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Things you want to say but can't

Posted: Today at 15:24

FFS - learn your f*cking job!!! 

Daily disappointments

Posted: Today at 15:14

One of my Walnut Whips is missing its walnut

Graduated NHS Couch to 5k

Posted: Today at 12:56

Well done KattC

Things you want to say but can't

Posted: Today at 12:47

Top rant Dustin.  

Hellppp, kind words needed for very wobbly and scared beginner please

Posted: Yesterday at 16:43

It certainly doesn't. I knew a couple of pretty hefty blokes, flabby bellies and all, that managed sub 4 hour marathons.

Things you want to say but can't

Posted: Yesterday at 15:31

Dear sales assistant,

Given that the card I bought said "To my Husband on our Anniversary" I find it a bit perplexing that you called me "Miss" three times - especially since you didn't need to call me anything at all.

jobseekers allowance

Posted: Yesterday at 14:53

MPNW: I completely agree with you, we don't know why, but in general, shiny, happy people don't pay a dodgy charlatan to travel halfway across the globe.

If they truly thought that was the way to a better life you have to wonder what it was that made them think that.

Of course you would flee genocide - but I'm pretty sure you would also leave if you were being discriminated against in other ways too - my point is that you don't have to be in fear of your life to want to up and leave.

Apparently police think there are another 12 of them in a container that hasn't been found yet. That's not likely to end well.

jobseekers allowance

Posted: Yesterday at 14:20

MPNW: what I am saying is that it may not be clear to us when and why people flee. You seem to be saying that they should have left sooner or stayed put.

Doubtless people have fled (or tried to flee) other "low level" persecutions because they could see what was coming or, at least, didn't want to take a chance on what might happen. At the very least, even if they do not actually fear life and limb, why should they continue stay and suffer discrimination. Would you? 

That the Jewish Holocaust was the biggest and most tragic (and I have read several books about it) does not mean that is was the only one. The mass killing of Muslims in the former Yugoslavia and the Rwandan genocide spring to mind.

Maybe you have your own reasons for being so emotive about this, I don't know. I'm only looking at what history tells me - and maybe they are too. Given what has happened frequently in the past would you stay and take your chance that the government will protect you while continuing to suffer discrimination at least, death at worst? Or would you leave?


jobseekers allowance

Posted: Yesterday at 13:57
Maxpower North West wrote (see)

Scream - you really are losing the plot. The Sikhs in Afghanistan can leave into India any day they wish and in fact many do so each day. The Taliban discrimination has been going on for decades and there is no evidence it is getting worse. To imply there is a possible Holocaust is unfounded. Never done this before but you aren't even worth discussing this with. Repulsive.

They are still discriminated against and not allowed to practice some aspects of their religion, their main place is worship is also under threat. 

If you disagree that level of persecution isn't worth leaving for, that's fine. If you disagree with the method of their leaving or their destination, that's also fine.

But to find it "repulsive" because I suggest you are well aware where this sort of stuff can lead (and has frequently led both before and after World War Two) is bonkers, frankly, and I'm glad you don't want to discuss it any more.


Feels as though I'm falling to bits!

Posted: Yesterday at 13:10

It may be the speed rather than the distance. Are you still running too fast?

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