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Posted: Yesterday at 10:54

Just read back through all the posts. Congratulations to everyone and a pat on the back to those that were a little short of their target. Onwards and upwards.

Post race report, my race went pretty much perfectly, I was right at the front of the line of the GFA pen with an open road, I knew I had to keep the pace under control early doors here. Well up for this. The first few miles flew by and the pace felt way slow. 5k Splits in first half ranged from 19:00 - 19:15 area, reaching halfway at exactly my target of 1:21 (actually 1:20:59 but i'll take that). I got in a group of 3 and we were running side by side taking up the whole road, I'm sure that looked pretty cool as it felt pretty cool. Feeling great great by this time but nagging thought that my half PB is 1:20xx, not still entirely sure how the remainder of the race was going to. Next few miles came and went.

So far so good.

Next 5k splits, 19:03. At 30k the split dropped to the slowest yet @ 19:19 and the first wave of negative thoughts come over me as I felt my pace drop off. I was prepared mentally for this and thought... Ah, so here you to wreck my day you sod, I planned for you this time and sorry you are not welcome today pal. Necked a gel, shoulders back, take in the crowd, increase the stride and I passed through this rough patch.

Next 5k split at 35km was 19:01, time 2:14:11, I started feeling a lot better and passing more and more people, knew that 2:40 was not really possible by now, but was home and dry for 2:45 if I could just keep this up. Onto Tower Hill, nice down hill section, relax, pick a few more people off.

Out of the tunnel heading onto Embankment and right calf started to tighten up on each push off, but I could put up with it. Embankment was a struggle, I have run this section a hundred times and knew the profile raises slightly into Big Ben, must push on but pace slipped and not a lot left in the tank. I saw my family as the corner comes and into Birdcage walk, nice boost. Last mile split 6:02

Wow i'm really feeling like crap now, right calf is rock solid, feel a bit dizzy now.

Final corner and...onto mall...clock in distance 2:42:xx....Head up... crows are all on their feet giving ME a standing ovation, pump arms, finish line in sight, swap lanes so I get an empty one with no-one else to ruin my finish pic arms out, finish line, cross, small vomit.

Wow, I pulled it off..2:43:15

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Posted: 14/04/2014 at 13:27

Old No7, here's to keeping that level of progression going

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Posted: 14/04/2014 at 10:17

Dave Sawyer 2, I agree there. My Marathons have been;

2010  3:49

2013  2:58

2014  2:43

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Posted: 13/04/2014 at 18:08
Cheerful Dave, cracking.
Marigold, you certainly killed it sir!
Pi man , Ryan snell, Lukesute etc fantastic.

Got my champs, 2:43:15. Happy days, last 10k was a bit shite.

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Posted: 10/04/2014 at 16:44

Started a bit of re-carbing today as I felt just rubbish yesterday after the de-carb, in fact I started getting headaches ? whats that all about ?

Have had a dabble in homemade flapjacks myself but I found, like others that I basically just eat too much of it.

As an alternative this supermarket traybake takes some beating on taste and value...


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Posted: 03/04/2014 at 10:55

Gentle 6 for me at lunch today, via Embankment to inhale some fresh smog whilst visualising owning that stretch on 13th

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Posted: 03/04/2014 at 07:50

nice post TR, couldnt agree more

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Posted: 02/04/2014 at 15:54

Personally, attempting a neg split scares the hell outta me as im probably already red-lining it.

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Posted: 02/04/2014 at 10:09

Updated number


  • Al_P 2:35:59 (A) / 2:37:00 (B) / 2:41:00 (C)      Champs start #645 New Forest Runners (white/green) vest
  • Dachs 2:37 (A) / 2:39:59 (B), blue (Champs)
  • Jonny 2:37:00 (A) / 2:39:59 (B) 2:44:14 (PB)      (C) (Champs)
  • CharlieW 2:39:59 (a) 2:42 (b) blue#637
  • LukeStur 2:39:59 (a) 2:42:59 (b) 2:44:59 (c)      Red fgfa #32742
  • Sweedo 2:42 (a), 2:44.59 (b) red fgfa
  • Yasunaga 2:43, red fgfa
  • Bainspj 2:44 (a) 2:50 (b), red fgfa ,#31013
  • HR 2:43, red fgfa, #32515
  • A.W 2:44.59 (a) / 2:49.59 (b), red fgfa #31745
  • Ryan Snell 2:44:59 (a) / 2:49:59 (b) red fgfa      #31056
  • Old No7 2:44.59 (a) / 2:49.59 (b), red fgfa      #31682
  • Spirun 2:44.59 (a) / 2:49.59 (b), red fgfa #31064
  • Postie not the foggiest but hopefully under      2:50 #32839 red fgfa
  • Runningowl      2:49.59 (a) 2:55.00 blackpool mass start sub 3 JUST accepted
  • Pi Man 2:58, red fgfa, #31153
  • CC2 - 2.59.59 Champs start #151
  • Tmoth – (A) TBC pending greed/fitness/fear      levels / 2:59:59 (B) (Belfast May 5th)
  • Le Jimbob (A) 2:59 (B) 3.02 (C) PB sub 3:05:37      Rouge (Paris)
  • PhilPub 2:59, green, #27081
  • Bedders - 2:59:59 (Orange start 'Corral #1 in      Milan
  • Nichs2 - 3:10
  • Wardi - 3:15-3:20 (old codger's GFA time)
  • Lord Didsbury - fuck off

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Posted: 01/04/2014 at 08:28

LD. Nice strategy.Think Lent is still on actually, the big man above may be on your side now.

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