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Manchester Marathon 2017

Posted: 31/12/2016 at 11:50

Tucky4 that is amazing pace. I would suggest doing the majority of your long run at 7:30 pace and then at least 30% at race pace. The danger you have is injury and being tired when it comes to race day. But then again I'm a slower runner so can only watch and learn!!!

looking at all the posts it looks like everyone is runn well and have got in the groove already. I did 14.5 miles today average pace 8:17 with a steady start and then 5 miles at my race pace or just under. Really pleased with that and looking forward to enjoying rest of today and no exercise tomorrow. Happy running everyone and have a great rest of weekend, see you all in 2017

Manchester Marathon 2017

Posted: 22/12/2016 at 19:29

Stitches- usually occur eating or drinking too much just befo or during a run. Might be worth looking at what you are eating before a run and how long before, plus taking gulp of drink while running fast can also be the problem. I use to suffer from these but have learnt how long before a race/run i can eat and I never drink too much on a run, probably the opposite I don't drink enough.

im in retail so a tough week for me to fit in training but I'm finding the time somehow. Was meant to go out for 8miles but did 5.5 at MP instead. Wanted to stretch the legs and get some fresh air. Two more days of mayhem at work then a whole day off LOL. I'm going out xmas day for a really easy 4m run in the beautiful countryside where I live and then I will overindulge myself with food/drink for 1 day before back to work and more marathon training!!!! Don't feel sorry for me I love my job so can't complain and will look forward to a week off in mid January when it all goes quiet. 

Manchester Marathon 2017

Posted: 20/12/2016 at 12:55
Good advice northender. I don't count myself overweight but at the age of 51 the metabolism has slowed down but I like my food. Really going to focus on eating right foods at right times next year but I will never go on a diet as I don't believe in them.
My training this week has gone well and hope to keep it going until xmas day. Question who is going out running xmas morning. I can throughly recommend it. Nice and quiet and sets you up for the day ahead. Just need to workout how far.

Manchester Marathon 2017

Posted: 19/12/2016 at 12:30

so many posts in just a few days. can I find 8mins over 26miles the only way is going to be running with the 7:30/7:45 group at my running club once a week as part of my training. I'm going to have to get use to race pace or faster to have any chance. I'm also following the Asics plan although mine has 4runs per week, however I do 3 runs per week and 1/2 spinning classes with light weight session. The gym has a pool and a jacuzzi which is bliss and has helped with recovery and injuries.

these at two weeks are always difficult to plan runs and it is all about playing around with the training plan but ensuring I get the runs in. After a easy week last week (my first for several weeks) I'm back on it. Sunday a hard spinning class and today ive just done a 12m run with last 4miles at MP. Ive got a spinning class lined up tomorrow and a 7mile run at 8min pace on Thursday. Might have to fit in doing some work in between which as I'm in retail trade is very interesting at the moment as you can imagine ????????????????????????????

some great times being posted out there, but the wonderful thing about are sport is that it i for all levels which is why I love it so much. So keep the tips coming in (you faster ones) and keep on running

Manchester Marathon 2017

Posted: 14/12/2016 at 18:54
I'm in- hoping to break 3:30 if I get training right. Did Berlin in 3:38 so need to look at where I can make 8mins up!!! Training going really well and completed Bedford half a couple of weeks back in 1:40. Following ASICS training plan and going out with faster runners in midweek seems to be helping.

Manchester Marathon 2016

Posted: 14/12/2016 at 18:45
Welcome Christ MsE, forum very quiet lately. I've continued my training from Berlin marathon so feeling in good shape. These next 2 weeks are always difficult with lots going on and then January it starts to get a bit more serious. Good luck with training are you following a plan?

Manchester Marathon 2016

Posted: 25/10/2016 at 12:41

Ian 5- that sounds encouraging for next year. Im pretty sure it will be fine. Maybe fewer entries next year will help. I've booked accommodation now just got to wait for pay day and book marathon.

Manchester Marathon 2016

Posted: 21/10/2016 at 21:01

Dave 928- I'm hoping the gamble is worth it I feel confident they will sort it out. Just shows how hard it is to organise a big event. At least I don't have to enter a ballot and get rejected again like London 

Manchester Marathon 2016

Posted: 21/10/2016 at 20:55

Thanks northendear- I heard about the baggage and that did put me off but then I have heard good things about it. Im hoping they will have learnt the lessons from this years race. 

Manchester Marathon 2016

Posted: 21/10/2016 at 15:18

I'm thinking of entering this race for 2017- would any of you recommend or not?

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