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Fu**ing Taxi Drivers

Posted: Today at 16:12

I should have added: and especially not when you had two small children and a baby with you.

It's a big hole - I think it's best to stop digging.

Fu**ing Taxi Drivers

Posted: Today at 16:06

Most people don't "lose all reasoning" in a "split second reaction" and assault someone over something so petty. 

You do understand that right?  That's why you are getting this response - people don't see that what you did was in any way necessary under the circumstances.


'That' charity christmas song..........

Posted: Today at 16:02

Interesting point! 

Fu**ing Taxi Drivers

Posted: Today at 15:55

No I don't - I see one person who was bad mannered and another that was violent.

In addition you use your kids to explain why you had a go at the bloke initially, only to have no hesitation in leaving them while you made hitting him your priority.

Sorry but that's about as low as you can go buddy.

Fu**ing Taxi Drivers

Posted: Today at 15:44
mark 474 wrote (see)

he seen me coming, I don't attack from behind. and maybe he wont treat people like that again, lots of maybes anyway kids was where I left them, It want about that. when u react you don't think straight at the time. Wish I was perfect like you but im not

You reacted violently towards someone who wasn't actually threatening you and left your kids to go and do it - the very kids that you couldn't put down to move a trolley out of the way.

You acted out of all reasonable proportion. You could have shouted back in kind, you didn't have to chase a bloke in a moving car who was leaving the scene, and punch his lights out.

I'm not perfect, I've hit people - they were trying to sexually assault me at the time though... 


Fu**ing Taxi Drivers

Posted: Today at 15:38

That's how I see it Seren - in fact the more think about it, the worse it gets - in all respects. 

Fu**ing Taxi Drivers

Posted: Today at 14:38

Well Mark, maybe your assault on him put him off taxi driving for the rest of his life.

He behaved like a bit of a wanker, you came up to him from behind and knocked him unconscious in a premeditated act. He didn't really deserve that did he?

BTW it seems you somehow managed to handle the baby and the other children perfectly while all this was happening despite your original gripe...

Xmas party

Posted: Today at 14:17

You could also type the style/colour into Shopstyle (or whatever it's calling itself) and see if any similar but cheaper ones come up.

We want to see the results of all this you know? 

'That' charity christmas song..........

Posted: Today at 14:12

I choose instead to donate to the DEC. 

Good. I'm all for altruism - more people should be encouraged to think about giving for its own sake without needing to do or get something in exchange   

'That' charity christmas song..........

Posted: Today at 13:49

With Bob Geldof I think there are issues much closer to home he ought to be campaigning about - if you get my drift.

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