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Derby Ramathon

Posted: 09/06/2014 at 21:59

Derby Evening Telegraph had the results online today

VLM 2013

Posted: 02/10/2012 at 20:02

I'm in for 2013, took four attempts and strangely enough my attitude back in April was "I'll enter the ballot, but I'm not fussed if I get in". I'd just run the Dusseldorf marathon, my fifth and was 12 seconds off breaking the 4hr barrier. Damn and blast was my initial reaction crossing the line, but an 11 min PB was nothing to sneer at. So, for next year I was thinking Dusseldorf again, or maybe Hamburg until my entry for the real marathon came through yesterday.

The masterplan is being drawn up, had to withdraw from the Frankfurt marathon later this month due to Plantar Fasciitis, had some deep tissue physio on it last week, by heck that hurt, was a bit down, but have something to focus on. I'm concentrating on making sure I'm in reasonable shape for when the running can start again, lots of cycling and swimming, stretching and weights. Looking forward to the next 6 months now.

HADD training plan

Posted: 04/05/2012 at 12:16

Last Sunday's marathon resulted in almost a 12 min PB, finishing a mere 12 seconds over the 4hr mark. I blame my watch, having set the virtual partner and tried to stay with it. Unfortunately the watch measured the course differently and the rest is history. I'm still really happy though and the speed at which I ran the first 21 miles all around where I wanted them, the last 5 were a struggle but still happy enough. If it hadn't been for the 2 toilet stops inside the first 12 miles I'd have got in under 4. Next time

For me, Hadd has really worked, although I've cut back to 4 runs a week. Distance is at least the same as other programmes I've followed but the time on feet is greater. Now for upto a month away from running while the niggles heal, then back at it in June as I prepare for way below 4hrs at Frankfurt in October.

HADD training plan

Posted: 25/04/2012 at 15:17

Been AWOL for quite some time, work, study and family have taken up a lot of time normally devoted to browsing the forums. Still plodding through the miles and whilst the joy of running hasn't returned in waves, I've knuckled down and got on with it. Speed for HR has been improving which is what Hadd's all about and all being well my marathon on Sunday should see another step in the right direction time wise.

HADD training plan

Posted: 12/02/2012 at 17:27

Good to hear that most people are seeing progress with their running under Hadd.

I've had a week of toil and trouble, leading to a serious loss of Runners mojo. The Fatherland's bitter temperatures, averaging -15 degrees C at 7am over the past 2 weeks have taken their toll, treadmill running leading to dehydration no matter how much fluid I take on board, an achilles injury that has led to no running for a week. Ok weather people you've had your laugh, let me get back outside please.

Hot and Cold packs, rolling and stretching will be the order of the week as I head to the warmer climes of Brussels which forecasts a drizzling 2 to 3 degress C, positively Carribean.

HADD training plan

Posted: 24/01/2012 at 21:28

I've obviously missed a RW Hadd thread update email, not been on since the 8th Jan yet the thread has carried on ticking along and I've missed loads. Nevermind read back and up to date.

I say read back, but can't find the one post I was looking to refer to. The training has been going well, although the love is lacking at the moment. An achy achilles, tight calves and sore feet not helping, combined with a cold and a trip to Brussels last week where I only managed one run. It didn't seem very runner friendly, well the part where may hotel was certainly wasn't.

Anyway I digress from the point I want to make, running with a partner. It was mentioned over the last few pages and I can't find it. I'm in the same boat, my colleague is chomping at the bit at the moment and racing round at close to or below 9min/miling and although my HR is sub 70% most of the way round as the week goes on it's getting higher. It is difficult to curb their enthusiasm. Or maybe, it's just the niggles and my general lethargy at the moment.

HADD training plan

Posted: 04/01/2012 at 19:03
Training is going well at the moment, can comfortably hold a sub 9min pace with a average HR in the low 130's, high 120's, which is a big improvment from the 9.15 to 9.30min/mile pace I was setting when I started 6 weeks out. So far, so good.

HADD training plan

Posted: 24/12/2011 at 22:13
Merry xmas fellow Hadders, remember xmas day is no excuse for not getting out for a 60min easy run.

HADD training plan

Posted: 23/12/2011 at 09:25
Cheers BN and NB - I think I epitomise what Hadd said about a lack of relation across my race times, but with a good chuck of his training under my belt I'm very confident of getting there. Each of my marathon runs has been a learning experience, Frankfurt being proof that blowing up before the finish isn't a certainty if I've trained sensibly.

HADD training plan

Posted: 22/12/2011 at 22:20

No running for me over the past 4 days, 3 days away with the family and 1 day in work which got in the way. So it'll be 60-70mins at the crack of dawn tomorrow to start the week.

Stats for 2011 have shown improvements across the board, so it's been a good year

1457miles covered to date as I work towards a 1500mile target, which I may just miss. It's not the priority though.

10K PB 44.10, 34secs off a PB that had stood for 2 years

HM PB 1.38.10, 6mins off Indian Queens in 2010. There was a lot of down hill in this one though

2 marathons, Mittelrhein in May in 4.28.41 - a 13min PB. Blew up at 23miles then Frankfurt in Oct in 4.11.56, a 16min PB and my most satisfying running experience to date

Targets for 2012 - Continue the progress, consistent training and hope to break the 4hr barrier at either Dusseldorf in April or Cologne/Frankfurt in October and see what improvements are possible in 10K and HM.

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