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Posted: Today at 16:55
Prospective bike purchasers: had email through just now for a Giant Defy 4 at for 525, ally frame and carbon forks and v solid bike

Code SAVE75 to get 75 pounds off orders over 500 and can then get 0% finance
Looks a good deal and available until Monday

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Posted: Today at 10:38
BI!! Hoping it comes together at the last minute for you.

Freemers, now THAT is a bike.
Enjoy the hols Lorenzo. Anywhere exotic?
+1 for cycle to work scheme. Now self employed so purchased latest bike (and deep rim carbon wheels) as a company vehicle (for "short journeys") so offset against Corp tax. No benefit in kind liability either

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Posted: Yesterday at 19:49
Moof, are you half IM simulating this weekend as per Fink? Have your legs recovered from VLM yet?

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Posted: Yesterday at 19:48
That looks veeeeeerrrry interesting Poacher. Nice comfy, yet fast Giant Defy would be spot on.
Also a chopper boy here then graduated into the world of "scally on a bmx" - diamond back I seem to recall....

Nice one Abbers. Lovely bit of latent speed in the legs.
Excellent result Jools and very funny write up.

Big swim set early doors and then imploded on the bike this evening. Might need a rest day....

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Posted: Yesterday at 10:25
Ooh- bikes!!
For lower price bikes you are confined to an alloy frame and the weight is always going to be more than ideal - a few hundred quid will get you a built bike at about 10kg - 5K will get you one at 7kg. Weight of frame and going up levels in componentry shaves a lot of weight off. However, unless you are riding a lot of hills you won't notice a huge difference other than the pick up in speed. Over a 10% gradient weight really becomes a factor but you can offset this by not eating as many pies! Worth investing in a bike with a carbon fork to take some vibration out. There are loads of reviews out on the magazine websites and on bikeradar that give an idea of which bikes are available for each price bracket.
Think about what you want it for: commuting - go for comfort and a hybrid type bike, cross training - go for a relaxed set up road bike, sportive riding - invest in a good frame and upgrade bits like wheels / components over time, triathlon - invest a bit more in a more aggressive bike with some aero qualities and a decent group set like Shimano 105 as minimum.
You can get a decent carbon bike for a grand from somewhere like Planet X or Ribble with OK wheels and a good groupset. More mainstream, Boardman bikes stocked by Halfords always get good reviews too.
I started with a ??1200 Giant TCR on Shimano tiagra (basic-ish groupset) and used this for a couple of years including for an IM. Then wanted a more aero bike so bought a Cervelo P3 on Dura ace groupset (top of the line) tri bike for racing, then wanted to upgrade my road bike so picked up a Cervelo R3 with electronic groupset and relegated the Giant to the turbo and for mucky winter rides. Then wanted to upgrade the tri bike wheels etc etc etc. It never ends!

Cracking 5K Leslie - great to see you running well and injury free.

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Posted: 25/05/2016 at 21:30
Bit far for me to come PMJ but I had a great time watching the Nationals a couple of years ago at the Manchester velodrome - very entertaining! My Mrs and the kids enjoyed it too and they'd normally have zero interest so makes for a good family trip out.

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Posted: 25/05/2016 at 20:57
Hey GM.
1) really scout around and for 300 you might be able to pick up an alloy frame with Shimano Sora group set on it in a sale (maybe even a carbon fork if you are really lucky) - helpful if you are a weird size. Downside is you might spend weeks searching for the right thing to come up and best to look in the autumn rather than now
2) you could try to pick something up on eBay as a second hand option which would get you a higher spec bike for the price but beware of having to pay for new tyres, cassettes, service etc on a higher spec used bike - soon adds up (a recent service and new cassette on ONE of my 3 bikes cost ??280 last month). Keeping it cheap and cheerful is a lower cost longer term option - if you get the bug you can always reinvest in a superbike in a year's time
3) cheap and new options are very few at that price point but this one seems to get good reviews and looks like great value


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Posted: 25/05/2016 at 14:52
Hope that gets sorted soon GM!

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Posted: 24/05/2016 at 09:38
And for the lovely Pirate aid station of course....

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Posted: 24/05/2016 at 09:37
Hence why I keep coming back!
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