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Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 25/08/2015 at 21:40

Shades - it sounds as if your mum was as organised as you are. I hope it goes OK at work tomorrow. And I hope your boss appreciates you going back so soon. Please take it easy. That's frustrating that they haven't released the death certificate yet.

Big G - well done on the huge PB. And 13 miles mid week is great going. Sorry to hear about the vicar's delay for the internment. 

KK - that's a great parkrun time, especially given your stomach problems. I hope you are OK now.

My middle son woke up and vomited at 3am this morning. I spent half an hour googling cashew nut allergy, as he'd had a lot of nut butter on crackers the night before. Was alarmed to find out that cashew allergy is worse than peanut. But in the morning my son pointed out that the nut butter was almond not cashew! He seems OK now luckily.

7 miles for me today. Managed 15 on Sunday which is the most I've run since VLM. Achilles not too bad today.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 23/08/2015 at 16:27

Shades - glad you got out for a run. Glad too that you have been eating OK - nothing wrong with tea and biscuits. I agree that this time of year the weather is just perfect for running. I've been watching the athletics too. Gutted for KJT in the heptathlon but I was so pleased that Bolt won the 100m. Was so sure Gatlin would get it.

Jugula/Lily - achilles injuries are so frustrating. I've a minor tendonitis that I'm running through right now. It doesn't seem to get better when I don't run. For me I think it's more about wearing supportive shoes the rest of the time and avoiding too much speedwork.

I met a lovely lady at parkrun yesterday. I tried a fairly new one which is a couple of laps around a lake. The lady is in her 50s and finished about 10 secs behind me. Not great times as it's a trail course but we were 2nd and 3rd overall (field of 38!). When I mentioned to her that I was doing GNR (which Shades is 3 weeks today!), she casually mentioned that she was 2nd in GNR once (to Zola Budd!!) She doesn't race now as has a heart issue but is keen to meet up for a run. I of course looked her up and turns out she has competed in the CW games marathon and the World champs! She also holds the WR for vet lady 100k ultra. Not sure I fancy a run with her now.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 22/08/2015 at 16:41

So sorry to hear about your mum, Shades. She must have been made from tough stuff to have reached that age and from your comments, she sounds like a strong, independent lady. As MF says, she and you were both so lucky to have been able to live so close and spend so much time together. i always recall how you'd fit in a food shop for her before a marathon weekend. I'm glad you were able to help ensure that her last days were as pain free as possible. Please make sure you take extra care if yourself, get plenty of sleep and food. xxx

Pfitzinger Race Thread 2015

Posted: 21/08/2015 at 22:08

Millsy, I really can't comprehend 12 hours plus running. Would the guy who won that have taken lots of food and drink breaks?

Chicksta - Bavaria sounds lovely for a holiday and for running. Good luck for the HM.

Congrats Scott on your last league race. Good to end the series with a strong race.

Thanks for the Strava tips, Fergs, I think I have it sussed now and I'm sure it has motivated me to run a few extra miles this week

3 hours ice skating today so my run tonight turned into a short recovery session.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 21/08/2015 at 22:01

Shades, I hope your mum has been doing OK. I've been thinking of you both this week.

I've done 28 miles so far this week, including a 12 mile run on Wednesday. Trying to build in a few more miles before GNR. Hope everyone else is OK.

How far to push myself?

Posted: 21/08/2015 at 07:33

To keep the competitive part of you interested, could you build a fortnightly parkrun into your training? This would allow you to build in some faster running and you'd get the satisfaction of seeing your times improve. But the rest of the time, like the others say, ignore the watch and just run easy (at a pace where you could easily have a conversation). 

Pfitzinger Race Thread 2015

Posted: 19/08/2015 at 15:19

Loved the report Millsy. But like Lit, def not inspired to try ultras! Those last 4 miles sound tough, so congratulations and well done on a great time. Will you attempt the 64 miles next year? What did the winner run for that?

+1 for MLRs. Still panicing re not getting in enough miles before GNR so did 12 this morning and will try and do a longer one this weekend. I've got roped into doing a 5 mile leg of a relay the weekend before GNR - my main worry is getting lost as I think it has quite a small field.

Pfitzinger Race Thread 2015

Posted: 18/08/2015 at 08:10

Chicksta/AWC - I'd love to go sub 40 but it's so much harder than it sounds shaving off the time required. I've ran 40:15, 40:35, 40:4X, 40:57 since VLM. So near yet so far!

AWC - good luck on the sub 20. I was similar, running 20:04, 20:03 and 20:02 before finally going 19:47. I've never been more pleased with a result.

I've just set myself up on strava. It's like a whole new world! I had to manually add my runs from Garmin Connect. Should it now do this automatically going forwards?

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 18/08/2015 at 07:55

Really sorry to hear that Shades. My thoughts are with you both.


Pfitzinger Race Thread 2015

Posted: 17/08/2015 at 08:10

Lots of high millage from everyone on here, well done! And great parkrun from Scott.

I was a parkrun volunteer, with the task of writing down barcodes when the scanner failed. We had a few runners who'd forgotten barcodes who begged us to write in their details but we had to refuse! 

Then 40 mins forty something in yesterday's 10k which was a summer league race. It was a really flat course in Battersea Park - perfect PB conditions, but I really struggled to keep up the pace, especially in the last 2 miles. I was 2nd female, the 1st lady ran just under 40 mins. I seem to run better/stronger 10ks when I'm doing longer runs - a summer of speedwork and lots of races doesn't seem to have helped! 

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