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Posted: Yesterday at 22:36
Insane quality indeed! Look up John Gilbert on Strava, quality runner and came 12th.. 31:17 but then did 15 miles after 5:40 odd pace! Mental!

Great you got out for some miles, don't go too fast!

I got out for a run but perhaps should have skipped it, yesterday felt the top of my foot and inside shin niggling, was ok in the evening and set out to run. Kyle was doing his long run so met me near the quays and we headed over the common.

Very wet and windy but I felt fantastic other than the pain in my leg.

8m coming in 7m/m basically and very low HR 134 / 70.5 would have been even lower if conditions were different.

But got home and inside ankle / shin is black, bruised? swollen and tender to touch. Maybe I am just silly with the pain and ignore alot given my other problems and maybe that's what's led to injury before, maybe I don't know when to stop. Done the whole RICE procedure and messages Kyle a picture and he wants me over tomorrow to have a look at it - Tibia posterior I don't know

Gutted but maybe a few days off it'll come to nothing, my panic now is having the time off between now and the op and then adding the recovery time :/

PS - had googled for RR10 the other day and they weren't up but now they are I will need to join a club fast but likely to be Soton or itchen which means I'll host the first one..

Looks good to target the first one May 4th

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: Yesterday at 09:39
Hopefully you can mate, been a bit of a slow start for you this year with that injury holding you back. With what you started to run in the likes of that mile etc you will really run fast this year

Two things now -

Maybe a stress reaction in my foot, top side in the left opposite the plantar problems a little tender and swollen so taken chance to rest, felt it at work yesterday but seems better today. Then mainly a horrible day at work yesterday, suffered severe cramps and bleeding whilst going to the toilet at least 4 X.. Nearly ducked out of my shift but managed. Got home and dug out my medication, prescription buscopan, tramadol and the steroid cream. Wonder if it's just an affect from when they examined me and "opened" me up a bit. Woke up with cramp Meds worn off but feel 10x better today and no blood when I went to the toilet

Foot is also better, but I skipped the run. I have a window to run tonight after work at 6:15ish and then a gym date perhaps about 7:30

In regards to races Scott, I'm hoping I'll recover in time to run well at Southampton 10km, that'll be just more of getting sharpness back though, I am looking at the RR10 series of course this year and then track open meets or BMC in Watford long term focussing on the night of the PBs in May, the time frame should be fine for late May post op to run hopefully close to 32

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 06/02/2016 at 10:59

Week 6 plan..

I am down the hospital Monday for 11:30 about the ears but working something like 7-10 first

Al P has talked about another steady run effort which maybe done Tuesday in which case I will do the 400s Monday afternoon. I am away to the IOW Friday after work, I will likely plan a core session that evening and maybe Gym on Sunday (Tomorrow / Wednesday PM.

 Each easy day I have put W/Hills, this will be 6 x 10-15s hill efforts done as close to the end of the run as possible or the repeat 1 mile loop of the athelstan route I've done twice now

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 06/02/2016 at 10:52

 End of the week. Hit the mileage target. Happy keeping things capped at this and hit the 2 sessions well as well as the decent long run..

The other runs seem to have dropped in pace a bit, an increase in fitness I am sure..


Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 06/02/2016 at 10:49

Plan was to do my "workout" today as I did my long run yesterday in the form of that steady run.. 

I had thought about laying down an all parkrun time as I would have ran Chichester tomorrow but the weather was crap today, a nippy wind and I wasn't going to taper for a parkrun 

I played around with the idea of some reps afterward but depending how I felt or if I could be arsed I would see

Hoping that someone like Waldron or the likes would be running somewhere close to 16 and I think I could get close I got down there

My warm up was terrible and I felt this tickly throat nagging. I opened up some strides and saw what looked like a decent club runner on the start in a BMC (British miler club) vest. Quads the size of my chest, hoping he would either push me or be a lead out I perked up a bit as there was no one else I recognised

We start out fast, as I do normally but I'm behind him, up the first hill and through 1km in 3:05ish. Cool. Super fast. Too fast. 

We both ease back but he drops off, I feel I am strong on the hills but also like to maintain momentum, he comes back on my shoulder and past me coming up to mile 1 (5:16)

Down the other side and the wind is coming across us strong, I feel good and controlled though I'm not looking at my watch. Through back round 2km in about 6:30 ish and then onto 3km in 9:41 (The KM markers by the parkrun not garmin) Back up the hill for second time and he has gapped me now but we are also lapping runners, probably the clearest run I remember here though. 2nd mile up in 5:17

When I ran my PB (On the same course, my splits were 5:03 / 15 / 01 - So I take some credit here not slowing big time in the middle.. 

This is probably to slowest km now though. And I know obviously 13:00 mins is where I want to be. I remember it being 13:10 ish but that means a much faster last 1KM.. 

Through the last section and thinking about my form, it's probably poor but I am feeling ok. I plough on a few glances at the watch and head down, headwind pissing me off

Mile 3 in 5:17 again and I'm fairly pleased with the run, into the finish. 2nd in about 16:21.. I have left my barcode in the car. FFS, anyway I know want some reps

I've lapped the splits now and heading back to the car, I said 5 mins rest and I have the barcode by about 4:40 so then I turn and start the reps towards the scanners.

600s off 90s. Thought about 2, then 3. Mayb I can drop in some 400s. Oh just get on with it! 

1st one takes me back to the scanners. 1:55 - Scan in then carry on to finish a solid session actually post parkrun. Had to dodge quite a fewdogs, runners and go on to the sloppy grass at times but head down and ploughed on..

Parkrun 16:21 (5:00) + 5 x 600m (90s) 1:55 / 1:54 / 1:52 / 1:53 / 1:56

OK so 5km slower than I went through in Romsey, bearing in mind that was flatter than a treadmill and perfect conditions I'm happy. Also quicker than any 5km I ran last year

With warm up / down and recoveries mileage for the day - 7.99 :S OCD alert

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: 05/02/2016 at 22:49

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: 05/02/2016 at 22:49
Coming to the bottom of things nicely SG and hopefully now turned a corner and you can think of doing something over than 60 MPW with no goals etc

Been reading several training methods and ideas, came across Drew hunter, the US high schooler (18) who ran 7:59 - Lots of talk how he follows a different training approach to most other "elite" runners, all easy stuff at 7m/m and workouts and something called CV pace.

Worth a little read, and also a pace / training calculator which shows training paces and is allegedly very accurate

Is has 15:51 / 26:04 / 33:03 for 5/8/10 km

And I'm at 15:52 / 26:08 / 33:00

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 05/02/2016 at 08:28

Yeah I noticed the relays being cancelled! Wonder why. Eastleigh will see a quality field you're right

Hope the interview went well

A solid run this morning. Bit of a tickly throat but ran well. Out to top of Itchen bridge to meet Al then proceeded out to the park and did the loops. Getting into the swing of this now and nice to run the same route and compare.

We managed 11 steady with about 1 mile before (.86) and nearly 2 after meeting Kyle on the way back..

Knowing Al he is still probably running as I'm sat wrapped in a warm towel

11m Steady averaging 6:22 but ending 2 miles 6:06 / 5:49 which is rather decent

HR 155.6 / 81.8%

Pleasing, foot was tender to start but seemed ok throughout 


13.72m @6:33 - 1:29:49 time on feet and HR 80.5%

Work 1:30-10. Back to bed??

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 04/02/2016 at 18:22

45 minutes strength and conditioning afetr work, got there for about 5 and worked through everything fine. Felt good, felt stronger on some of the exercises.. 

Bit tired though now, feel a bit run down

Working around my plans I am dropping the planned session for this week for something different Saturday but will be a session of some sort

Tomorrow will be my "long run" with c70 minutes or 11m steady with ALp..


Rectal bleeding and running.

Posted: 04/02/2016 at 17:00
Interesting Nessie!!

I have found I feel a bit tired and stuff during the day now where as when I was being super strict I felt amazing!! My IBS and toilet habits aren't as good as they were too..

Really going to have a look tonight then and go back to the diet plan!!
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