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Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: Yesterday at 21:22

As for the running side of things I took yesterday and today to rest and do nothing. 

Just uploaded Garmin and my spreadsheet getting it upto date and had a look at some numbers and things.. 

202.74 for June and takes me to 1000.42 miles for the first half of the year.. Over 200 more than the same period last year (781.56)

34.74 the week leading upto the games and 37.81 the week during the games so really too many miles inbetween for what was meant to be easy! 

This week and next will be easyish with a view to focus new build up starting Sunday 19th

 All easy runs will be 5/6 mile and the LR this week cut to 10. Steady and efforts will be a slightly quicker run with 6 x 15s on/off or hill sprints..Next week 12m for he LR. Focus on the big session Friday and will aim 3:15-3:18s which is inside race pace 32:30-33:00 pace but with the recoveries should be ok

Mileage this week will be c34 and next week c40

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: Yesterday at 19:46

So, finally back home in Southampton! Stayed at mums last night on the IOW. Came over and been up AnE since 2PM and was there for 5 hours. Piles is no fun! Was feeling sick too so decided to go up on advise from 111 and the walk in clinic when I went before the games

Came away no better as such but a full blood count, liver, pancreas, renal blood check shows nothing serious is underlying and a viral infection at the most. Not much they can do about the piles other than painkillers and cream until I get the endoscopy to assess damage and will more than likely get them banded. GP to be called first thing! 


Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 04/07/2015 at 22:45
Ale - saw the message! I will see how the shorter specific focus goes and then think about the chase, dont want to cross over just yet whilst I'm coming down distance.

Not sure if there's anything indoor or it may have to wait till next year!

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 04/07/2015 at 22:40
Cheers Ale and Scott! I am sure shorter stuff is more suited to me but equally it'll help long term anyway raising my lactate threshold and stuff

I think you're also right about absorbing the races and training over the last few weeks too Scott

With regards to those times we shall see, don't want to put something silly down and get frustrated. Bit by bit but really first aim will be getting into PB shape (15:52)

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 04/07/2015 at 20:03
I would have said the same mate!

Easily mid 16s on a track or decent course with company there is no doubt. Sub 17 will be a distant memory soon when you can get things working together

Thank you for the words and encouragement though and from Scott and RiC..

Looking forward to the next 10km more now though and then also focussing on shorter things seeing what I can produce

Week to start new phase date starting July 20th

Aims 5km 15:44 or better

3km - 8:59 or better

Timeframe = end of 2015....

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: 04/07/2015 at 19:54
Hopefully Ale! Was amazing in fairness, watching and racing some class athletes was awesome and we had lovely weather all week! Well In fact the hottest week / few days ever recorded in Jersey. Come away getting a bug for steeplechase and cycling now though :/ weirdly when walking round the hotel had a few people asking if I was a cyclist...

Gotland 2017 - that will be nice! May have to explore other distances depending on who comes up in the team and with the likes of Tom + Joe wade they are likely to have first pick. Unless I can run a few 30 min 10km in 18 months....

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: 04/07/2015 at 16:05
It's a shame pavement PBs aren't being counted...

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 04/07/2015 at 16:01
Quite possibly RiC - I was going to reply to the post before the report but didn't.. I don't think it's hindered me and hence why I left it off the thread but in reality it possibly may have done!

Scott - good luck at RR10! Is that Wyvern? And as said above! Unless a combination of being in 30c for 4 days took a slight toll that's the not other thing. That or my body just isn't quite ready for races and I need to get on top of the sessions

Spoke to the guy whose was helping me and we are going to look at HR data over my next few days / sessions and the 10km race in Brighton and use that going into the next training block which will start in 2 weeks or so ( week post Brighton)

Also coming down in distance focus wise maybe something I need

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 04/07/2015 at 12:43
I push from 300m reeling in Paul but the crowds cheers spur him on and the last 100m is another sprint finish - would bet money on me winning 10/10 here but he held me off and I cross the line 34:21 and he's beat me by .82 of a second.

Disappointed to run such a poor second half

First place 30:04 and missed games record by 1 second!!

The lad behind who was lapped ( afterwards found he had suffered heat stroke) although finished was not in a good state, heroically the guy who won (fantastic chap) was allowed back to run with him or walking mainly the last few hundred meters and with the huge crowd cheering and supporting it was a really really nice moment! He was only 15 and out of his depth and the 42 minutes of pain that it took shouldn't have happened. But he was well looked after and is ok now.

Frustrating to run well in the HM and then on the last day having waited all week to run poorly but thats life. Over it now had my sulk and look forward to training and seeing what will happen in Brighton

A few things for me though that I kept of the thread pre games just in case but have developed are my haemorrhoids. They are back and very bad and I've been bleeding daily and booked in for an endoscopy soon. I've not had problems since I had them operated on a few years back so unsure why they are back and obviously at my age I shouldn't be getting them this severely this often..Guessing that's why I had all the bloatedness and things a few weeks ago and it was all building up. Doctors and AnE the week before the games confirmed this then and antibiotics were given. Had some painkillers (tramadol + dihydrocoedine) but not done much other than make me rather drowsy at times..pain is enough that I can't walk straight or sit down for much

Rest up and recover now and will all be easy running for the week and a day / weekend off no running is due

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 04/07/2015 at 12:42
Race report - Natwest island games 10KM

Come Friday I felt ready, I'd had two "easy" massages and worked my quads and two pool recovery sessions which helped flush lactate acid out and loosen the legs.

I'd ran every day in some form or another since the week proceeding the games and if I ever do something like this again I'd probably have more of a taper. I still think my current fitness is yet to come through and maybe next week in Brighton if I run I can run well and it'll come together

We suffered a heatwave from the Saturday arriving and saw the hottest day ever recorded in jerseys history's and then temperatures of over 30c daily it was not kind on the body. Hydrated and ate well - sun cream often which really helped

So, race day and legs seem ok, I didn't have any tenderness and was rested. I enjoyed watching some of the other sports in the week and seeing some real quality athletes compete.

The numbers in training and then from the half indicated I could run around 34:00 give or take and at a push in a good field 33:30 was 100% on

Plan was to run even splits let the field do the work and use people where possible. I was drawn on inside lane 3rd in and there were around 20 of us with be other half breaking in.. I wanted a quick enough start to get in a group and not have to do early work

I've done the maths and 80 per lap is about right. Perfect. Anything from 16:45-17:00 I'm happy with and the slower first half the more I'd look to pick it up

Gun goes and we cruise around in 76/77 a little quick but I settle behind a group of 4, front 3 are already ahead having gone through in around 70.

Plays out ok for the first 5 laps hitting near perfect 2:3x/4:00/5:16 splits and in feeling comfortable. A few jossles and Dan halksworth makes a blistering attack breaking the group up and only one guy goes with him and Paul C just behind him, the big Gotland guy who I ran with in the half joined us and quickly took over shielding us.

Through the laps like clockwork now and I'm keeping an eye on Paul and the others.. 5:28 2nd mile and I feel a little lethargic already, However plan is panning out and I am gradually reeling in Paul and lad from Orkney. I overtake them and put a little spurt on, 5km is up not much later in 16:45 on the nose, I've been lapped already though.

The next KM / 1200m seems to be a blur with me then pulling upto the water station (at 200m line) and having to drink and pour some over my head, I know I'm suffering and in for more. Gradually the group has drifted and faded and then re joined me with everyone slowly passing me, Paul passes and Orkney lad, then Gotland and the others who lap me. No one is with me and only 1 guy behind who I then lap (he was 15 more on that later)

So I daren't glance at my watch but I do and I'm 5:50 miling, I have no legs, no where to hide and a maybe a thousand plus spectators watching the show.

I just focus on maintaining a relaxed rhythm and getting the race done, I can't force anything out of myself and can't make myself hurt, I pass the lap counter watching it took slowly 8/7/6. Ok now 2km to go I look at the clock and I think 5m was up in low 28s so I know I can still run an ok time but up ahead Paul and the Gotland guy are just gradually coming back. I muster all the strength I can and move my lead legs as fast as I can and start to feel better once I came under a mile to go. 800m and the race is finished for some, I can see Paul 50/60m or so ahead still and think if i can salvage anything I'll catch him.. As I past 400m I look at the clock and see 33:00ish so PB time- (lad takes me on the line finishing 5th 33:02)

I push from 300m reeling in Paul but the crowds cheers spur him on and the last 100m is another sprint finish - would bet money on me
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