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Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: Today at 07:46

That's impressive returns from low mileage! More isn't always better! 

Thanks! Hopefully the base will start showing, I feel fitter just need 6-8 weeks of solid consistent sessions and I will be confident to run well..


Easy 5.3m this morning (In the wind) Heavyish legs but felt allright

5.32m @7:24 - HR 135 / 71%

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: Yesterday at 20:45

PP - Heard his name a few times but didn't realise he was a team mate! Nice nippy youngster. Well, faster than all of us combined I reckon! 

I am sure Brownless were national XC champions? 

Obviously they are sub 30 10KM runners too..

We've had a similar discussion before but I think they have pretty much maxed out their potential running wise. Given the volume of training they do and stuff they are full time athletes. If I could swim I'm sorry to say I'd really consider triathlon.. 

Duathlon is on the cards for me next year though if I ever get my arse into gear!! 

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: Yesterday at 20:39

Yeah, I knew you'd be strong when fit, as you have run under 33 but I was surprised a little too

Have you upped the mileage? Hope everything is working out outside of running too

As I said though, not doing Victory or any races till the new year now so good luck! You should fly if conditions are right. 

Long Run as Percentage of weekly mileage

Posted: Yesterday at 18:30

You will get more of an aerobic stimulus if you run longer, becoming more efficient

I think in this case having the long run as 50% of the weekly mileage is ok. Purely because you are running so small in the week.. there's people who run twice a week for example so how could they get around that?

If you are cut for time you should think about doing 2 interval sessions a week and one longer run.. Or 1 session, 1 tempo run and 1 long run. Far more beneficial for 3 runs a week than 3 steady runs. Depends on your goals though too..

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: Yesterday at 18:19

Yeah Dijkstra, he's quality and indeed faster by comparison. Mahamed beat him the other week but he seeked revenge! I know it sounds a bit naughty but for Ben (Dijkstra) He's doing the right thing with triahtlon, obviously multi talented but I think long term he will make money out of triathlon not running. Mahammed I am sure will be better long term.

Hoping that achilles is holding up! 

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: Yesterday at 17:23


I glance at the watch and still know a respectable time is on the cards so wind back though the town, finally turn. Oh 200m to go what a waste - couldn't we have run the route in reverse :P 

Bit of a last effort and through to take 4th in 57:23 by my watch 

Last mile 6:10

2nd 5m splits - 29:12 ish

So 57:23 - 5:44 pace.. Would have been happy with that on a calm day so to run that I am happy. 

Variance in splits pretty crazy, If you take my fastest 4miles it comes as 21:29.. 5:09 - 6:20 odd :S

James and Richard both 2-2:30 minutes down on this year / SBs so I can take that all day really as I felt just as strong to PB..

Lot's to work on now going forward, legs feel pretty good, out stood all day went straight back spread grandads ashes and then at uncles having food and drink so no time to sit and relax until now.. 

Nice to get out and race and despite the conditions glad I did it. Was nice to race given I am pretty healthy and not done too much racing! 

Roll on the 10KM PB attempt now


Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: Yesterday at 17:22

Race report - Hayling island 10m

So it was always going to be somewhat windy, exposed sea front course and then the weatherman giving us bad news! Same for everyone though! 

I knew James baker and Rich Waldron were running, with richard messaging me on FB to say Peter C maybe running too (Great too see you back and running so well)

Prerace I would have snapped 4th any day of the week at this stage. I knew I was fit and running well since Brighton. The mileage in terms of base has been fine but single runs of 6-8 miles mainly would leave me a little tested in the latter stages. 

Belly wasn't feeling great and was faffing around at 9:55 trying to get to a portaloo but managed to get to the start ok.

Richard always starts hard and drags a few keen noobs with him. Of course one of them is always me so we are off fairly hard with the wind behind us maybe a little cross from our left.. I feel super comfy and have James beside me I tuck in switching places, I am sure Peter is behind me and he comes though indeed after about mile 1 - 5:09. Richard of course has allready gapped the field here 

Mile 2 out and it's feeling nice out of the wind and we're all settled back now into 5:2x pace. 

Mile 2 - 5:21 and the front 4 have been established and we have a gap on 5/6th which was Zack Lahal and one of Southamptons Costley brothers (Forgive me I don't know Max or Sam) Either way they have ran 55-57 over 10m so handy boys and I have to be kept honest..

In no mans land allready though but I can cope, we've turned and now face a glimpse of what's the come. Huge headwind smacking us and crossing into our right now. I can see Peters legs banging together up ahead with the wind realyl sweeping us

Not too far ahead.. 

I pass 3m in 16:18 (Garmin) Mile 3 - 5:45 and I think I could sustain this pace in the wind which gives me my rough guess at the start of time anyway

5km 16:50ish

We are getting battered and here on out the about 5.6m was no better, really blustery and headwind the whole way.. 

I am feeling strong though and keep James and Peter in my sights who don't seem to be pulling away just yet. I fear the wind will be worse once out of the town and rightly so as we stretch out 4-5m

Mile 4 - (22:10) 5:45

Feeling good still and I know from the first 2 miles I have some time banked, with the wind helping that though. Out now on the roads and just driving through the wind, pass Sinah Warren but no time to relax..

5m Split - (28:10) 6:00

Turn up ahead and the 3 boys are much more grouped now, I fear Richard will be passed. 

Now I know it's probably 2m or so with the wind behind us and we're going back the same way. I do my best to push on but the effort level was up enough to sap me going full pelt.. I'm pushing down through to 5:30s though and gradually find my legs coming in mile 6 - 5:45 (Half way into wind though) and mile 7 - 5:35 and down along the seafront now wind behind us 5:24 for mile 8 and another turn..

10km - c35:10

Now I know we are into suffer. The wind was strong with us but it doesn't impact as much as a headwind.

I see Pete has caught Rich and they are practically walking in the other direction. FML I want to go home I say..

Turn and the wind was a joke, I literally contemplated giving up purely on the "point" of it. I was 7m/m and going no where. Full beans head down and the biggest slog of my life.. Luckily James Baker is on my fishing line coming back to me so it renews me a little and I try catch up. Probably 250m though not going to happen really..

Pass through mile 9 - 6:19 (James later said he did mid 6:30s) 

I glance at the watch and still know a respectable time is on the cards so wind back though the

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: Yesterday at 15:30
Matt as on Strava epic run! I saw the two Southampton lads run near you, Matt Bennett just ahead and Matt Revier (who actually finished a bit behind you) but both sub 15 min 5km and Matt B obviously has ran sub 70 for HM so a decent outing!

I would have said today was more like a hurricane! 70mph whipping through the Solent and 50in shore recorded (apparently)

JonnyD - fantastic run too by the way! You crushed it! Are you off to France as separate u23s or joint seniors? How does that work?

Our Mahamed come 3rd so off to the euros and will be interesting to see what he does on that scene (Dachs first loss in a while but to the just recent world youth Duathlon champion so can't complain) but interestingly got drug tested! Didn't know they did at that event

Good runs Pete and AG especially post accident! machine!

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: Yesterday at 12:28
Nice running SC! Top time despite the wind

Unfortunately very windy and very exposed and sub7m/m was a huge effort on the last mile running into a brick wall

4th place 57:25ish - Mile splits 5:09-6:20 show the wind variance and lack of my strength. Closing in on James baker who came 3rd so not a bad chap to be near I guess

Think I hit 4m in 22:10 and 5m in 28:20ish. Mile 8-10 might as well have quit. 6:20+ m/m

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: Yesterday at 12:23
Absolute mad wind today.

Quick drop in. 4th place 57:25 ish - mile splits from 5:09 - 6:20 show the craziness. I think 2/3rds were strong headwind

Ran strongly though although felt like walking the last 1.5m (7m/m into the wind). Richard Waldron running superbly to win 54:xx and Peter you cheeky man turning up well done on the "training run"

James baker slipping away from them and coming into my sights for 3rd but he wasn't going to catch them or be caught by me so settled back I guess

Really excited to see what'll happen over 10km now and legs feel pretty good. Foot felt OK too
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