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Overdone it?

Posted: Yesterday at 15:53
Oh oh - they've just installed a new firewall at work and I can't access this website any more apart from my iPhone - this could cause a few posting problems, particularly the Top Trumps table - I don't have a non work laptop.

Who owns Sweatshop ?

Posted: Yesterday at 15:17

From the Sweatshop Terms and Conditions on their website

sweatshop Terms & Conditions Welcome to the sweatshop website terms and conditions.

These terms and conditions apply to your access to the sweatshop website ("Website"). Please read these terms and conditions carefully before accessing and/or ordering any goods from our Website. If you access the Website, and/or place an order for goods, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions please do not use our Website.

You should print a copy of these terms and conditions for future reference.

The sweatshop website is operated by Retail Ltd. whose registered address is Retail Ltd., Unit A, Brook Park East, Shirebrook, NG20 8RY, Company Number: 03406347, VAT Number: GB 898 439743.

Overdone it?

Posted: Yesterday at 15:05

I did a very slow 5 as recommended by my legs.

Anyone racing this weekend.

I have no-one - Lit is doing a 5 mile race next weekend, which I think is same day as Mace's 10 mile race and Lou and Muddy are doing 10k and 10m respectively the week after I think? That leaves a lot of threadees who might be racing secretly??

But its looking like I might get Monday morning off?

Ched Evans

Posted: Yesterday at 12:15
Brooks the beast wrote (see)


Other jobs are very high profile and indeed almost a privilege.  Entertainment in general is that sort of a job.




Yes I think this para in Brooks post has satisfied my mind that he should not be able to play professional football again at all but needs to train and get used to the idea of a more humdrum existence.

With his conviction he was given a prison sentence but also lost some rights to privileges that are available to people who have never committed a crime, one of which is to be able to choose to do any job for which someone is willing to employ you. Of course this is still a minefield in terms of where the line is drawn but that has satisfied me for today.

Ched Evans

Posted: Yesterday at 11:32

I'm not actually saying he should be allowed to but I know my mind is challenged by some of the issues here and I'm trying to question the easy, emotional response.

So why will it be okay following a period of time and why will it be okay with a different club?

Ched Evans

Posted: Yesterday at 11:20
booktrunk wrote (see)
popsider wrote (see)

Is the guy that used to do Its A Knockout going to be welcomed back doing football reports on Radio 5 ?   

exactly !!

Yes but just try and challenge this a little and try and discuss if this is right or not? If our society has deemed that the sentence for a crime is, say, 5 years imprisonment then once that sentence is served why should someone not be able to do the job they did before?

Or put it another way - what jobs would it be okay for Ched Evans to do and why is this more okay than the job he did before? Or is benefits for all ex criminals the way forward?

Or has our society simply got the sentencing for crimes wrong? Should we be more like Saudi Arabia and chop off Ched Evans winky so he can't do it again and behead murderers and castrate Stuart Hall and Rolf Harris?

And if we had chopped off Ched Evans winky would it then be okay for him to play professional football again?

Ched Evans

Posted: Yesterday at 10:51

I suppose the other question which may already have been covered somewhere in the 134 posts so far is what should a convicted criminal be allowed to do once they are released from prison?

If it is nothing then are we to pay them benefits so they can live? Or are we to push them back into crime so they can survive?

Should a murderer who is a qualified plumber be allowed to plumb again once released? Or how about a murderer who had no skills but learnt plumbing skills whilst in prison so he could stay out of crime once released?

If the line should be drawn at professional footballers who rape can't play professional football again once released what crimes and occupations are below the line and what are above the line?

Note that I am not saying that the line is in the wrong place - as an accountant if I got convicted of fraud or embezzlement I would not expect to work as an accountant again once released even though I would have served my time. But that crime is clearly linked to making me not suitable for my qualification, the link between murderers and plumbing, rape and football, blade running and culpable homicide are less clear.

Overdone it?

Posted: Yesterday at 10:33
literatin wrote (see)

I don't think you have to heelstrike running downhill - one of the coaches in my club says that anyone (who is reasonably strong) can run uphill but many people run downhill badly. He tells us not to 'brake' going downhill, because then you're wasting most of your energy slowing yourself down, not propelling yourself forward. So if you don't heelstrike normally but you're coming down hard on your heels when you go downhill, I'd suspect that you are 'braking', and that is a waste of 'running hard' because the hard work is going into smashing your heel into the ground and slowing you down. What I try and do is think 'don't brake' just at the start of the downhill, and then just hurl myself down it - it's a bit scarier but much less effort.

I try to use this technique and did at the end of my 10 mile race last weekend except it went slightly wrong. There is a steep hill about 300m from the finish and I just leaned forward and let myself go passing about 10 people and then thinking that the speed (I hit 4:18 mm according to the garmin) would carry me the remaining 200m to the finish - unfortunately I tied up with about 50m to go and 1 of them went past me just before the line but I'll take that as a net gain of 9 places.


Overdone it?

Posted: 20/11/2014 at 13:18

Hmmm - so a 2:50 marathon - impressive (also my current HM pace).

Remind me - when are you obliterating my 10 mile time - is that before or after Muddy obliterates it?

Overdone it?

Posted: 20/11/2014 at 09:57

Is the Brighton marathon not the one with the 'optional' loop so it could be a fair question?

What is MP pace for you now?

Lou - good session. That looks like a fast 5k in you but I suppose the length of the recoveries tailor the session towards increasing leg speed rather than being representative of how fast you can run the distance.

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