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Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 03/12/2016 at 16:50
Good luck tomorrow Matt!

Fingers crossed for you Scott

Day out at IOW steam railway. Quite impressed with the result. Obviously a train ride (drinks given away, presents for the kids etc) with the initial WTF @ ticket prices. Some events charge a lot even for kids but this was reasonable and took up a good 3/4 hours

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 02/12/2016 at 09:20
Buggery knee Scott, hopefully Steve can tweak a few things. Any chance of XT again, I could ask Kyle for the turbo back if you want it for a bit again?

Didn't realise they were on TV. Mahamed is running so well and I'm so pleased for him, his story really is an inspiration I hope he has a blinder

Matt - Face feels ok, I generally can't tell a difference in the mirror but other people say they can see a subtle difference but not as bad as what I thought it would be. My ear seems to be ok and no permanent cauliflower. I ran with Oli last week which is nearly two weeks now on Monday and I could feel it a bit downhill, if I open my mouth but suck in my cheeks (don't know why I'd do that) I can feel it tugging and a bit stretching. I still can't feel it and occasionally I feel myself almost licking that top left part of the lip as it feels like I have a cold sore

Even a cheap base layer I have from decathlon makes me uncomfortably warm. I never race in anything other than a vest. I think the colder it is just a more thorough timed warm up and breaking a sweat on is best

Looking good with taper, never read into sessions the week or so before, a few days before perhaps but generally everything matters on the start line

A few big days at work, stock count was crap and ended up doing nearly 14 hours finishing near 1 in the morning, not so bad but having been up since 4:40 that day and then up again just few hours after I was tired then straight in working 7-7 yesterday after that day / night. Was going to go to the gym but 5am alarm I turned off and went to work for 6:30

Off to IOW later with Mia. I have my running shoes so I might try and get a 20 min jog down the seafront tomorrow and probably gym Sunday PM

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 29/11/2016 at 10:55
Cheers guys. I've just been working since my birthday on Friday and moving in. No direct internet but I can still get decent 3G so been reading and catching up on Strava and things

Moved house Friday as said, very busy, multiple trips without a van, although I have a big car, the king size mattress was a bitch. Never knew how much stuff was accumulated over 4 years at my old place

Still building IKEA furniture at 2am that night. Naturally!

Been gradually feeling a bit more motivated but haven't got round to anything. Worked all weekend and yesterday and so any after time I spent just tidying the old place and collecting odds and sods organising a few things to sell on.

Today up the hospital with Mia. She had surgery date. 12th December. She won't be back at school to the new year after and needs steroids / drops for two weeks so hopefully she will be near 100% for Xmas

Matt - Ant is a 31:30 10km runner so that's impressive, didn't see if you did that session this morning but I'd have gone for 5 x 3 mins

Scott - Just be extra careful! The knee probably still isn't 100% so handling volume must be kept in check. Getting to the new year healthy is vital

Saw mahameds run, watched a replay on YouTube. Alex is impressive and they both took apart that field. His training partner (or one off) Alex Tueten came 7th in the seniors I think and he's beaten him a few times. When they ran abroad the other week Tueten was registering 4:3x miles for he 10km. Shows what quality those lads have!

Don't think I'll be doing much today, day off so Mia's gone back to school and I'll be picking her up. Obviously a perfect day to cycle or gym but I'm happy doing nothing it may well stay that way but as long as I'm happy I won't get hung up on it

Keep up the good work guys! Looking forward to victory results Matt

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 24/11/2016 at 09:01
Struggling to do anything really. Feel like there's no hope getting back into routine or fitness at this rate. Nothing else done this week so far and pure effort considering it

Just feel like hanging up the spikes

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 21/11/2016 at 07:46

Scott - No surprise finding it hard solo! I think despite the tail off last 2 reps you ran just fine and inside 6m/m pace is still shifting. 

It'll come much more readily in the group soon enough.


Matt - Decent long run, I spotted it too. It's crazy to see the pace / HR come down so much. People should really take note of not just HR training but SMART training. 

Taper idea looks good, I found volume reduction and keeping intensity up works for me. I did a full 2mile TT on the Thursday before I ran my 10KM PB at the weekend (years ago)

Agree shortening the session. Two weeks out you will only layer fatigue in the legs running a big session, the work has been done really! 


Had an ok weekend. Rested yesterday didn't get round to doing anything and weather was very very windy down the seafront so to get changed and go run for 20 minutes was imo pointless. Thinking  I could gym later but never did.

30 minutes this morning with Oli and chatted the whole way, despite HR pushing towards 180 at the end :S Very strange! Felt comfy enough though which was even stranger! HR resting sat in the car outside his house before hand was 108.. When we finished the run and walked round the close it was still 146 odd. Higher than I'd expect when actually fit and running. MENTAL!

4 miles last week.. 

1070m ish for the year averaging 23 miles a week.. 

15 ZERO weeks and quite a few more under 10 adding on too..


Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 19/11/2016 at 23:47
Good news then Scott in a way, I spoke to Kyle about a massage just to iron out my legs encourage some recovery and muscle repair. They still feel so achey and sore

I have a feeling it'll go on but be totally ruined. Cancelling means a big loss for them and it's unlikely the wind will be the sort to threaten life. Having said that any risk or word of a tree coming down you never know

I wouldn't say I "play" golf haha! I'd like to get to the driving range and get some hours in before even trying a full 18 again. I used to play everything and to a fairly good standard back in my teens island or county standard across cricket, hockey and running but only really did one session of each a week plus match or race. If I only I had dedicated to one sport back then and stayed healthy! Dad played pro snooker and grandad had scratch handicap so some talent lays in the fam!!

I'm hoping I can build a few runs this week just upto 30 mins / 4 miles a day is ok and look to double later on 4/4, I think I'm going to put some miles in the gym bike to start now I'm pretty much there with my face and stuff

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 19/11/2016 at 20:40
You'll run well in the champs Scott, actually intrigued to see where you come this time around.

No pain hopefully today? I really don't fancy Weston shore tomorrow morning! Going to be a windy one!! Gosport looks to suffer again!

With my days off and weekend off this weekend I'm actually back Tuesday night now and then off Friday which the bulk of moving will take place. There's an overlap still and I've paid rent till end of November here but my landlord is flexible so we've come to some agreements anyway so I'll have an extra week storing a few bits like my gold clubs so at least don't have to rush it all. It's a much better situation now and means I will be able to have Mia on a regular basis (having said that mon-thur at the moment not possible because up so early)

Moving near the gym (literally flats opposite) I go to now by Lidls and The Range in Bitterne so I'm still local and straight away saving 30-40?? on that damn bridge a month and a little bit taking her to work as we're closer

Matt - Nice targets. Romsey is fast and I ran it this year although found it a little short (.05m) would be a great 10km indicator though

No idea of any 10kms you could squeeze in before Reading

You've done well to get in decent mileage around a heavy workload, not just hours just must be mentally straining too I imagine

Had a chilled day really, hit a local Christmas fair at a church which was nice and come away with various 2nd hand games for Mia and raffle prizes. Spent some of the day doing puzzles and playing Mr.Men snakes and ladders amongst a snowman puppet show

I ran for 20 minutes along the front before the rain and wind kicked in, was lucky. I felt much better although my HR was still highish, again coming off more time off - 3 weeks off now and I've ran just 4 times (twice pre op two weeks ago on the weekend before, and just the 15" trial in the week. I guess I must consider I'm clearly very very unfit when you look at that

I'll try run tomorrow morning but don't go unless mum is up to keep an eye on Mia and I know she wants to get the house together and some foody bits sorted as brother and Rhi (his missus) are over as we're having a small early birthday celebration as I couldn't switch my weekends and I'll jump in the car to go back with him. That's if the boats aren't cancelled!

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: 18/11/2016 at 22:08
Been reading every day, not posting really much at all...

Great work CC82 on the PB!

Sachs - looking very sharp and ready for a sub 32 bash! Saw the calendar thing and can only go with Johns comment. I hope a commerative plate is hiding your goolies!

SG - Leaning towards PB shape ?! Great running

Reg - Congrats!

Dean - How are you getting on?

Ric - I comfort eat and generally eat bad and was pushing 8kg above the start of the year, pretty much no solid food for 3 odd weeks has helped! Good to see you out and about on occasion

SC - Good luck tomorrow

Matt - Great 10km! Without doubt you would run 30s quicker purely having some race sharpness and exp. I heard it takes 5-7 continuous attempts at a race distance in a season to find the "best one" or true potential one.

Bus - Solid work being put in. You survived the double cycle

Can only vouch for cycling being dodgy!

Usual for me, shit. More time off. More meds, more health crap. Barely done 1000m and probably pushing 15-20 weeks out this year now. Think I've done maybe 10 runs over 8 miles this year and that was January time

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 18/11/2016 at 21:47
Matt - Scott is spot on! You've had a big breakthrough and you are set to go up another level for sure. We know pavement PBs don't count, Samir taught us that FANTASTIC work!

I personally wouldn't wait till end of June to target one but it depends if you will hit some shorter stuff before to work on speed. You're right about the equivalent volume / paces equating to being faster for 10km (does that make sense?)

Keep bigging yourself up Matt no problemm oozing confidence in a good way is only going to spur on the running and improvements!

Scot - Great news no pain! Really hope you can get back into it I want to see that 15:xx 5km soon!!

For me a busy few days. Didn't bother to do anything today, still feel like I have bad DOMs and don't know why, no matter what I did I never used to feel that bad after running or cycling but this is weird. Like I just can't recover

HR still up overall across the board, the elliptical yesterday Matt was boring, 40 mins HR just inside 75% which is way higher than I'd expect for the same resistance but it's 40 mins banked.

Today rested although was down to laziness more than anything and I will try a small run tomorrow but on the IOW so no bike or gym now.

As I said been busy. Been off work with my face still but fairly active, can't go back because of my sick note, had one job offer in that time and also signed off a lot of paperwork to move out and move house! All happening quickly (next Friday, my birthday) literally moving next door to the gym

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 17/11/2016 at 10:51

Matt - Agree with high HR because body isn't 100% but sustaining it at 165-170 when fit took effort so I can't see why I can do it now and die off, it all goes back to the sinus tachycardia which will be looked into 

My resting HR has been well in the 80s 

Really impressive things AGAIN, big week, big sessions coming out! 

Can you set a timer on the watch? That just counts and beeps at 60s? I can pre set a workout like this into the garmin which is handy 

With big volume sessions sometimes pace isn't a factor, finishing with consistency is much better, I'd be making the 1KMs faster as you have such a large rest afterward

12KM volume with those recoveries 10KM pace should be ideal 


I did a 30/30 bike / elliptical combo at gym yesterday and no run, HR was a bit better but high all around all day, even GF said when we were led in bed she could feel it, I put on the HRM as it was 90ish. Not normal at all.

I've also been mega restless, 3-4 hours sleeping but almost like I am just resting my eyes at that

Today 40 mins just on elliptical. HR stable but higher for the resistance, I remember these coming out at recovery set

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