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Outlaw 2017

Posted: 09/08/2016 at 21:41

Thanks seren. 

Lakesman 2017

Posted: 30/07/2016 at 11:32


Hofmeister Bear 
Red Stripe 
Nurse Ratched 

Soup Dragon 


Lee The Pea 
Dave the Iron Ex-Spartan And Current Cheerleader


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Lakesman 2017

Posted: 28/07/2016 at 22:59

Oops. Entered. Now where did I put my bike?? 

Pirate DIY Half IM 2016

Posted: 25/04/2016 at 20:08

Did I not message you? I'm sharing with red stripe. Thanks for the offer of a sofa bed but when I thought I might be really late I decided to take RS up on her offer. Thought I'd messaged so apologies if I didn't. 

Pirate DIY Half IM 2016

Posted: 25/04/2016 at 19:53

I've managed to get Friday off work so I'll be at the pub Friday night too.

I'd like to race* Saturday and support Sunday.

* pootle a couple ofbike laps plod a single run lap. I can do feed station duties after. 


Pirate DIY Half IM 2016

Posted: 21/04/2016 at 17:35

Hi can't do lists on my phone. I don't know what time I will get there Friday, depends on how early I can finish work so won't put my name down for that. Can some kind list person add me to Saturday dinner please?

Pirate DIY Half IM 2016

Posted: 19/04/2016 at 21:59

Can I put an engine on my bike and wear roller skates for the run?

Pirate DIY Half IM 2016

Posted: 19/04/2016 at 19:04

Hello. Sorry I've been absent from the thread. Adding my name to the hoody list size S please. 

I haven't biked more than a 7 mile commute for about 2 years and hardly run at all so I won't be doing the full distance. My plan is to bring my hybrid as racer is poorly. I will swim 1.9k then do a couple of bike laps. I can finish the bike at the feed station then do a 1 lap run to finish back at the feed station for supporting. 

The other day I would like to swim again as Im training to swim Windermere then go straight up to the feed station for supporting. 

SA does that sound like a plan that doesn't cause any extra hassle? I'll be biking in trainers so don't need anything for the "run" and saves you opening T2 early. 

Sooooo looking forward to this. 

Outlaw bike feedstation 24th July 2016

Posted: 02/01/2016 at 22:08

Boooo this clashes with lake Windermere swim. Will keep date in mind if plans change. 

No Strictly this year

Posted: 08/11/2015 at 12:35

What does Jay have to do to please the judges? That AT was fab. I also loved Jeremy. Great choice of music, I laughed loudly. Carol to go please. 

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