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Posted: 02/12/2013 at 22:41

I am so ashamed, I cant remember how long it is since I have posted on here. Since I retired I have been fitting a new kitchen which is taking forever, so much preparation work has been required and the kitchen units only arrived last Friday so now the task is to get it fitted and functioning before Xmas!!!!!

It would take forever to go back over the posts but I will maybe get a chance over the coming weeks. Hopefully we will meet at Bitton on 22nd if it hasn't already been mentioned. If not we are meeting at the station and running for an hour, you can choose your own route and pace from there or just follow others but the aim is to all meet back at the station for breakfast afterwards.

Maybe see some of you at Saltford Santa Dash this weekend or Christmas Cracker the weekend after that.

Nightingale Nightmare

Posted: 02/12/2013 at 22:27

Ian, I am sorry it has taken so long to get back to you, I have been mega busy!!! I hope you enjoyed the race, as far as the club is concerned it was a great success and we are already looking towards next years!!!

Elizabeth, keep an eye on our website, hopefully there will be news about next years race. You can join our mailing list which will give details as soon as something has been decided.

Nightingale Nightmare

Posted: 05/09/2013 at 08:05

Peaceman, it will be!!!!

Nightingale Nightmare

Posted: 05/09/2013 at 08:03

Nessie, the only real tough bit is Nightingale Valley, the rest is easy. You can come in fancy dress as well!!!

Seejays Strollers

Posted: 30/08/2013 at 21:09

Oh, I also meant to say, my Club, Southville Running Club, is holding its first race on 27th October at 11 am. It is called the Nightingale Nightmare and it is a tough trail run. It all starts from Bedminster Cricket Club and it goes up Nightingale Valley and then round Leigh Woods for a total of 10K. As it is close to Halloween there will be a prize for the best fancy dress and free cake for every finisher. It is not an elite race so dont worry about being slow, there will be lots of slow runners. I have started a thread under 'EVENTS' with all the details on there including website and online entry. If you dont fancy it yourself please pass the word around friends and that includes Wales, Gloucester and further afield incase they might be interested. There is a 200 runner limit but if not sold out there will be entry on the night. Details are also on Facebook under 'SRC Nightingale Nightmare'. thank you!!!

Seejays Strollers

Posted: 30/08/2013 at 20:59

Nessie, when you have a run like that just drop your pace again, even if you walk the last 1/2 mile, it is demoralising to not finish a run but better to walk and keep your spirits up. Dont dwell on the unsuccessful ones, it makes the next one more ominus, specially if its a big one. 20 miles seems a lot but again if you thnk you might struggle just drop your pace and walk /run part of it. Distance running is as much about how you feel emotionally as being fit physically, if you have to fool yourself to thinking you can do it then use that tactic, I promise it works. We must arrange a meet up point and time for Bristol Half, I am on early start, I think, but would be more than happy to meet up at the globe in the Square!!

Toby, you seem to be running well as usual!!

Chris and I have come up with a date for another Bitton run/breakfast. It will be 13th October, weekend after Cardiff Half. Not sure of the time yet but wont need to be too early to give everyone a chance to get there!!! All distances and paces, run your own pace if you feel like it but we will start and finish at Bitton Station and then in for breakfast!!!!!

Nightingale Nightmare

Posted: 30/08/2013 at 00:31

This is Southville Running Club's first race, the route takes you up Nightingale Valley and through Leigh Woods. Although not compulsory, Halloween fancy dress will be judged with a prize for the best and free cake for all finishers. Please be aware that the marshals may also be in fancy dress!!!!

Come along and support this fun race, make a space in your diary for 27th October 2013 @ 11am. See our website,, for online entries, race limit of 200 and if not reached then entries on the night. Race HQ and registration at Bedminster Cricket Club, Clanage Road, BS3 2JX, which opens at 9:30 and closes 10:30 sharp. Entry £8 affilliated (EA & ARC) £10 unaffilliated, £2 extra on the night. It is a trail race with rough ground.

Seejays Strollers

Posted: 22/08/2013 at 22:29

Hi everyone, or should I say you few hardy souls!!!!!! I dont know why I dont post as much, maybe Facebook is too much of a habit now. Anyway, getting the miles in ready for a hopefully good Bristol Half. Doing 6 @ 10 min/ml on Mondays with the club and then about 8.5 on Thursdays @ 9:30 pace, then Sunday I have been putting the mileage up. First weekend (11th August) 9.1 @ 8.30 pace, second week (last weekend) 10.7 @ 8:40 pace, this week planning 11 @ 8:30 so fingers crossed. Getting a few niggles at the start of my runs from over my right knee but hoping my sports massage will sort that out.

Nessie, well done on your training, I know you are getting stressed about it but you are still doing the mileage even though its on different days from your program but dont worry!!!!

Kev, have a great time at the caravan.

Toby, sounds like you are still getting the quick miles in!!!!

Hopefully I will post a bit more often!!!!

Seejays Strollers

Posted: 14/07/2013 at 22:26

Hi everyone, what on earth have they done to this site???? Why cant they leave things alone, nearly couldnt find my own thread!!!!!!! I cannot apologise enough for not reporting on here, I am working hard at home 7 days a week and usually only get time to go on facebook and then sign off and totaly forget about RW!!!! I am ashamed!!! Cant remember when I last posted and what I have reported on!!! Did I tell you about the accident I had on my motor bike?? I am now running again and hoping to run the Towpath Mob Match this Friday, doubt if I will race it, just get round and finish in a good position for the club.

I see Nessie is still squeezing a quart into a half pint pot!!!!!

I see everyone is having varying levels of success and injury as well. Keep hydrating and eat lots as well, this weather can sap your strength as well as your water levels.

Sorry I haven't really caught up with the posts but hopefully I will do at a later date!!! I am melting so I will go and try to remember to pop in on a regular basis!!!! Got to figure out how to save this topic again!!!!!!

Seejays Strollers

Posted: 15/06/2013 at 21:53

Quick update on this weeks running, firstly Clevedon, what an amazing turn out from Southville Running Club and a great night for running although a little warm there was a breeze to help the temperatures. Anyway as usual my hay-fever was giving me breathing problems so I was sort of pacing myself but yet trying to get a good time under 49:20 which was the club target for me. Tough race but managed a little sprint at the end to finish in 49:09. Towpath was next, such a change in weather, during the day blue skies and bright warm sunshine and within an hour it was overcast and threatening rain!!!! The rain pretty much stayed away and my watch managed to keep going all the way but yet again my breathing was giving me problems, my lungs where aching and sore but I pushed on, had to ease back to recover once or twice and was never so glad to see the final 500 metres of a race in my life. I tried to sprint the last 100 but had to slow the last 50 as my legs started to give way. Still I managed to better Clevedon and finished in 48:31, 23 secs outside my pb. I am happy with the run because if I can do that loaded with hay-fever what can I do when the season is over????? Anyway, Chew Valley tomorrow but that will be at a much more sedate pace, no race, just survive as there is a big hill near the end, I will report back tomorrow hopefully. I hope all you dads have a great day tomorrow.

Toby, I see you are still clocking the miles but don't worry about the wall, its just you might be a little run down with all the running you have been doing but I am sure your pace will come back shortly.

Chris, Yes I am gutted about Swansea, it is a really fast race with good pacers and great support pretty much all the way round, I will miss it this year. I hope my sister appreciates what I am doing for her 60th birthday!!!!! Good running from you as usual, I am so pleased your recovery is going so well!! I wonder when it goes from recovery to just moving on??????

Nessie, I hope mum is ok and you are still managing to get out running!!

Ffran, I hope all is well.

LBB I think is doing lots of core work so should be a much stronger runner before long!!!

Have a great weekend everyone.

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