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Posted: Today at 09:03

It's nothing like "Praise or Grumble" on Radio Sheffield

Things you want to say but can't

Posted: Today at 08:25

Gabby Logan "explaining" it to Michael Johnson was amusing though.

Annoyances when out running

Posted: Today at 08:23
Lotus Flower wrote (see)
RicF wrote (see)

Our man Samir Haddad knew how to deal with pavement blockers.

I am almost too scared to ask, but what did he do?  Can his methods be used far and wide? 

If I remember rightly, it was a very subtle approach which involved barging through the middle of a couple holding hands, at speed, while rounding a corner.

Term time holidays

Posted: Today at 08:16

I think some fair comparisons are being made.

If child A a loses 10 days of school through a combination of illnesss, strike and snow nobody is going to make a fuss and nobody is going to get "penalised".

So why should child B missing 10 days of school on a holiday, in which there might well be the opportunity for some learning thrown in, be such a concern? 

Not sure if I agree about taking days off for birthdays though - you can always celebrate those at the weekend if you want to do something special.



Posted: Today at 08:05

We survived some other stuff so maybe, but on the whole - don't know. Don't want to know.

Stomach cramps after long run

Posted: Yesterday at 16:21

Have you changed what you're eating pre-run?

I often get an intense stomach cramp for about 5 minutes about, 20 minutes after finishing a long run but it's purely muscular - I don't have any other symptoms.

Annoyances when out running

Posted: Yesterday at 13:58
Millsy wrote (see)
Miserable runners. I make a point of saying hello/ nod to every runner I see.
It annoys me that some people don't even acknowledge you back.

I've given up on that, I save my breath for the running. I never forget the run I did one Christmas Eve. Cold, damp, no-one else on the towpath. Said "morning" to the only other runner I saw - fucker ignored me.

workplace bullying

Posted: Yesterday at 12:09

He's such a legend 


Posted: Yesterday at 11:35

Sorry I missed the bit in your first post but it adding up to 1000 calories.

1000 calories would be on the drastic side if you were trying to lose weight while being sedentary. IMO to stay healthy she needs to be looking at at least 1500 (possibly as high as 1800 depending on how much exercise she does on any given day) and adding more protein and stuff like beans and pulses.

No carbs and too little protein is going to mean no energy - you need fuel in the tank.

For  perspective, today I have burnt off 900 calories in just over an hour on the bike. 



Posted: Yesterday at 10:24

True. It depends on what't in the salad and what the quantities are.

Is there any rice in there? Quinoa, cous cous, beans? Any nuts?

At first glance there it definitely looks as if there needs to be more protein. 

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