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The good old days

Posted: Today at 20:21

it was the jostling and waiting at the top of the slide and near the top of the steps that was dangerous... not the slide


The good old days

Posted: Today at 18:24

later on the had slides just as long but went down hills.........makes more sense as the kids are never more than a foot of the ground.Having kids so high up in the air was a bit silly to say the least......


The good old days

Posted: Today at 14:03

Andy... they had a long straight flat bit on the end...but on a good day then with the big drip.. you still used to shoot of the end 

The Psychiatric Wing

Posted: Today at 13:29

i was wondering if it was coming our way....

Ladies Problem

Posted: Today at 12:22

glad to hear often get bleeding nipples whilst running but never heard of a woman....hopefully this will sort it out..If not  doctors just to be safe  

The good old days

Posted: Today at 12:20

dustin.....the rule wasn't no under 8s in the deep end....sorry its 2 seperate under 8's in the swimming pool without an adult....... ( i was with him ).... and the second rule..any children had to be able to swim 50m in a recognisable stroke to be in the deepend.......


 His stroke was different to the normal overarm stroke bur he was still proficient......hence the little bit  of debate... the use of a recognisable stroke where there was room for interpretation  


 I agree that if the rule was no under 8's in the deepend i wouldn't have let him go there as that is  a non debatable rule......

the 50m was not debatable either...the recognisable stroke was where i had a little discussion  and recommended that if wasn't happy then he should get the manager out for him to make the judgement

Looking for inspirational quotes

Posted: Today at 10:30
Muttley wrote (see)


Staying in a Hotel for a Race or Camping

Posted: Today at 09:12
Goldstone wrote (see)
seren nos wrote (see)

both cotswolds and outlaw are a great choice for camping as you can walk easily to teh start... something that you can't do from a hotel 

I'm staying at the Fourcroft in Tenby for IM Wales next year.  The only way I'd get closer to the start is to camp on the beach



tenby is definitely one i would recomend a cottage or hotel for..much easier than camping although camping is still an ok option..

 but the cotswolds and outlaw camping is my top pick

Looking for inspirational quotes

Posted: Today at 09:03
Dave The Iron Ex- Spartan wrote (see)
Haven't you read Holgs book ? Seren


Dave The Iron Ex- Spartan wrote (see)
Haven't you read Holgs book ? Seren



haha  yes i read the first one,..but i think i used  the word sportsman  

The good old days

Posted: Today at 08:54

but the point is.. 8 is the age deemed safe to allow them to swim in the pool without adult supervision......

ability does not come into this.... a 4 yr old could swim a mile but is not allowed in on their own.... so they have to have some marker as to who can go into the deep end....


They cannot be expected to assess 8 or 9 different situations at the same time....can the adult swim out of their depth comfortably... is the child confident they have to have general rules which for some make it a pain in the arse...but what else is the alternative....back to when there were regular depths around the country in public swimming pools....


Surely nothing encourages a  child more to practice swimming  widths in the shallower end than the prize of going up the deep end when they are able to competently swim 50m


I have come across the pain of these rules when my children were small........ and my youngest was swimming for wales in one of the disability swimming competitions...... but a few lifeguards who didn't know us didn't want him up the deepend as his swim stroke did not look polished enough for their 50m of a recognised competent stroke.....I was always with him and a quiet chat of the fact he could swim 32 lengths even at 6 and that he had a disability   usually sorted that out..

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