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Posted: 31/08/2013 at 07:59

...rest does your PF good.

Shildon, looks like you're doing some really good solid endurance stuff, well done.

Carrot, great speedwork, both physically and mentally.  Nice work 

Spoons, nice tanning 

O4S, wow, well done on averting disaster.  Good luck for the next stint!!!

Simon, I think my OH has that recovery stuff down pat!!!

So my calf has been very sore, but getting better every day.  I think it was just a very bad (and weird) case of DOMS as I did not pull or tweak anything during my circuit class and felt no pain at all after it, only pain and stiffness when I woke up.  I did a spin class yesterday and whilst it hurt at times, never really bad and it definitely felt looser afterwards.  I'm going to go on the TM right now so let's see how it holds up to some running action.....

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Posted: 31/08/2013 at 07:52

Pinklady, if the finish area looks a bit of a nightmare, try scoping out local bars and agree to meet Barry in there.  That's our tried and trusted method of meeting up   You're doing brilliantly on the rehab, well done.  One of the hardest parts of it all is readjusting your mindset from "I'm so miserable because I'm not doing anything like what I used to", to "yay, look at what I am managing to achieve!!" and you seem to have got that sussed so nice one!

Minni, I've been stretching the calf a lot and rubbing ibuprofen gel into it.  It felt like the 'wrong' sort of pain to use the foam roller on but it is certainly feeling much better now so I think I will try a run later on today to see how it holds up.  I'm back for two weeks from 13th Sept 

Barry, I have tried to use pacers twice and both times I have felt like I'm not running "my" race and I didn't like it.  If you are confident in your own pacing ability, you will not need them.  It's quite nice to run with other people, granted, but unless you know the pacer really well and how they are going to approach the race, you're kind of at their mercy.  

2Old, I'm only teasing about the heat 

Ant, wow, those were some hills!!!  Great training, though.

Free, blimey, hadn't thought of Harrods, perhaps I should put it on my list....???  Nah, I think 9 shops is enough!!  It's purely the worry of being over here and not being able to pop to London whenever I feel like it.  If I can do the 'first dress I try' trick, I'll be exceptionally happy to cancel the rest of my appointments!!  Hope you have a brilliant birthday and enjoy celebrating 

KFC, nice five miler, loving the Garmin overdrive!!  Enjoy Copenhagen.

AA, I am back on Fri 13th and in Basingstoke for the Fri and Sat.  So if you're free Sat 14th, let's try and get together then   All the best for tomorrow, let's hope the


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Posted: 29/08/2013 at 06:21

Morning all!  Barry, scorching splits   Bring on Berlin!!  I'm laughing at 2Old's Lidl recommendations....

Minni, great work on the negative split!  Sounds like you had a very good race considering all the hard runs/races you've had in the build up.  Bring on GNR!!  My OH also has the 'Oh thank God' massive look of relief on his face when things go well as opposed to the other way.....

2Old, I'm still waiting for the temp to drop below 30 for a run too   Looks like I've got about 3 months to go....

Pinklady, you're doing really well post-surgery!

Carrot, I had to bin my run last night.  When removing my shoes at work (and bear in mind they are only kitten heels so nothing massive) to put my trainers on for my journey home, it was agony to get my right heel down on the floor!!  I have honestly no idea what I've done to my calf.  It does not feel like I've injured it per se, it feels like the kind of DOMS pain you get a day or two after a gym session when you've done absolutely nothing for a while.  So I'm desperately hoping it is just overworked and needs a couple of days of rest.  The reason I'm more worried than I would be normally is that this is the calf which made me defer VLM 2012.  But the pain this time is right up the top of the muscle so I'm confident it's not the same thing, but I feel I'd be crazy to risk running on a weakened calf as that way surely leads to injury....  It's just frustrating as I want to put in a few good sessions before starting P+D.  Oh well, can't be helped.  It is still very sore today so no running for me tonight.  I will do S+C and skip the calf raises.  Glad you're back on the spin trail!!  Yes, it is a bit of a shock to the system when you start back, isn't it, no matter how much running fitness you have!!  I am really looking forward to our UK trip, but slightly daunted by the second week as I've packed in appointments at 9 wedding dress shops   But at least we've got breakfast martinis with Brolish and Mr B to look forward at the end of all that trauma

So my day today did not get off to a good start.  I got up early to do my S+C with a plan to run this evening, but my calf was still very painful so decided that a run was not going to happen so promptly went back to bed for an hour   I will do S+C this evening before going out for Mexican and muchos cerveza 

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Posted: 28/08/2013 at 08:27

X-post, Free.  Loving the wine action

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Posted: 28/08/2013 at 08:26

Morning all!  Bro, good to hear it's all feeling like it's coming back together.  Really hope it all goes well at the weekend and can't wait to hear all about it

O4S, sounds amazing!!  Enjoy

Pinklady, there is absolutely nothing wrong with choosing wine over training sometimes!!  Hope you both enjoyed it.

Carrot, it's kind of like a dense sponge/rubber material.  You know those kind of jigsaw mats which fit together?  It's like that.  It feels very easy to run on and I've really appreciated the air conditioned environment.  Now it's back to 35+  I will TM it for my next 2 long runs, and then I'm in the UK for a couple of weeks so will take full advantage of the cool weather   Good call on skipping the session, I've got exactly the same issue.  My calf is really tight today and I've no idea why, we didn't do any specific calf exercises at circuits last night, and I've been wondering what to do today.  You've just confirmed exactly what I was thinking I should do and so I'm going to follow your example and do an easy run and not the session I had planned

KFC, really glad you had a great mtb tour.  And that's brilliant news for your friend, great effort on his part  I've no idea what I'm going to do along the way to Dubai.  I've had 2 years of paying for loads of races and then having to skip them through injury so I just didn't bother in the run-up to London.  But I really should see what's out there.  I have an eye on a half marathon in Dubai at the beginning of Dec, but I'm really not sure at this moment what else I will do.  You've reminded me that it's probably a good idea to look at what's coming up so thank you!!  In terms of LSR pacing, if you wanted to put in some harder than MP efforts, you could do 3m@xx followed by 1m easy etc.

AA, gutted for you, so sorry to hear it's really sore still   The only thing I could say about the sprint tri is maybe consider just doing the first two events as someone else on the Forum advised a while back?  I know it's deeply unsatisfactory, but at least it would mean the training has not been in vain and also will give you some experience in transition and getting stuff all organised?

Circuits for me last night which was brilliant, I'm really enjoying it as it's a fun bunch of people and an hour just zips by.  I am going to do 45 mins or so tonight, or however long I can bear in the heat.  It's so humid at the moment so this'll be fun



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Posted: 27/08/2013 at 13:19

Damn, 2Old, I've been rumbled!!  Yes, I definitely think crazy comes into it At least it gave me time to catch up on my Desert Island Disc backlog.  I estimated 3 episodes would probably get me through and so I didn't look at my watch until the final one finished.  I was 2 mins short so I just did a little more until I was done.  Massive relief!  And a very eclectic bunch of interviewees kept me company from Val McDermid to Russell Brand to Mary Robinson.  So lots of crime writing, sex and drugs and rock n roll, and politics.  What more could you want when running round a sports hall !!  Sorry to hear the achilles is still giving you issues.  Probably a very wise move to give the autumn marathon a miss, but very annoying for you.

Bro, that sounds like a cracking 15 miler, great work!!!  Is everything feeling like it's coming together better with your new coach?  What's the plan for the 10k or would you rather not say right now and just us know after the event?  Fingers crossed it all goes brilliantly

O4S, wow, what an epic adventure!  How much longer and how many miles do you have left to ride?

Circuit class for me tonight, yay!!


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Posted: 27/08/2013 at 10:43

Carrot, wow that sounded really really tough.  Well done for just hanging on and getting round.  I know that's not the time you wanted, but you should be very proud of yourself for (a) readjusting your expectations a couple of times along the way, and (b) finishing in such a good time for really tough conditions!!  It's really good mental experience (if not physical!!) as you went through a lot in that race and you came through it.  All good to put in the bank and move on with your plan.  Sounds very sensible to defer sub-90 and concentrate on the bigger picture.  I'm sure you and Minni will have a storming GNR

Chick, enjoy Bavaria!!

2old, how's your achilles doing?  13.2 miles sounds like great progress.

AA, was it 80s Rewind you went to?  Annoyingly, we were away this year when it was here in Dubai.  OH probably booked our travel to make sure of that...   How's the splint going?  Great result for your swim!!!

Minni, loving your fell work!  Well done you

So I had a brilliant last LSR in the sports hall.  Well, I say sports hall, imagine a running track around the outside of the VLM Expo and that's more like it.  It is huge!!  But it really is mind-numbing so I had a few podcasts to keep me company and I got through it.  I ran 1:45 but I've no idea how far/fast as no satellites for the Garmin to work with.  But it all felt good which is the main thing.  Next week I will have a cutback week on the TM, prob around 1-1:15.  I will do a couple more sessions this week, getting the legs/head used to doing speedwork again.  I really really hope I can hit P+D on schedule to start the 18 week plan mid-Sept and I actually feel strong enough to do it and not be overwhelmed by it...

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Posted: 26/08/2013 at 10:35

Everything's been going really well for me on the running front.  I did an easy 90 mins last Sun and two sessions this week, one of 3x10@12kph which was nowhere near as bad as I feared it would be.  Then I had a storming set of 6x800@14kph which felt amazing considering that that was my first interval session since April!!!  I was really super happy with that.  Tonight I am doing 1:45 long run in wonderful blissful air-conditioned comfort as they extended the indoor running track for another week so I'm really happy about that.  The only slightly annoying thing is my Garmin doesn't work in there so I've no idea about pace etc. but as it's an LSR I'm not really worried about it.

Everything's been going super well on the drinking front too!  Massive weekend, was awesome and managed to avoid any hangover action as well.  Loved it!!!

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Posted: 26/08/2013 at 10:31

Morning all!  I hope the Bank Holiday weather is not conforming to type....

AA, great effort on the swim front, that's awesome!!

Minni, good luck with insanity.  I must say, I'm quite interested to give it a go myself at some point, but not right now as I'm pretty chocca with exercises at the moment.

Hi Scuba!  Good to see you on here   Your training sounds like it has gone really well for Henley, you must be very pleased with your progress.  Good luck for the race if I don't see you on here before that and I'm really looking forward to hearing how you get on.....

Bro, good to hear the job's going well.  Nice effort with intervals at 5am!!  Blimey, that's hardcore. 

Barry, good 21 miler there and some fabulous splits.  Great effort!

Hi O4S!  Sounds like you're having an eventful holiday   Naked cyclists indeed!!

KFC, congrats to your mum, that's awesome   Really good news on your 8m too, you're having some great training and I can't wait to see what that translates into in a marathon.  Hope you've had a great weekend of cycling.

Shildon, well done on the win that's brilliant!!!

Daren, nice YKW

Carrot, really sorry it didn't quite go as you hoped.  But still a good race experience for you and onwards and upwards



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Posted: 21/08/2013 at 10:15

Morning all!

AA, let's hope the splint/foot gel helps. Great bike session this morning, enjoy your swim later!

Oompa, if you get text alerts every time this forum posts something, your phone will never be silent!!  Are you just trying to pretend to your colleagues that you're really important and always in demand???

KFC, good idea on the 2/3 of a tri.  Other option is to enter as part of a team I guess?  I know it's not the same, AA, but at least it gives you options to take part in some of it??  Loving the partner track tag session, btw.  Makes things interesting.

Simon, I love your devious work!!

Spoons, wow!!!  That sounds like a great effort in tough conditions, well done you.

Carrot, nice session   It's great when you can walk away from some 800s and use the word 'enjoy' next to them!!  Yes, the track running is definitely good for numbing the mind...

Pinklady, don't worry if this mornign it felt hard.  I did my 90 mins on Sun after not having run for a week owing to a weird cycling injury with my foot   That felt harder than it should as I'd had a week off but I still got round and it's now banked!  I'm sure your next run will feel much better.

Free, you have my sympathies on the travel front!!  Just take it easy today...

Ant, get in there with your speed!!  Love it.  Can't wait to see how you go in the 10k.

Circuits last night for me, loved it.  I'm really enjoying working out with other people, the hour just flies by.  They're a lovely bunch so I'm very glad I'm doing it.  My core strength has come on in leaps and bounds too so it's definitely working.  Tonight I'm doing some kind of tempo effort on the TM, I'm thinking 3x10 minute efforts at 12kph (8 m/m) so very easy for most of you, will be a bit of a stretch for me right now I think...  But I will give it a go and see what happens!!


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