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catching Kayla

Posted: Yesterday at 14:20

Ooh. That tugs at the heartstrings.

Xmas is looming

Posted: Yesterday at 14:04

Not like these - these are a bit try-hard:

But I do like these;


Xmas is looming

Posted: Yesterday at 14:01

I'm seeing lots of peeps in patterned compressions and running tights. Wouldn;t mind some of those. Better than all my boring old black stuff.

Black Friday

Posted: Yesterday at 13:59

Ooh you're lucky. I'd bin mine tomorrow but my lot wouldn't have it.

The immigration hot potato

Posted: Yesterday at 13:51

I think Stutyr has confused annual net migration of 260,000.

Black Friday

Posted: Yesterday at 13:42
popsider wrote (see)

Is it really so bad ... ?


Yes, I think it is. I think it's awful. Don't you? To debase yourself for more pointless shit? To be fair, this has been going on at Harrods and some other department stores for years on Boxing Day but this has taken it to a whoel new level.

What do you think they're going to do with their pointless, low-grade, 50 inch telly's? They're going to watch pointless shit on it. Pointless lives.

(Sorry for all the 'shit')

The immigration hot potato

Posted: Yesterday at 12:25

England alone is 419 per sq/km. 

The immigration hot potato

Posted: Yesterday at 12:11
Philomena Cunk wrote (see)

This is what is pissing off people who have concerns about immigration. People put forward intelligent arguments in a measured way like Bob and then people go through with a fine tooth comb looking for something that can be twisted into racism. Attitudes like this will have people queuing up to put a tick in UKIPs box.

Agree. It stifles any proper debate.

Hands free dog lead!

Posted: Yesterday at 11:51

saw this today.

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