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What is your parkrun strategy?

Posted: Yesterday at 17:33

you kill me you lot

Fun Runs overpriced?

Posted: Yesterday at 17:31

Oh organisers know that running is a complete cash cow, so away from many of the club organised ones, it's a minefield!

Sadly, many will pay £30 odd quid for a 5k and have some dye thrown at you, etc etc..more fool them eh..but the more people pay, the prices will go up and up.

It's a jungle out there

Friday 22 August 2014

Posted: Yesterday at 14:36

Cheers Birkmyre, god 10k track is a real drudge. Have I read about you some where? I can't even remember where either...bit vague!

Might be another Birkmyre...

What is your parkrun strategy?

Posted: Yesterday at 14:25

Warm up essential in park runs due to the time of day and as they at the end of a working week.

I reckon you can extend your usual warm up time, or even double it, as long as it's steady. Perhaps jog down to where it is - even if it's 3/4/5 miles away? I think many people are genuinely suprised what a proper warm up can do, as long as you finish it perhaps 30 mins before the start?

Toilet, few fast strides, then good to go

Let's have some common sense here guys

Posted: Yesterday at 14:18

Agreed Peter - always been more than a few 'delicate petals' on here over the years

Doesn't excuse personal attacks, obviously, but some folk seem to take offence very easily...

Friday 22 August 2014

Posted: Yesterday at 14:04

Oh HAD to pop in and say hi after seeing the lyrics - and bugger me it was on the Ipod this morning running to work! - not suprised the most famous line of this song wasn't used, too much of a give away....It actually works quite well with 7.5m/mileing..

Alawys liked it since it was on the 'Pickfords Travel - Summer Sun 88' cassette freebie LOL

Quiet run today - Herne hill open 10,000m tomorrow, which i'm not looking forward too!

Hope you are all well

Improve My 5Kms Times

Posted: 06/08/2014 at 09:40
ManBolt wrote (see)

Thanks Millsy & Simon, comments taken on board and I'll alter my training set-up.

I'll let u guys know how I'm getting on.

Hopefully it will help a bit (crosses fingers )

Improve My 5Kms Times

Posted: 05/08/2014 at 20:14

Hi Bolt - yep the 5 x 1 mile as an interval session, perhaps with 2 mins recovery? if you have gone too quick on the miles then you'll know and adapt for the next time..

Improve My 5Kms Times

Posted: 05/08/2014 at 14:00

The one glaring omission is the longer run on the Sunday - I'm sure most will pick up on this. Needs to be around 10 miles to give you a good strength base for 5k. Possibly add a 5 x 1 mile session too to top up on the speed? on the thursday?

Good luck!

Annoyances when out running

Posted: 05/08/2014 at 13:57

Actually, looking at their phone is pretty bad - but there's the walkers who just look at the ground, rather than where they're going..weirdos

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