About me:I initially started treadmill running to keep in shape for refereeing football matches. Hit the road in Feb 09 and ditched the football in Aug 09 to concentrate on the running. It's far more rewarding and doesn't leave a bitter taste in the mouth the way the football did, even after a bad run. I did a few 10k's and a HM in 2009 and am now stepping up to the marathon in April, Stratford for me as Dicky Branson wouldn't let me run VLM. I love running and just wish I could give up the day job and do more!
I am a:
regular recreational runner
I have been running for:
1-3 years
I run this many times a week:
4-6 times
My weekly mileage is about:
31 - 50 miles
Running club / race organisation:
I am a member of a running club
I do these types of running:
road / pavement
trail / grass / woodland
athletics track
My most important reason for running is:
to feel better about myself
I am a:
I have been participating in triathlons for:
I train this much per week:
Triathlon club / event organisation:
My most important reason for doing triathlons is:
My favourite event is:
My next favourite event is:
My third favourite event is:
I take part in events:
1-11 times a year
I also do these sports:
Gym (weight training)