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Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 21/01/2017 at 23:25

Good news regarding the ankle then Matt but a but crap that some congestion still lays...

Weird thought about the shoes and I've thought that about my ones. I know I've had problems but to get a niggle in the same place is strange. Perhaps it is the shoe. 

Nice parkrun and very nice last KM! 


Been feeling pretty hot, not sure why but almost like I'm constantly sweating. Legs took a battering at work today and come away feeling sore, foots not so bad but a bit of shin tenderness right on the insert in the exact same problem place before. now two things. Shoes yes, I've done 500+ Miles in them now but somewhere bio mechanically is obviously causing a problem down this right leg. Perhaps maybe with the nerve / operation problems I had on the left side it's over compensating or something I don't know but going to start looking into massages and what else I can do..

Ended up doing AFD. 15 hour shift as the other manager went sick so 7AM-22PM

With running there leaving at 6AM and then not getting out till gone 10 past I was a little ruffled and a little tired. Ran ok though but legs ache. 

Actually over 40 miles for the week which is great based on all 4/5 milers

Run into work - 7:18m/m - 75.7% Max HR

Run from work - 7:32m/m - 73.6% Max HR


Weighed in at 172lbs today so not shifting anything really all month


Tomorrow plan is a very easy double to and from work again and I am kindly being 'allowed' a lay in. Ah thanks for staying Scott come in at 10:30 instead.. I would have done 9:30-6.. And only planned 8-6 as cover. So 7 hours extra for 1 back  


Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 20/01/2017 at 19:54

My week....


A very busy week. From Sunday to Friday I had worked overnight then all week longish days, coming to a close finding I didn't get the job (No biggie) but then not getting paid for my overtime and then having to work 7-7 tomorrow :S

Finishing of our training week in our department, getting 65 co workers finished across 4 aspects of training and uploaded to our food safety system was a nightmare as well as preparing for the interview and then holding 2 disciplinary meetings. 

Run or gym wise. All running. No bike or gym and due to Inesa early hours and then me in at 7 some days

6 + 4 on Tuesday around work which tied in with my first session of many many months. I had backpack on, leggings, hat etc so wasn't going to be flat out

10 x 60s with 60s rest. Actually ran ok and was aiming around 300m for each rep which is 80s 400m 


Wednesday a single longer run of an hour, over the trails very nice and HR decent. 7.33m @74.2% - 7:49m/m

Thursday I rested and had Mia overnight last night. She was so cute Miss her alot

Took her to school and ran out to the forest and back, felt good. Foot was better than all the previous weekdays, spent some time rolling the calf and foot. 

30 mins / 4 miles / 76.3% @7:08s

Then text Steve as I am working longer tomorrow and asked to double and then session this afternoon. After trip to tesco etc I headed over to the gym. 

Wanted to control things. 

5 x 3:00 (90s) Felt smooth at 17.1KPH which is 16:59 5KM pace but the realization how far away that is from my PB is disgusting. Last rep upped the pace and couldn't even get near PB 10KM pace for 3 mins.

Still, early days of course what do I expect, legs felt ok and with coming out the gym running over to the shop to get fags for Inesa and home just over 5 miles work not inc recoveries 

Weekend - probably 4/4m doubles around work

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 20/01/2017 at 19:43

TRi - Fair points. Working on strength really helped me. Setting those goals is great but make sure you follow them up! 

Longer runs day in day out can get tedious but it's what you want out of it I guess! Being young you have options so why not mix things up :P 


Matt - Nice to hear from you, how did the interview go? Mine went amazing but I didn't get the job, based on HR scoring I was .5% off the successful candidate although the manager interviewing me said I must have read his mind on some of the answers I gave and is taking my SWOT to his team to show them and use. Oh thanks! 

Still I have a chance in 3 months to take over the department for the rest of the year which was always the main focus anyway. This was more thinking about missing a chance when that secondment ends..

Absolutely gutting news for Romsey, looks set to have clear conditions. I know it doesn't help to say we've been there but there will be a chance when you can race at 100% at the race you want to and smash it. 

9 weeks is huge amount of time, stay consistent you'll fly


Scott - Bring on the gunners then! Solid week by you and being sensible. Knee holding up is great news and so far not even out of January so looking good

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: 19/01/2017 at 13:27
My first session (done Tuesday) was 60s on off for 10 minutes done after a month of easy running Reg! And I had 7 weeks off before that!

Take it easy!!!

Great running elsewhere, Matt superb HM. Defo stop alcohol and dairy pre race and no food 3 hours before if any.

I've had the odd gel, have a regular running belt which fits phone and keys in, had one in Jersey when I ran my HM. I was more under prepared anyway and took one at 10 mile purely on the fact I knew it was going to be so hot and hadn't ever really ran that far before. I wouldn't think You'd need one when training properly for a HM

Dean - lovely lot of shoes! Love Vomeros

38 miles last week. Ran a few 4/4 doubles and an 8 miler which was my longest run since last July :/

Feet are a bit niggly so being mindful I've obviously become very weak as this will be my last shot at running before I choose to take up something else

How much is staying injury free worth to you?

Posted: 18/01/2017 at 12:28
Seren knocked it on the head

This guy is clearly a student or something trying for a study
My friend actually works for a pro cycling team and earns half decent money as a swamy. They are not on the world tour though

If you worked with bolt you'd be on big money if you did well.
Myhr fact is you'd be able to pay for an ultra sound after every session to look at muscle fibres, apply treatment after every session etc etc

Paula flew to see Healing Hans for Actovegin injections and other stuff

The cost of her or anyone's injury prevention is relevant to earnings and accessibility

For me I'd give any disposable income I have but I can't afford monthly 40-50?? spare on massages

I have suffered with injury but I won't sacrifice other things for my running. I have to wait, rehab and comeback.

Example here - I get injured can't run for 8 weeks

Galen Rupp has plantar F . Can still do 130 miles a week on under water treadmill

Get off the thread with silly posts

Beginner Heart Rate Concerns

Posted: 18/01/2017 at 12:18
Go back on feel for now. I wouldn't worry. You are unfit and smoked to recently so the HR will be high. I used HR training a lot and my normal runs I'd go about 140-150. I had a break and returned and my HR was in the 170s and my max is 190 (after max vo2 test)

It took me a month of slowly building to see my HR come down, for you it could take longer as it's been years (plus smoking) but keep in mind how you feel, can you talk or sing a few lines on a song if you listen to music? This would be about the right effort for a standard daily run and you just need to keep in mind slower and consistent is better tjan trying to force fitness for now. Based on your background You could run every day for a year and improve still, just at a relative easy effort

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 16/01/2017 at 23:13

For me quite tired. busy at work and went in last night and finished around 2AM. 

Home and cup of tea, read TRIs post and went to bed about 3AM to get up 4:30 

Home and can't stop watching Breaking bad so watched it and then had to get ready to run into work.

Had to stop by local doctor to pick up batteries for my hearing aid, I was on my last one, lucky I got some as it ran out halfway through my shift at work! 

About a mile out to the doctors then onto work, plan was steady effort but a hilly first mile came @7m/m felt tough then actually opened up ok with help from a large downhill mile 2.


HR was up but felt like I could hold it for a while longer by the time I got to work. 

Worked till 22:00PM and had quite alot of stuff on, then some prep work for an internal interview on Thursday. Have to prepare a SWOT analysis 

About time I moved on from my department with approval from my department head, despite a recent external offer it wasn't the right thing in the end and I've weighed up alot. This will be a promotion. Fingers crossed

 Legs were achey but niggly too and running home was a bit tender like. Calf / shin / foot on the right leg so some rolling needed but got home in one piece 

Run into work - 5.69m @6:29s - HR 85.7% / 163

Run home from work - 4.01m @7:27s - HR 78.9% / 150


Oh BTW Scott Sweatshop have an insnae sale. Half price 

Saw the latest Nike Vomero, Pegasus and Structure all 50 quid and others.. I would have bought the structures if I wasn't so skint. 5 weeks since pay day and still till the end of the month but hopefully they might do a deal still

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 16/01/2017 at 23:02

TRi - A good plan however my only critique would be about what you want long term? 

I know you want to enjoy things and what not but if you want to pursue running or get big in the gym you have to tick to on thing. Going from sprints to long reps also isn't going to give you the best gains but as I said. Mixing it up will keep it enjoyable and maybe do that and a few years later you'll fall into something you really want to stick it

Keep up the good work! 


I'd never seen it Scott to be fair. There's a few good fields adjacent that would be great for some hill work and some loop for grassy loops so will be using that for some solid strength. Good work on the gym / run triple. I didn't expect you to run 3 miles there though lol



Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 15/01/2017 at 14:02

Running to and from the gym doesn't sound a bad idea Scott, gets the legs used to running again without "mileage" concerns. Serves as little warm up too. 

Hope the knee feeling good 'trend' continues 

Finished off Mia's frozen lego castle and chilled this morning, was going to watch Stubby 10KM but stayed in. 

As I am working later and taking Mia back I changed my plans and managed to get to run just now. Found a wicked trail which goes all the way straight outside my house towards the shore and about 2 miles, first road crossing is a little over 1KM so could be useful for some reps in the summer when it dries up. Played around with some routes and explored. Found my legs put my HR up a bit towards the end as found them fatiguing. Not used to thick mud, hills and jumping over random logs but this is going to be a future route I use ALOT. All off road and links to some decent short hills and grassy circuits


Feet a bit painful before I ran, so ran 45 minutes instead of 60 (Was in my INOV8 trails) Slower pace but felt ok

46 minutes / 6 miles / 78.9% HR (AV 150)


10 cycling miles

38.7 running miles - Nearly 5 hours work


Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 14/01/2017 at 15:59
Great to see you drop in TRI. Glad to hear you feel you are 100% healthy and looking forward to 2917. I wouldn't advise going out on many more unplanned 15 milers though! Crazy haha!

Most of my runs are planned with time constraints around work or seeing my daughter so despite living on my own I'm pretty busy outside so can't always just "head out" for a run

Do you have any goals?

Scott - Nice work, a few good days then and another today? it's been 2 months out really now?

As I wasn't too sure how things would pan out with Mia I ran Thursday but couldn't muster a 5AM run on Friday really. In fairness my legs are pretty niggly, achey but also just a touch niggly. Left ankle area and right plantar. It's purely the amount of time out from running so it's a case of managing these hinges and sticking to a long term build up plan. It will be months and months before I can hit sessions full on and have consistent days of what I would call acceptable miles.

I'll benefit now from 30 mins a day for example as I'm so unfit but a plateau will come

As Inesa has been with me and around Mia much more now I feel ok popping out on a run. I feel guilty as it's my weekend but sometimes I have to compromise

Headed out for what I thought was a 4 mile loop but nearer 5

Middle 2 harder at 6m/m and HR up at 180s this is fine as that's my true fitness. Before when I would run at 7:30m/m for this HR that was more to having not ran and the legs not being used

Guessing by how it felt I don't think I could run 10km at 6m/m now so comparable to PB of 5:19m/m....

Overall 6:42 average so my quickest run to date and just shy of 35 minutes. Overall 85% but HR c 145-150 whilst not running faster

60 minutes tomorrow planned in the evening but will be playing that by ear

Plan is Mia all day and take her home around 5pm. Then run

Work then Sunday night 22:00-2:30 AM and then home to take inesa to work 4:45AM and back home to sleep. Work Monday lunch time 1:30pm though and will have to see if I am tired what my run schedule will work out to produce however it's looking likely I will double run to and from work
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