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Pirate spotting

Posted: 29/07/2014 at 14:10


Cheerful Dave wrote (see)


You have a family slag?

Incredibly i do Cheerful   .. Most of them were with me Marshaling the turn in and out of the south loop of Outlaw this weekend.   Wasn't me at the QE2 bridge though as i turn off just before that so looks like it was Feret

The 2014 Outlaw feedstation/supporters thread

Posted: 25/07/2014 at 09:04

Looks like we have been spared the prospect of FF in his mankini ... so many people  have feared this scenario (after last years feed station display)  and raised their concerns to OSB that the official OSB  FAQ has a response  "No, Flat Footed,  you can't wear a mankini, tankini or a bikini a ride a unicycle. We're following BTF rules, which are designed to help hget you round safely and comfortably. The Outlaw distance is already tough enough don't make it harder than it needs to be."

The 2014 Outlaw feedstation/supporters thread

Posted: 24/07/2014 at 15:23
Flat Footed wrote (see)
M..o.use wrote (see)

 (I'm first aid trained though and suspect Little Sister is too as she was far more competant than me last year.)


Nurse outfits for you two then


wasn't it Nursey that was the best nurse when there was a finger trapped in the car door?

 in line with corporate branding requirements for the feedstation .....

Celebrity Pirate look a likes

Posted: 23/07/2014 at 15:03

 possibly already on here somewhere .... but here's one of Orange Cannon  

Pirate PDF logo

Posted: 22/07/2014 at 14:24

Perfect .. many thanks Will 

Pirate PDF logo

Posted: 22/07/2014 at 13:07

Don't have either number with me unfortunately FF , if you have them can you text to me ? 


Pirate PDF logo

Posted: 22/07/2014 at 12:54

If anyone has a high res copy of the pirate logo could you send me a link or DM me please .. getting some last minute printing done for the kids tee's for the weekend and the printers just called to tell me the artwork i send was too low res     (was too late to use spreadshirt) 

The 2014 Outlaw feedstation/supporters thread

Posted: 22/07/2014 at 10:47

with ref lifts to FS and the Piratey marshalling outstations  ... I have a car full but happy to swap some of mine if anyone wants some squabbling children instead ? 

The 2014 Outlaw feedstation/supporters thread

Posted: 17/07/2014 at 10:50

 wondering if this would be any good for mixing up some bacony bottles ? .. unless Hi5 or SiS do one 


The 2014 Outlaw feedstation/supporters thread

Posted: 17/07/2014 at 09:27
seren nos wrote (see)

who has the shopping trolley for the bottle drop  


we have a basket ball hoop on a pole if you wanted to make the bottle drop a little more challenging  ?  ...    We could give a teddy to anyone that scores a basket 

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