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Posted: Yesterday at 22:19
Clive I had bad injury problems last year and used various shoes resulting in supinating. Or possible supinating led to injury..As Giddy said though - I went and brought a solid supportive but responsive shoe and used brooks Glycerin 12 all the time for a few months for all my runs and even raced in them, I found them pretty stiff but really controlled me and helped me get over my injury

I got some orthotics fitted from NHS Physio though which did help too

I then switched to brooks ghost which is a little lighter, more responsive but still feel control on my feet

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Posted: Yesterday at 19:42


35.31m for the cutback week (last week) with 1 session

170.82m for the month / 5 rest days / 7 hard days inc 1 parkrun.

27 cycling miles

Last 6 weeks running averaging 41 miles per week

Average weight for the month 71.3KG

Onwards and upwards! 


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Posted: Yesterday at 17:00
Thanks Ceal! It really is a lovely feeling! Especially days like today getting out on the IOW for a run, although not long back in Southampton now

7.4 miles along the seafront then up culver cliff "the hard way" which instead of up the trails is up the steeper road bit, not as bad as I thought but worked for it. Felt pretty good all run and averaged 6:43 m/m

Tomorrow's plan has changed a bit as I will do a double or even triple day with Kyle tomorrow - 2 x 30 minutes steady and maybe gym later in the evening.

Will do gym Tuesday and I am unsure how rest of week will pan out so will do weights one day and strength / core the other

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Posted: 28/02/2015 at 20:09
Nice long running Scott, 61-62 is decent shape

LSH - hopefully won't do any damage but will be good to run

Just over 4m "recovery" run this evening, aim was to keep HR at 13x but very very windy on the IOW along the seafront and I have been tired today so was raised a bit

Averaged 141 though and still 7:06 miling

8m steady tomorrow and hopefully get it done AM. Having Mia overnight extra so can't run Sunday PM. Possible chance take the day off and switch it but whatever

Been a good day. Daughter turned 3 . Can't believe it

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Posted: 27/02/2015 at 21:47

You wear lycra whilst cycling so a wetsuit can't be that bad?  

It's a shame I can't do the whole swimming thing although I am meant to be having a chat with my surgeon as I still haven't got a date for my op yet and now I'm thinking may delay it. If I can swim I will definitely take that up as it's zero impact and not weather impacted. Needs less time for benefit compared to biking too but we will see. 




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Posted: 27/02/2015 at 18:08

Seeing as I will be away tomorrow I will post next weeks plan 

Week 5 of the program

Keeping things simple Tuesday as I want to hit this session given the last two weeks were a bit off, and I as I said earlier. I still feel a little out of touch with where I am at.. Friday gets a bigger session (9.6km) but will look to slow things down and get it finished. 

Saturdays plan is to include a park run. This will probably end up being a threshold effort but will see. I don't want to run hard two days in a row and the priority is the session of course. 

I may switch Thursday / Friday but back to work Thursday on a crappy 9:30-6 shift so it's a little more difficult to get session done unless I head to the track....

Will be around 50-55 miles for the week 

4 weeks till Southern road relays. 3 till Eastleigh 10km.. 8 weeks till Southampton 10KM

I think the plan will hopefully be a solid 3 weeks training and ease up in 4th week a tad for the southerns to try lay down another marker. Unlikely to run Eastleigh either flat out or at all but will see.. Will want to race a 10KM before my goal race in April but it may take getting someone to pace me on a bike and get a full effort down if that's the case. 


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Posted: 27/02/2015 at 16:24
Sounds like a plan mate, It does suck not running! I do feel a bit out of touch with running this time and I think it's just having been out the game of racing and things, I think the more I do sessions and stuff I feel like I'm getting attached again. Harder when fitness is not the same too..

My mate was talking about duathlons in September. He's thinking of trying to make GB team though he doesn't do any cycling though lol!

Better weather = better cycling opportunities so not all is lost! If you can run 2/3 times a week even in a few months you could build on that fairly quickly if you cycle lots inbetween and then maybe mojo will come back!

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Posted: 27/02/2015 at 09:01

Steady 5m with 8 hill reps of an old hill I used last year in the middle. Short and steep. Not full out efforts but it makes you work hard enough as it is. Not classed as a session as I did hard yesterday but just wanted to get the legs working rather than the usual flat roads

I remember last year when fit doing 14 and the mile or so home @ "tempo" so something to aim for..

So tomorrow an easy 5 will make around 36/37 miles for the week and finish the month on about 170m..

Nice to have another month bagged. 5 rest days but just 2 runs of 10m so March I will hope to get those long runs in and aerobic system working.. 

Patience and consistency coming through and niggles seem to be at bay so that's really good! About 8 weeks on the bounce now  

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: 27/02/2015 at 07:11
Dachs nice 11miler!

IC - good effort on the bike I haven't used mine for ages. I miss sweat fests!

Sound running PMJ - looks very promising to fall into place for the big day

Bus - it will come for sure, if you can run that quick it'll just be some longer stuff / tempos to bring it together. Good session and then double to back it up

AG - I think coming away with a session like that is great, leaving some in the tank and hitting 5k pace on first session can't complain

Dean / Simon / Matt - class 800s and then Dean again with the 400s. I also did a variant yesterday... 1m (3:00) 6x800 (2:00)

Matt - I think it'll be a case of tagging people. Race like that is so deep there will be a few strong lads in front..I think you may have to clock watch a bit and keep it below 5:10 and if not push up but I'm sure you will be fine, I think the TH stuff will see you through despite lack of volume sessions, you have clearly got quicker even judging from those 800s and that session the other day were 5m/m pace - you ran mid 32s before this round of training and even just laying the mental feel out is a confidence booster IMO. Not to mention the TH stuff at 5:3x pace!

Cutback week for me, still 6/7 days, but c5m each day and my "long run" was 8m.

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 26/02/2015 at 22:54
Ah yeah of course, any aims for the race or see what unfolds?

I plan 8 Tuesday + 10 Wednesday probably incorporating some steep hill efforts in there

Don't go back to work till Thursday if anything fits?
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