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Posted: 06/06/2011 at 04:47

Lamentably mine are in a box and rarely see the light of day.  I've contemplated hanging them up on a nail somewhere - the garage perhaps - but I have not got around to it.  I do like medals and should make more use of them as they are the best 'reward' for finishing imho.

T shirts usually find their way into the bin after 12 months or so after being used to sleep in.  I only have one longsleeved one left, which has my name on the back.   I had two mugs over the years but the wife has a special talent for breaking crockery.  I'm planning on doing a race next month and there is a finishers mug - I resolve to keep it on a special shelf in my man cave.

I once received a pie - that was 'interesting' & also a running hat - Turkey Trot at 'Keyworth' I think.

Yesterday I ran the Christchurch Marathon and finishers received nothing - very, very disappointing.

 Apologies I've gone off-topic

Liverpool Santa Dash 2010

Posted: 13/09/2010 at 09:35
Thanks Alan - apologies for doubling up my enquiry - I'm a belt & braces kind of guy

Liverpool Santa Dash 2010

Posted: 13/09/2010 at 01:46


I'm interested in doing this event.  I am coming from New Zealand.  If I enter online how do I get my suit?  I can provide a UK address on my entry if necessary.

 Any chance of an ALL BLACK Santa suit?

Thanks heaps, Will

L1310K Half-Marathon

Posted: 07/10/2004 at 12:29
Howdy, My chip still hasn't arrived. Have most other people got theirs?

Friends 10K

Posted: 12/09/2004 at 19:31
I'm doing it! Will be entering on the day so Joanne's news is good for me if not the organisers.

109 "rest days" after FLM04 and today I'm back!!!

Posted: 07/08/2004 at 19:55
Hey - well done, getting back running. I too have had a 3 month rest after the FLM. Mine was due to a broken foot. I fell down the stairs the week after the marathon. Starting running again has been really hard work.

I did a race last week (much too adventurous) it was only 5 miles but it took me a whopping 7 mins longer than the last time I ran that distance.

I can't even imagine running 26.2 miles at the moment but I too have sent off my application for FLM 2005. Fingers X'd.

buying a runner thingy

Posted: 08/12/2003 at 20:38

what am I

Posted: 08/12/2003 at 20:33
Why have you ladies hijacked this poor blokes thread?

Worksop Half Marathon

Posted: 04/10/2003 at 23:23
Gary - I've entered and 'providing' I finish I'm hoping for a T Shirt of any colour so long as it isn't white.

Kingfisher - I thought Retford was a little on the steep side in parts - this race is 'allegedly' tougher. No doubt Gary can tell us.

Merrill College & Shelton Striders 10K

Posted: 04/10/2003 at 23:15
What time does this race start? This site says 10am but the college site says 11am.
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