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Kids sport

Posted: Today at 14:12

Guys, guys. 8 year olds are just... 8 year olds. And very often what they think they want, and what they actually want, are very different things. I'm not giving my weight to either side, it was just an example, however if my pal DID make his son go, there's a good chance he'd improve, and enjoy it and enjoy improving. Just because you guide your kids down a particular path, you're not necessarily a pushy parent - you're making decisions for your children that they can't yet see the benefit of.

If my boy was given the choice of playing with lego over going and learning his 5 times table, I know which one he'd choose. 

Daily disappointments

Posted: Today at 11:09

That I'm a pedant.

Daily disappointments

Posted: Today at 11:09
Snap! wrote (see)

Neither of my cars were stolen overnight.

Sorry 'was'. For all the pedants among you.

Daily disappointments

Posted: Today at 11:08

Neither of my cars were stolen overnight.

The World's 10 Toughest Marathons

Posted: Today at 11:07

26 miles. I think the toughest ones are always the ones that I've done.  The Greensand Marathon was hard, but I understand The Picnic is just plain bloody awful - masochistic even. So even though I've never done it, that gets my vote. And you don;t stipulate whether this is road, trail or whatever.

Kids sport

Posted: Today at 11:03

You're right in that you can't MAKE them go, but I will if he's just being lazy and can't be arsed. I was talking with a freind/parent last night about this very thing. He's always been very good at making sure his kids try everything they want to His eldest boy (8) loves football but just isn't very good. He gets upset because some of the other boys take the piss out of him. His father is willing to pay for extra coaching for him but he doesn't want to do extra coaching. So what do you do? Let him carry on as is, without improving, or MAKE him go to remedial? These are the choices we make every day as parents. 

And sometimes kids just go off stuff. Mine had a great first season of tag rugby last year. He loved it. This year? Not interested.

Kids sport

Posted: Today at 10:40

It depends a lot on how old your daughter is.

My 8 yo boy has 3 after school clubs and a swimming session, walks to and from school every day. I'd be happy for him to do more, if he wanted to. They're young, fuel them up and watch them go.

And I agree that they recover very quickly, from exertion and injury. 

So, An Un-united Kingdom Awaits

Posted: Today at 09:00

I also think it will be a decisive 'No'. I'd be really surprised if the majority of the undecided's not included in the polls decided not to maintain the status quo. Still, squeaky-bum-time for Salmond.

What's the general level of fitness

Posted: Yesterday at 16:38
Joakin Phoenixs greatest fan wrote (see)
They are in awe of my fitness (seriously) and I can only run a 1.50 hm. Haha. Thank god it sounds fast to them. But then I work in IT so its no surprise. Today they were discussing which flavour of donut is the best.

I am known as a running guru. In fact nobody here ran anywhere until I started. Now there is an exodus to the local gym every lunchtime and people clogging up the toilets getting changed. But then this is a sales atmosphere so everyone gets pretty competitive.

It does make for a more attractive workforce, however.

I refuse to compete against anyone - I want to retain my air of mystery for as long as possible.

Exercise good

Posted: 15/09/2014 at 16:43

Functionality can't justify a pair of shoes that pug-ugly.

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