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Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: Yesterday at 07:28

You're probably right Matt. Not just because of pain or anything but also to allow to legs to recover / adapt and stuff anyway. 

That's a good day of training with 2 decent cycles and the 4 x 6 mins.. It's always exciting to see progression for others and within yourself just got to keep the consistency and no more broken bones!! 

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: Yesterday at 07:26

Longest run since the day before my operation 2nd March! Progress

Felt sluggish but ran ok with Scott and was a smooth run otherwise. HR was solid but felt more effort for that..

Nice to have it done now before going to Mias sports day! 

7.1m @7:43m/m - HR 132 - 69.4%



Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 24/05/2016 at 18:46

Last night was bad. I mean bad. I text you Scott but I had allready been sat at work doubled up about 8:30PM because of pains and then by home time I was barely walking. Got home led on bed put the TV on and took my tablets again. 

Had to call 111 by 11:30 and didn't get anything sorted till 5 in the morning, doctor called at about 1am then again about 2:30am then finally after dosing up I managed to calm down about 5, only then for my 5:30 alarm to go off :S - Overwhelmed by pain. It literally had me in tears and on the floor cramped up. Really sweaty, hot and stuff too and was paranoid about infection but probably like a silly minor panic fluster I was working myself up, was very gassy, went to the toilet a few times, lost some gas and felt better.. This week has just been a struggle despite running and working well.. 

SO basically no sleep headed to work a tad late then worked till about 5PM and was shattered but I had no real troubling pain by breakfast just discomfort. The norm

Left and headed to mayflower and stupidly I guess did my session. I finished it, I wasn't in pain but maybe I need to take it easy :S 

Changed my plans and did 10 x 400m (30s) 2 min rest then 4 x 200m (30s) Wanted to use the 400s I have done twice and run them a tad slower but less recovery

Felt good though in general although seems like my knee lift and legs feel a bit stiff / restricted.. Pulled this out the bag despite the problems so god knows what those drugs are doing to me!

71, 73, 70, 72, 72, 71, 71, 71, 73, 69 - 31, 31, 31, 33

Drove home and think I saw you Scott cycling to the track? Orange shirt? At least I spotted you? Or someone then  

Feeling much better now but uncomfortable sitting and driving. Will chill now before Mia's 1st sports day tomorrow




Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 23/05/2016 at 07:56

5.3m @7:25s this morning. A lovely lovely day. HR 138 / 72.6% Ran 4 or so with Kyle

Felt ok, a little stiff and achilles is ok. Went to the toilet for a 2nd time late last night and just generally didn't feel great, belly rumbling and overwhelmed by the pain almost, just led feeling sorry for myself, couldn't even bother to watch the rest of a film I put on,  no additional pain though I add which was good, but then again this morning I went to the toilet and it was painful and sore. Ran and it was just "there". Home now and it hurts. Popped a tablet and will just chill now. Going to urge to be seen ASAP.  

This Wednesday will be 12 weeks after my surgery! 

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 22/05/2016 at 17:43

You'll gain massively from that extra run Matt for sure. Decent long one! The thought of doing anything for more than 40 or so minutes kills me right now  

To be honest I'm glad to be home now. I hate to say it, I've been in a bad state really this weekend and the week with pain has caught up with me and again I'm in agony this afternoon. Struggled with Mia and I was getting fidgety and angry. Not fair on her.. 

Took two Zapain and just feel dry throated and sleepy. Pain is hurting bad like before. Feels like I want to rip my face off.. Calling doctor tomorrow and maybe now I am thinking the running isn't helping.. I went to the toilet and pain onset but that was before my run this morning about 9AM!! Now I'm about to jump into bed! Face feels funny from the tablets I am sure

Quick update though! 

Week 20

 Added in with just 1 elliptical recovery workout of 30 mins

And then onto next week, something like this - The 1200s are with an eye to build into mile reps at that same standard recovery sometimes making it 60s or going upto 3 minutes or so smashing the shit out of them. The reason the 600s have similar recovery is so I can run them hard. Although I want to start bringing these down of course..

 I haven't scheduled a rest day which is a bit silly but I'm on such low volume I don't mind so much and my achilles is starting to behave. As for my arse, well. It's only pain! ..

I think really the goal will be 35-40 miles this week but ideally I do want one of the runs to be 8 miles. Therefore I will probably make one of the others 4 miles but "steady" 

Any chance to XT I will I'm just not sure when yet  

Starting to get more into a structure though feeling good! 

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 22/05/2016 at 12:42
Yep Dan Martin!

Nice session and same to you! You have great speed just building on the endurance. You're right for me and today showed my 5km the other day is probably over generous garmin even though I measured with the wheel I'm sure I did 9 laps not 10 but then 500 short means 90s which is mid 17 which I feel I am faster than that still

Anyway we will see over time, I am going to lay it out and say I want to run the last 6 RR10s to try get an overall result. I had pencilled in Brighton 10km July 13th but it clashes with an RR10 and although I might run well, the mileage between now and then will impact things it's not enough time and my focus isn't 10km for now

So June 22nd...

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 22/05/2016 at 11:05
Hard work on the session this morning. Had pain after going to the toilet but didn't take a tablet until after with boiled eggs for breakfast achey like hell! Calling doctor tomorrow at 2pm as told and will get my appointment sorted

Along the seafront and had set on 500s but not quite sure in what format but then follows similar to my first session and will progress it

2 sets of 4 X 500m (60s) with 2 mins between sets..

Opened on 87, all others 88 and finished in 89. Was puffing a bit and Max HR 186 so I'm pretty sure that max is going up. That's about 4:45 mile pace

1.5ish either side ends the week on 36 miles with 3 sessions. Pleasing aside from the pain. Achilles groaned warming up but eased away and had been noticeably better.

I think this week my sessions will be 8 X 600m and 4 X 1200...

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 21/05/2016 at 21:51
Jesus the girl who won the 10km booking her spot to Rio was local girl from up the road, Jess! Training under my old coach and we used to run together, getting on the old IOW team coach to Hampshire league XC events! How mental!!! 31:58 insane. So happy for her

She's been in Girona for last few years with Dan Martin pro cyclist though not local now!!

It shows though you can become anything with patience and hard work! She is a class example! I remember Geoff talking to me going through how she was layering her fitness and consistency! Now at 23 she's off to Rio

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 21/05/2016 at 20:19
Not the best prep for a hard effort there Matt so you're closer to PB shake than you think, you say course was short but from Strava going up the hill twice isn't going to work favours either - good running!

And that HR!! 10m making 35 for the week is quite an overload as a % of the week!!

Scott - Very productive day, I just watched the FA cup feel for Palace!! I watched the last race of the Highgate through my phone with the Soton lads in. Low 30 mins for them very good. Will watch the big boys shortly!!

Sounds like a lung busting session!!

Got my rota messaged to me as I forgot what shift I was ok Monday, a rarity! So makes me re think the week in terms of what I will get upto..

Probably sessions Monday / Thursday and Saturday as on 1:30-10 and easy inbetween.. Tuesday / Wednesday / Friday 8-4:30 ish so I'm up for a run if you can fit it in..

That means I'll have an easy / steady run tomorrow. As I'm on low mileage for now and the HR is coming down with gaining some fitness and finding the legs I'm likely to run more of my week "steady" won't let it get out of zone like today and I'll keep the efforts 80-85%

I'll be looking to get in a longer run of 8m this week though and that'll be "easy"

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 21/05/2016 at 11:29
Standard day really, up with Mia earlyish and read little miss scary

Undecided what run to do and really wanted a session but it'll wait now, went the toilet and of course onset pain. Took zapain and my daily cod liver oil tablets etc..

Thought I'd go out for a steady effort to HR, zone was meant for 153-163 ish and I fell just outside 163/164 hitting toward 170 but it was very windy from .5-2 miles out and across me on the way back..

Anyway 4 m AV 6:00 5:57 / 6:15 to open.. Pleasing enough not so niggly and felt OK. Achilles has been better last few days, quite a lot of self massage, a few minutes here and there in the day does help

Mum was a diamond and had ran a bath for me when I got back so sat in that. Still hurts though now
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