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Manchester Marathon 2016

Posted: Yesterday at 21:01

Dave 928- I'm hoping the gamble is worth it I feel confident they will sort it out. Just shows how hard it is to organise a big event. At least I don't have to enter a ballot and get rejected again like London 

Manchester Marathon 2016

Posted: Yesterday at 20:55

Thanks northendear- I heard about the baggage and that did put me off but then I have heard good things about it. Im hoping they will have learnt the lessons from this years race. 

Manchester Marathon 2016

Posted: Yesterday at 15:18

I'm thinking of entering this race for 2017- would any of you recommend or not?

Does anyone have an unwanted Abingdon marathon entry?

Posted: 02/10/2016 at 13:25

Hi vikkster has your place gone?

Berlin Marathon

Posted: 02/10/2016 at 13:11

Great blog joe- great times amazing effort.

this will be my last post in Berlin thread and just wanted to finish by saying well done everyone you are among the 1% who can or choose to run marathons. It's been a great summer training for this event writing about it and reading how others are doing.

my plans are as follows- wait for my London reject email, and if I don't get in as I suspect I'm going to enter Manchester marathon in April and train hard to see if I can get in under the magical 3:30 mark. If I do get into London it will be to enjoy the run as i don't think 3:30 will be possible with such a large field and so busy.

then my autumn marathon will be Florence in November. Nice and late so plenty of time to train in the summer and a great excuse to go for a holiday.

good luck to you all and look out for me in another thread!!!! All the best

keep on running ????????????????????????

Berlin Marathon

Posted: 28/09/2016 at 16:15

Amazing times by everyone. I agree ref the water stations how busy they were. I stopped at every 3mike point and in the last 10k at everyone possible to ensure I had enough. My 3 gulps  at fast walking pace along with gel strategy 4 in total certainly made the whole experience better. I think they should of had water either side of road and small bottles would be better. The bit I struggled with the most was getting into the correct start zone. We couldn't get in ours and had to go go in the 1 ahead. It was a bit tight for time and we only had 3mins to spare. Loved the finish with the beer and being able to meet friends and relax on grass. Weather very kind to us in that respect. I am going to pull out of York for def and take it easy next 2 weeks. I'm waiting for my usual London reject email and have Manchester as my back up plan (already provisional booked accommodation) and as it is flat I'm going to make that the one I go for a 3:30 marathon. With good winter training I think Berlin has given me the confidence to go for it.

enjoying a lovely few days in Stratford upon Avon and the Cotswolds before heading home, then it's new training shoes on Friday!!!

Berlin Marathon

Posted: 26/09/2016 at 00:19

Hi everyone. Brilliant weekend in Berlin, great city fully recommend.

run update for me, very good run with my second best ever time.

i ran a negative split as planned and came home in 3:38:05

wasnt going to take any risks with knee and it held up ok (helped by lots of pills) nearly got cramp at mile 18 but gels ans drink helped. An amazing marathon would fully recommend to anyone. Now rest see how I recover and on Friday/Saturday make a decision about York Marathon.

hope everyone else enjoyed it and didn't find it too hot. Look forward to reading posts.

now a nice week off and a lie in tomorrow. 


Berlin Marathon

Posted: 23/09/2016 at 16:46

good first day in Berlin- nice and early arrival/expo done walked around to start/finish area. Carboload lunch and relax in hot sunny weather!!!! Relaxing now before another carboload dinner meeting friends in Berlin.

hotel full of marathon runners- great position. 

Hope everyone ok.


Berlin Marathon

Posted: 22/09/2016 at 19:29

COYS- I don't think you have to sign up just turn up.

beetle- gutted for you but you are 100% doing the right thing. Enjoy the weekend and remember there are plenty of races in the future.

my week has been a good one in terms of running. Went Sunday/Tuesday/Today and feeling ok. I know my knee will hurt badly at some point on the course I just hope it's as near to the end as possible. Taking the usual pills with me for the day so hopefully numb the pain.

I've  just finished a 6 day stretch at work so now finished and travelling early tomorrow to Berlin. Then I have a week of next week to recover spend time with the wife and relax. If anyone else is setting off tomorrow from Luton airport at the ridiculous time of 6am please let me know????????????????????????????????

happy running.

Berlin Marathon

Posted: 19/09/2016 at 10:37

Great running everyone- msE don't worry about a cold, vit c and paracetamol will do the trick. 

I didnt go spinning today and there is nothing to gain this week. So just my run on Tuesday and Thursday to look forward to. Since Saturday very conscious of what I'm eating and drinking this week. strated a slow carbo load in terms of mid morning snack is now either malt loaf or bagel/jam instead of biscuits. Not going to go to heavy on the pasta front until the Saturday. Have restaurant booked by the charity I'm running with which is great news.

happy running/eating/resting

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