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Posted: Today at 09:07
Went bit crazy before work. Planned 8 but followed the Southampton HM route again and didn't realise how far bits were..

Ended up coming through past the common at 7m knowing I had at least 2 to go.. I put my foot down at mile 8 and and ran it in 5:45 so a really strong mile after 8 around 7:10s cruised the last bit just over 6m/m pace! Felt really good! Woke up with some mile stiffness and both calves a little tender but all in all pretty good!

9.32m @6:55 pace with a 5:45 mile in there

Average HR 152 very pleasing and 1:04:25 time on feet! Changed and ready to start work, luckily no one noticed I'm a few minutes late

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: Yesterday at 22:33

Pretty easy shift in the end. Didn't drag as much as I thought.. 

Cycle home was ok. Just uploaded garmin from this morning

33:37minutes - 5.24m average 6:25 miling. Splits allready posted were accurate 

Average HR 160 / 176 max 

Possible chance I am in for a long shift tomorrow again. 9AM start now but will be up to get my run done first.. May run to work (8m steady) 

Sub 3

Posted: Yesterday at 08:59
Superb running Steve. Very inspiring. What makes it extra special in my eyes is this - I work in a department of around 60 people and today after cycling in, everyone knows I cycle / run a lot and am pretty dedicated....

Sitting having breakfast around 10 of us are talking about general stuff - no one else is remotely interested in running I add!

Then the convo between everyone goes off track....

"Hey Scott" if you keep training you'll be like that guy on TV last night who did the marathon did you see it?
"that Steve guy, you know he used to smoke?
"Yeah he's 40 too"
"he's amazing"
"how does he do it"
"Omg he lives near me, a famous guy lives near me"

Just some random comments from my co workers

Very inspiring for all! Be proud

You weren't shit either !

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: Yesterday at 08:45
Good sleep and felt good waking up, stretched off a bit had some water and straight on the run, old route on the road round the block. 2 loops. Leg generally felt pretty good and fresh waking up with no stiffness as such. I've been more mechanically sound running the last week or two.

5 m progressive it turned out, although I had planned two harder miles on between a 5m that didn't happen.. It was windy and my lungs hadn't really woken up

Mile splits 6:50/6:28/6:25/6:19/6:01 from memory so I'm pretty damn happy with that .. Garmin has switched off so can't see time and HR but around 5.12 miles 32/33 mins. I felt pretty strong and controlled

I had allready packed my cycle stuff and ran in my shorts so quick shoes chane helmet on and away out the bike into work. Legs felt very good although didn't go crazy. Just thought I'd go the short route in. Covered the 2 and half miles in about 7 minutes

Long day ahead now but I'm actually unlikely to be on my feet much..I will make sure I have a stretch at lunch though at least.. Quick breakfast here at work first though

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 27/07/2014 at 22:51

Last 10 weeks mileage.. I have done only 2 "sessions" in this time, the last one being week 26..

I did Brading 10KM at the start of week 27 and the other harder stuff  (3) has been races (RR10s) which although has been good tempo effort. It's not cutting it like a session would..

Averaging 23.5m so it's not all bad. My main aim (Other than getting over the injury) is still running nice and steady and building the mileage and holding it for a good period of time before introducing sessions on a regular basis. I do have an RR10 #9 next Wednesday and would like to run. I think I am almost guaranteed 3rd in the series now. 

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 27/07/2014 at 20:57

9:30-6 Tuesday

Day off Wednesday.

1:30-10 Thursday - 

Off to the IOW Saturday but with different things going on may not run till late that night. 

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 27/07/2014 at 20:53

In from the run! Very pleased to bag the 14 miles, a progression from 12 last week.. My longest run to date. I previously did 14.01 at the start of May .. Today I ran a little quicker though ..

Followed most of the Marafun Southampton HM route although got a little lost by the Uni so ended going up Burgess road twice, which isn't steep just a  long incline.. A nice run and some nice parts I have done regular training on and runs into work on which would be if I race this event. Includes some parkrun route too..

So leg felt fine, a few twinges in both heels a few points in the run, around mile 4 and 9 ish then settled and a tiny bit tender now post run but It's a lot better still than I have felt running in other shoes and other days..

14.02m @6:55 1:35:56 time on feet..

Average HR 141 Max 161 so pretty pleased with that given I worked all day and the route...

Miles 11/12/13 I pushed a tad and they were 6:48/6:44/6:41 before finishing on a 6:59 

With working long tomorrow plan is to get up reasonably early and run 5m steady (but a little quicker) and back to cycle to and from work... 

Originally I thought about cutting back but looking at the mileage I feel I can still build. Will listen to how I feel though 



Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 27/07/2014 at 18:34
I think I read matts post wrong and thought we did the same thing!

I reckon a lot could be to do with my hips etc as you said, I'm guessing / saying my shin as that's what hurts, but often it's hurting because of something else!

Just got in from work so a 10 hour shift with a bit of travel each side..

Will be heading out on my LSR by 7ish once I've changed and had a banana.. Aim is 14m and will be trying to follow the Southampton HM route (from halfway)

Will work out this weeks plans later.. Been "asked" to work exta tomorrow so I have a 13 hour shift... 9:00- 22:00.. Will change what I do around this + Tuesday etc..

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 27/07/2014 at 17:37
ah ok Ceal, he defiantly said supination and my foot rolls in after landing. But I land on the outside... Maybe I need to pay more attention!

I think I'm going to be more aware of what could cause injury and work my hips etc as I do tend to sit for long periods at home..

Same here Ceal, it's been a long grind however I'm still sticking at it, have to play the long game and hopefully can stay fit

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 27/07/2014 at 09:34
Yes Matt, I wasn't told as a degree but it is "over supinating" not sure what correct term is either I know land on the outside, it's very prominent, wear on my shoes is noticeable and even my normal day to day shoes so I guess the 2-3 weeks I was running through the shin pain I just adapted by doing that (supinating) naturally

What was interesting (which was kind of obvious) was the guy said shoe company's tend to make shoes similar on their brands.. He said ascics all tend to be more supportive and minzuno etc etc..

I always have had brooks and the one shoe I change I find problems.. I'll be looking to buy a second pair of the brooks (same ones I was wearing pre injury) to use for quicker stuff as the shoe I have is pretty bulky / high mileage comfy shoe

I think in reality once I'm over my injury I could wear pretty much any shoe just have to keep an eye on any potential niggles but you are right, to much technology and playing around in shoes now, we are born to run and walk so a natural shoe would be normal
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