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VEGAN 12 hr running

Posted: 17/09/2016 at 03:21

My understanding Zouse, is that less acreage of land is needed to feed vegans. Meaning that we do not need a cull or necessarily limit population just need the population to eat in a more vegan like way?

This is what has converted me from thinking that a meal is not complete without meat to eating in a more vegan like way. This makes me feel better about the way I eat.

Amusingly at work I cooked a vegan curry today with chick-peas and someone said, "You're not a bloody vegetarian are you?". I just replied, "I didn't realise that chick peas didn't have chicken in them!".

Equinox 24 2016

Posted: 16/09/2016 at 11:34

A friend of mine is doing it solo and has just sent some pictures of the weather forecast and motorway.

Good luck!

VEGAN 12 hr running

Posted: 16/09/2016 at 11:27

You are wrong about us putting nothing back into the oceans RicF, we put raw sewage, other pollution including mercury, nuclear waste, general rubbish, you name it really!

VEGAN 12 hr running

Posted: 15/09/2016 at 17:50
RicF wrote (see)

It's just food isn't it.

So it is; but there is still stigma attached to peoples eating habits and I don't get the lack of ambivalence towards them.

I was berated by my normally chilled mother in law for becoming vegan after running the V3K this year. I had to explain that I was vegan (plus possibly non-vegan beer) for most of the weekend and now had a new understanding and respect for vegans!

Her argument was that vegans were being cruel to animals because if we humans did not eat them (animals not vegans!) they would not be born in the first place?

Hmmmm where to start with that one!

VEGAN 12 hr running

Posted: 15/09/2016 at 16:36

So meat-eaters resent vegetarians because they think that vegetarians look down on them? But vegetarians do look down on meat-eaters, but not as much as the meat-eaters think they do.

Furthermore people tend to think negatively about identifiable minorities, particularly if ignorant of their ideas and values.

Isn't human nature great?


Atrial Fibrilation

Posted: 15/09/2016 at 10:57

Can't really help other than to say listen to your GP who hopefully knows their stuff;

Put 'AF' and 'Atrial fibrulation' into the search bar above, there are a number of threads on the subject which hopefully will help.

Having any kind of heart trouble is pretty s**t, all the best! 

VEGAN 12 hr running

Posted: 14/09/2016 at 13:39

Beer; one whole pint of vegan-ness in a pint glass. Other volumes of glass are available


Posted: 20/07/2016 at 20:45

"performance is going in the right direction I'm glad to say"

Planning a race/fun run

Posted: 19/07/2016 at 15:44

I have organised a 'fun run' this year and it was great! Weather was perfect, nearly 40 people turned up, it was a lot of work but great fun. I am definitely doing another one.

All organised/advertised  on Facebook and involved running in a local nature reserve. We asked for donations to go to the volunteers who maintain the reserve.

I did a careful risk assessment and asked someone who had never been to the venue to run around and point out potential hazards. This is important as I am so used to the route I will not necessarily see obvious problems.

I would suggest that you get people who are familiar with this entry road what their opinion is; runners and non-runners. Remember that a hazard is a problem that a 'reasonable person' would consider a hazard.

Also remember that the Police are not unapproachable! Talk to them! But getting them involved adds huge complexity to something that can become surprisingly complex.

If this is a big event then talk to a local running club? I am sure they would love to have help with their club event and this would be a great learning experience for you?

Good luck

Obese begginner running?

Posted: 19/07/2016 at 15:14

Nothing to add to the above advice, but remember, you are not alone!

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