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Posted: Today at 08:26

A crappy week. The old car which I was doing a part exchange for the new car packed up, exhaust has gone nearly 400 quid quoted which has pretty much wrote it off. Legally I can drive it till September when MOT is due but not wise of course, fortunately my mums cousin owns the garage so lent me a car inbetween as the other car is on the IOW.. Then driving home 6PM on Itchen bridge in traffic decided to cut out and break down. As Scott can vouch for probably one of the worst places in Southampton at the time Great! Of course not one person got out to try push with me but luckily once I had the wheels turned managed to roll it down the bridge and get it secure down the road. 

Foot has been crap. I've done nothing, I can do about 3 single leg squats on that leg before having to stop, I've tried balancing on that leg (both to help) and manage a minute or so. Weak. With the squats I suffer because of pain but also weakness or shaking leg. I can't walk without pain generally too, so Ric probably something along what you said for sure. Some chatting with Kyle and specialist at ageas bowl (who I'll be speaking with again today) reveals a few potentials.

Peroneus longus + brevis both cross over and head down to the foot. The longus coming down from the upper part of the leg which was sore and very tight. The peroneal retinaculum binds them.

One, 2 or all 3 could be damaged, strained or torn in some way. I will need a scan. I have mainly isolated pain, some stretching sensation going up the side of the achilles (not the actual achilles itself) and the upper leg tightness and knots so it makes everything lean to the "longus"

I was looking at my bike today almost forlornly (which is still broken too lol) and wishing I could even do that but really no way. I have been having pain still of course but better where I haven't been stressing my body I guess. I've been having spams still and still the constant itchy inside feeling. Not pleasant

My only saviour here is that I may be able to XT soon where as after my operation I couldn't. 

Thanks Scott and Ric, I just read your post on SGs thread, it's good you're back and I guess you did the give up and notice it doesn't hurt method. Maybe that'll be the case but I don't enjoy the difference in running and having the extra pain and now being in much much better comfort and just not running.  


Guess you didn't run Scott, how are things feeling? Saw Matt ran 4:05 and 9:04! Against some threadsters too! insane! Could have potentially gone sub 4 or sub 9 f he ran just one at 100%

Will also try give the NHS physio a call, he was really good to me and I might get lucky again and get back on it. 

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 25/07/2016 at 23:31
I'd say you could run much quicker than a 4:40 1500!

I appreciate the words! Trouble is a big illness (not the piles) and two surgeries in the last two and a bit years I feel I'll never be the same again, I just think it's not meant to be

Training is a grind, reward is in racing for me and seeing results, I am competitive with others. You need to find a race or discipline you like. Some people hate a logging winter XC in the wet and cold but others love it!

Not run for 10 out of last 11 days. Foot is no better and I've tried massage, ice and heat, rolling and things daily. I've changed my work shoes, I've also tried wearing trainers and other shoes day to day and nothing. It literally feels like I've broken it or something. Getting in touch with a podiatrist and foot and ankle specialist. Losing hope and if walking still hurts now I just can't see I'd be interested in trying to get back fitness when things start to heal, which I know will happen but I've not not ran more than 50% of the year and when I have a lot of those weeks are low mileage re building. I've still not come close to anything I ran 30 months ago

Calling all Sub 36min 10k runners

Posted: 25/07/2016 at 00:08
Good take there Muttley.

The bigger the engine the faster you'll be able to go

If you are concerned about injury Wannabe then focus on consistency

I am a prime example of up and down and fast and slower.

I ran my PB of 33:00 back in 2014 of a similar plan to you, 30 ish miles a week, 1 longer run of 8-10 miles. What I had was 6 months consistency from when I started running.

I have built upto and through 40/50 and 60 miles a week and I still haven't ran as quick over 2 years later. And I'm 27 now, a great age in fairness. I've been unlucky with illness but injury not so good.

Go for consistency. It rules

Get another 8 weeks in, then gradually increase adding in an additional 4-5 mile run in and looking to make the sessions a notch bigger and quicker.

You could add 1 mile on the long run but for 10km between 10-14 is fine you wouldn't need to go more

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 22/07/2016 at 21:09

MRI date also came through. 5th August so two weeks today, in my eyes that's pretty quick. Having the metal implant though poses no threat to the MRI apparently so other than signing a few checks because I've had ear and head surgery no issues

My question to myself is. Do I run and fight pain, or do I give up and live with relative comfort and find a different non sporting hobby perhaps. 


On a positive note some great interaction here and thankyou for the concern guys! 

TTi - Great fast sessions again, the 5km volume pyramid going upto 1km then back to 200s is quality, over time in the next few years to come you'll be able to bring it all together within a race and run like 14:xx. You're operating  well keep it up! 

Chris - I agree the DOMS, strength thing works quickly. I also found running sessions after (day after) I got used to well and I felt I could run faster just because I knew I could push msyelf in a way

Scott P - Hope you are enjoying the holiday and you are getting in some runs and walking that's great! Hot here too! 

Matt - Again really coming through in the running, lovely post sesh swim there I bet. Unlucky not to take 1st finisher 

Good work all round here! What's next for anyone?

Good luck for the race tomorrow TTi


Oh and Chris, keeping an upto date "date pace" is really good for training. You can't always taper off or run at 100% in a race but spreading some "all out" efforts utilizing parkrun keeps the sessions in check


Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 22/07/2016 at 21:03

I had to step away from the thread for a little while. Come Monday I was shattered heading into work and I could also barely walk on my ankle. It saddened me to realsie I was potentially fairly well crocked. It was excruciating but I was sure I hadn't knocked it and it came on so suddenly I was frustrated, I had been picking up miles but listenting to my body and ran just 1 10 miler since March and built around more doubles and shorter runs. It continued all week though and I haven't ran since Thursday last week (bar Saturday) or really done anything to that affect so feelign sorry for myself. I had a lovely day with Mia and Mum Wednesday though which cheered me up

I had a rough time with the neighbors and a busy weekend with Mia over the weekend, feeling tired but going on how I felt, what I look back on to be a little cold turkey perhaps, it's a bit strange going from upto 8 tramadol a day to nothing instantly. I really think I had a mental check regarding the painkillers (Tramadol) I ran out on Wednesday / Thursday and perhaps coincidentally the pain came on I began to question was I over doing things but worryingly possibly coming to terms I was a little addicted, keen to the high feeling and being able to run through anything, perhaps trying to force fitness, were they masking any more serious niggles? Had I completely been able to run through this not feeling pain? I had some niggles that I felt but this was not right and I hadn't complained about my foot till the day pretty much

Looking back at this week today I'm hurting, mentally and physcially still. I still can barely walk, I saw Kyle and Oli, who did massage and acupuncture. Oli now is doing his PHD and working part time / on placement with the NHS physio and rehab system working with a whole range of people, kids to elderly suffering with wide variety of ailments and disabilities (some which make my problems a walk in the park) so I can't get better than that really, all be it limited experience form him the other hand is Kyle who is working for a pro cycling team now and seen my body throughout last few years

So it's my left peroneal under neath the ankle bone, Kyle seemed to know and remember when I had the issue before but I couldn't. My ankle is locking up and it's stemming from the insert just below the knee so I had massage etc up there to try loosen things up. I also am paranoid that the spasms / nerves problems in my left side which I've felt are  possible link? There was no apparent tissue damage as no swelling but it feels like my ankle has snapped off. 

I've tried hot / cold treatment. Ice on it's own, self massage and ankle mobility and it just feels worse or just no better, very stiff and painful, I spoke to Kyle today and I will return to him but unable to till Tuesday next week perhaps with work. It hurts to walk, every step I am limping, going downstairs strangely is about the only thing that doesn't hurt. I'm absolutely gutted and I am battling another grind. Mentally I don't think I have the will anymore. My body just isn't handling it. That said I know already I could do so much to help myself, diet, strength work, mobility and shit. I can't just give up. 

I have to remember I took 7 weeks off and came back ok. Maybe too quickly I get that now. 

Back on to the whole running and arsehole  thing though. I can't deny this week I have had the least pain for as long as I can remember. Now that surely can't be a coincidence after stopping running. I haven't even taken my Gabapentin or dihydrocodine which is cheekily staring at me now. I have had some throbbing and some discomfort but hurts to admit the noticeable change. Maybe of course a few easy weeks will help anyway and hopefully won't be too long.

MRI date also came through. 5th August so two weeks today, in my eyes that's

HR Training zones

Posted: 17/07/2016 at 21:33
Yeah I did 12 weeks purely to c75%
Do you have Strava? If not maybe get it and have a look at my running, it's much easier to physically view it

Now I do tempo runs to HR and my intervals are based on running quicker than that basically or more usual "date paces" such as running a 5km race or parkrun flat out and using that for the next cycle of sessions.

No point running to fast in sessions or too slow

I laid out a plan of mainly single runs for example 8,8,8,10,12 and building around a long run, at the time is was 10-12 miles and at the end I was doing a weekly mid long run of 12 and long run of 16 and I did 2 x 18 miles

A average week might have looked like 10, 12, 8, 8, 16 - the longer runs I'd tend to start around 70%

As I got maybe 3 weeks out from the race I did some faster work to turn the legs over but nothing really substantial over time.

I'd ideally want 8-12 weeks of sessions to target a race and that's of the back of allready having consistency if that makes sense

I had done a max vo2 test that year and had an accurate max to work with plus I used to wear the HRM on and off anyway

Now I'm doing sessions, all my other runs are still to HR, I don't feel like they are over training my body. The shorter the run I can think about running at the higher end of the aerobic spectrum it sometimes I can go for a 4m recovery run at HR

I've got good at ignoring lace pace on these runs as it can vary on terrain / fatigue etc etc but take confidence in working appropriately each time

co enzyme q10

Posted: 17/07/2016 at 18:28

I took it for a little while and didn't notice any negative side effects. Maybe over a few weeks so not a big enough sample but I have been running well and ran well on them. I will be going back to them but just got lazy

With anything I think you need to look at lifestyle and diet before you can "accuse" supps of having a major change on something. It could be easy to blame fatigue on them as a side effect when it's probably helping.

Also if you are thinking about taking them I've heard good things, hence why I wanted to try them. I'd again look at lifestyle / training and diet in conjunction with them and make sure you religiously stick to them and give them a good go, even if you feel worse for a bit. I'm talking at least a month or 2 or more

Maybe a follow up with a GP if you feel you have underlying other symptoms or get a blood test done before and after 6 weeks or something..

Like certain things like a gluten free diet, sometimes you get worse before you get better.. 

I would recommed them and give them a go. They aren't cheap though!

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 17/07/2016 at 18:23

Sounds hot out there mate! Good walking / run combo.  You mean the tour on TV or like physically? If physically very lucky!

I took today off, I was physically shattered anyway but when I woke up I could barely walk. My ankle is in agony have no idea what I've done. It's surely impact / trauma type or single stress reaction as came on suddenly. Maybe a build up from running and on my feet lots this week of course but not like a running overuse injury that I've felt build up and ignored

I am worried my painkillers mask niggles now but I don't have any right now (painkillers, incidentally my concern is I've been off painkillers for a few days and feel like shit so maybe a mini withdrawal but then to feel this flare up I worry It was hiding things). I will pick up Gabapentin tomorrow but wait to start taking them. This weekend was tough with nothing to combat any pain and it hurt. My arse and ankle. I can't describe the discomfort of the pain but also having to sit with a constant need to move or itch and throbbing aches just making so irritable 

I iced, heat wrapped, stretched and did mobility on the ankle throughout the day and did walk probably 3/4 miles down to the seafront with Mia, managed to get a few pokemon hehe but servers down. Thought it would help loosen things up and I think it has. It's much better now but still not so good. Ankle was painful but didn't get worse when walking. Seems to hurt more when I roll my ankle out or push off, post tib tendon? Just under the ankle bone around and down towards little toe. 

I looked back and I technically didn't run twice this week. Friday and Sunday which is ok, but still good mileage and although I've cutback for races in the last month the intensity has been high there and still did like 35-40 miles on those weeks, I need like a proper low volume running week...

This week then in reflection was also all easy running with one steady effort but also one of the best HR / pace weeks I've had.

I've had a few similar in around 50 miles, 6:30 is m/m range and similar HR av

 Will enforce a cutback week, been having mental games today worrying what effect Gabapentin will have on me, another possible injury setback out of nowhere and still not anywhere near running as good as I was in early 2014 and having to grind days out.. 


Saw the world record for ironman fell today at Roth. 2:38 Marathon split by Joe Skipper in 2nd too. Pretty crazy stuff 

HR Training zones

Posted: 17/07/2016 at 14:20
Yes Brad..

You'll have to go on my thread back to last July to October to see pics of what I did as I tracked it for even more detail

But basically from the summer I came away a little annoyed about some performances and I needed to work on my aerobic strength so I built up from 30-40 miles a week upto 60 ish and a long run of 16 miles all to HR. Granted an increase of mileage alone would have helped but I had a controlled consistent build up and stayed injury free which was a major problem for me.. My pace on a measured 10 mile loop I did every 2-3 weeks dropped by nearly 10 minutes and with no speed work I took my 10 mile time from 57:xx to 55:44 and then got into very good shape running 26:08 for 5 miles in January which was on par to beat my current 10 km time of 33:00 (equates to 32:45ish) i ran two low 16 min 5kms just before this which although my PB was 15:52 I hadn't really done short reps to reflect working at that sort of pace, I felt strong. I introduced speed work gradually, with tempos and longer reps coming down then working back up

Best thing I ever did and I still do HR runs now around sessions.

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 16/07/2016 at 23:04
Busy day with Mia playing and met my sister and little Harrison, he is a cutie hehe

Foot has been ok, painful but did heat / ice treatment with mobility and went to test for a run about 8:30pm. Was happy to quit if it hurt. Was tired and had some small pain again after 2nd shit not long before the run

Foot wasn't so bad, tender and a few sharp spasm type twinges but ok to run on I think..

Got out for 6m @6:43s. HR Stable and nice warm run along the sea front

142 for 74.7% and highest drift to 149 with no real drift on pace so pleasing given lack of sleep.

Time for that now!
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