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Posted: Yesterday at 23:08

Good to hear the ankle has passed the first test MsE - slowly, slowly, ...

PMJ - I'm doing all the long runs on the Phoenix Trail at the moment - I value the level forgiving surface more than anything.  I can run from the house (Lacey Green) direct to the start of the trail via Horsenden but this involves a big climb at the finish so I often drive down to the start of the trial and run from there. So, are you going to be the 1:25 pacer at Wokingham?

Birch - sounds like you've made the decision already

That's a lot of gym work Poacher - it's surprising how much mental effort is required to run an hour on the treadmill

Good miles there Gul - no real target for Wokingham, will just see how the legs feel on the day

6 miles recovery on the treadmill this evening - legs feeling in reasonable shape.


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Posted: 22/01/2017 at 18:21

Hope the ankle is on the mend MsE and you get chance to use your birthday present soon.

I'd be very happy with a 1:26 HM Jools!

Good XC and PR'ing in tough conditions PMJ.

A good step up in the miles Birch.

Excellent speed at the PRs from OO and Lorenzo (my best Park Run was 19:20 - this was just before my 2:58 marathon)

Take it easy Leslie.

Welcome Dazzal - a little madness helps when it comes to marathon training - sounds like you have enough short distance speed for a sub 3:15, you just need to work on the conversion.

Good milestones Abbers.

A glorious day here today, frost on the tracks and sun in the sky.  Long run of 22 miles scheduled.  The original plan was for a time on feet run but the legs felt surprisingly good on the off so a progressive 22 miles in an average 7:31 m/m, with the last 5 miles in 7:13 m/m.  Nice run to get under the belt, bringing up 76 miles for the week.  Just need another three weeks of similar training and then we get to test the legs at Wokingham HM.



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Posted: 18/01/2017 at 22:37

GM - yes that was £13 per session but I always managed to get a free pass through various devious means.  Much happier about just paying the £2 and getting the guaranteed entry.  Good to see you back running but go easy with the hip flexor.

Fast daytime runs by PMJ and G-D. 

Good to hear the ankle is on the mend MsE.  The GB AG Vest would get my vote!

Are you partially on the bench Gul or just run-weary?

Sounds like fun running conditions OO

Vitamin D run for me today as well - 14 miles late afternoon.  I always feel these mid-week medium long runs are a key part of the P&D training schedule.  Conditions good here, with sunshine and little wind.  Ran the first 8 miles steady and then pushed up the pace for the last 6 miles at an average 7:12 m/m. 

Got back to the office for 5:00pm, with a couple of hours work to get through and promptly fell asleep for 2 hours

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Posted: 17/01/2017 at 22:14

Poacher - the world is a strange place full of strange people but clearly the strangest are to be found in Middle Eastern gyms

Don't spend too long on the bench with that Hamstring Leslie

Good to see you back running Gul.

Nice hill session there G-Dawg - how many reps was that?

So, 12 weeks (minus 2 days) to Brighton for me, and the training starts to get a little bit more interesting.  Today was 8K tempo as the middle part of a 16K run. Back on the track (Stoke Mandeville Stadium) for this session which I'm beginning to like - they used to want to charge a track access fee of £13 a couple of years back but have recently reduced this to £2 which just about makes it affordable.

The mind was keen on sub 6:24 m/m pace but the body wasn't quite ready today so just an average of 6:31 m/m but with the last kilometre at 6:18 m/m pace.  Legs feeling surprisingly relaxed during the warm down which is a good sign.



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Posted: 15/01/2017 at 20:23

Unfortunately, I remember the Wrong Trousers MsE - really bad news on the ankle, hopefully you can recover from this quickly and get back on the new treadmill.

Good 20 there Speedy - they only get easier

Impressive result at the Brass Monkey OO.

Sterling work on the Ultra Lorenzo - will be interesting to see how the Sub 3 London campaign progresses

Recovery week for me - 57 miles over 6 runs - today was 15 miles, steady was the plan but the last 5 miles came out at under 7:00 m/m pace with the last mile at 6:48.

A few niggles in the background at the moment and a tough 4-week training block ahead.  Should be interesting

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Posted: 06/01/2017 at 17:52

Some crisp mornings here but thankfully I've been able to run in the afternoon due to an understanding boss.

Shifted my Long run from Sunday to today due to impending family celebrations over the weekend - a bit wet and windy by the time I got out.  So the plan said 18 miles with 10 at MP.  It's been a tiring week so it was difficult to get my mind focussed on the task in hand (get the excuses in early) but did the 8 warm up miles at a leisurely 8:00 m/m pace.  Set off strongly for the MP section at a comfortable 7:00 m/m pace but struggled for the second half.  Average pace for the 10 miles came out at 7:06 m/m, so not too bad, and I added on a couple of warm down miles to bring me up to 20 for the day

Enjoy the 16/10 tomorrow Abbers and good luck with pushing the pace for your friend Gerard on the 18/10.

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Posted: 03/01/2017 at 21:00

Hope you made it to club training Jools - you've become a lot faster since I last posted regularly.  What change to the training has contributed the most?

A cadence of 204 is high Leslie - I struggle to get near to the magic 180.

Outstanding end to a difficult year Badbark.  Don't give up on the PBs yet!

Good MLR VTRunner - is subLT pace the same as MP pace?

GerardM wrote (see)

SBD - That's a solid session, you're looking good so early in the campaign. A friend of mine is following a similar plan to you. Are you down for an 18 with 10 at MP this w/end? 

GerardM - yes, I'm following the P&D 55-70 18-week plan, so 18 with 10 at MP scheduled for the weekend.  I would prefer to do this as part of a race but we have a family weekend to go to so it may have to be a solo effort on Friday  Which marathon is your friend training for (I'm Brighton)?

Today was a steady 14 miles, slightly progressive at an average 7:38 m/m.  Even at lunch-time it was a bit of an icy cold wind for the Home Counties!


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Posted: 02/01/2017 at 17:23

Steeling a threadster's name - outrageous!

Pacey MLRs from Leslie and G-Dawg.

Good to see Lorenzo and Gerry avoiding the new year Zero.

Excellent racing from OO at Morpeth - that must equate to a pretty good flat 10K time.

My P&D schedule is aligned with yours today Abbers (I'm running one day ahead until after this weekend when I'll revert back to plan)! So it was 15K with a middle 8K tempo for me.  I thought I'd give it a go on the track.  Struggled to push the heart rate as high as required but the pace for the tempo section came out at 6:30 m/m.  Pretty pleased with that pace for this stage of the campaign

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Posted: 31/12/2016 at 19:02

Well done on marathon+ number 69 Poacher - you have to go for the century and you'll need at least 1 track marathon and 1 treadmill marathon to get a good mix

Well done on the Park Runs (PMJ) and Long Runs (Leslie, Abbers, GD and MsE).  I'm not sure the Brutal maps on to any the P&D definitions Lorenzo

A fitting tribute GD and a tragic incident.

Some big totals being posted for the year. 2,650 is huge Gul - you just need to focus on the quality in the next few months and a fast marathon is yours for the taking.

Long run for me today, switched back from tomorrow.  18 miles scheduled, which given the furthest I've been in the last few months is 16, seemed like a challenge but as it's the last running day of the year I fancied 20 instead.  The legs played along with the plan, feeling reasonably comfortable at an average 7:37 m/m.  Good to get the first 20 ticked off ahead of schedule and gives me 73 miles for the week if I include tomorrow's recovery run.  Just need to stay clear of the injuries and bag a good couple months of training

May the running Gods look kindly on everyone in 2017.


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Posted: 28/12/2016 at 22:10

2250 is an impressive tally OO.  I've managed 253 miles in December so far but other than January (271 miles) it's been a lean year

Good progressive turn of speed in that 12 mile session Leslie.

MsE - The last time I ran Milton Keynes I tried to add a 5 mile out and back warm up along the canal but missed the return bridge and ending up sprinting back to the start line to find I'd missed the gun by 2 minutes

Impressive mileage for the two festive days Lorenzo - I thought I was doing well to be allowed out for six miles on Christmas Day!

14 miles mid-week MLR yesterday at an overall 7:51, followed by 6 miles recovery on the treadmill tonight.

Need to stop all this eating and drinking

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