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Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: Yesterday at 13:56
Decided to kick myself today (not literally) and re assess what I'm actually doing in terms of keeping fit. The main reason is I'm haphazardly planning my week and not keeping a great volume compared to if I was running, so I actually plan to try match that with the cross trainer

Hopefully get my HRM sorted over next few days (maybe new battery) but my example will be this

Today would have been say a 8 mile run. Therefore I'll look to do c50 minutes on the elliptical steady state

Tomorrow "session" would be the equivalent although I will try train to HR so for example 3 x 15 minute blocks

I'll also write this week off now running wise and give myself a plan to try follow. Depending on what Physio says / does will attempt a run some point though as really I don't get pain unless I run and I don't know if I'm "better" until I run. I have a bad feeling about Wednesday though

Furthering my plans to reduce my main mileage and follow a similar plan I did at the start of the year - instead of trying to run more I can at least add in more aerobic work on the bike or ellipitical instead of "I only do 35mpw" it can be, that plus few hours top up

That's the plan anyway! But mainly because I've become terribly lazy and I could be maintaining a much higher level of fitness!

Kick start time

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: 19/10/2014 at 21:13
Good running Everyone and nice duathlon Iron!

Matt - did you taper full on? Maybe it's just the training intensity and work you've been doing latley holding you back (but in a good way) and as you come closer to the A race no doubt you'll smash the race and times

Dachs - a solid 10mile either way and still a PB

SS - Nice outing at the XC relays

Dean - epic showboating I love it crazy time still despite costume and zigzagging

Positive run Bus

Have fun SG!

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 19/10/2014 at 20:25
Added note - did have my annoying shin niggle today through the day. Signals it's not "shin splints" as I wasn't "running" still on the inside L ankle bone. Now potentially this area could be damaged and then in turn when I run, the pain goes up my leg.. Notes for Physio - Wednesday. I'll want some better answers this time for sure!

As said - with not 100% running / training for months anyway it still sucks but it's better now than if I had a A race next week or something! Seems like a long old haul this half the year!

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 19/10/2014 at 20:18
Nice parkrun! To be within 20 seconds is great! I was over 70 seconds last time

Speed with come with from base / endurance so feeling consistent + good at the end is ok even if you couldn't speed up

A sweaty gym session, worked 8-6:15 and hit the gym, 10 mins on ellipitical, bike and then treadmill at 6m/m pace pushing each area with no recoveries just straight on next thing (run felt ok though) was a good 30 minutes and enough topped with some core exercises some squats on the half ball (15kg weight) and some single calf raises -

HRM didn't work but was higher than planned 140s for sure but happy with it.

Had a good "stretch" more like leg swings, rolling and stuff and did some heel drops as my right Achilles has been feeling a little more dull that normal, previously avoided the drops but this feels more like my actual Achilles / insert now but will see.

Very very disappointing again not to run but head up. My time will come - sensible inbetween will make that!

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 18/10/2014 at 22:03

Managed to finish work 30 minutes early but started early so didn't gain any hours. Cycled home ok although felt heavy. Long day on my feet again. 

October update - 

24.61 miles for this week. Surprising me when I worked it out, and I ran 6/7 days. If small miles is all I can do for the moment then I can still work something out with some small sessions and plan something better than what I am doing. 

43.4 miles for entirety of October which is the bigger picture though. Even if I did 5 miles every day I'd be looking at 120 miles for the month total...  

34.83 cycling miles this week. Small volume but 3 rides of c30-40 minutes will help general fitness a little

79.9 for the month (Cycling) 

Plan tomorrow is gym / cardio workout, may try a 10/15/20 minute block combo of bike/elliptical/row for an hour - 80 minutes If I can to at least stimulate what my LSR would have been.. If my HRM works I'd look to keep the effort around 140BPM

Depending how I feel I may just do a full gym session and do it Monday or whatever. 




Rectal bleeding and running.

Posted: 18/10/2014 at 17:39

I'm glad helped a little, I can go several times in the day too and that's never changed either. Once I found I was bleeding and everything else I just made sure I relaxed, drank more water but not straining was the main thing

I'm hoping the doctor gives you the all clear or at least gives you confidence to ignore a little bit of blood.

Good luck

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 18/10/2014 at 12:12
Pretty happy with the workout today. Was blustery and I didn't parkrun. Up about 7:30 but not out on the bike till about 10:30 - did 2 x my 3m loop before heading out onto main roads and into work, was windy and not big enough to get out the small ring yet

11.36m in just under 38 minutes

HR didn't seem to pick up which is annoying as I wanted to see how it was off the bike, quickly parked the bike and changed shoes before heading straight away so a quick "transition"

2 miles out and back planned through town towards the common. About mile and half in I did get shin pain so I'm going to gym tomorrow. Stopped at 2 mile to turn around have myself a run down and quick calf run etc, felt fine on the way back apart from slight ankle bone pain.

Decent pace averaging 6:42 for 4.02m

So miles in the legs and feeling better about the shin still despite mild pain

Rectal bleeding and running.

Posted: 17/10/2014 at 23:08

gsivi - I have and still suffer from this problem time to time...(Bleeding) 

Also told I had IBS back early this year but seems to be well under control now, I only get bowel problems after a run now and rarely during (Can't remember the last time -which was a major issue)..I had severe piles - chronically in my late teens.. 

I am 25 (male) now but had such severe piles I had them banded after trying all sorts.. This is the one thing that helped hugely! I have not had any issues bar once a few months ago but have a mild reason why I got them...Anyway - I still have the bleeding bright red blood sometimes when I wipe after a toilet and sometimes after a run.. My diet is very poor now but tends to be focused on fibre rich foods when I can- what's yours like??  I also like to relax on the toilet and never rush it. Even if it means 15 minutes I never strain or force it. The other thing is how much do you go? You may feel like me, needing to go alot but not really going much, hold off if you can, going lots can strain things and I have found I bleed if I go twice in a day. Lots of water helps! Although I never drink close to a litre a day (unless tea counts) it will help

Now being bright red as the doctor said is ok as he said I think.. it's minimal for me too maybe like a small nose bleed but where the passage is exposed and as he said constantly jiggling it can bleed, veins and all sorts are very close to the surface / exit so it can happen if they burst.. I'd really consider pushing the doctor again if you are worried but for me it's not a problem or a worry for me now and I run without concern and I think it should be the same for you .. If it ever become flowing blood or darker I'd be worried and seek advice again. 

The constant landing of bobbing up and down probably caused my muscles inside the passage to relax and thus fall out, my piles were external and I could not actually walk. 

Good luck - Be confident about the running. 

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: 17/10/2014 at 22:37

Well, Matt, The point we can make is would you?

More than likely yes.. But it could benefit if you did that for say 4-6 weeks.. or could it? Bet you Wouldn't dare to find out though, which does mean I lean with the re-asses thing (which I am doing) 

Cutback, overload, progression. A few things that can be considered.. But then again, progression for you is evident in things like increasing your WD - Which on topic has come from trusting the coach you have paired with. I can't really find examples for others though. 


With the re-asses thing I'm probably going to start on smaller mileage base plan and follow a similar plan that I did early in the year leading upto Eastleigh. Looking back - I averaged 32 miles per week for the 10 weeks upto it coming off 3 weeks of zero running. I haven't been 100% since April really and my mileage when I've ran has been fair amount higher so does say something to me. Averaged poorly this year though due to several very low weeks.


Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: 17/10/2014 at 15:20
Actually Dachs I was actually thinking he would be someone to ask seeing his involvement with the club and being coached at a young age... Would they promote stretching? I know he's said he's had injury but at that age you are much less injury prone IMO - he's still growing

When I was running in my last cycle - so 15/16 years old my routine would be this

WU jog at least 8-10 minutes

Some basic leg swings, hamstring calf and quad stretch - 20 seconds that's all. Then followed by drills and strides with lots more active moments on the legs nothing static - nowhere was stretching mentioned inbetween or to do at home

WD - at least 1 mile

I rarely stretched before or now - only like you on Physio advice and even now I'm not pushing it and find it does strain me - I think even light gym work has helped more - for example quads have been terribly sore but 40 reps on a low weight has then feeling better than a stretch which was painful to execute

The lads who I trained with who went on to rep GB this year did say one thing to me when I trained with them - "in their must do books" was the WD half the volume of the session (relative speaking) this could be upto 3/4 mile jogging with strides. I doubt any of us do that

Going forward I'm definitely going to add strides and drills into sessions and strides after steady runs
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