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Comrades 2016

Posted: 10/11/2015 at 09:35
Welcome Tiddy.

Regarding the London/Comrades issue, as a plodder I don't have much to add other than to say that London is quite late this year so the gap between London and Comrades is shorter than usual...

Well done to Caashford on a great run and Mr K for a comfortable qualifier.

Comrades 2016

Posted: 28/10/2015 at 21:25

Agree with Douglas and Fido - love watching the sunrise from Polly's on the Down and absolutely detest Harrison Flats in the mid-afternoon heat on the Up.  The other thing I dislike about the Up is the ridiculous hassle and queues after the finish to get on a bus, out the car park and back to Durban...

... and I love seeing Durban on the horizon for the first time coming down Botha's on the Down run... ... and I think the finish in Kingsmead Stadium is better...

Comrades 2016

Posted: 20/10/2015 at 23:43

lowrez - I ran my first post-UTMB long run on Sunday at the River Thames half - Having taken the most of September off, I had to work much harder than I thought I should do for 1:38:41. Ally was one of the 1:40 pacers, so had a nice chat with him as we ran up and down the Thames.

There are always a good contingent of Comrades runners at the Winter Tanners - including quite a few who aren't on this forum - so it should be good fun catching up with everyone.

I'm planning to get into the habit of running regularly again - my aim is to be running 5 days a week and 40 miles a week by the November. (aaagh! that's the week after next!)

I've also having a posture assessment done tomorrow - I have always suspected that I am out of balance as every time I run long I get strains in my left hamstring, left quad and left shoulder... Hopefully, I'll get some exercises to do to correct this...

Comrades 2016

Posted: 20/10/2015 at 23:11

Aaaaagh! Sorry everyone, especially McHilly!

lowrez - thank you for clearing up my mess,

I should read everyone's posts thoroughly...

Comrades 2016

Posted: 20/10/2015 at 22:16

10Apr Manchester (M) ringo100 Mr K
10Apr Rachel's Ranscombe Ramble (8h) Becca7
17Apr Brighton (M) SlowDuck
Boston (M) McHilly
24Apr London (M) Becca7
30Apr Oxon (20m) Becca7

02May Qualification Closes


Comrades 2016

Posted: 20/10/2015 at 22:12

Sorry splitting it into two bits seems to be the only way I can manage this...

11Jan Winter Tanners (20m/30m) Becca7, Mr K, SlowDuck
16Jan The Hebden (22m) lowrez
17Jan Jeskyns Challenge (6h) marty74
22 Jan Dubai (M) Sky Blue Arab
23 Jan Hong Kong 100km (100km) SlowDuck
30Jan Cakeathon Challenge (6h) Becca7
31Jan Chocathon (6h) Becca7
31Jan Johnson Crane (M) Time To Tri

06Feb CTS S Devon (M) McHilly
06 07Feb Pilgrim Challenge (66m) Mr K
27Feb Chocathon Challenge (6h) marty74
28Feb Relativity Run (6h) Becca7, marty74
28Feb Toyko (M) Sky Blue Arab
28Feb Heartbreaker (M) justanothrrnr
29Feb Leap Year Challenge (6h) Becca7, marty74

06Mar Wrexham (M) lowrez
06Mar Vaal (M) Bike IT
05Mar Green Man (44.5m) Becca7
12Mar Om Die Dam (50k) Bike It, Time To Tri
19Mar Ashby 20 (20m) Becca7
19Mar CTS Sussex (M) McHilly
20Mar Charnwood (M) Becca7
26Mar Easter Run around the Reservior (M) PG3
26Mar Two Oceans (56k) Dannirr, Becca7
27Mar Canalathon (50k/75k/100k) lowrez

Nooooo, will not let me do April onwards!

Comrades 2016

Posted: 20/10/2015 at 22:03

Now added my plans to the list

30Aug Qualification Opens

 Berlin (M) McHilly-Q

 Kosice (M) Becca7-Q3:39-PenC
04Oct Chester (M) ringo100, lowrez-Q4:49-PenH
11Oct Munich (M) Mac3-Q3:53-PenD
11Oct Chicago (M) Dannirr-Q3:47-PenD
18Oct Abingdon (M) ringo100, McHilly
24Oct Snowdon (M) McHilly
25Oct Frankfurt (M) John1946
25Oct Leicester Marathon (M) Becca7
25Oct Marine Corps (M) Dannirr

01Nov Great Barrier Reef (M) marty74
01Nov White Rose (30m/60m/100m) lowrez
08Nov Athens (M) Mr K
14Nov SCI Bloemfontein (M) Bike It
14Nov CTS Gower (M) McHilly
20Nov Kirkstall Abbey (M) lowrez
21/22Nov Vigilantes Maravan (M) Becca7
22Nov Phoenix Riverside (M) Lorenzo
29Nov Gatliff (50k) Mr K

05Dec Waterloo 200 (6h) Becca7
20Dec Portsmouth Coastal (M) PG3

Comrades 2016

Posted: 14/10/2015 at 15:54
Justanothrrnr - you are not alone! I'm doing the visual equivalent of sticking my fingers in my ears and shouting "lalalalala...I'm not listening..."

Comrades 2016

Posted: 13/10/2015 at 20:22

Hi Malcolm. I still remember our amazement when we bumped into each other during Boston. And the cold - it was so, so, cold this year...

Well, I've entered... just need to qualify now...

Comrades 2016

Posted: 12/10/2015 at 23:58

Great to see so many of you getting good qualifiers in so early - nice work Dannirr and Mac3; and welcome to Time To Tri (TTT or T3?).

Not got my act together for 2016 yet... booked myself into City Lodge but haven't sorted flights... have only one potential qualifier entered (Brighton 17 April)...

...and must remember to enter Comrades!

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