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Newton Motion

Posted: 25 October 2012
Overall: These are my 3rd pair of Newton shoes. First pair were Isaac s and they completely transformed my running. Very good shoes to start off with the brand. Decided to buy 2 pairs to rotate so first got 2012 distance s and followed a few weeks after with the 2012 motions.
Everything was great until I noticed the blue mesh on the inside of the motion on both shoes (just under the newton 'legs') was pulling apart. This meant the shoes lost all structure and so I sent them back to the shop and am awaiting a reply from them as to when they are sending out a replacement pair. Meanwhile the distance shoes have had to pick up the slack and have not missed a beat (step?!) I can only assume that the motions were from a bad batch though as the construction where they ripped is pretty much identical to the distance shoes.

Overall they are great shoes and are worth the price tag, and assuming I get a replacement pair that go the distance like the other pairs I have had from newton they get a big thumbs up from me.