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Brathay Windermere Marathon

Posted: 21/05/2007 at 19:06
Huge congratulations to all of you and so glad we got the weather to order! I was on the finish line helping the announcer, sorry if we didn't get everybody's names but when runners finished in clusters we didn't have the time. It was absolutely brilliant watching the finishers and the general atmosphere was great for those of us who weren't running...

It seemed virtually everybody had a good race and with the spectators enjoying the weather I'm told the beer tent ran out of beer and the kitchen out of food before everybody went home.

We hope to have more photos & race report on the Brathay website tomorrow.

Brathay Windermere Marathon

Posted: 19/05/2007 at 09:02
Hello everyone,

I just looked at the list of forum runners and there are several names I recognise from when I was a regular visitor to these forums! (hi Vrap & CumbriaAndy) I work at Brathay and so will be there tomorrow along with pretty much every other member of staff to help the day go smoothly. The 'stone facing the lake' is actually the John Adair Thinking stone and is easy to spot from the front of the building facing the lake. I'll see if I can help with the signage tomorrow.

Did you know a world record was broken here yesterday when the 10 in 10 marathon runners ran their 8th around the lake? It's been brilliant watching them set off and come in - some very late in the day, and what an achievement.

Best of luck folks! I'll be cheering at the start and finish line.

Fell Running

Posted: 22/07/2006 at 18:53
Well done Garrett, can't imagine doing half that distance in the heat so good on you.

Little running this week due to work/home combo and now planning mountaineering trip to Arctic circle week after next. Will see what events can be fitted in the rest of the summer.

Run well all.

Wed 19th July 2006

Posted: 19/07/2006 at 22:54

Can't keep up with posting at the moment as am mega busy with work and play:). Just quickly:

- congrats on your pregnancy Minks, lovely news!

- commiserations on injury/ops etc BR, LizzyB (will email you soon!)

- GOOD LUCK ironmaidens, debbo, melissa, mellifera and also Monique.

Hello to everyone else!

Highlight for me recently was supporting leg 3 Dunmail to Wasdale of Bob Graham round last Sat - another forumite, and he did it in 23.19 so that was a fab event to be part of supporting. Other than that, running for pleasure and climbing as much as possible in this lovely weather. Feeling fit and happy!

What: 45 mins on the scar.
Why: back too late from work to make club session.
Last hard: Leg 3 BG round on Sat, 17 miles, 7500 ft ascent.
last rest: Mon

A lot of my climbing mates have tattoos and I actually think they can be rather sexy if not overdone. Thought of having one myself but scared of the pain and feeling a bit too old to have one without giving off 'trying too hard to be cool' message.

Scooby, good on your son. It's pretty narrowminded and oldfashioned to judge your son by appearances. I've learned that as you get older you can express your individuality through behaviour, approach and responses to life situations & people rather than simply look & image. But would never had had the self awareness and confidence as a teenager to see that.

Run well folks.

Bob Graham SOS

Posted: 17/07/2006 at 21:28
Wow, what a day for us and massive congrats again to you Andy! We really enjoyed being part of your event and learnt lots about how the support needs to work. Absolutely cracking day out for us, and even had a mad idea of coming back to Keswick for the finish but in fact collapsed in bed early sat evening after all that sunshine so can hardly imagine what it must have felt like for you after the whole round! I must say, the mother in me was a bit worried about you coping with heat like that which makes it even more of a phenomenal achievement. Good fun meeting the rest of your support too.

Monique - don't bank on me making an attempt though have to say I feel more inspired now, and jake definitely wants to have a go. Great how the forum support comes into its own. Can't see why you wouldn't do it too come to think of it!

Look forward to detailed report andy, rest those legs well.

Fell Running

Posted: 16/07/2006 at 08:44
Hi, just heard Andy made it in 23.40, absolutely delighted for him and awesome achievement in very hot conditions. Wasn't sure how he'd fare as he was looking quite rough when we left him so doubly relieved for him.

We did well on the 3rd leg, about 17 miles/7500 ft ascent; won't steal Andy's thunder by describing how and why but he was 25 mins ahead of schedule at Dunmail and still 11 mins ahead by Wasdale. Absolutely cracking day out for us, possibly less enjoyable for him!!

Good luck with Great Hucklow/Kentmere horseshoe, think we're going climbing so won't be there to support. What can you do when the gods hand such conditions to us?

Fell Running

Posted: 14/07/2006 at 21:57
Hi, I'm doing 3rd leg with Andy and a friend of mine; have spent most of the week trying to tap into local fellrunning networks!

Cracking forecast if on the hot side, off to bed soon for an early night.

Good luck in Kentmere fellrunner, it was on my list but this was more interesting. Might pop up to support though as it's Staveley carnival also and a good place to hang out on Sunday.

Best of luck with Snowdon FL.

Mon 19th June 2006

Posted: 19/06/2006 at 22:13

Haven't posted for a few weeks due to being totally immersed in new job. But gather from the thread that you're mostly alive and well. Just back from the LAMM and am completely wasted so will try to catch up bit by bit.

Mol, fantastic report, awesome achievement, you're an inspiration.

micksta, hope today's been OK for you, there must be a lot of emotion to go through.

Lizzy, I'm behind, what have you had done?! Get well soon, can empathise with your boredom.

Hello and congrats to everyone else on all your training!

Nrg-b, you sound so motivated and passionate about pose, I'm sure you'll make a terrific coach. Good news on the tax rebate too!

Scobos, looking forward to hearing how you got on in Assynt this weekend. This was certainly one of the toughest events I've ever done, bearing in mind it's over 2 days. It's impossible to describe how it feels if you haven't done one like it and I couldn't have imagined how difficult the terrain would be; practically all cross country, over mountains, contouring boulder strewn hill sides, clambering over tussocks, climbing scree, up and down through boggy peat hags, it was an achievement to run at all let alone fast. I loved the navigating part, finding the best routes and locating controls were a real challenge and very satisfying. Camped by a sea loch Sat night and woken at 5 am by guy playing the bag pipes as is traditional! Felt pretty weary on the second day - we took 9 hrs to complete on Sat and over 8 yesterday in total. Official distance a mere 44 km for our class but believe me distance is a totally different thing in the Assynt! Apparently the ascent was 2400 m over 2 days which seems too little given how we endlessly seemed to have to climb yet another hill - will measure up when I get the map back. Had a bit of a navigational 'mare and probably wasted at least 45 mins looking for 1 control on Day 2; amazingly we still improved our position over the second day. Weather was mostly misty with poor visibility but cleared towards yesterday afternoon. Good compass practice!
Did I mention the toilets? One ditch dug out with separate areas for men and women - the waist high tarpaulin had blown down overnight yielding a great view of rows of people crouching with their pants down!!
Wished I hadn't been so tired to start as new job is v demanding but still happy with position - 98/136 finishers, s further 30 odd at least dnfd in our class. 7th female pair out of 15 starting- should have entered B class as there were no female pairs in that class!
Back's all scabby from pack rubbing but no major damage, just wrecked and feel like staying in bed for a week.

Wednesday 24th May 2006

Posted: 24/05/2006 at 23:49

Very late to be reading and must go to bed so sorry haven't read all today's thread, but had to post a massive 'truly awesome congrats' to you trini, and your inveterate team. I was really trying to visualise going through the different stages of your adventure race, my god, you need such a lot of endurance. Glad Gilly got to do her bit at the end as she must have been really frustrated. As for your head, sounds like you were really lucky. Brilliant event, brilliant tale, well done.

Lizzy, good on you, just met my neighbour at training tonight; she did 9.24 at Fred Whitton and was happy with that; was very impressed with your time.

Training tonight was pyramid sess on a hill using flags the coach had set out with glee further and further apart, actually found it q easy, obviously wasn't trying hard enough, and had 2 days rest Mon/Tues due to new job so fresh legs.

Night all.

Fell Running

Posted: 22/05/2006 at 22:30
Glad I'm not the only one Loz! Hope your calf gets better soon, sounds wise to give it a rest.

Congrats on your relay Darren, what's next then?

Focused on preparing for the LAMM now; got another fell run up Ill Bell in yesterday; more hill runs planned for week to come, then it'll be as good as it's gonna get. LAMM partner and I have agreed we won't get hammered the night before LAMM though.

Darren, you should come up for Kentmere horseshoe in July, it' a cracking run.
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