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Sound vs Silence

Posted: 05/06/2008 at 00:51

swoosh   v  hush.....

well each person have their own reasons for listening to music while training.. helps relieve bordom, helps motivation what ever the reason the fact is they are out running. 

The negative, they put up a do not disturb message especially during races ..

Lost Motivation...need help

Posted: 15/05/2008 at 23:37

Setting targets and goals helps to remain focused, like mentioned enter a race, does not matter if you do not win its all about taking part ...

Join a local running club, each club are catered  for all levels of runner.

good luck


Posted: 15/05/2008 at 23:29

Could be a combination of things..

Firstly do the trainers fit nice and snug.

Secondly try thicker socks- therlos work for me good investment.

Thirdly a small coating of vasaline to the area that causes the problem- never fails. 

Gone to threads

Posted: 21/03/2008 at 04:33
I am currently training in newbalance 767, and noticed the lining inside the heel is going... this seems a common problem to myself .The training shoes after about 200- 300 miles go in the same place, is there any solution to this.....

funny feet

Posted: 20/01/2007 at 00:30
a good freind of mine has what he calls funny feet!!! size 5 and very wide.
what would be best shoe to start him off with
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funny feet

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