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Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: Yesterday at 20:48

Just over 9.3m at a decent "strong" pace this evening (6:23) Aim was to keep them miles ticking around 6:30s . Felt ok leg wise but belly rumbles etc were not great. Feel very gassy. Persistent stitch is hard to run on! Having said that HR kept in check and lower than I thought it would be when I looked post run and didn't drift that much.. 

Last mile picked up the pace a bit (5:54) which in fairness felt tough. 

25m this week with 2 runs to count 

Will be looking to end the month on around 140m that's with 8 days of May not running due to the OP and 3 rest days...Pretty pleased


Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: Yesterday at 17:54

About to head out for an evening run with Kyle (10m) finally home and on the computer though, been an age! Uploading stuff to a USB stick to keep tabs on the training and keeping spreadsheet upto date..

Made some adjustments for the next 2/3 weeks. Basically scrapped doing the RR10 races and doing my own tempo runs instead. Moved some days around and thus aiming to do a few HM paced miles on either the MLR or LR depending what day a session falls. 

Still don't feel great but going to pick up my Mebeverine and see how that goes.

Also plan a 7 day cleanse / detox starting Friday.. Can't remember all the things but 3ltrs of water per day and no dairy, raw veg or fruit in the day

So the rest of this week will be rest tomorrow, session Friday and LR Saturday (12).. 

Next week sees ? x Mile reps and 4m tempo otherwise steady running 

Oh - Last week finished on 41.81 m

Last 10 weeks (the first week was the week with Southern 12 stage and the week with 15 Miles was my operation

53.31 / 29.34 / 32.46 / 47.45 / 38.53 / 24.75 / 15.77 / 16.55 / 30.9 / 41.81

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 26/05/2015 at 22:52

Sore throat, stitch and bloatedness. All regular with IBS and I think it's been haunting me this last week or so with the lethargy too, I look like a water balloon and have a constant ache in my belly, chance I've been triggering it eating alot and on a better basis for last few weeks, sounds silly but although my diet was shit and small before I was used to it and only ate the same old stuff now I've been staying with my GF a fair amount I've been getting comfy!!! Possible chance it could be a cold as her brother has been poorly. 

Oh well! Plodded tonight and HR was fine and kept it all steady 

6.11m @6:57s for a little over 42 minutes...



Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: 26/05/2015 at 15:26
Superb sub 17s by SG and SS!l great running, and another mention SS with the handful of PBs and then decent 1500!

Great PB SC, what sort of mileage are you playing around with for you to say that?? Saw you said you're down Southampton next week, I was going to ask to be involved but my fitness and running has been pretty poor since my operation and I'm not fit to race. Bound to be a few fast lads anyway you'll have a great crack at a fast time. Another 3-4 weeks and my next race will be up so I'll settle for that and plug away. Wishing I will be in PB shape.. (33:00)

Ric - As Dachs said, nice consistency

Dachs - can only guess about that session, assuming 5:05s or something insane - good luck at PB / going fast attempt

Matt - no excuses now for a 70 min HM then

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 25/05/2015 at 11:53

Another failed session this morning. Planned 7 x 1m but managed 3 x before utterly bonking out. Couldn't muster a warm down and came in feeling very dejected not to mention my legs feeling awful, which is unusual. But this is what makes us stronger! Perseverance! 

5:18 / 5:12 / 5:17 off 90s

A few things I am noting. 

Mental strength. I feel nervous and anxious about my fitness, coming into a session I feel I have to "perform" I am used to doing all my sessions solo but am struggling on occasions. 3 weeks from taper week before Island games and I can barely run a 5:20 mile without it feeling hard. My 10KM PB is 5:19 per mile! 

I've said before my fitness will come, if I force things I will become tired (Which I am) so I need to do two things. Rest and adjust! 

The session Friday will now become 1KM reps. and I'll look to control the effort, I need to bank some miles at a quicker pace and stop doing a few miles and stopping or changing the session midway, I have to complete the goal. I feel I am kidding myself thinking I can run as fast as I was two weeks prior to surgery, well no! I had then allready had 6 weeks consistent training and felt pretty good coming into the race but also did miss some sessions then, I also wasn't doing the miles and sessions I am planning now!! I think I have to keep that in mind! I've had 2 full weeks training since surgery plus a few days jogging about, do I really think I can smash a 7 x 1m rep session! Of course not! 

Next week the mile reps and race will probably become 5/6 x 1m and my own tempo effort. I don't have the head to race at the moment.

On that note! My head will stay up and I will press on

"I haven't come this far, to only come this far"


Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 25/05/2015 at 11:43

I never carry water on any run, something I should perhaps think about. I have been hydrating more this last week or so. 

I guess the sluggish runs will be there. Do not feel great about it though!

5km training time could translate to what in race?

Posted: 25/05/2015 at 09:10
PS - if you have a look through my recent posts I have my own thread so you can see what I get upto however the best bet is SGs thread.

Top bunch of guys and you have 4/5 of them mid 15 5km shape and 32 10km men.. You have some who are breaking into the 16s and then upwards to 20minutes so you can see how their sessions and mileage differ

5km training time could translate to what in race?

Posted: 25/05/2015 at 09:06
I ran the 15:59 then a week later 15:52 and two weeks after that 33:00 for 10km (in March last year) Off about 35- 40 MPW. (6 runs per week) I had only started running properly since the October before so I really didn't have long. A bit of talent and a clear spell of 6months really helped if I'm honest.

If not been in that shape since having gotten injured and things over the last year since April 2014. Gradually though since Christmas I've got back into a regular schedule but I'd say I'm in low 16 shape and I recently ran 34:09 over 10km (1st 5km was 16:3x)

For me I wouldn't say big mileage works, however consistency will pay the biggest dividends.. Work a weekly schedule and keep it consistent for 8 weeks or so. Unless you have a bank of mileage there's no need to push them yet

I did between 8-12 x 400m (60s) as a key workout too and a two weekly 4m tempo run working the times down but starting 5:40s

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 24/05/2015 at 15:04
Very nice long run. Seen lots of people heading to the common. Imagine it's pretty good! Not a big music or festival goer though

Another sluggy 6m today. Got it done without dropping to 4 or 5.. Kept it around 7m/m then 4 x strides up my road. Just under 400m worth so I'm guessing. About 75m each to clear legs. That also felt leggy

41:xx minutes HR up a notch (low 150s) but leggings didn't help the fact it was about 35c on the beach today this morning.. Joking, but was hot, body showing signs of tiredness and need to take into account not long ago I had head surgery and 10 days off so just monitoring with plenty of food / water as I feel hungry and stuff

Just adjusting getting back into full training I guess.

I'm guessing here as not near my computer and being lazy not reading back as on my iPhone but possible 42 ish miles for the week ending yesterday

5km training time could translate to what in race?

Posted: 24/05/2015 at 14:56
Based on this one workout and given that you had to push the 5km and 1 mile for 16:4x and 5:17 I would be inclined to say no, but you are close. What is your current PB? Having said that with no other indicators cannot ever judge accurately what the time could be

You also do have the speed judging from the 400s however a 16:44 5km is 5:23 pace too so you've effectively banked 5 miles at a decent clip here but not ran the individual mile splits any quicker. You have shown you have some good strength though given that volume and pace....

For 15:59 you'll need 5:08 pace which the mile splits either side would ideally have to be quicker than that IMO.. If there's another session you could post then it may show. I think 3 weeks is possible to come through though

When I broke sub 16 (15:59 + 52) within a week apart a workout I did at that time of fitness was 8 x 1km (2:00) averaging around 3:00..

5 x 1m (90s) averaging between 5-5:10 would be another indicator

Good luck!
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