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Posted: 26/09/2016 at 17:30
Triple before lunch time then..

Had planned run / cycle inbetween dropping GF off and getting to school but trouble is the traffic, the deal is to be at Shaunas for 8 so we can leave within 15 mins to get Mia to school on time, I left the gym at 7:15AM and was barely on time.

So I was pre planning this and as I started at 1:30 I decided to run after and do a timed elliptical before hand in that hour a lot

Dropped her off and then gym about 6:15, 40 mins elliptical done. School run then back home did some chores for an hour. Had messaged Kyle and he said I could borrow his HRM so popped there for coffee and chat and then headed back to the gym, time added on but easier to control and wet roads no good for just half hour on the bike.

40 minute loop on the run, had to double back but was a welcome to run with HRM again, had to stop once to adjust strap as was showing 170+ and also as I got a phone call (finally sorted my phone and problems) resumed the run kept HR to 140 / 75% and didn't worry what the pace would bring, legs ok from yesterday so that's good and no pains, looped back and ended up spot on back at the gym straight in and on the bike 30 mins

Don't have the exact figures as went straight to work and not uploaded anything but HR was lower on the bike probably c130 but actually had slightly higher resistance than other "easy" efforts covered 17.5km in 30 mins

I've got a cold though and sore throat, due one. Think amongst my issues I avoided a major cold all year and the effort yesterday probably brought it out along with Mia having a cold, probably from school.

Tomorrow I have a FTP test on the bike in late evening. Pretty bike fresh for it not done much last week but see how the cold pans out, it'll be good to see proper numbers and get a gauge plus some HR data to go along with it which might be more useful now if I spend more time on the gym bike. Not likely to do much outdoor cycling in the rain, I'll run in any weather but too risky and hopefully I'll be running more than cycling over time

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 25/09/2016 at 21:03
Yeah someone equated the 6 second Defecit ok the WR to be like equivalent of 0.5 of second over 5km. Pretty tight

Superb run, he is the GOAT

I'll be interested in seeing that guy, I don't mind paying for him and then Kyle / Steve on top and I know what has been going on so could tell him my problems from before so he can get a good feel. Maybe text me?

Headed to the gym after work, saw GF for a bit and chilled, 5 X 6:00 of 2 mins on the bike, covered 19.6 miles, why I didn't sit in it for a few minutes to round it off I don't know but solid training today

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 25/09/2016 at 15:48
Scott P - will have to see what that loop is, need some sustained climbs to work on. How do things feel today?

TTi - I can assure you it's not that bad! You might have to try it a few times to get used to pedalling and the resistance and things. Good to get something done though and if it doesn't hurt the heel do some more of it!!!

Matt - Great result!!!!! Busy day out then with the graduation but one to cherish. Great work on the race then! To have the bigger mileage in the legs, not fresh and even not mentally geared towards smashing it you really did well!! Fantastic stuff! Defo sets up some goals for the winter

Today then I did "race" the 10km. I knew it was flat but the first half was headwind and two faster local lads turned up so knew I'd be behind them and I was then looking at the fastest girl whose ran low 37s so I was considering running with her.

Put in the calculator 6m/m which seemed a push but I did 4m at 6:25s off the bike so knew I could sustain that for the 10km. Was under instructions to keep it feeling steady at best so didn't want to go crazy

1st Mile cruising along in 2nd then, Dan (winner and mid 15 5km runner) has got a gap and I'm settling in, I glance at watch and it's 5:3x pace. Felt fine but was thinking about the foot etc, eased a notch focused on breathing and keeping it like a steady effort, lots of HR training and runs like this before I get used to perceived effort

Right along the sea front a replica of the sea front route I used to do every weekend at home so narrow and a few dodging of locals was a bit fun but no problem.

5:42 1st mile. To think I haven't ran a sub 6 min mile for 3 months that was scary

It's hot and windy now, I didn't think I was racing till I saw the ad in the paper when I got to the island so I've got a t shirt on not even a vest.

I'm thinking about control still so keeping it honest but I'm feeling comfortable and just notch inside 5:5x pace here and there. 2nd Mile dead flat 5:54. We pass he turn point, could be better planned but it was 4km out, turn 1km back, turn 1km back and the original 4km home

Mile 2 5:54 slowing and I see the gap has got bigger but no sign of 3rd but I know he's close. Upto the turn and then slight tail wind now with us, I expected a water station but no. 5km in 18:05 and I feel solid so I'm sure with the tail wind I can dip inside 36 so that's the plan. Turn and back into the wind upto 6km and then turn and Jack slowly comes past now putting in a bigger effort on that segment I guess but I notch 3rd and 4th mile in 5:49 / 5:52 so he must've thrown in some 5:40s and then has quite a bit on me quite quickly. No bother I reckon I could have pushed with him and he agreed I looked comfy but not my goal to ruin things today..

Back towards the finish and it's mentally tough seeing it so far away but in reality not so... I'm breathing good and legs feel fine

5:49 at 5 miles and maths is I'm pretty close to 36:00.... I start to pick things up a bit, we have the last turn up the road slight steep hill maybe 15 metres and it's he final bit, I'm buzzing, foot has felt fine, I'm semi racing and feeling really good and I've literally done bugger all running!!

Mum and Mia were watching so have her small high 5 passing and headed upto the finish closing in 5:40 6th Mile and quicker on the change, 35:57 for a pretty well paced effort and negative split, 3rd place for small trophy too and confident more to come. Obviously not like a PB but I ran in the comfort zone and didn't blow up either end. A mile either side for the longest / biggest day in months

I haven't had so much pain since the race which is good, I did take some zapain which I found a pack hidden in the cupboard so bit of luck I guess.. Gobbled up salmon for lunch an

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 23/09/2016 at 21:12
TTi - Try get a massage in and 100% do some self massage with heat application, buy a heat wrap whack it on and get massaging, you want blood flow

It's always best to rest if you have a niggle. Like you said missing weeks or months will be our own doing if you don't look after the body

Scott - Doctor hasn't said why although when I saw her recently I had only ran 2-3 times so it didn't really come up, when I was in pain before and running a lot I perhaps overlooked it was my running that was making things hurt worse leaving me with this throbbing as the pain was all the time but then again, I was running every day.. I think to now and the pain is clearly being uncovered from the run, like he problem is there but it's being exposed as pain from the effort. I will be seeing her next week on the 29th for my Botox so will discuss things and talk about the MRI again, my thinking is that this abscess and tunnel of fluid is being irritated inside, perhaps even internal chaffing of some sort when running. Static exercise (bike / elliptical) seems fine. I ran yesterday and had pain, once it cleared I'm fine through the rest of the day with just some discomfort and the no totally ok today

The last few days when I did run made me think again about running and the grind, but also a huge reminder what real pain feels like. It's made me harder for sure

Jelly about the boat show! It seems way better organised and neater this year, we've been busier at work too when last few years it's picked up in the evening but seems like every man and his dog comes in now, I would have loved to go again, lasts year weather spoiled it for us and wasn't long around when me and Dolly broke up so didn't enjoy the day with her as such lol.

Crap news it seems to be an injury of some sort for you mate though

Been poor at posting, I guess it's from having no longer focus other than wanting to run again, regarding racing perhaps? I don't know, I'm enjoying more time with the GF learning Russian on the way (trying) and back and forth doing school runs with Mia and stuff

Yesterday I ran, so back to back days, foot was fine and I opened up ok and slightly progressed down from 7m/m to 6:30 ish for 40 minutes coming in just under 6 miles

Foot isn't 100%, some dull aches and what not but importantly no pain, any sign and I'll back off but seems ok.

Spoke to Steve and today was rest day, I could have cycled, it was lush, once dropped Mia off had till about 2 PM clear too and weather was lovely down the forest but I just took rest option as such, I did a very easy gym set in the morning 30/30 minute splits with elliptical 1st then cycle covering just over 10 miles l, felt guilty doing it

I wouldn't like to ignore what a coach says but light non impact stuff is ok and I don't feel tired / achey. Have obviously cycled way less than last week I think just 60 ish miles this week

Plan is run tomorrow and then bike session Sunday but there's a 10km Sunday here on the IOW starting down the road from me literally 1km away and follows my beach front route I religiously did here so might run it for a crack. Really wish I was doing the fell running series but that's obviously a no no..

If it's nice I'll probably double up with a cycle tomorrow but may text Steve and have a word about Sunday and just take it as a steady effort. I reckon my max would be about 6m/m for a 10 right now I wouldn't be any quicker but I know he is concious about pace and he would probably tell me even under 7m/m is way to fast right now

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 21/09/2016 at 10:24
Matt when you break it down like that it sounds really reasonable and you just have to go with that then now. 80-85% sounds good for the HM that's a huge effort either way but recovery well after and you'll benefit loads

The sessions shows you actually had a ton more in the tank, I'd say pretty much any intervals under 5km would be quicker than tempo which is +90% HR really -

I was wondering about the pain and it must be the running, I ran with Kyle today 40 minutes at 7:45 pace but felt sluggish and hard in fact. But I've come away again with throbbing horrible pains and now I've ran 5/6 times its the same. It hurts. When I run it doesn't hurt, before when I was in pain anyway I could run and it would feel better almost or no worse but then after throb.

It makes me go back to what I want from running. I haven't had pain cycling or XT so why would I put myself through the pain, I ran at 6am and I'm sat here just about to start work and I'm shifting on my seat and worried about discharge and spasm throbs are killing me.

On top of the run though I headed over dropped Mia to school then come back to the gym by work and made use of the elliptical, just 30 mins very easy and I was allready in pain so didn't push it but it felt OK.

Plan is to run tomorrow now and back to back days see what reaction I get..

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 20/09/2016 at 11:27

Matt - Congrats to the GF for graduating. Tomorrows session still might impact the race, are you keeping volulme down? Very nice long run mentioned those 14+ or getting upwards of 90 minutes in really make a difference and I was thinking back today to when I did Bright10 

I'd think just 8 x 2 mins is perfect actually with a few strides or you could do so a few 60s efforts, I would keep recoveries generous and the pace say race pace or 10km pace, should be comfy enough but still nice leg turnover. You don't need to be blasting that at 5km pace as it's short volume.. It's not going to change much for the HM really now, but my thinking would be you could impact the race and the race would serve as a massive plus in training for the HM if you run it well so better to have a toned down session than a fat one thinking ahead and try and race with fatigue from a session that could lead to a rubbish race further ahead

Scott P - Crazy. But you know what? 4:48 miling doesn't seem that fast when you can run 4:30 for the mile :P .. It's another 2 miles for sure but to me it would give you a huge boost to consider what you could run in the future. It's not out of reach for you!! When I see my mile PB is only 4:48 that's when I know I won't be running sub 15 5KM... Interesting to see the times vs his best track time though on that course (14:36) 20s slower which is worth noting. The course at soton isn't flat and lapping people giving off a few seconds. 

Same situation about money! I'm lucky I am still taking it easy and can back off and wait to see how things develop before I think I really need to see someone... We found out at work yesterday that although we hit sales targets for the year we might not get a bonus this year, that's alot of work and hope put into co workers and it sways alot about my choice to stay at work. Obviously it's a benefit but miscommunication left outrage in our business meeting yesterday, but the last 4 years we have had it and I consider it a part of my wage, now some potential job moves have come up I have to re think as technically I face 1500 less this year when we get paid in December and even moving somewhere on the same money could be considered if the hours are set like 8-5 Mon-Fri There is still no progression available and I am wasting my time when I could be learning something new etc etc.. 


Up early again and back to the gym, 45 mins on elliptical but had quite a bit of pain after going to the toilet so was fighting that. Off to take Mia to school then back to the gym for the cycle, thought I could get in 2 hours but I was in pain and not comfortable at all, fighting massive irritable itching and nagging wasnt pleasant so got the session done and finished up..

A little weaker than my session the other day I should have been able to push harder on the quicker segments but was overall pleasing

3 sets of 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 minutes all of 60s nothing between sets 

Topped up so hit 20 miles overall and pleasing as was well inside 55 minutes. Accuracy meh but still. I compare the resistance mainly anyway 

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 19/09/2016 at 19:05

Hopefully nothing serious mate! I am probably going to see Steve or Kyle have an iron out and see about the leg. Foot has been ok and will check over but inside shin a bit tender after about 15-20 mins each run. Probably just stress as not used to impact but don't want to get carried away and it develop. I have to consider it was perhaps under strain from over compensating as the opposite side was the original issue 

Mahamed smashed it! 14:56 mental beans and Zak coming back into form mid 15. Insane 

Waldron is running well allready but I always saw him XT and running / cycling to the gym anyway so not surprising..

40 min run around town and then top up 20 mins on the XT before work today, again finished late and only just got in and really just said no to doing another gym session after work. Run was ok though, felt comfy and aside from minor foot ache no real problems. About 7m/m pace 


Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 18/09/2016 at 21:19

Longish day

Was up early enough and had lots of time to get a run and quick spin on the bike done, didn't want to do much as had the session later, didn't find out till later that is was a bike session, headed to the gym for that to keep it controlled although ruined the bike and was so sweaty! 

30 min run was good, felt smooth and only tiny bit of ache but not on the foot, inside of shin so I am sure that's just stress where I'm not used to impact

Covered just under 4.5 miles and came in 6:45 ish pace 

Out for a 10 miles loop on the bike and averaging just over 18mph again. Seems to be a standard pace for me over what I'm doing right now

WOrked till 6:30, late out and headed home for a cuppa tea, said hello to GF and went to gym. 

Session was 10:00 tempo (3:00) then 10 x 60s off 60s. I was working very hard but felt good. Hitting some good numbers and speed on the bike

Covered 28 KM in 47 minutes so about 22 MPH average and I was sat up spinning on the recoveries 

Closed the week and it was by far the biggest ever week volume wise and cycling wise.

169 miles cycling, with a 50 + 30 miler and the rest 10 or 20 milers

I did 3 XT sessions at 45 / 60 /60 minutes roughly

4 x runs 30 / 30 / 25 / 40 minutes covering 16 miles this week

In total though was just under 14 hours of work! 

This week my rota gives me Friday off for a long weekend although soon we arent going to be having that but this was a let off.

We're out for a "work day out" to discuss the business plan with co workers tomorrow, should be some good fun and something different and that's 9-5 ish 

Tuesday - Late 1:30-10

Wednesday - Mid- 10:45-7:30 (New shift from the manager)

Thursday - Early - 7-3:30

Friday - Off

Not sure what Steve will set other than 40" run tomorrow. I will plan my own cycle Tuesday / Friday after taking Mia to school and may have to do session Tuesday

Wednesday will be tricky to get a lot of volume in but that's ok, I'll do something for an hour after dropping GF to work then take Mia to school but then only leaves me an hour before work so tight on time if I have to get anywhere or shower but maybe I'll have a run set anyway

Have had some pretty bad stomach problems last few days, nothing uncontrollable but irritable bowels making me shit 4/5 times a day and comfort wise not great. 

Just realized I have my ear follow up Tuesday but it's at 1:45 so not much different getting to work and will have time between school and leaving for Pompey to get something in

Hope everyone is well! 

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 17/09/2016 at 21:37

How are things Scott? Glad it was better walking.

The ride felt good, after we stopped for coffee I felt alot worse and it took a few miles to settle in again but was pleased with the volume, nearly 3 hours in the saddle and didn't really have any pain, legs haven't been DOMs free for a while now and constantly ache, never had this when I was running even!  

I have had some increased pain though latley and it must be due to the running, I XT'd and cycled without to much concern, but after a run things started to really throb and I was left feeling very horrid. I started the antibiotics today and felt sluggish at work but at least not proper sick like last time. Not long till botox

Run in the morning tomorrow and XT session after work if things go to plan. 

Will probably be a quieter week cycling wise or at least possibly doing it at the gym as my this week our new manager was appointed and putting set shifts in force now so dictating things around training more and will be running or XT as priority 

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 16/09/2016 at 11:46
Good news they help, massage and heat application did a lot for me, the area is thick and has poor blood flow it needs work! Damn right about missing a year vs a week! Get he strentgh work in you'll be fine

I have been busy so typing from my phone again but I will add in just about more hospital visits

Ear is still iffy, I can't even look back to see if I mentioned it but it's a bit wet, funky and red / raw. My hearing has been crap, to the point I can't really hear anything at all with my hearing aid now, that's both ears. Had it cleaned at the QA in Pompey and swabbed and have to go back next week to get results. Hopefully not a serious infection (middle ear infection) and been trying to keep it dry, yesterday with Mia swimming for example I never go under.

Also visitited my surgeon Wednesday evening after the school run, bit of a mismatch as I am due my Botox on the 29th and didn't expect to go in but an update is always good. She was in the same boat forgetting she saw me at the general where as usually I go to the south hants, so a quick reminder then penny dropped and she realised, can't blame her she's the top GI surgeon and sees a ton of different people a day in a least two clinics, anyway she had received my MRI notes this time and reviewed it again, she said it confirms and ulcer or abcess has formed over one of the wounds, but what's happened is this plus scar tissue has formed a tunnel underneath which fluid collects and can get infected and then discharges which is what's been happening. She's confident the Botox will help to heal but wanted me back on some antibiotics to help. Metronidazole. Stuff made me really sick last time although I was on loads of other stuff at the same time, one week then not long before the Botox so will see

In general the pain has been ok, discharge a problem though and spasms just a pain. Will be good to try sort it though And actually I had quite bad discomfort after my run this morning so that's something I hope to get sorted as cycling has been ok pain wise

And yes run today, 40 minutes slow with Kyle, my foot was ok. I felt a bit of snagging and dullness so will monitor it. 30 minutes Sunday the next one planned but I spoke to Steve and I'm obviously getting fit with the XT and bike so we can skip a run day

Came in about 7:50 mile pace so much slower than before so yes TTi - took what you said on for sure

Feel like I am missing out not doing anything now but rest is important and I've done quite decent volume this week allready (8 hours)

May do a bike / gym tomorrow but should be a rest day
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