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Asics GT-2150

Posted: 13 July 2011
Overall: A very good pair of shoes, better than the 2140s (or the NB 760 that I had to abandon from blistering caused by too much toe space).

New Balance 760

Posted: 21 April 2010
Overall: This is my first NB shoe and I'm very pleased with it. I was a great fan of the Asics 2120 but decided to switch brand after using the 2140 which gave numerous blisters. This NB 760 seems to have done the trick - they feel fairly light but are sturdy.

Asics GT-2140

Posted: 03 April 2009
Overall: I've been using the GT2110s for some time until stocks ran out. I tried out a few others but found the GT2140 ideal.

Garmin Forerunner 305

Posted: 17 December 2007
Overall: I bought this watch in August and use it on my long runs (9+ miles). The customisable front display means I can set it up for what I find useful (heart-rate, speed, distance). It generally comes in a few metres short of the true distance but that can be explained by the fact that it measures between recorded points so will often skip part of the bend if it is sharp corners. It is a little heavy but not much compared to a water bottle. It would be nice if the foodpod came bundled with it in the future for indoor/treadmill running.