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Northern Ireland Running

Posted: 27/12/2004 at 18:34
Hi James Hope you had a nice xmas - In the Mournes you need fell shoes for stepping out the car. Get up there and have a go. When it comes to fell races, who gives a toss about being good, just have fun. It's funny, my wife can't wait to get rid of me for two days....

Favourite Albumn cover

Posted: 23/12/2004 at 23:59
Anyone remember Brain Salad Surgery by Emerson, Lake and Palmer?- If you want a Yes cover, it has to be Tales of Topographic Oceans.

Northern Ireland Running

Posted: 22/12/2004 at 19:09
Anybody interested in fell running should contact the Northern Ireland Mountain Running Association. They can give you plenty of advice, fixture lists and training days. There is a fell race over the Mournes but it is a very serious two day affair.Bit too much for me i'm afraid. I might do the Glenariff myself if the Knees hold together. If you pass a middle aged, overweight and balding fella who looks in a lot of pain, say hello - it's probably me. Tell santa to bring you Inov8's- They are brilliant.

Northern Ireland Running

Posted: 21/12/2004 at 19:48
Just thought i'd say hello from Co Down. I'm having a bit of a rest from road running right now (47 with crumbling knees) and am doing most of my running up in the Mournes. No traffic, beautiful scenery and times don't matter!If you don't mind wet feet give it a go.

Where do you buy fell shoes?

Posted: 22/11/2004 at 13:58
Am I the only one running in Mudrocks?

Patella tendon problems

Posted: 18/11/2004 at 12:35
I'm just back from the physio because of knee pain under my Patella. I received very good value for my £35. It seems the main cause of my problem is an imbalance with my muscle build up. The muscles on the outside of my thigh (can't remember the proper names) are far stronger than the inner ones. This means the Patella pulls up to the outside rarther than tracking straight up. I,ve now got my knees taped up and have a course of exercises for my inner thigh muscles. This muscle imbaslance seems to be a very common cause of knee trouble and can easily be helped with specific exercises.

John Peel dies

Posted: 04/11/2004 at 13:15
It's funny,I met him only very briefly a long time ago, but I feel that iv'e lost a very close and dear friend. John had a brilliant way of persuading you to listen to music you would'nt normally go near and suddenly find that you like it. He always pushed boundaries right to the end. What a unique man, i'll miss him.

Salomon or INOV-8

Posted: 21/10/2004 at 19:18
Celtic Duo-Thanks for your reply. I've managed to find some Mudroc's and I really like the feel of them

Knee pain, yes more...

Posted: 18/10/2004 at 21:15
I'm sick of knee pain so i've decided to say goodbye to the hard old roads and take up fell running.(slowly). So far knees feel much better and i'm getting fitter

Salomon or INOV-8

Posted: 18/10/2004 at 21:01
I'm desperate to take up fell running but here in Northern Ireland i can,t seem to find any decent suppliers of fell shoes. Can anyone help?
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