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Outlaw 2014

Posted: Yesterday at 17:57

What a great report Happychap. Which race is next?! 


The 2014 Outlaw feedstation/supporters thread

Posted: Yesterday at 13:26

Just wanted to pop in to say you're all lovely lovely people - even though I didn't get a bacon sandwich. Lots of people I didn't catch after the race, I better get organising a Christmas drink up... 

Sub 10:00...

Posted: Yesterday at 09:44

Thanks for watching guys! 

Lengthy race report to follow but I think the summary is: Swam about right (despite borrowing a wetsuit!!!). Biked about right relative to threshold, but didn't have the endurance base to sustain that and have enough in the tank for the run. Got to 10 miles thinking it was possible, then the wheels fell off. 

You don't get the result you want. You get the result you trained for!

Nicco we must have been pretty damn close most of the way through - I was 1:01 for the swim, onto the run course together, then finished in 10:15. Let's just blame the sun/wind...

Outlaw 2014

Posted: 23/07/2014 at 17:02

Sets a precedent, doesn't it. How're they gonna learn?

Outlaw 2014

Posted: 23/07/2014 at 14:30

It's mostly because every night the ducks sleep at that end, then first thing in the morning the caretaker comes out and blasts all the shit into the water with the hose.

Outlaw 2014

Posted: 23/07/2014 at 13:56

How do we hack Flat Footed's twitter, then?  

Mavic Cosmic Carbone 2010 wheels with Powertap

Posted: 23/07/2014 at 10:39

£150. When can I pick them up? 

Outlaw 2014

Posted: 23/07/2014 at 08:44
seren nos wrote (see)

I am in full taper mode.which means no training.........lots of eating........and most importantly


Dyeing my hair.......don't want all those grey hairs spoiling my photos........people might think I'm an old woman or something

It's ok, there's no nudity allowed in transition.

The 2014 Outlaw feedstation/supporters thread

Posted: 22/07/2014 at 15:17
flyaway wrote (see)

Engineer - I'm not waiting for you, you'll be damp and weedy.

What's new? 

Outlaw 2014

Posted: 22/07/2014 at 15:14
Cake wrote (see)

 On the tummy bug but does mean I get to give you a snog at the feed station.

Do you regularly snog poeple with tummy bugs?

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