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Berlin Marathon

Posted: Yesterday at 10:51

Don't know how I have got through this week. One of the hardest and longest weeks I can remember. My mother in law can now RIP as we gave her a nice send off on Thursday. I think the running has kept me going and certainly has given me time to think as I'm out plodding the streets/woods ect. Managed a good weeks training with a  MP 11.7m today. My split times were good and I think the summer training has come together for me. 

next week for me is all about shortish MP runs in midweek and then on Saturday I'm doing the St. Albans stampede. 9am until 9pm you can either run/walk on your own as a pair (taking the loops in turn) or as a team of 4. I'm running with a friend who is also doing Berlin marathon. The loops are exactly 4m long so we are going to run x2 each. So that should be about 1hr 15/20m then the next person goes and you rest/eat and go again. The idea will be that in the afternoon we will be running on tired legs and that will help for the marathon training. We will slow down late afternoon and evening so I think we will complete between 36/40m each as we do the last loop together at approx 8:30pm. We did it last year and it was a great event with everyone helping as it was very non competitive apart from male solo runner and the teams of 4 who do 1 loop each/rest but only top teams ran fast. Everyone else it was about completing it and doing something very different. Very different kind of marathon training but as I've already completed 5 LSR of 18/20miles over the last 14 weeks I feel in good nick and ready for the challenge.

ref taper, I'm going to keep mine to the last 2 weeks max as I find if I slow down or cut out distance too much I get too sluggish. That's just me and you have to do what's right for you.

good luck with your long runs or fast runs this weekend. 


Berlin Marathon

Posted: 23/08/2016 at 19:16

Day 2 of sorting everything out and progress made. Didn't realise these things could take so much of your time up.

pipes- my MP is hopefully as near to 8min pace as possible, although I'm not sure if I've done enough fast training to be able to run t that pace for 26mlies.

Didn't do the 7m as planned, did 4.6m on a local route however without looking at my watch went at just under 8min pace all the way round in the heat, so who knows what is possible.

Berlin Marathon

Posted: 22/08/2016 at 18:33

Thanks Jason and Nicole for kind words. trying to sort out a funeral/all logistics of organising someone's estate/will/finances and running are not easy. Nicole you are right my running tomorrow day/night whenever I can fit in will be a release, Going to try and get out to do a 7mile run at near to MP.

pipes welcome and looking at the times you are trying to run at sounds like you know what you are doing. What is the other marathon you are doing as I am going to be doing York marathon 2 weeks after Berlin. It's a long story how I got roped into it but Berlin will be the race and York the get round, at least that is the plan

ok back to making more phone calls, checking on the wife/kids and making dinner!!!!

Berlin Marathon

Posted: 21/08/2016 at 20:08

Beetle- fantastic running and you are right whatever pace we run at we always want faster. You must be on course for a good time with your training going well. Thanks for info on gels and water although water in cups is a bit pants will have to slow right down to drink, maybe that won't be a bad thing. I don't think I will be wearing my Striders vest as I'm going to be running for mcmillion care as part of my work charity.

nicole. That HM sounds poor, HM courses are never usually like that, very strange.

my day has been a difficult one- started off well with a very early LSR of 20m on a hilly course average pace8:45 which I was really pleased with because I felt as if I was running a lot slower. Last 1/2 miles hurt but I think that's normal and some of the hills were hard. Great recovery at gym straight after with 4 lengths swim as cool down and time spent in jacuzzi to relax legs.

All good so far then then early afternoon get a call to say mother in law has died-boom  good day turns sour, wife kids all upset as you can imagine. Having to stay strong for them as this week we plan for funeral. 

Valuable lesson learnt yet again, enjoy every day as if it's your last and I promise I won't moan about my marathon time in a few weeks whatever it is because I'm still here lucky enough to be able to complete it and then plan next one.

I hope my wife's sad loss Spurs you all on to just do your best and enjoy the next few weeks of training and the big day itself.



Berlin Marathon

Posted: 17/08/2016 at 17:22
Sounds like a good plan. I'm doing very similar but doing spinning class and light weight at gym instead of easy run so as to not be out running all the time. I've also stopped hill training after all Berlin is meant to be flat.
I received my pack for the great north run however I haven't arranged any accomdation does any one no somewhere dirt cheap for 1night

Berlin Marathon

Posted: 16/08/2016 at 07:52

Alun, wouldn't bother to download as I'm not sure any benefit for you. Looks like training is really stepping up now. Next 2/3 weeks the most important in my opinion speed/endurance/practice drinks stops ect it all happens now. I did a good 5m MP run yesterday on a hilly local lovely route. Spinning today and swim then rest day tomorrow. 

Just saw on website water on route is given out in cups!!!! That means have to really slow down to make sure you take it in. 

Does anyone know how often isatonic drinks are given out On route. I'm thinking of not taking my own bottles and getting on route. Probably going to buy gels at expo.

Berlin Marathon

Posted: 14/08/2016 at 19:33

Hi everyone- long time since I've been on the thread!!!! Can't believe where the weeks have gone. Good reading all your notes some great running and some sad news as well. Good to see how running brings everyone together.

ive had a great summer of running so far and have completed 3 very long runs (19m and over) and have worked hard on hill training and short MP training. I've included spinning classes and light weight training session in my build up this year to keep fit but try and not get injuries by overtraining and running too much.

the hardest runs I have found are the ones at MP or faster which I suppose is no surprise, however my long runs have gone down really well with drink/gels working well.

ive got another week of working on my MP short runs during the week and then next Sunday another 20m run. Only got 2 very long runs left this Sunday and sept 3rd.

great to see everyone is getting on well even despite hiccups along the way. Keep it going guys we are nearly there.

Spare place for sale

Posted: 20/07/2016 at 21:33

Hi Dorbs, I do but I've been told that I'm not allowed to transfer/sale it as its agains rules.

Berlin Marathon

Posted: 25/06/2016 at 18:13
Nice running Nicole, good to be running in this heat it will do you good in end. Sounds like u r running well.

Berlin Marathon

Posted: 25/06/2016 at 13:05

How is it all going. I've had another good weeks training and finished it off today with a 16m LSR. Joined a gym and am taking your recommendations about light weights and stretches. Also did some light swimming only as it has a sauna and jacuzzi ????

13 weeks to go- Happy running

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