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Rotterdam Marathon April 2011

Posted: 03/01/2012 at 11:26

'fraid to say I'm having to skip the spring marathon this year.   I succumbed to a most peculiar illness last July and spent the entire summer hobbling in pain with tendonits from my head to my toes - arms, shoulders, legs, back, feet..., even fingers were involved.  The doctor couldnt understand it.   I managed a Half in October (won my group) but it hurt.  It's not all gone away but is much better so I've signed for the Inverness Half in March.  If that goes well then I may still consider Edinburgh (if there's still space) as I'll still have 10weeks to up the miles and cover 4 or 5 long runs. 

Hudrunner, how was Liverpool?


Posted: 23/11/2011 at 16:22

Deep is good.  Breathing deeper means less breaths as it takes a step or two longer to fill your lung fully but you gain more O2 and tire more slowly .  Steady breathing helps maintain steady relaxed running and therefore better pacing and finishing times.  Counting  steps helps.   Each runner has to find the rhythm that works best for t hem.  

hamstring origin tendonitis

Posted: 23/11/2011 at 15:56

 I also have this problem - since July - and while running doesnt seem to make it worse, it does hurt all the time and I reach fatigue point much sooner than before.  I have tried rest and it made no difference.  I've tried massage using a spiky ball - tTHAT is very painful so I'm not keen to continue.  I started with an osteopath yesterday and he found a number of other problems, particularly in my shoulders and upper back,  and is hopeful that with some work in that area, the hamstrings will begin to relax and heal too.  The only article I can find on the subject recommends ice and massage - both sort of difficult given the location of pain and the amount of muscle that is in the way of reaching these origin points.

I'd be interested to know if anyone has any other experiences.

Rotterdam Marathon April 2011

Posted: 01/05/2011 at 23:26

Next one for me is Brussels 20km at the end of May. Its a 30,000 field so pretty big and quite a famous one, despite the odd distance.  We have a number of our club doing it.  I've done it before and its really great.  A fine course, challenging in places with a tough 1600m uphill at the end, really good support,  very well organised and finishing in a super spacious, grassy finish area. 

After that - it'll be the Autumn - maybe Amsterdam or Dublin mara.  I've done Dublin but never Amsterdam.  I just fancy another flattish one to see if I can knock that 3hr30 on the head in cooler conditions. (no Dublin is not as flat as Amsterdam !!)

Rotterdam Marathon April 2011

Posted: 18/04/2011 at 13:52
Hudrunner - you've caught the bug, congrulations. That's a fine time for your first marathon, especially given the conditions on the day and your short training period. You'll hammer out even faster times in the future. Where's your next one??

Rotterdam Marathon April 2011

Posted: 18/04/2011 at 09:45
Jeeez ES - talk about the spirit of Marathon and digging deep etc... congratulations on the PB - you deserved it, and more.

I had my first ever experience yesterday of watching a marathon (London). My daughter was entered but had to defer last week due to injury. It was too late to cancel travel plans sO we went and watched instead, and cheered and shouted the things we know we like to hear when we're tired and despite both of us being multi-marathoners, we still found it an incredibly inspirational experience to stand and watch the efforts of 1000's. The elites are magnificent of course and I can only dream of being so light on my feet after 42km but it is the determination and focus in the midst of obvious pain in the faces of the pack, particularly those who are longest on their feet - 4, 5hrs - I found it quite emotional.

Rotterdam Marathon April 2011

Posted: 14/04/2011 at 13:40

How'd you all do - any PB's and did you enjoy it, most importantly?  I missed my target by 5mins but still got a 3min PB and 6th position in group. (based on chip time and not the strange Dutch rule of gun time).  I thought it was a good course but I found the start horrendously cramped - even as far as 10k I was still weaving through slower runners.  It seemed to me like the slower boxes were started alongside the 3-3.30 box which meant a lot of time lost getting moving and into any kind of pace/rhythm.   I was dreadfully dehydrated by the last 5km but thats a stomach shut down thing rather than a 'not-putting-enough-in' thing.  Sick as could be for an hour afterwards and threw up most of the fluids I had taken in the 2nd half..  I was lucky to have a friend staying in the Atlanta and he'd offered me the use of his room after.  It is most certainly the best hotel to be booked into.  I would do this race again. 

After checking out the bag drop centre - I didnt really like what I saw - I left my bag with my husband and friends and met them at the hotel after.  Perfect.

I have a half in 6 weeks so back to running this evening.

Talkback: Ask The Experts: Marathon Nutrition with ASICS PRO Team expert Ruth McKean

Posted: 12/04/2011 at 14:42

I practice drinking and eating during long runs. No problems at all. However, with the increased pace of the marathon my stomach is not absorbing liquid/fuel. I drink/eat from 5k onwards and use exactly the same as in training.  I had a good breakfast 4hrs before with enough liquids (no caffeine), sipped 1/2l water until 40mins before start and had a ripe banana and tsp honey 1hr before the start. I always do this for long training runs and I run them just 10-25secs per km slower than RP.  After last sundays race I threw up at least 1 litre of undigested fuel.  This was everything I had put in during the 2nd half. I was dreadfully dehydrated and it's at least an hour before I can tolerate anything at all so its not pleasant.  This has been the case for my last 3 marathons. 

Rotterdam Marathon April 2011

Posted: 30/03/2011 at 16:08

Hi all - well into the taper now. It feels strange having extra rest days - I get to finally do some housework and my husband will get fed again!!  Can't believe its just around the corner now.  My training went well overall but I also had a couple of horrendous mid-length runs where I felt my race target was way too challenging and I should take it back 10mins..  Then my final 34km went so well, (2hr59) comfortable at just 15 secs per km slower than race pace and loads of energy left - I think I might attempt my initial challenging target of 3.30 and see how it goes - IF conditions are favourable. If its windy then I'm done for.  I'll run in anything but wind!  It knocks me over!

Knees creaking, soooo tired,  feeling odd at not going out to run every day  - it's hard to wind down - topping up on loads of iron rich food, vit C and carbs.   I just love at this point knowing that I am now fit enough and strong enough to complete a MARATHON!. (all going well!!) 

Good luck to you all - I hope everyone's time dreams come true.

Over Training?? HELP

Posted: 13/03/2011 at 15:34

Can anyone offer advice please.  I'm training for Rotterdam and just done wk 12 and up til now all fine. On Thursday I set out for my favourite 15km tempo run.  From the start it felt bad and by 5km I kinew I couldnt finish it.  I was still 5km out from home so my end run was 10k but I felt terrible.  Got home feeling cold and sweaty and within a short time all my muscles - including arms and shoulders - were feeling like post marathon muscle damage.  I was also very tired so went to bed for a couple of hours.  Next morning I woke up, reluctantly, could hardly open my eyes, and all muscles still had that damaged feel.  I just wanted to lie without moving and sleep - which is what I did. I slept 32hrs out of 48.  I got out of bed lunchtime saturday feeling ok.  I took it easy for the rest of the day too.    Today I abandoned my planned 18miler in favour of just seeing how far I could go and how I felt.  I made it to 12mile and then had to stop.

  What I dont know is if I had a virus (I had no fever although my skin felt hot) or if it is overtraining and would I be best taking a few extra rest days this week - abandon my schedule - and just start to taper already ???  I have a 22miler planned for next weekend and would really like to get it in - if only for confidence at this point. 

All advice gratefully received.   Sorry for the long post.

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