milk supply, I think.  But it will get better and easier to cope with! 

We also did something along the lines of BLW this time with Eddie and it worked really well for us - we didn't start weaning till the week before he was 6 months, then started him straight into finger foods and mashed foods - I haven't ever pureed anything for him.  The first few weeks were spent getting used to the taste and texture of food, but he soon got the hang of it.  I tried to make one meal finger food only (normally tea, so toast, fruit, steamed vegetables etc) , and do a mixture for the other meals (porridge as a finger food isn't so great!).  The benefit of waiting till later on was that he could cope with lots of textures ( I think he had a couple of teeth, but apparently it doesn't matter if they don't) and you don't have to exclude much if anything from the diet - there are certain things they're not supposed to eat before 6 months. Anyway - it worked well for us and he's a pretty adventurous eater now (but so are my other 2 who were weaned on purees at 12 weeks - the recommended age 12 yrs ago! - and 20-ish weeks respectively, so it probably didn't make much difference at all). Another tip is to move onto the type of food you eat as a family as soon as possible as it makes life so much easier all round.

MM - I'll look out for you at Royston then! I'm trying to run the whole series this year - although currently running very poorly.  Good luck for the next few days.

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