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Sub 17 5K

Posted: Yesterday at 20:19
Adam there's no reason why you couldn't knock 30 seconds off within 6 month. I'd say sooner - nice run

Sub 17 5K

Posted: Yesterday at 20:19
Yeah no worries. DM an email addy..

I had a golden period of training leading to my 10km PB for around 8 weeks but otherwise it's been blighted by a few things

My basic structure was this

Sunday - 12m steady @7:00-7:30
Monday - 8m steady @6:45-7:00
Tuesday - session
Wednesday - 10m @6:55-7:10
Thursday - session
Friday - rest
Saturday - session

3 sessions going to hard not enough rest led to me getting injured and id look to replace the session with another steady run when I get back to it

Sub 17 5K

Posted: 25/11/2014 at 20:39
PS - I have tracked every single thing I've done since September / October 2013

And more than welcome to email the spreadsheet to anyone whose serious, going for 16:xx requires work

Shows structure / mileage / sessions etc .. I'd not advise copying but the sessions can be taken and stuff and always good to be nosy

Sub 17 5K

Posted: 25/11/2014 at 20:36
CW - I find it vital to "race" (obviously parkrun is perfect) and gauge current ability every 4-6 weeks. It's fine to do parkrun every week but to see any gains made I'd do that as you can get disheartened trying to PB each week. Not that you do that but my advise to anyone is needing or seperatong a "block" of training

As you said building upto session volume is good and and depends on target races, especially if youve only been in the game 5months. Specificity is vital

What you could do though for overload / progression is do 4x1 mile but either increase recovery between or run then a little slower than 3x1m.. Then over time reduce the recovery

I ran the 16:59 without knowing my exact current shape just roughly what I could produce but it was coming back from a long injury. I've had a terrible last 6months and not ran properly for some time..

My PB from this year will be my long term aim over next year and I should think I could lower it significantly - I would expect to see some constant improvement so constant gauging and adjusting will be for me ..

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: 25/11/2014 at 14:43
Great top end HR IC - I know it's person specific but anything 190+ is really good I think

With regarding to rolling shins it just helps break down the fibres and stops any tension - those muscles are all linked so keeping them supple helps. I found I could feel a "grinding" sensation which is adhesions being broken down (I think that's all correct)

Physio for me today with deep massage, comments were that the legs feel good and lots of prodding with pressure, pressure points, forced flexing etc showed I have improved strength and motion (wouldn't say flexibility though) and plan to run twice more this week

Did 2.5m @8 min miling today - could only feel what I'd describe as stiffness not pain or restriction. Will see how the week goes but positive

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 25/11/2014 at 10:03

A good couple of days from Friday. 

Got a new tyre and tubes and ended up buying a turbo trainer which was a bargain! Before I had unboxed the thing I ended up fitting both tubes as each of them burst whilst being pumped up!! 4 tubes in 1 week! 

Back to the shop to complain and I was given replacements, luckily they blew up before I hit the road. Back and forth meant I was short on time and ended up heading to the island in a bit of a rush and left the bike till Sunday.. 

Out Saturday birthday drinks and I didn't last that long before being pretty drunk- Being teetotal for years (bar once this year) does not help! 

Sunday home and on the turbo for 30 minutes and did a semi hard effort. The watt / power / speedo is (I hope) not correct in calibration which I will try sort but for now I can do HR workouts. 

Monday - Planned bigger ride but ended up splitting the day and going on the turbo for an hour with Kyle having lunch at his but also riding by myself in the morning upto the grandparents. 

Tuesday - 1st of 3 runs planned for this week. My first proper sensibly planned run and outlined this week with Kyle what needs to be done. All slow and short. Massage after for some deep work + release to keep the tendons from tightneing. He says calf is still tight and top of pereonal but otherwise shin etc is ok.. 

Shin felt 100% and I barely felt anything else other than stiffness which is probably not even related to the issues. So otherwise a clear run.. 

Was going to turbo for a bit but advised to keep the rest of the day clear so I won't be able to do anything until tomorrow night .

Plan is 20 min run Thursday and Saturday and any cycling in between.. 

Back to work Thursday AM 7-3:30. 


Sunday - Turbo 30:02 - Distance X? - 152 / 175

Monday - 12.45m road cycle 40:29 - 161 / 180 (hour rest) then 1:00:02 turbo 151 / 175 (Distance unknown)

Tuesday - 2.47 run 20:08 - 8:08m/m (This will be pace I run at for a while) HR 136 / 158 (note I was running over a minute / mile faster at the same HR few months ago) 


Sub 17 5K

Posted: 24/11/2014 at 22:36
No probs CW - it's about pacing different sessions with different goals for each - a 4x1 mile session would be looking at bridging some speed endurance and conditioning the body to get used to sustaining a X pace - you should be able to run 4/5 x 1 mile at 5km pace ( I have 90s recovery)

4x 1 mile would be ran at 5km pace for example were as 6x800 ( volume) would be looking to run inside race pace with view to improve speed

Then again those sessions can change depending on recovery. One " rule" used is take the rep time and half it for the recovery

Any other questions just ask? Although I have ran quickly and progressed quickly sessions are all relevant - I was running 17:xx for 5km last year and also back off injury ran 16:59 not long ago

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: 24/11/2014 at 21:54
I'd try a few different variations Matt over a few days if you really want to get an accurate result, obviously hard when you have sessions to fit in but a week mixing it up won't hurt.. IMO with hills you tend to "give up" as you get more tired and unlikely to get the "max"

I never tried to get a max HR just used the highest value over a few runs - which is 247 I think LOL - no, really, on tempos or hard sessions I've used it and got low 180s

I've found I've got my HR higher whilst cycling last few weeks than ever have running even though I'm much less fit right now but when back running I think I'd use my "running max HR"

Don't do the basic equation though Matt, could be way out

Dachs - a great result considering you don't like XC or don't think it's a strength - have some belief

IC - if you can foam roll your shins!

Compression running socks advice

Posted: 24/11/2014 at 21:43
I brought some " CEP " compression socks and would 100% recommend. I've not used other brands though - 1st pair

Groundhog day

Posted: 24/11/2014 at 20:50
Far from it Gideon? I replied because your reply is utter trollop

Parkrun every week = lazy? Some people love routine or have little freedom around a set work schedule and like to give something back. Supporting parkrun and being a familiar face is great! Lots of people I know run my local parkrun week in week out without fail. They would go elsewhere if challenged I'm guessing, would laugh if someone said they are scared (if they run that amount of parkruns) but wouldn't ever say it's fear of change? What even is that!

For those who have retired yet still stay in the same place and run locally have potential fear of change or less imagination IMO. The freedom that gives you. But I bet there's probably more routine.

For those people who train same place same day etc - you could argue every aspiring runner, young, old etc who turns out for a club or local track for training week in and out to improve or support their club is a twat giddy? Really?

Sometimes having a set day, place, person to run with gets them out the door

For me I ran everything on my own 99%

Speed sessions maybe a few different ones over a handful of different routes. Not because I can't think big, but good, flat locations not far from home. Easy to drive / run too and quiet. Why change that?

Long runs same route - same time really every week.

Every other run - I'd say I have no more than 5/6 routes - sometimes going 3/4 laps ...

I do it that way so I can focus, concentrate and have no other distractions

Injured at the moment but I can't wait to get back into routine with running.
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