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carry on camping

Posted: Today at 13:49

ever decreasing circles...i still love that.........

first half marathon lots of people passing out, is that normal??

Posted: Today at 13:47

i get very hot when running.........I even tip water over my head every year in the race I do in january.......wearing a vest and shorts with most of the rest of the crowd are in jackets etc.,....

everyone is different and you need to find what works for you.......for the last couple of months I'm on medication that makes my throat go dry and I dehydrate even quicker so i am taking water on me on every run whatever the distance.....

Recommend a good 45/50 mile Ultra for April / May 2015

Posted: Today at 13:22   42 miler   not too tough....24th May

or   31st May... 50 miles if you like a great supported one going around in small laps......


Seren's cotswolds 226 report

Posted: Today at 13:12

Cake.... Not doing it but thinking of running to support if i a race Saturday

Seren's cotswolds 226 report

Posted: Today at 08:02

well done.train and you will love it


Any Triathlons or Duathons before next April from now? Winter events?

Posted: Yesterday at 17:19

378 either DNF or DNS at need to work out your motivation as to why you really want to do this and then dig deep to ensure you are not one of those  378

first half marathon lots of people passing out, is that normal??

Posted: Yesterday at 17:12

doctors certificates won't make a difference .......the doctor has no idea on who has trained or just states you haven't got some major reason that they are aware of......

 and loads just forge them anyway because doctors charge for them in lots of places.maybe having to have done a half in under 2hr 30  nad sending proof before you are allowed to do a marathon anywhere.....and a 10k in under 75 mins before doing a half... or whatever times suit their cutoffs

Any Triathlons or Duathons before next April from now? Winter events?

Posted: Yesterday at 17:03

bolton in bad weather could be almost as tough....

PSOF Championship Sheild Update

Posted: Yesterday at 16:48

no but you should strike whilst the iron is hot.. people will wander away and forget about one has objected and said sod it... lets not bother with poncy shields that only a few privileged people ever win or get to see..


 so the quicker you get the details up of where  to send the money the sooner it all gets sorted......


details on here and then on Facebook and flows in... in a weeks time see if we have enough or if we have to do another  begging letter.



London Marathon 2015

Posted: Yesterday at 16:42

There are enough people usually wanting the places who are willing to raise the £2000 so they would be irresponsible to those that the charity helps to accept less....


 though in recent years the bubble seems to have burst a little and we get lots on here later on in the year getting a little desperate to get rid of their places......

 there are loads of other marathons

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