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Groundhog day

Posted: Today at 21:15
PhilPub wrote (see)
I found Dachs' description of the fish bashing extremely evocative.

I wonder what he would make of battered cod?

Groundhog day

Posted: Today at 21:11
Dachs wrote (see)
Some people just like routine. We can't all be like you Ric, with our lives veering wildly from winning age group prizes, to digging a flowerbed for an elderly neighbour, to cramming record numbers of tuna bagels into your gaping maw, to landing a tench the size of a toddler before lifting it aloft and smashing its head against a withered tree with a mighty blow.

I'm thinking there must be a plate in there somewhere...

Groundhog day

Posted: Today at 20:53
mark 474 wrote (see)

Agree with giddy,  Lets use the free spirit We are blessed with


Maybe you should track them down and tell them they're doing it all wrong?

Just can't run fast

Posted: Today at 20:28

^ This.

I would advise running outside rather than on a treadmill though, you will be much better prepared if you do.

Groundhog day

Posted: Today at 19:55

It's not "twattyness" its just personal preference.

Sounds dull to me but why should anyone care how someone else wants to run or why?

Just can't run fast

Posted: Today at 19:47

The gist of your post seems to be that you feel pressurised to run faster and you can if you train more.

But it's not complsory, most longer races cater fo runners of all speeds and some runners find they get injured if they try to run too fast or too often. Don't feel it's something you "should" do - it's entirely optional.

Your wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend...

Posted: Today at 11:19

You realise that thanks to the deletion demons this thread now starts with Dave saying "her massive norks"?


Don't ask

Posted: Yesterday at 19:01

Another technique that works: if you know you don't have time to do something don't say you can't. Just says yes, don't do it and then say you didn't have the time.

It shouldn't work - people should respect you for being honest and upfront but they don't.

Don't ask

Posted: Yesterday at 18:48

I don't think people like refusing time off to be honest.

I've been told "no" more than once only to have line managers reconsider later, or at least try to accommodate some of the days I requested.

Don't ask

Posted: Yesterday at 18:24

Not me. My attention might have been drawn to it though.

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