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Simon Coaching - velloo

Posted: 16/04/2014 at 09:37

Well, it sounds like you did pretty well. It also sounds more like a cross country race. During your next 10k (which will be flat, fast and ideal weather conditions, of course..) you can think back to that.

The Middle Ground

Posted: 12/04/2014 at 18:46

alehouse, I would say that Fulham is very similar to Dulwich, certainly as flat. A little more cramped perhaps, but I paced a friend to 22.5 minutes and no problems with congestion.

Good luck tomorrow everybody. Will be tracking and looking out for everybody at about 25.5 miles and will pop along to the Red Lion after.

The Middle Ground

Posted: 09/04/2014 at 11:43

Duck, the plan is to keep in touch with faster stuff. I will still be weigh training and doing at least one session a week dedicated to speed development. Late summer I will probably do a couple of MD races, but just not gonna worry about targets etc.

Fulham Palace is the closest I've done to Westminster and it is very fast: 3 laps and all on tarmac.
I'll be at about mile 25 on the embankment on the side closest to the river (so on the runners' lefts). It's just a couple of minutes down from Westminster tube and I should be easy to find because I'll be next to a big Croydon Harriers flag.

Decent opener there, but definitely about 10 seconds slower than I would predict based on your 800 and HM times. I reckon if you can manage to get a few under the belt in quick succession you will get there.

Simon Coaching - velloo

Posted: 09/04/2014 at 10:05

DT, the guy I was coaching for the Brighton marathon found that he actually slowed over 5k during training and was quite concerned.
However, he did start to pick up a bit during taper and then got a 14 minute PB in the marathon. So I think it's worth remembering what you're training for.
Were it not for velloo's marathon base I would probably be prescribing slightly higher mileage now.

One thing that we've been able to get away with neglecting a little up to now is the longer easy runs, but there are a couple of top-up longish runs over the next few weeks including 13 miles this weekend.
velloo, yep triple refers to ensuring that the hips, knees and ankles are all extended fully as you push off. This diagram is a good illustration (although this is explaining hill bounding I think so ignore the arms and green arrows). It really helps if you do it on a steeper hill.

The Middle Ground

Posted: 08/04/2014 at 20:51

Bob, a great report and a great result as well. Sounds like a right old slog, so sub-40 is well-deserved.

WJH, great job, that's a massive PB

I'll be at mile 25 this Sunday. Will be tracking everybody plus a few club mates then may as well nip along to The Red Lion for a blackcurrant and soda. Just saw you can get a free burger at GBK on presentation of your medal as well.

Dr D, you seem to be in good shape at the moment, I reckon sub-3:30 is definitely on the cards.

Good to see you Wardi .. another one to track. You must all post your race numbers!

Well, it was a good weekend to be a coach. Along with velloo's 10k PB, my marathon athlete got a 14 minute PB at Brighton. Main goal was sub-3:30 so we were both pretty happy with a 3:24:xx.

Not such a good week to be an athlete. My injury is improving and I'm still still cross training and losing weight, but the fitness is slipping away just a little now.

I think I am going to have to abandon middle distance this season - a real shame, but I just don't have the base I want to support what I want to achieve (I was in better shape back in October than I am now).

What I am going to do instead is race 3000 and 5000s on the track over summer which will allow me to get out there on the track, but keep the mileage high. Then I'll probably do a couple of halfs in the Autumn before upping the intensity for an indoor season.

Simon Coaching - velloo

Posted: 08/04/2014 at 20:34

So, with a 10 mile race coming up this Sunday, there's nothing too demanding this week. Just some easy miling with one LT session:

3m progressive WU; 2m @ LT; 1 minute recovery; 1m @ LT; 1m easy

After Sunday's race, early next week will be easy running to recover, with a tougher run at higher aerobic pace on Thursday:

2 easy; 1 steady; 7 @ Sub-LT; 1 easy

The idea of these sessions is to push the aerobic engine in a way I feel that slower easy-paced runs don't.

Then at the weekend we have our first hill session. This will 3-4 reps of:

15" up steep hill @ 90-95% effort. Triple extension of ankle, knee and hip when pushing off and driving forwards. Use arms for extra power. 2' walk recovery between reps

10" fast downhill striding on gradual decline. The key is to stay relaxed and really get the legs turning over. Take 30 or so metres to build up speed before the main effort and give yourself room to slow down. Should be done @ 95-100% effort

The main goal of these sessions is to improve top-end speed. The uphill runs develop power and the downhill running improves turnover.

Once a few of these are in the bag, some longer hill sessions will probably be beneficial

Simon Coaching - velloo

Posted: 06/04/2014 at 21:38

An excellent result, velloo. Sounds like really tough conditions, so to get a PB is really good going.

Shame about the gun/chip thing. Were you actually racing this woman in the home straight or did you realise afterwards?

I've been putting the finishing touches to your schedule leading up to the next big 10k on the 10th May. I'll post the main sessions on here tomorrow (the thread may be more interesting for others to follow if it's clear what you're up to), but for now the main changes are:

* fewer interval sessions. There'll be a couple of top-up sessions in there, but most of that work is done now

* continue to build on the longish steady/Sub-LT runs

* slightly higher mileage

* some short hill sessions (up and downhill)

* and most importantly, more stuff at threshold pace and 10k pace

It'll be a tough 4-5 weeks. I think this phase will make the biggest difference in your 10k fitness. The work up until now has been more preparatory, so even more pleased that you're PB-ing. Well done again.

The Middle Ground

Posted: 05/04/2014 at 19:21

YD, injuries not connected - just bad luck. On the mend now though it seems.

Good luck tomorrow WJH and Bob.

The Middle Ground

Posted: 02/04/2014 at 20:56

DT, your beetroot experiment still makes me giggle. Sorry Sounds like the right idea to rest up a bit. It will do you far more harm to overdo it now.

Mr V doing a marathon. Exciting stuff.

Dr D, looks like you are starting to peak at just the right time. Very encouraging stats.

TR, looks like you're getting some really good training in lately.

Interesting that you say don't make it up as you go along, TR. What I've found with my own schedules and those of people I am now coaching is that constant revision is needed. That's based on a small sample size though. Having a rough plan is a good idea of course, but it's difficult to say what's best until you know how somebody will respond to various types of training.

I also think there is a bit too much of an emphasis on VO2 work in P&D. The great thing about strides is you can tack them on to the start of any session. And marathon-paced running is my favourite type of running for any distance. The great thing about the marathon is you can do a large volume of training.

DT, sounds a little bit like taper madness to me

I've injured again My left quad this time. I had a week off completely and it didn't seem to help so I went back out for a run and it hurt even more, so I gave in and went to my physio and I'm glad I did. We found out exactly where it is and some massage, ultrasound and interferential seemed to really help (not sure which of those actually helped. I'm a bit sceptical about ultrasound's benefits)

Thanks to cross-training like a maniac and eating very healthily I haven't actually lost any fitness (according to HR/pace stats). Luckily I can swim, cycle, row and do various weights so that's what I'm doing a lot of at the moment, boring as it may be.

On the bright side I have lost half of the weight I put on and MP (85%MHR) is now down to 6:35/mile compared to about 6:20/mile pre-injury, so getting there.


Simon Coaching - velloo

Posted: 01/04/2014 at 14:41

Bad luck with being sick, velloo, but as you mention a rest can sometimes do good.

This week's main run was going to be a tough interval session, but given the recent ilness I've swapped it for:

2m warm up; 3 x 1 mile @ LT with 1' recovery; 1m easy

That should be enough to wake up the legs up after a bit of a rest, but not too taxing.

8 min/mile seems very very slow for an elite runner. Agree that easy running should just be easy though. It's important to distinguish between aerobic running and easy running and think about attributes other than pace. E.g. a short run with strides with averaged 7min/mile could be much easier than a long run at 8min/mile.

Cycling always leaves me with jelly legs, but then I hardly ever do it. I feel pretty good after a swim though.

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