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Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: Today at 12:34
Yes top session Dachs! Thought they were 5km splits at first glance!!

Johnas - some people here have ran well not long after a cold and I did so at Eastleigh last year? Is it worth trying?

I'm in the process of finalising 12 week program starting Sunday. As it happens my first session is 3 x 15" off 3:00 - however for the first 4 weeks I'll probably keep the structure of the session the same but drop the volume to 30 minutes / %of weekly and build up. So (3 x 10)


This will also include big changes to my diet and focus on hydration too and some supplements. So I won't be natty. Going all out, I love food but want to give a proper shot and eating well anyway. Last pack of jammy dodgers last night

I'm 181cm / 71kg as of this week. I've been as low as 67ish at times and that's also when I did gym work, don't know how "low" I could get. I would say I have arm muscle but shameful at that so no..

It'll be interesting to see how much this impacts my performance vs last year - I'll be doing less mileage and 2 sessions a week as opposed to 3...

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: Yesterday at 15:35
It's good if you feel better after, in a nice way it means the damage is limited still and something works..

I still massage around the heel / insert points as I get mild tenderness on the heels sometimes but also enjoy that sensation lol. I have a small wooden tool I use, almost like a door knob

Massage and muscle release will massively help I'd do it before / after every run

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: Yesterday at 09:24

Bit of a cross post.. 

Glad it got seen and the referral.. You have to be careful though, they will say try this for 12 weeks and exhaust options before moving on.. Maybe keep a bit of a track of what you have been doing and for how long and present it to the physio, that way you both save time but also eliminate going over the same thing and if you need ultrasound treatment it'll come sooner.. 

K reps did feel good so thanks, will be a while to get back into shape, ideally twice the volume and half the recoveries and I'd be happy. The pace is there really in a way. 

Gym membership tough one.. I'm lucky both gyms I signed upto are next to work and 10 mins away. One I use for Mias swimming. I'd look at stuff you can do at home. I'm working a little program I am hoping to be able to do in the work changing rooms on my 45 minute lunch. 25 minutes workout using just the bench 

Otherwise I'd probably go with the 30 min walk / cheaper option, eventually you could / will be jogging that in half the time anyway as a WU in which case a gym 5 mins away you'd only be looking at a wall warming up. Plus can cancel if you find yourself not using it 


Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: Yesterday at 08:52

Easy out and back run this morning, very windy along the shore and can see why ferries have started to be postponed. Legs felt the session from yesterday although it wasn't a hard run. 

5.09m @7:30s - 38:15

Should be swimming with Mia again today so that'll help the legs I think. 

25m for this week with 2 runs to go.. 

Nans 75th birthday today, will be going for lunch with family, will be nice with everything going on with Grandad. 

Mate from work wants to play badminton tonight 6-7.. Will have a go and see how the legs feel, won't be over stretching or jumping around like a loony. Will maybe turbo this evening after when back 

LSH - Glad it feels better, did you get the referral? 

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: 27/01/2015 at 18:21
Oh apologies IC - I know back in November there was talk about it, I must've missed everything! Either way! Great to not notice it!

No chance of doing a "rocky 4" then?

PMJ - so I was right, means bugger all

Good running cc82 and earlier I didn't mention but Matt that 14 is good, clearly much much stronger, frightening to think what an introduction of a specific speed work phase will bring..

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: 27/01/2015 at 11:31

Nice cycle AG! I haven't done anywhere near that volume for a long long time. 

Simone - 138th is not shabby at all.. There were in form 31 min 10km runners coming 50th ..Deep field 

IC - Pleased that you didn't notice the achilles, turned another corner there I hope 

Dean - good tempo on the dreadmill

Dachs - thanks, I hope so too! 

Weirdly and maybe PMJ could enlighten me. But my 17:44 parkrun on Saturday lists as a better performance that my current 5KM PB of 15:52 and 3rd only behind two other hard hilly courses.. Probably means bugger all

I will find a flat road course to re gauge my fitness in maybe 2 weeks anyway as training paces will be affected..

Took first advice from Dean about recoveries for the planned session but went with 5 x 1KM (2:00) out on the road. A good cumulative 25 minutes worth of WU/WD and I feel ok

3:08 / 3:12 / 3:07 / 3:14 / 3:10 

This Sunday hopefully marks a period of normal structured training and starting to introduce "proper" long runs etc 


Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 27/01/2015 at 11:04

This week has gone pretty well running wise. Didn't get on the bike yesterday (drove to work) an may not today just waiting on to see if I have to pop out before work and just got on here to get the garmin uploaded.. 

Sunday was technically my longest run since end of September so another good milestone but more importantly hitting the 8m mark and 60minute mark with a solid low HR. Was working 9:30-6 but had the run and was home in the shower by 8:15AM so was nice to get that length in earlyish.. Not as early as some other Sunday though!

Sunday - 1:04:11 - 8.35m @7:44 - 133 / 149

Monday - Easy 5.53m @7:16s 40:11

Tuesday - 5 x 1KM (2:00) 3:08 / 3:12 / 3:07 / 3:14 / 3:10 - Though I'd be nearer 3:20 but pretty pleased with that. Two slowest splits were slightly back into strong headwind coming off the shore back from my route so I think an AV of 3:10 is around fair... 10 min WU 1.42m + 13:44 1.91m WD

Easy / Steady planned for this week although plan some threshold / quicker miles possibly Thursday night or possibly Saturday where I will attempt a 10 miler run


Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 27/01/2015 at 10:57

Seeing the inflammation is pretty bad mate! That really needs some breaking down as the scar tissue will keep haunting you. 

CPU back working but I think I've sent or posted the stuff that you need now allready over time. I'll be looking still as I don't want my achilles issue to come back and I can still feel it's not 100% and a little weak at times so I'll post anything I find useful.


Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 25/01/2015 at 23:16
LSH - I have twitter unsure if you do? And a simple look now brought up lots of videos from @kineticrev

Calf release ---

I am going to pick some out for myself and work a day routine!

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 25/01/2015 at 23:08
I'll try post / email you some things I have got via email etc before, but my computer isn't working again tonight mate. I'll try over next few days. I did email some stuff before do you still have that??

It may be worth going to Physio and getting a re assesment on possible cause?

I was told work from bum down on strengthening things, that'll help me become a stronger runner and prevent injuries - but the new main two I've started to do and others are..

It'll be a huge trawl back through the thread, but the stuff Ceal posted ages ago is very good - from kineticrevolution - google that and I'd work on strengthening things. However you can't strengthen what's broken, so rest first and get the muscle fibres broken down via massage first.

Stability shoes and orthotics also helped me 100000 fold

Can google if unsure how to perform - correct technique is obviously a must

Glute bridge - 4x60s
Standing on tip toes on one leg and other knee high and hold - harder than you think
Single leg squats
Leg extension (side / hip) with foot turned inwards slightly with toes pointing towards floor
Working the Achilles focus on down loading - force it down on a stair stretch and massage it but don't bring it up without the other foot helping

Sounds weird but I've found squatting in a static seated position on tip toes massaging the Achilles has helped plus ibrupofen gel

I think I have an Achilles massage fetish

I'd also do some leg swings - stay supple

I wouldn't put huge effort into long deep stretching (again your stretching something that's broken) ease into a stretch and the moment you "feel" it just ease off a touch and hold for 60s - repeat 5 times - Much better reaction allegedly

All you need is to do a basic calf stretch with both feet out against a wall and lean into it and for hamstrings just prop the foot onto edge of the bed and lean over to it - keep foot / hips upright + straight and facing you don't let them wobble or turn

Probably quite incoherent but typing on phone isn't great! Hope some of that helps! But main thing is don't start trying to strengthen the Achilles I'd you have pain / tightness

Oh - do plenty of ankle rotations and write ABCs exaggerating the movements plus grabbing that Achilles and wriggling (almost twisting it) it in a S Wrench shape with your finger and thumb! (Hope that makes sense)
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