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working at it slowly

Posted: 15/06/2015 at 06:55
Well don't Pippi
And a stonking race Spence

Spent the weekend working on Blokes house. I ache like hell today, but all the big work is done now thank gowd. Seem to have Spent most of my weekends for the past 2 months working. I'd like to get back to some normality.
This week going to stoke on Wednesday to burry mums ashes, then back on Saturday ready for a Weeks holiday in Cornwall. I really can't wait.

So better get my ass in work. It's going to be a crazy couple of days.

working at it slowly

Posted: 14/06/2015 at 06:55
Goooooo spence

I'm awake at stupid o'clock because the cat thinks he's starving to death so woke me for food!

My week of dog sitting ended yesterday. She was good as gold and would have her again. However I am bloody knackered from all the walking and my house is covered in dog fur. Today is a mass cleaning up day!!!

working at it slowly

Posted: 05/06/2015 at 22:01
I'm confused. PC Paul told us that because the message has come throughFB it's not covered under the same harassment laws. We've been threatened with burning our house down and the first threat was to send someone round to smash is up. I kept the messages and showed him. But he said he couldn't do anything.

He has been blocked from All our FB accounts.

Anyway I am dog sitting, and I'm bloody knackered And so is she. Got a
Prob with the cat though, he won't come in the house. The dog is cat friendly, but Harry refuses to come in.

working at it slowly

Posted: 04/06/2015 at 21:43

scratches head

I'm sure its all in the mind Pippi!

Love it Daffs, Happy Birthday Chuggs

Well a long day at work, I'm preparing a business proposal to submit to execs that could generate us a lot of money.  Prob is we're so focused on SAVING money we are missing out on money making opportunities.  So I've gone outside policy and made my dept approx. £10k.  I am either going to get a pat on the back, or the book thrown at me!  But it could be long term.  Lets see.  Very frustrating working for the NHS at the moment, however councils are having it much worse.

So finished wok on time so I could have tea with bloke, then he's gone off to work and I've just finished my draft proposal.  Its time for bed now!!!

Got a big "outing" this weekend.  Me and Bloke are going to a Christening, our first public event

working at it slowly

Posted: 04/06/2015 at 10:21


I have been lurking to keep an eye on you lot, but have had a lot going on so haven't been able to contribute to the "running" stuff.

So basically I've had a nightmare with Sis and boyfriend, called the police twice due to threatening messages, but because they have come through FB the laws are different and they cant do anything.  Even though we were directly threatened with "I'm going to burn your house down".  Then she turns up a Nans asking for money, at which point I totally lost it and told her to bugger off (stronger words may have been used).  And made it quite clear that I am not my mother and I wont put up with her behavior.   We'll see what happens.  

I'm dreading the burial of mums ashes, when we are all supposed to be together, but I am ready that if there is any trouble the police will be called again.

Divorce is still going on, we cant agree on finances, so I think I'm going to chuck in the towel.  Its not worth it, I am moving on with my life and I have enough to start building it up again.

Nan is getting better, she is just really old now and seems quite frail.  But shes still out on her mobility scooter most days!!!

So with all that going on, I've hardly been running, and have replaced it with drinking wine.   But this week have felt a lot more positive.  No wine, and have been running and working out.  Told myself to stop stressing and deal with things as they happen.

On a more positive note me and SnailyBloke are getting on great, its such a refreshing change to have fun with someone but also have "space".  He's also encourages me to do stuff and vice-versa.  Hes a keen Archer, so I've encouraged him to pick it back up.    He's bought a house and we've been decorating it.  Well basically we gutted it.  Been great fun, if a bit exhausting!!!


So the runs I've been doing are very basic, with all the drinking etc I'm at the heaviest I've ever been.  Which is quite depressing.  But its all my own doing, so have to un-do it.

And from Friday I'm dog-sitting.  Should be interesting!!!!

Right must crack on


working at it slowly

Posted: 13/05/2015 at 07:09
Just thought I'd pop in see what your all up too.

DL I've seen take that twice. I do like them a lot!!!!

Lots of running and stuff going on, making me feel guilty.

I seem to be loosing the plot. Everything seems so disorganised in my life at the moment and I don't seem to have time to do anything for myself. I'm just rolling with it at the moment but I don't like being so disorganised. Work is hectic and I seem to be just plodding through rather than taking initiative. And I'm still dealing with my awful sis and mums stuff. Going back to stoke in June to burry the ashes so have to keep the peace with sis until then. But the situation is bloody awful and it's taking all my control to keep a lid on my emotions, I just want to explode.


Anyway just got to keep going, things will get better soon.

working at it slowly

Posted: 02/05/2015 at 06:49
Morning. My head is very hazy and I'm not sure I can stand upright yet!!! Good send off, lots of people and a beautiful service, in beautiful sunshine. Couldn't ask for more. Funniest part of the day........... My dad turning up at the wrong crematorium!!!!!
The beer was flowing until 11pm hence the bad head!
I've woke up with a determination to get back to my heathy lifestyle. Can't be doing all this crap for much longer!!!

But for now I need more sleep.

Btw noggs that Is an impressive scar!

working at it slowly

Posted: 01/05/2015 at 06:31
Thank you for the ideas, I was thinking of something like an event. Will start researching.

Today's the day I say goodbye to mum, I feel sick and emotional. Tissues and deep breaths are the order of the day. Then lots of alcohol

working at it slowly

Posted: 30/04/2015 at 06:55
Oh and snailynan was 79 yesterday, we're taking her out for her fave meal tonight. Will be strange with 2 daughters missing, our family has suddenly got very small

working at it slowly

Posted: 30/04/2015 at 06:54
Morning from Stoke

I've seen some great marathon posts on FB well done
Happy belated birthday Daffs
Podds garden looks lovely, hope boys like fake grass!!! Which I suspect they don't really care!
Noggs made me queasy thinking about removing staples from your leg

Well I've had the most worrying week or 2, sorting out mums affairs and coming across a load of debt my sis has run up in her name. So I've been sitting it out. So far I haven't killed my sis but the funeral is Friday and I'm not making any promises! My mum must have been so stressed with financial worry it's sad to think about it.

Had a late birthday drink with bloke last Saturday, he's been brilliant and he bought me a pandora necklace. So shocked I've never received anything like that before. Only prob is he's 40 in July,'we're off to London for the weekend, what the hell am I going to get him? Ideas greatly received!!!!!

So with all the stress I have broken out in shingles, not surprising really. Luckily I can have alcohol with the antibiotics
Or I'm not sure I could make it through the funeral! No time to rest though, have a
Lot to Sort now I'm back in Stoke. I would like to think that once I go home on Sunday I can actually get some sleep too!!!

My mantra through all this is "just keep ploughing on"
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