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Posted: Today at 10:18
People respond to different tapers with recovery speeds and thresholds

This in turn will become clear what works for you over experience

I've been through a study with a friend who advocated lower volume but keep intensity the same (or just a bit easier)

General rule for a 3 week taper could be

75/50/25 %

I'd probably go with the last hard run 10 days out as nothing will change fitness wise. But anything harder after could make you more tired for the race.

I'd keep active the day before the race too not take a complete rest day .. Easy / steady running with some harder efforts + strides will tick you over for the big day

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: Today at 09:07
Cheers Matt! Had a few bad days and tightness from the HM but seems to be ok and after last night feel surprisingly good and niggle free

When you say someone is running fast then yourself running 5minite miles it really does sound crazy! A top 5km and to be consistently smashing 16:00 is a fantastic place to be!

Kinda sucks that a PB could have been ok the cards if it wasn't down to dodgy timing perhaps!

What HM is that Matt or is it a fell one? In guesstimating low 70s for sure based off the 10miler possibly even 70/71...

Was having a giggle about Dean in nurse stockings to be fair too!

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Posted: Today at 09:03
Thank you Ceal! Appreciated!!

I may start counting my WU but generally the warm down is very slow etc..

Still feeling ok and the "other issue" has got better and didn't feel worse after last night so that's good..

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Posted: Today at 06:39
Surprisingly fresh this morning. In fact my ankle felt so "normal" I jumped out of bed to check it was still on the end of my leg!

I felt good. No tenderness. No stiffness. And from what I feel and remember better than when I felt better over the last few weeks.

Awesome! Will have to see what I feel like after a run later! The cycle to work woke me up, I was bleary eyed but whizzed over to work. First time in about two weeks I've been on the bike..

I did employ one new strategy last night and whilst sat at home after my run I had my legs elevated but a simple heat pad around both feet/ankles every so often turning which side legs were on.. Seemed to have helped, lots of tingling last night during which suggest blood flow.

As said though will see how I am after walking round here all day then a run...

It was 10 planned but probably settled for 8 then 6 Saturday to bring up around 55 for the week

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: Yesterday at 21:39

Mile splits of 

5:25 / 5:43 / 5:46 / 5:42 Pretty happy with that once pace settled 

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: Yesterday at 21:38

Just in from race and will do a small report.. Shame about the last few runs LSH, I'd not run and maybe give any cycling a cut back too? 

Felt ok most of the day and got to the race with plenty of time.. Saw a lot of the big guns out and with it being the last in the series was bound to be a good fight! The overall prize was still to be decided on tonight! 

Saw Matt Bennett and had a catch up, his aim is Sub 2:25 at Amsterdam Marathon in October...Damn! Nick, Matt, Stephen all in force and Kyle Hackett running for Southampton too made for a deep first 10...Me and Matt warmed up together running 20 minutes at a decent clip too.. (No garmins though) 

A slightly rushed start and we lead of in a large group but the names mentioned take the lead and it's a fast and furious pace. Not sure why but a Stubbington lad led out for 1KM at a stupidly fast pace but then dropped out... 

I'm in around 8th with guys around me and this feels ok, my legs feel strong although not fresh. The course was 3 laps and started with a slight incline before coming down and around.. Halfway round and we are thinned out, a few turns and I'm pretty happy with whose infront.. A lordshill runner I belive to be Ant Gritton overtakes and brings along another Romsey guy with him (Unknown to me) 

So I fall back but I'm just focusing on my effort output for now.. As we come onto the flats it's fast. I look down and I'm sub 5:20 miling yet no where near the leaders! Yikes! 

Up over the first loop and I'm feeling fine, I then catch up Kyle who drops back and the Lordshill runner has dropped the Romsey guy. As we turn round trees I see the lead group isn't that far ahead as such but a real tussle...

2nd lap complete and around 3miles + change I am still feeling strong so decided to try push to catch Romsey.. Kyle then appears and we work together for a few hundred metres before he tails off again. I can't get my legs to go much faster than 5:30 pace but Romsey guy isn't coming back to me anyway.. I continue the effort feeling strong but things have become difficult having to overtake lots of people now who are on the 2nd lap.. Frustrating given the course dynamics but oh well.. Same for everyone.. 

Up the final incline down round a good chunk of gravel path and again I feel solid although not fast so to speak.. I am pleased with how the race has gone and a quick glance shows Kyle wont catch me, I can't see past the Lordshill guy so have no idea whose winning  

Into the finishing area and a little spurt to cross the line.. 7th 

Securing 3rd overall in the series. Happy with that..

Matt Bennett taking victory and Stephen 2nd with Nick 3rd.. So Southampton a 1,2,7,8 for overall victory today but also team prize! Nick Buis winning individual for 3rd year running

A nice warm down with Nick and Stephen back round the course made up some miles.. 

Around 2.8 mile warm up run (Going off just over 7m/m which is still generous I think) 

Race - 4.29m @5:38 miling 


1.48m WD @8:13m/m Nice easy convo pace 


8.57 miles for the day

In honesty my calves were fine during the race.. 1st time I've worn my Inov8s for around a month.. But my heel is tender now. Have to manage that. Not so much the achilles at all but can feel the odd throb.. Easy mileage rest of the week and may reduce tomorrow to 8m instead of 10...


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Posted: Yesterday at 14:57
Afternoon! Felt allright waking up, a bit lethargic this afternoon but daughter has 5x the energy I do!

So after playing and doing some walking I think I'll be ok to run. I have no pressure to beat Nick B + Co yet know the familiar faces I can have a good race agasint so a controlled effort.

A good outing will see me bag 3rd overall in the series plus contribute to team prize which we should win overall..

Legs much better feeling wise and Achilles + leg not groaning at me like the last two days

Foam rolled last night and this morning and boy did that hurt! Worked the region that's been hassling me and feels better

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 19/08/2014 at 21:30
Hopefully different Physio will give advice LSH, IronCat from other thread had suggested long compression socks as they work for him .. I think working the flexibility and suppleness of the lower leg first before trying then which is what in going to do

I still think it'll take more than one massage too. Maybe that's something that needs to happen! Re align those fibres then you can build on them. Stretching etc won't help if they are still broken down.. I think that's why I came good after the last massage I had, really worked everything!

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: 19/08/2014 at 20:24
Thanks IC - only the two races above 10 mile (Ryde 10 and this HM)

SG - A big step up (from 3 last week) but solid session 6 at that pace is very solid when you've not ran anything towards that pace over a long period of time

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 19/08/2014 at 20:02
Slow and steady run after work again. Legs felt heavy and breathing bad but guess it's tiredness, had a solid dinner and resting up now at brothers

Day out with daughter tomorrow and will make choice late whether to race / run in the evening

4.01m 7:16s - AV HR 136 - 29:09

Just over 10 for the day and just over 30 for the week now
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