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Posted: Today at 09:17
Thanks! I am looking forward to Sunday now

Shame you have a niggle, best to get it seen, I find stretching is ok but in theory you're only stretching something that's damaged so need to break it down let it repair first. Good that you stopped straight away though

Good news is I've woken up and feel my leg is better again, don't feel as much tightness etc. Working 7-3:30 then straight to the island and don't have my roller with me but some self massage in a hot bath then ice and some dynamic stretching should help tonight.

Rest day otherwise - looking at around 30m for the week.

Won't be able to post schedule till Monday morning as away and back late Sunday etc.. But basic plan next week is making the mid week session Sunday and back to normal for 3 weeks. May split the runs into doubles of 4/4 to keep tabs on the leg

Sunday - race
Monday - massage and easy run (6)
Tuesday - steady (8)
Wednesday - off
Thursday - MLR (10)
Friday - session
Saturday - long run (12)

Should be around 45-50m

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: Yesterday at 17:35
Phew, finally a decent session and bit of a break through.

Felt a bit lethargic all day to be honest and was thinking what to do about my run. Decided on treadmill and set myself on KM reps and the treadmill wouldn't allow me to run the 400s quick enough. I could have done it at max speed but the idea was the flood the legs with lactate acid then run a few more KM on them

I actually picked what would / will be my last session before the Southampton 10km and one I've used before - 8 x 1km (2:00)

I set myself on 16 min 5km pace to start or 18.7kph (5:10 m/m / 3:13km)

First few were fine and I felt good, rolling recoveries so each rep was just a bit long but I had a rolling start into it. Increased the pace on last few and the last one a bit more again, felt I had more in the tank (more reps) and didn't feel like I was running max every effort which felt nice. Usual settings for treadmill to account for no wind etc. was rather sweaty by the end

3:12 / 3:13 / 3:13 / 3:10 / 3:13 / 3:09 / 3:10 / 3:06 - so average 3:10.x

Did around 10 minutes warm up and down which was just over 2km nice and slow

Spent around 15 minutes either side rolling and stretching, so the good news was zero shin twinges, no tingles, no prangs. Just a bit of tightness round the area, allready icing it and still in the gym writing this! Rolling again tonight although out for dinner with my brother and the girlfriends

So a confidence booster all around. Will stick with the plan for now and keep on top of the Maintenence. Day off tomorrow resting, heading to the island, and 5/6m easy with strides Saturday ready for Sunday.

ABP Southampton Half Marathon

Posted: Yesterday at 09:57
Thanks Hillstrider, we have a good team but then with facing the likes of aldershot it will be tough! I just want a solid run..

Looks well organised now with pre timing results there..

Had another glance. There's a section for "beat the bridge" so I'm guessing there will be timing mats along the way too...

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 25/03/2015 at 19:33
Yeah I think within 1-2 weeks It should be ok with the massage and treatment.

Being hopeful and sensible about running, last time I was forcing runs and led to Achilles issues and things so I'm weary now..

The lad who I run with does me a good deal. I'd recommend him (Happy to PM his number to you). I've used a Physio which is in enterprise house in ocean village which must be near you but you're looking at 30 quid / half hour (he was recommended by sweatshop and some runners at the track and was good though).. You're best bet is to ask who the people you train with at lordshill use?

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 25/03/2015 at 18:37

A lovely morning run aside from shin pain a few miles in so took it very easy. Confirmed shin splints from physio (as obviously I knew really anyway) But nailed the area of concern easily which is a good thing it's pretty isoltaed. A tight peroneal and Inflamed insertion from soleus to tibia. Feels like a marble on my shin! but the pain is emitting from that area so it's a cause of letting it calm down and breaking down that area and everything else should be fine

so yeah, saw physio (My mate / runner one) straight after the run for a proper post run feel and massage down. Felt much much better straight away and luckily nowhere near as bad as before and no real concerns for now. Just a week easy now (which this week is) and plenty of icing and massage. Another deep full massage Monday. 

Spent 30 minutes at the gym after dropping Mia back today rolling, stretching and working the leg. Felt ok. 

I'm not too fussed about having downtime even into next week. Will no doubt rejuvenate my running mojo a little for some hard sessions and I it's a note for me to keep a lid on things and think long term again so I'll be breaking the runs into doubles or keeping them smaller so I'm not on my feet too long. Purely a cause of slightly overworking the area but mainly not recovering it by massage / ice / stretching etc. Normally after runs I'm sat here on my computer for hours on end! 

Stats this week and month update

Just under 17 miles including the 5.03m @6:55 pace today..

Will still rest Friday so 2 rest days this week.. 

167.15m for March so far  (I managed 170 for whole of Feb and 140 odd for Jan) 

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: 24/03/2015 at 21:28
+ 1 Matt agree with IC - I ended up out for much longer as I kept running on it.. In the end I had to say fuck It - I didn't run for 3 weeks and avoided replicating the running motion (ellipitical) but it worked.. try tennis ball / golf ball work on the foot and glutes to release things up too

My only half has been the Isle of Wight HM :/ so cannot input. My next HM has been planned for end of June in Jersey. Doubtful that'll be fast. Operation also confirmed for 28th April meaning at least two weeks no / low level activity

ABP Southampton Half Marathon

Posted: 24/03/2015 at 18:19
Nice work at Eastleigh then running well, lovely day too it was.. Eastleigh can get crowded but I think lots of the big races can, I watched Brighton half and was wincing at lot of the time!

1:24 a good time for the HM. I never knew what the course was and never knew Southampton held any form of race till I saw this one advertised!

I'm running in the southern 12 stage relays this Sunday and may only parkrun before the 10km. I'd like to be a bit more race ready. Last proper race was back in August. My only advantage is I can run the route often (or at least sections) which I plan to do over the next few weeks

ABP Southampton Half Marathon

Posted: 24/03/2015 at 16:10

Hi IOWER, just read your background post on SGs thread so is good to see you back running well. The 10 miler will be good, I'd be really up for that for sure! Nice hilly stuff I like

Yes I was at Ryde 10 but not racing, ran along for first few miles as training (no number and didn't enter)

The Southampton HM route I think will be challenging in the latter stages up burgess road, but the last 2-3 miles will be fast. I think itchen bridge ran "correctly" evens itself out

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 24/03/2015 at 11:02

Cut the session down big time today as the shin is niggling. It's not "painful" to run on but I have experienced this before so I am managing it. 

Gel, ice, massage etc.. Feels better today

So original plan was 6 x 1m but with Sunday looming and the leg issue I decided on perhaps 4 x 1m.. Ended up cutting that again as I wanted to inject some speed into the legs and keep the overall volume per rep down again. To be honest I'm struggling doing the solo sessions this time. Need to man up a bit of get on it! Anyway...

2 x 1m off 90s then 2 x 800m off same 90s 

Strong headwind one way skewed the reps a tad but 5:11 / 5:04 / 2:35 / 2:27 is fine with me. Felt strong and felt the mile rep pace felt right and didn't feel like I was running them quicker just 'cos I was running less

Didn't really feel any strain whilst running on the leg which was good, iced up now and will book in for a massage post Sunday. Keeping a lid on things this week still. Just 5m tomorrow. Thursdays session should be fine to complete.. 

WU/WD (10 + 8 mins either side) + session with walk recoveries.. 5.97m for the day

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 23/03/2015 at 22:22
Nice mid week miles done and dusted for you!

No gym or turbo in the end for me, finished work 5:30 and home by 6 but slept till 8:30. Must've needed it for some reason

5.053km is the official short leg distance, obviously subject to the line I take running but will use the Garmin.. I'm hoping I can run close to 5:20 m/m still allowing 2-3 weeks more training after to sharpen things up for the 10km. I don't know the course but I can maybe do some comparing when the results come in see what sort of times people are running - I am certain my speed endurance is nowhere near as good though, I was allready doing 3 x 2m at 5:2x pace last year. And I'm not doing much quicker for 5 x 1 mile reps. Patience though it'll come just want a solid idea of ability / pacing for the race in April

It's also going to be used as a session though for next week so I won't run hard again till later in the week. I plan just one 4m tempo run otherwise it's just interval sessions (which worries me) maybe I'll squeeze in a parkrun
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