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Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: Yesterday at 22:24
Yeah Alex runs down the track with the group as he is at he uni or at least doing something there as I'm sure he is not that young still. Weirdly me and his brother used to have quite a nice rivalry in the youth leagues over 8/1500 etc and then it was the younger one who came through.

How was the session Scott? Low 6m/m pace? The legs just need a few quicker trips out and that'll be routine

Consistency is ok but I feel a million miles away from even being fit and healthy, I know I'm in half reasonable shape and even when I have taken long spells out I'm still ok, but my HR and pace show it's not fitness

The theme of not being able to run continues and even walking around today feels hard. Everything is tight and I really haven't been feeling great breathing I had the same session as you Scott but on the bike with run either side as a warm up but again HR really high

So it was calm and mild so on the road bike, opted to run/bike/run and not try and rush "transitions"

First run about 2.1 miles (aim was just 15 minutes) whatever I trying to run like it felt like jogging and slow but HR shot you to 150. 7:10 pace

Cycling though was fine, I averaged higher 160 off but really 5 or so mins spinning then 3 x 5:00 off 2:00 I hammered them and was able to push hard, HR upto 183 and when cruising in between dropped and then after the last rep cycling home it went down to 140s. This is why my brain is melting.

Then onto the run and HR upto 160 ish straight away for the same pace (7:00m/m) I felt slower and stiff but ran quicker but no way was HR going down, again really though it felt like I was jogging, god knows if I sprinted what my HR would go up to!

I forgot to add yesterday but same today is that within a couple of minutes my HR is down to 80ish which is pretty much what it's at all the time lately. So how can it recover like that too? My legs feel fine, I've had some foot niggle where I had my problems so need to stretch and stuff

Then onto doctors this afternoon so found out the name of what I was getting tested for and scarily it makes sense. ECG was fine despite my resting HR again in the high 70s despite me showing her HR on my Strava app and my resting HR of low 50s nothing to worry about? Yeah ok

Anyway, bloods were for Alpha 1 deficiency checking my AAT levels. So a protein that protects the liver and lungs and puts people at risk of COPD etc. Given the extensive family history of this and how I feel it's worrying. I'll probably be referred to the hospital probably respiratory anyway as if it's negative still need to find out what's wrong or going on.

I think I'll be just easy running keeping HR on and mointering how I feel, I may get some sessions on the bike done maybe that'll uncover some fitness and help, even if it helps show the doctors my crazy HR Vs my runs. Especially given I have that 10km time to equate things too with my pace

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 24/10/2016 at 11:13

This is so strange.

So this morning I had my HRM on allready as I got ready when I took her to work and straight in the gym. My resting HR sat on the toilet was 58

When I just left to go on my run my HR wouldnt drop below 80 just sat or stood outside waiting for garmin signal. 

Then on my run, up over 150 going up in the 160s and mid 170s on hills. I felt fine, no different from the previous runs maybe a little bit chesty but it's much colder today. Maybe it is broke but then I'm sure it wouldn't basically be consistent just reading like 20 bpm higher than the previous days?

Or my heart one day soon will explode. 

just under 60 mins. 8.1 miles - 7:10m/m - but HR today AV 157, high of 174 . 82.6%????

Uncertainty creeping back in after some normal ish weekend runs 

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 24/10/2016 at 07:51

Oh also starting to keep that weight log and stuff on track, but an email from the gym I go to was offering a body fat % + water % ratio test later, prompted me to remind myself to go tonight get it done and get some fancy stats.. 

I'm 5:11 and 164 lbs but was surprised to see my BMI at 23 when I had the spirometery test. I have some "flabby" bits even though I'm obviously leanish but sorting myself out needs to happen. I've said it loads of times on here though!

It's time to eat cleaner as my body breaking down / getting older isn't going to help any niggles and stuff. 

I've had 4 McDonald's this week and for someone who has belly problems I'm only making myself go to the toilet countless times and really not helping! 

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 24/10/2016 at 07:46

I've been feeling much better myself, a few posts on FB and stuff people may have seen but basically mentally feeling so much more relieved. It's taken 8 months to finally be able to shit pain free and run without any discomfort afterwards. I've had worse discharge but in terms of just daily leaks, just small amounts but that was expected from botox. That can be controlled with womens pads and keeping wipes with me and it's not that bad it doesn't seep through if I get caught out anyway

It's so nice though really. I can sit in the car no worries, I'm not shifting around at work when at the desk doing paperwork and playing with Mia I am not conscious and achey. I don't have that wiped out feeling after a run either where I just almost sit and curl into a ball for a few hours with throbbing and itching and horrible pain.

Hopefully it doesn't wear off as it's botox, or if it works maybe I'll have regular shots I will find out soon

Went out yesterday for 40 mins, exact same route again although at the end cut round to the shop and picked up some milk for mum. 1st mile came up a little short which is a little unusual and saw a 6:30 come in, well as I know the route like my own hand I timed it in and reckon it was still about a 6:45 so nice to have low HR and faster mile without it feeling faster at all. Pace was a touch quicker but tailwind out and then on way back was major headwind and HR spiked. That shows weakness but I found my pace didn't drift to much so that's quite good. As I build hills and strength that'll sort itself out 

Just a bit more then with shop trip so 5.7m at 7:05s HR 80.5% I think 1st half under 140 and 2nd half 155-160 ish

31 miles for last week and 30 the week before all mainly 4/5 miles runs and just one 8 miler

Dropped Inesa off to work and headed to gym, had 4 hours sleep but felt really good and although I set resistance lower than normal for a standard ride HR was lower and felt very relaxed which is what I wanted before a run later...

20KM in 37 ish minutes but HR 127 so 66.8%. Not worried about mileage accuracy I guess inside. Time and HR when inside so need to get into a habit of setting like "40 mins" . Mileage can count when outside which I don't think will be too much on the bike now though! 


Mia's got her pre - op sent through. 29th November  

Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 24/10/2016 at 07:35

Brilliant PB Matt you've built up nicely to that and even with illness recently produced that! Sets you up very well for Victory. Good to see less kenyan domination, maybe an overhaul of the prize money sorted that out (British only + much more generous + at least 1st "regular" 3 not worth them sending someone in) Basically everyone I saw or know ran well though and only one was disappointed but ran 54 still :/

Today showed some good things Matt but I would say make sure you recover from today rather than focus on getting those workouts in. As you said, today showed you're fit so there might be less work to "force in"

SAC all ran well, must have been wicked to have that big of a group and running in that region (55-60) also seeing the "next level" boys Mahamed, Alex-wc and Matt B running 51-53 mins. Insane. 

I saw on strava mile 7-9 slowed everyone down considerably too. I have Joe Wade on here who came 16th I think 51:30 and he went from 5:05 ish to 5:2x ish. I guess maybe over the whole race it evens out but seems like a PB course? 

Saw it on TV and I think it will be one of my major targets next year (if I can stay healthy) unless with work Bright10 works better but would be very keen. 


Very nice run Scott, nice to feel no pain! Saw Waldron run well (again) although thought he might have gone quicker as he is back on the 70 min mark for HM now. Actually saying that I added this bit in but realized he is still in recovery from a marathon lol. 

I actually think he needs a slap though, leading out like that he needs to learn! I actually saw his splits from his Marathon. Yes he's been great running 69/70/71 week in week out but then he started his marathon at the same pace.

5km in 16:15 and 10km in 33 I think. Suicidal 


Scott's training log, advice, support

Posted: 22/10/2016 at 20:35
Great news Scott. You'll regain that fitness quickly I am sure. Decent volume to be heading straight onto though! We will get out for a run

Yup good luck Matt although Scott must be mistaken! It's never possible to have anything other than a headwind when racing

Been a good few days for me. Two near identical runs started with Friday evening once I got to the island, 40 minutes feeling good and then another Saturday morning along the same route. Following chat with Steve the goal was purely focused on easy running so using the HR

Both 5.51m (aim was 40 mins and running out along beach front turned at the end of the path timed perfectly basically)

Friday - HR 141 - 7:11 m/m
Saturday - HR 143 - 7:10 m/m

Actually felt pretty normal on the runs and although there was some drift on the pace 6:58 - 7:20 ish to the last mile I felt good. Finally felt like my body handled it. Haven't used the inhaler really apart from Saturday after lunch I was feeling a bit breathy

Sky/British Cycling

Posted: 21/10/2016 at 10:56
I don't see again how team Sky could be clean beating everyone and then other teams looking dodgy? If anything they look the worst right now

It may well be cleaner or at least many more people are skipping and getting around testers.

As for GB cycling team, there's huge speculation about them with riders from other countries talking about the performance (I'm on my phone I can't find a link but sure it was a German rider) about traditionally how form carries through the year and how GB just appear out of nowhere and win despite not being competitive not long before hand, physiologically doesn't add up, and I then heard an argument stating how hey would be trying to peak for the event, not like everyone else is doing that???!!! He was stating just how they are that much better and then most of them are on asthma meds or have TUEs.

As for drugs in sport. 100% people cheat at all levels, we all heard that 18 year old
Cyclist done for EPO. There's more people with more money and living more like full time athletes it's bound to happen.

I've won races and lost others. I'd be fuming if the field was unfair. I can't say I've been in an event where I think someone has beaten me and cheated as the times are not outrageous, then again there's people that might be cheating and I would still beat and they might think that about me or whatever.

I still think they need to drugs test at all events in the U.K. Not every one I mean just like all big 10kms or HMs etc

Sky/British Cycling

Posted: 20/10/2016 at 14:21
I believe there needs to be a mass blanket effort to stem doping at all levels. They HAVE to invest

I think everyone competeting for the country should have the bio passport done on a routine basis.

Testing done much more often and no excuses about missed tests. They need to scare people into not doping. As we have seen micro doping works and generally people can cycle drugs and avoid them through missing tests

Sky/British Cycling

Posted: 20/10/2016 at 06:39
I can see your point but an athlete would either have a zero tolerance to say what is that being put in my body or a zero question policy, in which they say you need this take it and he will and not care. Why would you do that and risk it just days before the tour,

And you think he gets sick the same time just before grand tours over 3 years, no when else, then going on the never telling anyone in his book he has allergy problems and also saying "no needle" policy. It's embarrassing really to try defend these points

I don't believe he could be sick, and then take a drug to contain it for 3 weeks and operate at that level with people like Rasmussen, Hamilton and millar clearly saying what effect it has on you within days

We know several doctors have since been removed from the system and those have been dodgy before

If Sky want to control as many variables as possible can you explain why there are so many contradictions and then why they train somewhere where he is vulnerable to such severe allergies? Although I guess it follows him at the same time of year in various parts of the world.....

Sky/British Cycling

Posted: 19/10/2016 at 22:32
Popsider - It's banned. WADA test and review tons of medicines each year and ban ones deemed performance enhancing. Why else would they be banned, there's quite a few statements and also lots of contradictions across he board about dosages and why and when the medication was needed etc.

And the whole idea of abusing the TUE system is to gain access to meds and claim to have a medical condition to use them whilst healthy to gain an advantage. Like the Tramadol thing, anyone really needing it really isn't going to be performing well or competitive in the TDF. If healthy then it's obviously going to help

Dave - Can you name a clean podium? Each one has had some form of implication with drugs or a convicted doper. Indurain, Mercx way back too it's all widely known they would have doped or abused substances. Proven, not so, only in comparable like for like times and stuff

I'd love for Team Sky to be clean, or any team but it's just not happening. The bending of rules and shadiness is embarrassing, sport isn't transparent enough.
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