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Sub 4 Amy: #asics262

Posted: Yesterday at 23:10

Amy yes I think you can 22 miles this weekend if you can hold back but drop the Wednesday run to 12 and don't do a fast parkrun this Saturday but no problem if you want to run marathon pace.

I do think you should try the shot bloks on the 22 though and shouldn't leave it to Paris.

Sub 3 Tom: #asics262

Posted: Yesterday at 22:59

Malcs I wouldn't normally recommend the Hyperspeed 5 for longer runs but I want to wear them in the upcoming races starting this week and also needed as much help as I could get to do the long run Sunday but they were fine and better support than a lot of the shoes I have worn despite their lightness.

They should be superb for the Marathon.

I seem to get away with very light shoes - and as only wear shoes for a few hours a day, I seem to have strong feet. I'm going trying a pair of vivo barefoot shoes for the non running I do. .

Sub 4 Amy: #asics262

Posted: Yesterday at 15:27

I only did just over a mile with Amy at the end and think it was more 7:50. Even Tom didn't do a 7:10 for his last mile and he picked it up and was pleased with it.

Sub 3 Tom: #asics262

Posted: Yesterday at 15:25

Well done on the 20 Malcs

not easy to pick up in last 4 in your longest run so far and it will be easier in a month to do it. probably best more now to focus on the time on the feet.

yes suggest warming up at 7pm - we tend to start between 7.15pm and 7.20pm

Sub 4 Amy: #asics262

Posted: Yesterday at 12:58

I think though Amy was strong - not sure that it was 7:10?

Iain - well done but think i will need to block you for a while to get my own back.

Sub 3 Tom: #asics262

Posted: 01/03/2015 at 23:12

Golfer - yes it's a balancing act. Good run at similar speed to a few others,

You can't do all your long runs very slowly or you won't prepare for the race effort but the 20 at 7s should just about be ok if running with the pacer makes it a lot easier than running by yourself. 

a flat out 20 (faster than marathon pace) potentially might take three weeks for you to recover from and the benefit from a great 20 could be lost as you could have three rubbish weeks training afterwards as you struggle to recover.

I think you get an idea if it was too fast in the 3-4 days afterwards and if you still feel tired and have a rubbish session on Wednesday, it was too fast!

I used to do 20 mile races but have decided against it recently as it potentially takes too much out of you. My best recent marathon came the year my planned 20 mile race got cancelled but psychologically I previously felt a 20 mile race at marathon pace helped me but I wasn't convinced I ran as well in the marathon 4-6 weeks later past 18 miles as I did during the 20 si it might have taken more out than put in.

Sub 3 Tom: #asics262

Posted: 01/03/2015 at 21:52

with Tom, the cycling was easy the running wasn't.

Sub 4 Amy: #asics262

Posted: 01/03/2015 at 21:50

some excellent runs today - well done all.

Amy hopefully back from London by now  - she had a great 20 in training yesterday and finished strongly and did a sub-8 20th mile so her endurance looks great - much of the run she did with Anthony,

Sub 3 Tom: #asics262

Posted: 01/03/2015 at 21:41

well done on the half Mike - superb last 3 miles

Great run for Tom yesterday he looked effortless. I did a similar pace and distance run today as Tom and sorequads but was far from effortless but better than I felt running with Tom yetserday apart from the end.

out and back along river and there was a very easy 7:10 mile with strong wind behind but the return past halfway was into very strong wind and much harder. I still managed a sub 7:30 pace until a very unpleasant final mile along river which was about mile 19. Felt terrible in 22nd mile but just about held 7:30 pace overall and probably should have had more fuelling and shot blocks etc

Wore new shoes today - Asics Gel hyperspeed 5 which am really pleased with and look like they should be superb for the next few races and feet much better than at Brighton last week where I wore a slightly worn and less supportive and past their best pair of Piranhas.

Sub 3 Tom: #asics262

Posted: 28/02/2015 at 00:36

Yes Malcs definitely Tuesday! - you will definitely break three eventually.

KR too - a matter of time if you stay healthy.

- I would say if you are doing a half marathon next week then I would suggest a longer slower one this week which is what I'm doing all being well Sunday.

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