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Sunday 27th August 2006

Posted: 27/08/2006 at 12:45
Peeks in sheepishly wondering if anyone recognises overweight fat cat....

Apologies for not keeping in touch. Have had holiday and am back in India for 2 weeks, so an afternoon catching up on a few thread issues here.

Firstly 200mins. took some time to find out what the story was, but did so eventually. I missed the 200miles day but will do something today on the tready and send many healing thoughts to you mate.

Secondly, congrats to Minks, don't think I've been been on since the starting point.

Not sure I can list all other injuries, racing successes, recoveries, personal highs and lows that I've skimmed through, but its good to see you all here.

I gather BR's running again, good on you, hope the reovery stays solid, Hill work is obviously good for you ;-)

From this morning: NZC, its very runners nightmare going off course. I've done it twice, both off road. Once on a relay costing the team ca 2 mins and once in race where the big left arrow in front of me caused me to turn right. On both occasions other runners saved the day and called me back.

Had very intermittent running over the last 8 weeks. had to do a lot of cycling to let calf/achilles heal. then after running for about a week have had a holiday break and now 2 weeks travel. Managed a flat 10k in 45mins early august as a trial. Quite pleased to not be slower, but a long way to get to sub 1:40 HM again.

It's Ganesh Charturi here so there's a lot of elephant idols about. had a sight seeing tour and went into one of the old temples. Had to smile as the guy switched the offering plate indicator note from 20Rs to 100 Rs as I came round. I did the honorable thing btw.

Off for an interval session now and then some Indian food (curry would be an insult). Chennai early tomorrow.


sunday 11th june 2006

Posted: 11/06/2006 at 06:50
Morning everyone, not been here for a while. have only read back a day and lurked occasionally.

Have been here in India for a week so can't comment on UK weather. Howevwer it was very hot on the S Downs last sat (4th) before I left and would realy feel for those doing the SDM today - good luck hilly, PH. Sorry to read BR off running - I hope you enjoy cycling the course.

Have been working v long hrs here so have not had an opportunity to run, but hopefully will get an hour on a treadmill today, squeezed between trying to get to see something more than hotel, roads and office! Worryingly I feel that I have put on weight (in India) over the last week... but just now feel I may be about to lose it all q quickly ;-0!!

Glad i didn't have time to watch the footy last night - sounds a bit dreery.

Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts folks.

If I listened long enough to you....01/05/06

Posted: 01/05/2006 at 09:34
FAB....oooouuuccch! hope its feeling better today.

Gripping report SR, recognise several moments from your report, especially that miserable road upto the viaduct.

Hardly ran at all last week, just 8x 800m reps on weds. so unplanned taper for off-road HM yesterday. previous times of just under 1:52 and 2hrs. felt 1:53 should be on..

started real easy up the 2m hill, and just pushed a touch at the top, but lost 100m to 2 runners on the descent. a short steep hill saw many walkers but I pushed on before the next long long drag uphill. having started slowly caught runners all the way. Eventually caught up with lady runner from neighbouring club. Noticed here leag was all blue with large plaster. Dog or car door. dog she says. nasty, now with police.

push on to the final summit. lady stops for drink I press on about 3 - mins up on 2 yrs ago. horrid long downhill. Not steep just stony path with eroded stream ditch in the middle. Hit farm track to the low point at about 8.5 mile. Now we've got 3.5 of steady climb. towards the top I find I'm chasing one lady and being pursued by another (heaven or hell?). Pursuer pushes me on and we hit the last steep uphill before the long descent to finish. There are three of us at the top close togther. I say have a good race ladies as they shoot off downhill. catch a few more before finishing in 1:47:41, behind the 2 ladies.

Really surprised by the run, probably as good a race as I've done in 2 years. maybe something to with a) the taper b) starting slowly c) competition in the last third of the race.

rather geriatric today :-)

It's no sacrifice...22/04/06

Posted: 22/04/2006 at 15:57
Good afternoon folks

just popping in to wish all Marathon runners out tomorrow all the best - looks liek the weather could be OK for you, just dodge the draft form mr Gebreselassie.

Been out every other day this week and feeling fitter. Absolute mess of an orineteering session today, spent 10mins wandering around off the map at one point. Still the weather and wildlife were beautiful.

30 mins uphill NZC - excellent. that's your reward next w/e SR - 3 times over, hehehe.

off to mow lawn now :-(

Monday 17th April

Posted: 17/04/2006 at 16:03
Hi Folks, just popping in having been a bit busy and lurked occasionally recently. have rather lost the thread (sic) as to hwat's going on here. However, I gather clink's done a good 10km Hollywood did a curious multi- race and Hipps is going to be stellar.

Today what: multi-terrain10k, fairly flat but with stiles. The first of which cost me 1:13. Slow first km just behind the clubs FLM crew who were "taking it easy". then sped up until the stiles, Finished with a hard last km in 45:53 - 30s better than last year, but 2mins down on 2003/4. Then went out and did a "there & back" X/C 4.5m with a 600ft up/down at the turn in order to prepare for an upcoming relay leg. Out into the wind and downhill, back with wind behind but uphill. Really pleased that the return was faster.

Hope all's well with those with niggles (SiT, Scoobs, Poppy etc) and that those prpearing to launch a blizzard of speed on FLM are in fine health. Oh and that the S hemisphere teams are doing good - NZC, MOL, Supaloo etc.


Sunshine on my shoulder...

Posted: 06/04/2006 at 18:39
evening all

Great effort 200mate, or should I say 205, no.... you'll make it

have fun in Paris Scoobs

HBD Lizzyb, I'm sure you'll find room for the extra food.

What : going to try the pavements with the club tonite, maybe I'm rushing it but 4 runs on grass have gone OK so far, and I can feel the fitness melting away after taking the previous 2 weeks easy.


sunday april 2nd

Posted: 02/04/2006 at 15:20
Oh dear, just read the random jumble of words and letters that constituted my last post. I claim to be suffering from exercise induced dyslexia and dyspraxia. Please reorder and add your own extra words/letters to make some sense of it.

BTW Hilly, forgot to congratulate you on that stunning new pb, looking good for FLM. I'm sure there are those close by who'll say that there's 3 secs/mile in lighter shoes - that's over a minute in a mara......

Cals going well

sunday april 2nd

Posted: 02/04/2006 at 14:25
Afternoon all.

nice race Hilly, it seems strange your report not being peppered with references to league rivals....Just think what the Yorkshire lasses are saying rigt now...who's that newcomer..another does she work in an opticians too?

Great tough run NZC, I could q make up my mid if you were describing throwing your self at the line or what happened (oh never mind)

Oh dear Simon, never mind stress can really throw you, like jet lag etc

Today; dusted down Bike (mtb), pumped up tyres, found helmet various repair implements, frustated that tyres have differnet valves and don't have adapter, can't take two pumps. B*****r. set off and take hilly route to sailing club, 12.6m in 56 mins. Apart form a bit sore , not too bad. Now head off towards run field, take what I think is short cut. Oh no ist not, and there are lots of steep steep hills. S**t i'm knackered, eventually I find after about 2 hr I'm recude to walking upthe steepest bits (wimp), eventually arrive at playing field after 2hr 40. Now its time for 4 laps to test L shin. set off. OMG, how do triathletes do it. I'm going at 10m/mile on flat ground in squelchy mud and cramping every 100m. Find I need to stop and do Hamstring stretches every 10mins or so just after going up a hill (nb Hill is 4ft high and 5m long!!!). Complete run with no shin pain after 36min. Cycle home for 18min. I would guess about 30mile overall and 3.6mile run. Now wolfing down calories. Doubt I'll be able to walk tomorrow. (cf M who'll be boucning round like a spring chicken). My excuse - - first time on a bike for 20 months.

off for a bath now.

April 1 2006

Posted: 01/04/2006 at 18:15
SCOOBY, I don't know what you're thinking of there with that injury repair comment!!;-)

Great run FL, Prague sounds a race to look out for.

DD, hope your're not in Bahrain for "professional reasons" given the tragedy there.

Well, YIPPEEEE!!!!! I got through my trial 3 miles without any apparent shin pain recurrence. Still nervous ist not 100% but wll try 4 tomorrow after some cycling - well if I can inflate the tyres.

Race well tomorrow folks.

April 1 2006

Posted: 01/04/2006 at 08:48

got commected again and have wireless....

now need to figure out security and how to get the Win 98 'pooter hooked in....

have decided run will be ca 5pm today.

enjoy les poissons d'avril
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