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workplace bullying

Posted: Yesterday at 22:43

You've already made your point. Time and time again. And it really is time to let it go now. Use the ignore button and let's all have a bit of a break from this at least. Please.

workplace bullying

Posted: Yesterday at 22:04

Either that was some offer they had on or you did, in fact, go a bit mad 

workplace bullying

Posted: Yesterday at 21:38

Really not Max.  If the handshake doesn't suit a high five is my final offer.

workplace bullying

Posted: Yesterday at 21:34




booktrunk wrote (see)

I'm blaming it on the heat, can I offer everyone a pot of buy one get one free Ben and Jerries ice cream.

wish I could join in the boy's conversstion but as a girl, i'm just getting ready to run a couple of marathons instead this weekend so cannot join the boys talking....  

Yes my tongue is in cheek. 



Sadly I've already  had chips, beans and beer so ice cream is out of scope 

workplace bullying

Posted: Yesterday at 21:28
Maxpower North West wrote (see)
Look Screamie I realise you have crush on me but I am a happily married man. So though you would I will have to decline on this occasion x


Nope, no crush, a *handshake is the most you're going to get.


*Not a euphemism.

workplace bullying

Posted: Yesterday at 21:23

I will if you will. Pax?

workplace bullying

Posted: Yesterday at 21:10

I'm trying to make a perfectly, polite post and offer you an olive branch.

You throw it in my face.


workplace bullying

Posted: Yesterday at 21:00



Maxpower North West wrote (see)
It was the tone I thought your rather under developed brain would understand. Does that answer your question or do you require more o forum queen x

Fine, now we're getting somewhere, So why not just say that?

For my part, apart from the way you replied, I got annoyed at what you said because I was posting on the thread when this shit all started, never agreed with Yiddarmy's strange standpoint, defended KK at the time and have put up with shit of my own from him at times.

That this spat has gone on and on and on, though, in my opinion, is because neither has known when to let it lie. We can talk about who said worse things but KK kept calling Yiddarmy "Paddy" knowing full well what effect it would have. OK it isn't a nasty or vicious thing to but it's deliberately provocative because KK knows he thinks it's deadly serious and he's a person who is very easily provoked. He, of course, ended up jumping all over every post.

Both or either of them can still stop this though - even if he doesn't get banned because of it.

For the record, I have nothing against KK and she knows this.  I have nothing against you either actually, I just don't understand your selective opinion of me.




workplace bullying

Posted: Yesterday at 20:15

Because you are avoiding my question.

You could have replied in a perfectly polite manner. You chose not to. Why? 



workplace bullying

Posted: Yesterday at 20:08

Oh don't talk shite. MPNW You're trying to cover your arse quicker than Putin standing next to a rocket launcher.

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