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Posted: 22/08/2015 at 20:55
Abbers, Frankfurt is the last Sunday in October.....

Good luck tomorrow BB

MsE, welcome back and happy anniversary! The pull buoys are used to counteract the sinky legs from the trainers

Great time OO

Hard 7mile run inc 2@HMP and 2@10Kpace yesterday followed by an hour TT ride. 2.8miles in Coniston Water this morning then 11miler this afternoon with 1500ft climbing today - knackering, slow and not pretty. Holidays in the sunshine from tomorrow.

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Posted: 20/08/2015 at 10:22
You do deserve a treat PJF. Go for it.

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Posted: 20/08/2015 at 07:50
What's your target distance KR? Plans for pacing strategy?

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Posted: 19/08/2015 at 16:01
What date is the 100miler KR? Looking good so far.

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Posted: 19/08/2015 at 15:59
Don't PANIC! words of wisdom GD

Abbers, 18hrs is seriously good for a bob graham. We passed a chap going up Dale Head as we were coming down who was on for a sub23 and he looked really good and was powering up the hill. A sub 19 would mean some serious effort on that terrain.

Well, I am now officially entered for my sub3 PB at Frankfurt
We are on! Whoop whoop!

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Posted: 18/08/2015 at 17:30
Breca swimrun report on slow twitch with a few good piccies

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Posted: 17/08/2015 at 17:15
Have you been working on that gag GD?

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Posted: 17/08/2015 at 14:01
I've broken mine a few times, last time it had to go under the surgeon's mallet to put it back together again. Hope she gets off lightly BI.

Sounds like the tide has well and truly turned OO! You must be very proud.

You could enter Breca next year Lorenzo as a father and son team. One of mine ha finally show an interest in sports - it's only cycling but it'll do (I'd love for one of them to run) so I've bought him a new bike. Hopefully he'll be able to ride with me by next summer.

Don't you fancy an autumn 50miler Speedy? You could definitely do well at the ultra game.

Glad all is well PJF

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Posted: 16/08/2015 at 09:33
Swimrun is brilliant fun
Racing with a partner is great (small differences in speed seem large but taking it easy on sections allows you to soak up the event and enjoy it, plus he stopped me going off course 6times which would've seriously added time if I'd been racing solo)
Use hand paddles on the swim

The course from yesterday was stunning - there wasn't an inch of it that wasn't jaw droppingly beautiful
It is definitely on my list to do again next year

Apparently the 3 lead teams contained some internationals (top 3 were all Europeans).
Fun fact: the "race expo" consisted entirely of a recruitment table for UK Special Forces Reserves - that was a bit of a clue at the start as to how hard this would be. Brilliant.

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Posted: 16/08/2015 at 09:23
Now the fun starts! A bit of refuelling then a climb up through the woods then climb and climb and climb. About 700m of ascent without relief with significant sections of using hands and feet to scramble up the trail well above he tree line and to near the top of Robinson. Amazingly, we were catching two teams ahead. This kind of terrain is really Iain's forte (orienteer, multiple Bob Grahams) and he leads he way and sets the pace. Along the ridge (utterly stunning views) and then climb again up to the summit of Dale Head where we catch the 2 teams ahead of us. Good job we did because the course markers had been removed and they didn't know where they were or how to get down but iain led the way and skipped down the mountain side on the steep descent towards Honister slate mine and we were clear from the two teams. Checkpoint just near he mine and we don't stop other than to log out number and take a swig of fluid. 50m along the road and this is where the course takes a bizarre turn. Instead of continuing down the road the course zigzags across the stream which itself zigzags under the road. Boulders, marsh, bracken, water, tunnels (yes, bloody tunnels with waist deep fast flowing water in a couple of them and boulders under foot). We crossed the river maybe 30times in a 2 mile stretch. I did suggest to the RD after the race that he was either deranged or psychotic at the end of the race for thinking that was a viable route. Anyway, it was amazingly hard and fun and took a LONG time and a few bruises to get through it. A glance back up the pass picked out a team about 2 minutes behind so we pushed on. Back onto the road for a short stretch and then the final swim. 500m ish across Buttermere and we push on - we think it is the girls behind us and they are likely to pass us in the water but we know we are faster on foot than they are. Iain works really hard and stays on my toes to draft across the lake. The team behind only gain a minute or so and there is only 1.8k of trail along the shore line to go to the finish. We bound along the track and are maybe 800m from home when we are caught. It was the guys who were behind us and I stretch my legs out and drop them but Iain can't keep up. I get to the next gate and have to let them pass and wait for my partner. Ah well, 12 place is one better than we thought we'd get today!
A jog home and we cross the line delighted, 8hrs 35mins.
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