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Posted: Today at 12:45
I think 90% is ok for a HM guess it depends on your own lactate threshold and how you've developed sustaining that pace for that long

Great effort getting out after work then, even better result. You could have found HR up purely on anxiety of doing that rushing around and stuff and not in the group. Wouldn't read to much into single session results

Good luck with that HM! Just let the legs do the job don't think time time time

45 mins on the elliptical yesterday morning and crushed my soul. Boring even with House on. How can I lay in bed and watch it chronically but not do the same exercising. Anyway, felt OK, left my HRM at home but checked with the machine every minute or so, experience told me it's a few beats higher than the watch so I averaged if out to around 120 which is low 60s % legs felt mashed after the ride though

Then out all day with Mia, very hot day, shortish notice out with John from Itchen on the bike about 6:30.. Was warm and he said we would head out to Hamble and do a few harder loops. Well he set of what I felt like a sprint straight away god knows how I would hold on lol..

Did ok but showed how weak I am still. Just getting some consistency in that's all. Really only done like 10 rides in the last year and all the last week lol, hardly going to be that fit! Anyway I cycled well we average 20mph basically and some mile splits when the wind was nicer to us coming in like 2:30/2:40

16 and a bit miles . HR a steady 82 ish %

Was meant for 5 x 5 elliptical today but my foot has been twinging a notch so waiting on what Steve says. Still not 100% as I said so a few good days and bad or off day like today is expected. Weirdly though my arse hole feels more pain today and isn't too comfortable

I got my dates through for a follow up and Botox which is in the next few weeks so glad it's happening quicker than I thought

Scott P! Huge run last night! But of a thread smackdown too, loads running very well

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 23/08/2016 at 20:42

For me a real solid double day. Foot has improved and leg is way better almost fine. Walking normally I guess. 

Foot hasn't really had any twinges apart from slightly now but have had a big day.. Feeling a lot stronger and much more rotation and stuff. Been doing the WU/WD on elliptical last few days to see if any reaction. Today was fine and tomorrow will be a full 45" on there with an aim to start running maybe in 1-2 weeks 

10 Mins either side on the elliptical then and then a session on the bike just after 6AM

10:00 (3:00) 10 x 2:00 (60s) - Really hard to get those 2 min segments done mentally pushing myself and getting HR upto 185 at the end shows I was really pushing physically. Covered nearly 30 KM

Worked normal shift till 4:30 odd and then home and Oli had planned to meet for a few miles on the bike 6pm.

28.5 miles later I come home buggered lol! Was hot! Kept an honest pace but was held up alot with lights and traffic but great to be out. Was a notch uncomfortable in the road saddle that long, will look to buy some heavier padded shorts

HR 152 for 80% but hit as high as 180s on hill efforts and stuff..

So 70KM for the day! 

Foot as I said was a bit twingy when I got in so will do my exercises and just chill now rest up! 

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 23/08/2016 at 20:37

Great few sessions Matt and again today on the 10 min bits! You've got in some great consistency you are right to think about a rest week. I'd probably opt even lower. You wont lose fitness and you can still keep intensity high just volume lower...

Scott, good solid hour again and you say heavy legs but it wasn't long ago 7:20 odd or slower would have been a standard run! 

Matt - As Scott said Soton or Lordshill, Soton is pricey but you have access and better travel set up for all events as well track nights. Itchen for example might not be in the Hampshire league XC...

Hampshire league starts October through to February and along the way you have county champs in January, southern champs, national champs and inter counties..

Anyone can do the national and it's well worth doing

CC/6 is more local but still high standard. I think my first main year running  I won a few but then now you have James phillips (GB triathlete and Richard Waldron smashing it up) 

Check website see what clubs cross both events off..

Good luck tomorrow Scott! Matt are you racing anytime soon? I looked and didn't realize Victory was in December! I May have time! 

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 22/08/2016 at 08:02

Some massage last night which was excruciating and just a normal rub of the hand over the leg is painful has helped this morning. It's a little better,  I can't see I pulled anything though as I'm sure nay gym stuff would hurt? 

I spoke to Steve and the foot is again better, marginal pain when massaging and nothing on foot rotation so we are gearing up to be able to run again soon I think. 

Plan was to try elliptical to see if there was any reaction. 

30 mins bike, managed just under 18km and then straight over to 20 mins elliptical. Keeping HR in check c140s 

No reaction so far, walking better and with less of a limp and generally ok. Will do some foot work later and then picking up GF from work early for another mammogram before heading into work myself this afternoon..

Getting there.

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 21/08/2016 at 13:56
Leg in pain still, constantly. Walking a bit better and a little less painful but it's so strange

GF gently massaged it but the slightest touch really hurt. As again yesterday I could cycle fine, 48km in 75 minutes HR 141 for 74.2% climbing into 150s though towards the end. Was a slog on the gym bike.

I think it's 215 km or so for the week, incredible for me that I couldn't and wasn't cycling all year and probably a good 12 months I reckon.

My foot is much better, a message to Steve to say I feel confident I could run on it today which is a great sign, obviously I will wait to see what's up with my leg, and wait till I have no pain at all in all movements for a few days and also no pain weight bearing, entering 6th week off running. Outwards rotations on foot today has really no pain. I need to try the calf raises / loading to test with weight bearing but again obviously avoiding so just happy to keep the cycling up, I've pretty much wiped all my fitness and running out having this time off, will probably be equivalent of nearly 5 months out this year (zero running) by the time I start again

7 weeks after op, entering 6th week here. Yuk

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 20/08/2016 at 16:50
We should just go out and cruise it together then Scott, sharing the load we could get a decent ride in. Might have to be the week after now as you probs won't do anything till after the race and I'll be away on the IOW Friday through. Maybe Thursday but I think I'm on late shift

Great session, saw you used the green again, very windy when I drove past and saw some footballer / coach trying to lay or pick up his cones! My washing machine has been broke for 2-3 days so had to pop laundrettes! Nightmare

Pleased with the session, so far works been a battle, very busy and ended up coming in early but the manager I mentioned must've read my post as she was busy as a bee in the unit limping around and its a nasty constant sharp pain which is buggering me, I can't say I've pulled my calf as I am stretching and walking with that tearing feeling just very strange. It does hurt to try stretch though and I did take a naproxen before I left with no effect

75'' mins planned for tomorrow and originally planned to meet John and some itchen guys at 8 for an hour but with several people off sick I'm going to have to go to gym earlier and last week I did 46KM so will probably aim for same effort and % resistance and round it off for 50km, I think I calculated right I've hit 200km counting the week from last Sunday...Not bad!

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 20/08/2016 at 08:34

Am I back to fucking square one?! Yesterday evening I just had a huge onset of bad muscle cramp, spasms and contraction style feelings in my left leg, mainly calf shin area. Started about 8PM have no idea what did it, carried on it the night and feels like I've torn my leg in half. It didn't change when I went to the gym and I wanted to see what would happen. 

Of course I cycled ok but it was stressful and weird, now I'm back to thinking this has to be some sort of nerve issue.


How the hell can I even get up to get to the gym, what is wrong with me? Why was my leg ok moving around but feels like this? 

It didn't hurt but I avoided doing my other exercises apart from the foot rotations, that area is ever so slightly improving. Heading for a 6th week off now 

Aside from that 34KM done, 12 mins either side WU / WD

Session was 4 sets of 4:00 (90s) + 2:00 (60s) Felt alright but now home and trying to massage out my leg it's bloody painful. I'm keeping the eyes of my naproxen and going to ring someone.


What the hell is wrong! Grrrr


Oh and work ringing me at 6:45AM can bugger off. There's a manager there who always wants me to come in early if there is a sicky (Which I luckily covered when the co worker called in last night at 9PM - all be it a few hours). When I do go in she's  just sat in the office, sorry get your finger out and cover a few hours on a till or doing some prep work and get over it, I'll be in on my time! 

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 19/08/2016 at 17:32
You could keep up on the bike don't worry! We will organise something l, let us know what you have an evening clear or something

Nick B going to the group will be epic, he's ran 32:0x 10km before off his own back and so solid in sessions he will bring himself on loads to his potential and also help the group! Nice! Hopefully I'll be there to join the winter

Good you can take positives from the race! You know you'll run very quickly so just a bit of patience and it'll happen. Will be good to run a 3km see what happens


Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 18/08/2016 at 19:27

A PB and cracking run, I don't think I have seen any tempos from you which would be vital for a 5km. You've done like 10 mins pre tempo runs but that's not going to cut that last mile...Shame you didn't get what you are really capable of but can't always work out. Matt ran so well pleasing for him and so did Dan H. You'll get another chance and run close to 16 if not beat it. Be careful of the niggle, a few easy weeks wont hurt and you've done so well to get here don't throw it away! 

I really hope the injections will help, getting everything to relax and strengthen should enable it to heal and the last bit of abcess and scar tissue perhaps to calm down irritating, she can cut away anything that's protruding if it irritates me so much


A good day for me. I sold my beat up old car yesterday through dad, 200 quid for it was a steal if you could fix it yourself as was actually mechanically sound otehr than blowing exhaust. Otherwise needed to much money for me spending on it at once Gave the money to Dad, originally I was going to buy the BMW (Might have seen on FB) but different things mean we're going to keep it at the IOW and I chose to get a car through finance.. Just now with Mia about to start school and what not, I need some newish reliable motor. Keeping in mind I have one child and maybe more on the way one day, I got something bigger as to me it's an investment and I won't be looking to change it. Felt chuffed with myself for that. 


Anyway - Point was he ended up giving me 80 quid out of it to get my bike fixed as that what the service was quoted at a while back. Really surprised and didn't want him too or expect it so thanks to him. Ended up ringing a local guy last night and he took it in late last night and fixed it today whilst I was at work. Needed quite alot, new gear level, new cables, new chain, hub, bearings, taping and what not so ended up 85£ so perfect!  

Took it out for a spin and felt like new! Was warned some corrosion has got in the back hub and all grease lost, he did as best he could but didn't replace that one as was another 40£ and said I could get a lot of miles still, so If I want that replaced over the months he can do it so I'll keep checking it..

Today started then with the session in the gym on the bike. Nearly finished HOUSE now needed another netflix series....

10 min (3:00) 2 x 6 min (2:00) 6 x 30s (30s) 

Felt ok but hard work, HR not as high as I wanted, guessing sustained bike efforts I need to get used to, did all my exercises. Legs feeling a bit worn. Gaining a bit with the strengthening though and less pain all round, still tender to massage, can do 20KG on single leg squat nicely now, doing calf raises / loading I'm getting that height and just about being able to hold onto my tip toes on my left foot. Still a long way to go 


Worked till 4:30 ish picked bike up and home, then did a 10mile loop on the road bike after. Just inside 33 minutes for just about 19MPH. Not bad! HR 80% AV 152

Arsehole feels ok! 

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 17/08/2016 at 08:18

45 Minutes this morning on the bike plus the exercises. Still not happy with the comfort and don't think a regular saddle would be too kind right now. Lucky with the soft fat saddles 

HR 134 creeping to mid 150s. Giving 70.5% AV. Just over 26 kilometres ridden too and over 100KM in 4 days. 

Foot feeling better but still pain on any outward rotation and still not change in how it feels massaging into it. Feeling a little stronger too, can manage single leg squats with 20kg on the smith machine as opposed to barely being able to do 4 or 5 on their own just over a week ago. 

It's nearly 5 weeks since my last run

Noted my weight hasn't shift and in fact I'm hitting 75 KG as opposed to 72/73 over the last few weeks...

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